ZZ Leiden

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ZZ Leiden
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Leagues Dutch Basketball League
Founded23 September 1958;62 years ago (1958-09-23)
  • BS Leiden
    Mercasol Leiden
    Parker Leiden
    Elmex Leiden
    Zorg en Zekerheid Leiden
Arena Vijf Meihal
Location Leiden, Netherlands
Team colorsBlue, Navy, White, Green
Main sponsorZorg en Zekerheid
PresidentMarcel Verburg
Team managerRob van Hooven
Head coach Geert Hammink
2020–21 positionDBL, 1st of 12
Championships4 Dutch Championships
3 Dutch Cups
2 Dutch Supercups
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ZZ Leiden Basketball, also known as Zorg en Zekerheid Leiden or simply ZZ Leiden, is a basketball club based in Leiden, Netherlands, that plays in the Dutch first division Dutch Basketball League (DBL). Their home games are played at Vijf Meihal, which has 2,000 seats. [1]


ZZ Leiden has won the national championship four times, the NBB Cup three times, the Dutch Basketball Supercup twice as well. Leiden was a European Club Winner's Cup semi-finalist in 1980.


The old Leiden team (1958–1986)

Tony Parker, Sr. (right) going up against Lace Strong (left), while playing for Parker Leiden in 1980. Tony Parker, Sr. for Parker Leiden (1980).jpg
Tony Parker, Sr. (right) going up against Lace Strong (left), while playing for Parker Leiden in 1980.

On September 23, 1958 the club was founded as Bona Stars by Ton Kallenberg, a physical education professor at a school in Leiden. In 1967 the club entered the eredivisie, the highest professional basketball league in the Netherlands under the name BS Leiden.

When Parker became the main sponsor of the club in 1977 Leiden won its first national championship (1977/1978). During this era the team finished five times as runners-up in the league. In 1979/1980 Leiden reached the semi-finals of the European Club Winner’s Cup (later: Saporta Cup, ULEB Cup or EuroCup), their best European result up till now. In 1986, Leiden was forced to leave the eredivisie, due to the absence of a main sponsor. The team played five years in the Promotiedivisie, the highest non-professional league, before pulling out of the Dutch basketball pyramid.

The Rise of ZZ (2006–2010)

On February 16, 2006, it was announced that Leiden would return at the highest stage in the Netherlands. [2] The team got a new main sponsor in Zorg en Zekerheid and would play its games in the Vijf Meihal.

After being quarter- and semifinalist in a few seasons, Leiden returned to the top of the Netherlands in 2010. Leading players of the ZZ team were Danny Gibson, who was named the DBL Most Valuable Player Award in 2009–10, and Seamus Boxley. The club won its first NBB Cup, by beating ABC Amsterdam in the championship game. In the Semi-final, heavy favorites Groningen were defeated. In the Playoffs Semi-finals, ZZ once again faced Groningen. The team put up an impressive fight against the top seed, but eventually fell short 3–2.

Back at the top of Dutch basketball (2010–present)

In the 2010–11 season, ZZ Leiden came back on top of the Dutch basketball world as best club. In the regular season, the team finished first. The second DBL title was eventually won, after beating Groningen 4–3 in the Finals. The deciding game 7 turned out to be historic, including three overtimes, which ended in 96–95. [3]

The following year the team its second NBB Cup, but was defeated in the Finals of the DBL. ZZ Leiden also reached the Round of 16 in the EuroChallenge 2011-12 after their second place in the first group stage this season. In 2013 the team got its third national championship, by going undefeated in the play-offs and beating Aris Leeuwarden in the Finals.

The 2013–14 was a struggling one for Leiden. The team ended on the 4th place in the regular season and lost in the Semifinals to Groningen. After the end of the season, Leiden decided to part ways with head coach Toon van Helfteren. [4] Van Helfteren eventually won six trophies with Leiden.

Main sponsor Zorg en Zekerheid extended their contract with 3 years in the 2014 offseason, [5] and a new head coach was signed in Eddy Casteels. [6] In the 2014–15 season, Leiden finished 2nd in the regular season, but once again was eliminated by Groningen in the Semi-finals.

In 2019, Leiden won the NBB Cup after defeating Landstede Zwolle 87–69 in the final. [7]

On 17 May 2020, Leiden signed Geert Hammink as its new head coach for the 2020–21 season. [8] Leiden went on to capture its fourth DBL championship. [9] Star players of the team were league MVP Emmanuel Nzekwesi and Playoffs MVP Worthy de Jong.

Logos and names

Club records

The list only includes records since ZZ Leiden was established in 2006. Bold denotes still active with team. As of the end of the 2019–20 season:

Most points scored
Worthy de Jong 5,686
Mohamed Kherrazi 2,538
Seamus Boxley 2,429
Arvin Slagter 1,407
Clayton Vette 1,377
Most rebounds
Worthy de Jong 2,231
Mohamed Kherrazi 1,940
Seamus Boxley 1,064
Johan Kuijper775
David Chiotti 751
Most assists
Worthy de Jong 1,247
Mohamed Kherrazi 684
Arvin Slagter 540
Rogier Jansen 491
J.S. Nash445


Current roster

ZZ Leiden roster
G 1 Flag of the United States.svg Potts, Giddy 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)100 kg (220 lb)25 – (1995-08-08)8 August 1995
G 5 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Ververs, Marijn  (C)1.94 m (6 ft 4 in)22 – (1998-07-17)17 July 1998
G/F 6 Flag of the Netherlands.svg de Jong, Worthy 1.94 m (6 ft 4 in)33 – (1988-03-14)14 March 1988
C 7 Flag of the United States.svg Finke, Michael 2.08 m (6 ft 10 in)25 – (1996-04-26)26 April 1996
G 8 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Sibilo, Romano 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)17 – (2004-05-14)14 May 2004
G 9 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Koehler, Troy 1.94 m (6 ft 4 in)19 – (2001-07-30)30 July 2001
C 10 Flag of the Netherlands.svg van't Hoff, Mees 2.09 m (6 ft 10 in)20 – (2001-04-27)27 April 2001
F/C 11 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Jonathan, Kevin 2.01 m (6 ft 7 in)18 – (2002-07-24)24 July 2002
F 13 Flag of the Netherlands.svg van Bree, Luuk 2.06 m (6 ft 9 in)25 – (1996-02-24)24 February 1996
F 14 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Pikaar, Max 2.04 m (6 ft 8 in)16 – (2004-10-29)29 October 2004
PF 15 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Nzekwesi, Emmanuel 2.03 m (6 ft 8 in)109 kg (240 lb)23 – (1997-09-05)5 September 1997
Head coach
Assistant coach(es)
  • Stefan Philips
Strength & conditioning coach(es)
  • Flag of the Netherlands.svg Johan van der Bent
  • Flag of the Netherlands.svg Jasper Haasnoot
  • Flag of the Netherlands.svg Arjen van de Paverd
  • Flag of the Netherlands.svg Erik van der Pot
Team manager
  • Flag of the Netherlands.svg Bart Kriek

  • (C) Team captain
  • (DP) Development player
  • (I) Import player
  • Cruz Roja.svg Injured

Updated: 18 December 2020

Notable players

Note: Flags indicate national team eligibility at FIBA sanctioned events. Players may hold other non-FIBA nationality not displayed.


To appear in this section a player must have either:

  • Set a club record or won an individual award while at the club.
  • Played at least one official international match for their national team at any time.
  • Played at least one official NBA match at any time.

Individual awards

DBL All-Star Team
DBL Most Improved Player
DBL Rookie of the Year
DBL Coach of the Year


Season by season

SeasonTierLeaguePos. Cup Supercup European competitions
1967–681 Eredivisie 6th
1968–691 Eredivisie 8th
1969–701 Eredivisie 5th
1970–711 Eredivisie 3rd
1971–721 Eredivisie 8th
1972–731 Eredivisie 6th
1973–741 Eredivisie 7th
1974–751 Eredivisie 5th
1975–761 Eredivisie 10th
1976–771 Eredivisie 10th
1977–781 Eredivisie 1st
1978–791 Eredivisie 2nd1 Champions Cup
1979–801 Eredivisie 2nd2 Saporta Cup
1980–811 Eredivisie 2nd2 Saporta Cup
1981–821 Eredivisie 3rd2 Saporta Cup
1982–831 Eredivisie 3rd3 Korac Cup
1983–841 Eredivisie 2nd
1984–851 Eredivisie
1985–861 Eredivisie 4th
Lower divisions and inactivity
2006–071 Eredivisie 8thQuarterfinalist
2007–081 Eredivisie 9th
2008–091 Eredivisie 8th
2009–10 1 Eredivisie 3rdChampion
2010–11 1 DBL 1stChampion3 EuroChallenge
2011–12 1 DBL 2ndFourth roundChampion3 EuroChallenge
2012–13 1 DBL
2013–14 1 DBL
Runner-upRunner-up3 EuroChallenge
2014–15 1 DBL
2015–16 1 DBL
Runner-up 3 FIBA Europe Cup
2016–17 1 DBL
2017–18 1 DBL 2nd Runners-up
2018–19 1 DBL 3rd Champions 4 FIBA Europe Cup
2019–20 1 DBL 5th [lower-alpha 1] Quarterfinals 4 FIBA Europe Cup
  1. The 2019–20 season was curtailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

European record

CompetitionGPWDLWinning percentage
1 FIBA Champions Cup / EuroLeague 651.833
2 FIBA Saporta Cup / ULEB Cup / Eurocup 281612.571
3 Basketball Champions League / Korac Cup / EuroChallenge 309-21.300
4 FIBA Europe Cup (since 2016/2017)301416.467
1978–79 European Champions Cup
Flag of England.svg Crystal Palace Chevrons 125–8988–96 Symbol delete vote.svg
Flag of Spain (1977-1981).svg Joventut Badalona 101–8997–82
Flag of Sweden.svg Södertälje 115–8676–77
1979–80 European Cup Winners′ Cup
Flag of France.svg Caen BC 106–7781–92 Symbol keep vote.svg
Flag of Greece.svg Panathinaikos 95–8688–86
Flag of Italy.svg Gabetti Cantù 112–108100–86
Flag of Italy.svg Emerson Varese 87–8995–87
1980–81 European Cup Winners′ Cup
Flag of Israel.svg Hapoel Ramat-Gan 92–8797–96
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg RBC Verviers-Pepinster 93–7370–83
Flag of Italy.svg Turisanda Varese 85-8492–74 Symbol delete vote.svg
Flag of Spain (1977-1981).svg FC Barcelona 76-97105-90
Flag of Turkey.svg Efes Pilsen 91-7286-90
1981–82 European Cup Winners′ Cup
Flag of Luxembourg.svg AS Soleuvre 107–5057–94
Flag of Greece.svg AEK Athens 102–6778–89
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Stroitel Kyiv 69-7274–76 Symbol delete vote.svg
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Inter Slovnaft Brastislava 86-8383-96
Flag of Spain.svg Real Madrid 90-9897-90
1982–83 Korać Cup
Flag of Greece.svg Olympiacos 92–6971-70
Flag of France.svg Tours 68–6784-80 Symbol delete vote.svg
2010–11 EuroChallenge
Flag of Turkey.svg Karşıyaka 65–8777–63 Symbol delete vote.svg
2011–12 EuroChallenge
Flag of Turkey.svg Beşiktaş Milangaz 58–8676–69 Symbol keep vote.svg
Flag of Georgia.svg Mgzavrebi-Armia Tbilisi 76–5974–71
Flag of Germany.svg Göttingen 80–7171–80
Flag of Latvia.svg Ventspils 57–6069–73 Symbol delete vote.svg
Flag of Germany.svg EWE Baskets Oldenburg 76–7185–62
Flag of France.svg Chorale Roanne 63–6891–56
2013–14 EuroChallenge
Flag of Finland.svg Kataja 72–5877–63 Symbol delete vote.svg
Flag of Denmark.svg Bakken Bears 61–6279–81
Flag of France.svg Cholet 67–7674–52
2015–16 EuroChallenge
Flag of Germany.svg Fraport Skyliners Frankfurt 51–7663–58 Symbol delete vote.svg
Flag of Slovenia.svg Krka Novo Mesto 78–8679–51
Flag of Portugal.svg FC Porto 77–5162–70
2018–19 FIBA Europe Cup
Flag of Austria.svg ECE Kapfenberg Bulls 68–5762–79
Flag of Germany.svg s.Oliver Würzburg 65–7587–61
Flag of Turkey.svg Sakarya Büyükşehir 99–9756–59
Flag of Romania.svg Oradea 90–7672–76
Flag of Finland.svg Kataja 87–7292–80
Flag of Russia.svg Avtodor Saratov 72–97105–81
Flag of Denmark.svg Bakken Bears 89–85111–71
Flag of Italy.svg Dinamo Sassari 93–9794–68 Symbol delete vote.svg
2019–20 FIBA Europe Cup
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Beroe Stara Zagora 108–8686–71
Flag of Portugal.svg Benfica 84–68103-99
Flag of Slovakia.svg Inter Bratislava 80–6779–88
Flag of Hungary.svg Pécsi VSK-Veolia 105-10087-77
Flag of Turkey.svg Pınar Karşıyaka 65–105112-67
Flag of Turkey.svg Bahçeşehir Koleji Istanbul 87-8993-71
Flag of Russia.svg Enisey Krasnoyarsk 89–8396–84 Symbol delete vote.svg

List of head coaches

Club symbol Toon van Helfteren played for and coached the team Toon van Helfteren.jpg
Club symbol Toon van Helfteren played for and coached the team
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Henry Blom 19751981
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Ton Boot 1981
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Theo Kinsbergen 1982
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Ruud Harrewijn 19831986
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Ivo Boom 20062008
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Toon van Helfteren 200820142 Dutch Basketball Leagues, 2 NBB Cups, 2 Dutch Supercups
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Eddy Casteels 20142016
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Paul Vervaeck 20162018
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Rolf Franke 20182020
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Geert Hammink 2020present1 Dutch Basketball League


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Thomas V. "T. J." Jackson is an American professional basketball coach, and a former professional basketball player.

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The 2018–19 Dutch Basketball League (DBL) was the 59th season of the Dutch Basketball League, the highest professional basketball league in the Netherlands. The regular season started on 6 October 2018 and ended 30 April 2019. The best eight teams qualify for the playoffs which start on 2 May 2019. Donar was the defending champion.

The 2019–20 ZZ Leiden season was the 14th season in the existence of the club. The club is known for sponsorship reasons as Zorg en Zekerheid Leiden. The club will play in the Dutch Basketball League (DBL) and NBB Cup. It will also play in the FIBA Europe Cup.


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