Western Region Football League

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Western Region Football League
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FormerlyFootscray District Football League
Sport Australian rules football
Founded1931;91 years ago (1931)
No. of teams26
Country Australia
Most recent
Most titles Spotswood (16)
Official website wrfl.org.au

The Western Region Football League is an Australian rules football semi-professional league, based in the western suburbs of Melbourne, for both seniors and juniors.



The league was formed in 1931 as the "Footscray District Football League".

During the 1950s, the VFL club Footscray was financially backing the competition, so they decided to bar clubs that were inside the Essendon zone.[ citation needed ] This resulted in six clubs leaving. More changes occurred in 1952 as the league decided that clubs had to provide an under-18 competition; this action reduced the club numbers down to twelve.[ citation needed ] The next initiative was the introduction of an under-16 competition in 1954.

In 1988, the league absorbed clubs from the West Suburban Football League; and, in 2000, to reflect the fact that the league had expanded across the western suburbs, it changed its name to the Western Region Football League. The league's headquarters are at Whitten Oval, which is the home of current AFL club Western Bulldogs.

In 2002, the league, in particular its second Division, found itself a national audience when a Seven Network reality TV show, The Club , followed the performance of a team called the Kensington Hill Hammerheads throughout the season. The players, coach and president were chosen on the show, and after finishing third in the regular season, went on to win the flag.

In 2006, the league suspended the Central Altona Football Club for attempting to re-register a player, and they suspended Brunswick Power after the club was found guilty of playing unregistered players. [1] In addition, Central Altona also had a variety of on-field violence and abuse issues, and they were also in trouble for re-registering banned players.

In 2013, Manor Lakes and Sanctuary Lakes entered the Division Two of the senior competition. [2] In 2014, Werribee Districts transferred from the VAFA, and Tarneit entered a senior team. [3] The league then announced that a third division will form midway through 2014. [4]

In 2015, the Wyndham Suns were admitted to the third division. Parkside, which won the second division premiership in 2014, suffered a bitter internal division and lost most of the players and committee. Instead of being promoted to first division, Parkside staved off recess and were permitted to rebuild the club in the third division.


Participating clubs for the 2023 season:

Locations of the 2023 WRFL clubs. Red pogs represent teams in Division One, orange pogs represent teams in Division Two, and yellow pogs represent teams in Division Three.

Division One

ClubColoursNicknameLocationHome groundFoundedYears in comp
Altona Football Club.jpg
Vikings Altona JK Grant Reserve19181933–37, 1945–51, 1977–79, 1988–present
Caroline Springs
Caroline Springs Football Club.jpg
Lakers Caroline Springs Town Centre Oval20022011–present
Hoppers Crossing
Hoppers Crossing Football Club.jpg
Warriors Hoppers Crossing Hogans Road Reserve19721988–present
Point Cook Centrals
Point Cook Centrals Football Club.jpg
Sharks Point Cook Featherbrook Reserve20122013–present
Point Cook
Point Cook Football Club.jpg
Bulldogs Point Cook Saltwater Reserve20032018–present
Woodsmen Spotswood Donald W McLean Reserve19271935–present
Werribee Districts
Werribee Districts Football Club.jpg
Tigers Werribee Soldiers Reserve19951995–97, 2014–present
Yarraville Seddon
Yarraville Seddon Football Club.jpg
Eagles Yarraville Yarraville Oval 20062007–present

Division Two

ClubColoursNicknameLocationHome groundFoundedYears in comp
Albion Football Club.jpg
Cats Sunshine JR Parsons Reserve19611961–present
Brookers Braybrook Pennell Reserve18741931 - 1990, 1990-1997, 1998–present
Glen Orden
AFL Hawthorn Icon.jpg
Hawks Werribee Heathdale Oval19791979–2016 (in recess),2018
Newport Football Club.jpg
Porters Newport AW Langshaw Reserve20052016–present [5]
North Footscray
North Footscray Football Club.jpg
Devils West Footscray Hansen Reserve19341935–present
Collingwood icon.svg
Magpies Footscray Henry Turner Reserve18971931–present
Sunshine Football Club.jpg
Kangaroos Braybrook Kinder Smith Reserve19591978–present
Wyndhamvale Football Club.jpg
Falcons Wyndham Vale Wyndham Vale South Oval19791989–94, 1999–present

Division Three

ClubColoursNicknameLocationHome groundFoundedYears in comp
AFL North Melbourne Icon.jpg
Cobras Deer Park Robert Bruce Reserve19781978–1988, 1993–present
Collingwood icon.svg
Magpies Altona Meadows Laverton Park19241988–present
North Sunshine
Roadrunners Sunshine North Dempster Park19671979–present
Sunshine Heights
Sunshine Heights Football Club.jpg
Dragons Sunshine West Ainsworth Reserve19711988–present
Tarneit Football Club.jpg
Titans Tarneit Wootten Road Reserve20142014–present
West Footscray
Roosters West Footscray Shorten Reserve19321932–present
Wyndham Football Club.jpg
Suns Tarneit Goddard Street Reserve20132015–present

Former Clubs

In Recess

ClubColoursNicknameLocationHome GroundFoundedYears in Comp
Manor Lakes
Manor Lakes Football Club.jpg
Storm Manor Lakes Howqua Reserve20122013–2019


ClubYears in Comp
6th Melbourne Scouts1934–1952
Altona North Brooklyn Youth (ANBY)1985–1989
Ascot Vale1988–1997
Baptist Church of Christ/Combine1934–1940
Bayview Road Methodists1931-1931
Brunswick Amateurs1995–1998
Brunswick Power2004–2007
Central Altona1988–2006
Dark Blues1932-1932
East Brunswick1987–1993
Essendon ALP1937-1937
Essendon Districts1945–1949
Essendon High School Ex-Students/North Essendon1983–1996
Footscray & Yarraville (F&Y) Socials1946–1975
Footscray Presbyterians1934-1934
Footscray Scouts1931–1933
Footscray Technical Old Boys1931-1931
Gladstone Park1998–2007
Harvester Socials1944–1946
Kensington Hill Hammerheads2002-2002
Newport1947–1949, 1952–1955 (moved to Werribee District FL), 1988–1999
Newport CYMS1941–1946
Newport United1935–1940
North Melbourne & Kensington1986–1998
Old Essendon Grammarians 1983–1984
RAAF Laverton1987-1987
RAAF Melbourne1987-1987
St Albans South
St John's Church of England/Paisley1931–1938
South Footscray1935–1949
Sunshine Methodists1934-1934
Victor Socials1934–1951 Moved to the Sunday Suburban FL as Brooklyn
West Newport1957–1965 (moved to Western Suburban FL), 1988–1997
West Spotswood1939-1939
Williamstown High School Old Boys1950–1952
Williamstown Presbyterians
Williamstown United1939–1940, 1947–1949, 1988–1994
Yarraville CYMS1931–1932
Yarraville Rovers1932-1932
Yarraville Old Boys (1950–1952)1950–1952


ClubClubYearResultant Club
BrooklynKingsville YMCA1981Wembley Park (reverted to Brooklyn in 1998)
Fawkner AmateursMoomba Park (RDFL)1997Fawkner Park (DVFL)
YarravilleSeddon2007 Yarraville Seddon Eagles

Moved to CYMS Football Association

ClubYears in CompStatus
Williamstown CYMS1965–68VAFA D1

Moved to Essendon District Football League

ClubYears in CompStatus
Coburg Districts 1988–2012EDFL Div 2
Deer Park 1935–41, 1947–51, 1967–presentEDFL Div 1
St Albans 1947–53, 1958–presentEDFL Div 1

Moved to Southern Football League

ClubYears in CompStatus
Port Melbourne Colts 1983–2015SFL Div 2 [6]

Moved to Victorian Football Association

ClubYears in CompStatus
Sunshine Districts 1938–39, 1941–58Folded (1989)

Moved to Western Suburban Football League

ClubYears in CompStatus

Moved to Werribee District Football League

ClubYears in CompStatus
Williamstown Rovers1945–51Folded (1958)


Division One

YearPremierScoreRunner up
1931 Parkside 11.19.85 – 7.5.47 Braybrook
1932Riverside11.15.81 – 10.12.72 Parkside
1933 Parkside 19.22.136 – 10.10.70Riverside
1934 West Footscray 9.10.64 – 8.7.55 Parkside
1935 West Footscray 12.12.84 – 10.8.69 Spotswood
1936 Parkside 11.8.74 – 5.8.38 Spotswood
1937 Parkside 15.11.101 – 8.13.61 Deer Park
1938 Spotswood 15.15.105 – 12.16.88 Deer Park
1939 Deer Park 14.14.98 – 8.13.61 Parkside
1940 Deer Park 8.8.56 – 7.12.54 North Footscray
1941 Deer Park 17.5.107 – 12.10.82 Parkside
1942 Braybrook 17.21.123 – 8.12.60 West Footscray
1943 Kingsville 6.12.48 – 3.8.26 Parkside
1944 Braybrook 7.7.49 – 5.18.48 West Footscray
1945 Braybrook 15.9.99 – 10.6.66 West Footscray
1946 Braybrook 9.12.66 – 8.15.63 West Footscray
1947 West Footscray 10.12.72 – 8.13.61 Braybrook
1948 Parkside 10.7.67 – 6.6.42 Braybrook
1949 Parkside 9.7.61 – 7.8.50Sunshine Districts
1950Seddon12.5.77 – 3.9.27 Spotswood
1951 Parkside 14.8.92 – 12.9.81 West Footscray
1952 Braybrook 7.9.51 – 7.2.44Seddon
1953Seddon5.8.38 – 2.7.19Newport
1954 Braybrook 9.10.64 – 8.5.53Newport
1955 Braybrook 8.15.63 – 7.11.53Seddon
1956 Braybrook 11.7.73 – 9.9.63 Parkside
1957 Parkside 10.21.81 – 6.7.43 Kingsville
1958 Spotswood 10.7.67 – 9.9.63 Parkside
1959F & Y Socials11.6.72 – 3.5.23 Spotswood
1960F & Y Socials15.9.99 – 4.12.36 Spotswood
1961F & Y Socials12.7.79 – 5.11.41 Parkside
1962 Parkside 5.10.40 – 2.6.18F & Y Socials
1963F & Y Socials11.17.83 – 6.9.45Seddon
1964 Kingsville 10.21.81 – 9.7.61 Spotswood
1965 Albion 14.11.95 – 12.12.84 Parkside
1966 St Albans 11.22.88 – 8.9.57 Kingsville
1967 Parkside 16.9.105 12.14.86 Spotswood
1968 Spotswood 9.7.61 – 7.12.54 St Albans
1969 St Albans 13.6.84 – 11.16.82 Albion
1970 West Footscray 14.8.92 – 11.14.80 Spotswood
1971 Spotswood 15.12.102 – 14.15.99 Parkside
1972 Spotswood 10.15.75 – 9.13.67 North Footscray
1973 Braybrook 15.12.102 – 9.8.62 Albion
1974 Braybrook 11.10.76 – 9.9.63 Albion
1975 Braybrook 14.13.97 – 15.7.97 West Footscray
1975 Braybrook 10.16.76 – 9.10.64 West Footscray
1976Seddon9.12.66 – 7.14.56 Albion
1977 Spotswood 12.6.78 – 8.15.63 Kingsville
1978 North Footscray 10.12.72 – 9.9.63 Albion
1979 Braybrook 6.13.49 – 5.18.48 St Albans
1980 North Footscray 13.12.90 – 13.6.84 Spotswood
1981 Parkside 15.15.105 – 7.12.54 North Footscray
1982 West Footscray 16.8.104 – 9.15.69 St Albans
1983 North Footscray 12.14.86 – 12.11.83 Parkside
1984 Spotswood 16.16.112 – 7.12.54Wembley Park
1985 Albion 15.10.100 – 11.19.85Sunshine YCW
1986 Albion 14.22.106 – 10.7.67Wembley Park
1987 Spotswood 18.8.116 – 11.11.77Sunshine YCW
1988 St Albans 10.4.64 – 7.4.46 Albion
1989 St Albans 11.12.78 – 5.16.46 Deer Park
1990 Spotswood 21.17.143 – 8.8.56 Deer Park
1991Seddon18.15.123 – 12.15.87 Spotswood
1992Seddon12.3.75 – 8.7.55 Spotswood
1993 Spotswood 23.13.151 – 5.11.41Seddon
1994 Deer Park 17.9.111 – 11.7.73 Spotswood
1995 Spotswood 17.7.109 – 10.12.72 Deer Park
1996 Parkside 17.11.113 – 16.10.106 Yarraville
1997 Yarraville 19.10.124 – 15.12.102 Parkside
1998 Port Melbourne Colts 13.8.86 – 10.7.67 Spotswood
1999 Port Melbourne Colts 8.21.69 – 8.4.52 Parkside
2000 Parkside 9.13.67 – 7.8.50 St Albans
2001 St Albans 15.19.109 – 10.7.67 Hoppers Crossing
2002 Hoppers Crossing 18.11.119 – 18.5.113 Parkside
2003 Parkside 11.8.74 – 10.9.69 Spotswood
2004 Hoppers Crossing 10.6.66 – 8.12.60 Port Melbourne Colts
2005 Port Melbourne Colts 12.16.88 – 6.7.43 Parkside
2006 Port Melbourne Colts 14.12.96 – 14.10.94 Hoppers Crossing
2007 Spotswood 13.10.88 – 11.16.82 Port Melbourne Colts
2008 Spotswood 13.15.93 – 11.17.83 Port Melbourne Colts
2009 Spotswood 13.13.91 – 10.13.73 Port Melbourne Colts
2010 Albion 14.11.95 – 11.12.78 Spotswood
2011 Spotswood 12.18.90 – 7.13.55 Albion
2012 Altona 14.7.91 – 12.18.90 Spotswood
2013 Deer Park 15.10.100 – 14.15.99 Spotswood
2014 Deer Park 22.26.158 – 12.9.81 Spotswood
2015 Deer Park 23.17.155 – 2.7.19Werribee Districts
2016 Deer Park 25.21.171 – 8.9.57 Hoppers Crossing
2017 Deer Park 9.12.66 – 9.9.63 Sunshine
2018 Deer Park 12.17.89 – 6.7.43 Hoppers Crossing
2019 Deer Park 9.13.67 – 9.10.64 Altona
2020Season not played (COVID-19 pandemic)
2021Season not completed (COVID-19 pandemic)
2022 Altona 10.21 (81) – 9.4 (58)Werribee Districts

Premiers by club (Div One)

ClubTitlesYears won
Spotswood 151938, 1958, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1977, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1993, 1995, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011
Parkside 141931, 1933, 1936, 1937, 1948, 1949, 1951, 1957, 1962, 1967, 1981, 1996, 2000, 2003
Braybrook 121942, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1979
Deer Park 111939, 1940, 1941, 1994, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
West Footscray 51934, 1935, 1947, 1970, 1982
St Albans 51966, 1969, 1988, 1989, 2001
F & Y Socials41959, 1960, 1961, 1963
Albion 41965, 1985, 1986, 2010
Port Melbourne Colts 41998, 1999, 2005, 2006
North Footscray 31978, 1980, 1983
Yarraville 31943, 1964, [note 1] 1997
Hoppers Crossing 22002, 2004
Altona 22012, 2022
  1. As "Kingsville FC".

Division Two

Division Three

Leading Goalkickers (Andrew Gibson Medal)

YearPlayerH&A goalsFinals goalsTotal Goals
1947Walker (F&Y Socials)82082
1948 Ted Ellis (Braybrook)741084
1949Wagborne (Parkside)61465
1950Yewers (Braybrook)66167
1951Wagborne (Parkside)67976
1952Hansen (Seddon)70070
1953Wallis (Parkside)73073
1954Paravicini (Newport)48048
1955G McDonald (Kingsville)78381
1956Jewell (Seddon)50050
1957Carlton (Parkside)48048
1958Coon (Parkside)70777
1959Coon (Parkside)57057
1960D Lown (F & Y Socials)431154
1961D Lown (F & Y Socials)59665
1962A Russell (Parkside)54054
1963A Russell (Kingsville)68472
1964B Saunders (Kingsville)61263
1965J McCalman (Albion)52052
1983Andrew Gibson (Spotswood)964100
1984Andrew Gibson (Spotswood)791695
1985Andrew Gibson (Spotswood)98098
1986Andrew Gibson (Spotswood)1000100
1987Andrew Gibson (Spotswood)88088
1988Andrew Gibson (Spotswood)83083
1989Chris Stulhdrieier (Sunshine YCW)79079
1990Brian Memedi (Kingsville)70070
1991Darren Scott (Spotswood)1150115
1992Sean Allan (Port Melbourne Colts)1020102
1993Wayne Duggan (Deer Park)9711108
1994Brian Memedi (Kingsville)99099
1995Brian Memedi (Kingsville)69069
1996Brian Memedi (Yarraville)1050105
1997Brian Memedi (Yarraville)82082
1998Stephen Nielson (Parkside)77077
1999Jason Clarke (Port Melbourne Colts)75075
2000Bill Ramsay (Braybrook)88088
2001Tim Traill (Spotswood)84084
2002Tim Traill (Spotswood)71071
2003Jason Clarke (Port Melbourne Colts)82082
2004Dean Galea (Spotswood)74074
2005Aaron James (Albion)70070
2006Jason Clarke (Port Melbourne Colts)95095
2007Mark Keenan (Spotswood)89089
2008Mark Keenan (Spotswood)1040104
2009David McGregor (Port Melbourne Colts)69069
2010Mark Keenan (Spotswood)1110111
2011Shaydon Bloomfield (Albion)93093
2012Jase Perkins (Port Melbourne Colts)929101
2013Jayden Post (Altona)65772
2014James Wong (Deer Park)81182
2015Jordan Mead (Hoppers Crossing)55863
2016Jase Perkins (Deer Park)61566
2017James Condos (Deer Park)65772
2018Patrick Rose (Altona)75479
2019Jase Perkins (Deer Park)71576

Junior clubs



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