1962 American Football League season

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1962 American Football League season
Regular season
DurationSeptember 7 – December 16, 1962
DateDecember 23, 1962
Eastern Champion Houston Oilers
Western Champion Dallas Texans
Site Jeppesen Stadium, Houston, Texas
Champion Dallas Texans

The 1962 American Football League season was the third regular season of the American Football League (AFL). It consisted of 8 franchises split into two divisions: the East Division (Buffalo Bills, Houston Oilers, Titans of New York, Boston Patriots) and the West Division (San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos, Dallas Texans, Oakland Raiders).


The season ended when the Texans defeated the Houston Oilers in the AFL Championship game.

Division races

The AFL had 8 teams, grouped into two divisions. Each team would play a home-and-away game against the other 7 teams in the league for a total of 14 games, and the best team in the Eastern Division would play against the best in the Western Division in a championship game. If there was tie in the standings, a playoff would be held to determine the division winner.

The 1962 season started out as a race between Houston and Boston in the East, and Dallas and Denver in the West. After seven games, the Broncos were 6–1–0 and the Texans right behind at 5–1–0, while Boston and Houston were tied at 4–2–0.

In Week Eight, Buffalo beat Denver 45–38, while Dallas won at Houston, 31–7. The Oilers' loss, and Boston's 26–16 win over Oakland, put the Patriots and Texans at the top of their divisions. The next week, though, Houston won its rematch at Dallas, 14–6, and though it did not help the Oilers, Denver made a comeback to win 23–20 at San Diego to reclaim the division lead on November 4. In Week Ten, Boston beat Denver 33–29. Houston stayed half a game behind Boston, while Dallas pulled half a game ahead of Denver.

In Week Eleven (November 18), Houston won at Boston, 21–17, to reclaim the East, and Dallas won 24–3 at Denver to boost its lead. Houston and Boston continued to win, but in the final week, the Oilers clinched the division with a 44–10 in over the Titans.

1Tie (Hou, TNY)1–0–0Tie (Dal, Den)1–0–0
2(Bos, Hou, TNY)1–1–0Tie (Den, Dal)2–0–0
3(Bos, Hou, TNY)2–1–0Dallas Texans2–0–0
4Tie (Bos, Hou)2–1–0Dallas Texans3–0–0
5Tie (Bos, Hou)3–1–0Denver Broncos4–1–0
6Houston Oilers4–1–0Denver Broncos5–1–0
7Tie (Bos, Hou)4–2–0Denver Broncos6–1–0
8Boston Patriots5–2–0Dallas Texans6–1–0
9Boston Patriots5–2–1Denver Broncos7–2–0
10Boston Patriots6–2–1Dallas Texans7–2–0
11Houston Oilers7–3–0Dallas Texans8–2–0
12Houston Oilers8–3–0Dallas Texans9–2–0
13Houston Oilers9–3–0Dallas Texans9–3–0
14Houston Oilers10–3–0Dallas Texans10–3–0
15Houston Oilers11–3–0Dallas Texans11–3–0

Regular season


Home/RoadEastern DivisionWestern Division
Eastern Boston Patriots 21–1034–2124–177–2741–1626–1624–20
Buffalo Bills 28–2823–286–1723–1420–2314–635–10
Houston Oilers 21–1717–1456–177–3134–1732–1733–27
Titans of New York 14–433–2010–4431–5210–3231–2123–3
Western Dallas Texans 42–2841–216–1420–1717–1035–726–17
Denver Broncos 29–3338–4520–1045–463–2444–730–21
Oakland Raiders 20–06–1020–2817–2816–266–2333–42
San Diego Chargers 14–2020–4017–4240–1432–2820–2331–21



AFL Championship Game
December 23, 1962 – Jeppesen Stadium
Dallas Texans (2OT)20
Houston Oilers 17


Most Valuable Player
Cookie Gilchrist, fullback, Buffalo Bills
Len Dawson, quarterback, Dallas Texans
Coach of the Year Jack Faulkner, Denver Broncos
Rookie of the Year Curtis McClinton, fullback, Dallas Texans
1962 All-AFL Team

Coaching changes



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