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Alan Overfield was born a First Nations person on Manitoulin Island and is considered to have been a Canadian white supremacist.

In Canada, the First Nations are the predominant indigenous peoples in Canada south of the Arctic Circle. Those in the Arctic area are distinct and known as Inuit. The Métis, another distinct ethnicity, developed after European contact and relations primarily between First Nations people and Europeans. There are 634 recognized First Nations governments or bands spread across Canada, roughly half of which are in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.

Manitoulin Island island in Lake Huron

Manitoulin Island is an island in Lake Huron in the Canadian province of Ontario. With an area of 2,766 km2 (1,068 sq mi), it is the largest lake island in the world. In addition to the historic Anishinaabe and European settlement of the island, archeological discoveries at Sheguiandah have demonstrated Paleo-Indian and Archaic cultures dating from 10,000 BC to 2,000 BC.


He was a founding member of the Edmund Burke Society, established by Paul Fromm, Don Andrews, and Leigh Smith. He was also part of an attempted takeover by Fromm of the Ontario wing of the national Social Credit Party of Canada. Overfield appears to have run for office under the banner of the Social Credit Party in the riding of Beaches-Woodbine. Though he was expelled from the national party, he remained a member of the Ontario Social Credit Party, which had been taken over by the Edmund Burke Society in the early 1970s. [1]

In Canada, The Edmund Burke Society was a right-wing populist organization formed by Paul Fromm, Don Andrews, and Leigh Smith in 1967 at the University of Toronto. The group presented a front of being anti-communist and promoting traditionalist values in order to recruit members into its real agenda. Its members soon became involved in violent confrontations with anti-war groups and leftists in Toronto.

Donald Clarke "Don" Andrews is a Canadian white supremacist. He is also the leader of the unregistered neo-Nazi Nationalist Party of Canada and a perennial candidate for mayor of Toronto, Ontario.

Ontario Province of Canada

Ontario is one of the 13 provinces and territories of Canada and is located in east-central Canada. It is Canada's most populous province accounting for 38.3 percent of the country's population, and is the second-largest province in total area. Ontario is fourth-largest in total area when the territories of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut are included. It is home to the nation's capital city, Ottawa, and the nation's most populous city, Toronto, which is also Ontario's provincial capital.

In 1973, after the Edmund Burke Society became the Western Guard Party, Overfield claims to have founded the Canadian Liberty League as an alternative to the Western Guard. Overfield later became a member of Don Andrew's Nationalist Party of Canada. It was through his involvement with Andrews that Overfield became acquainted with Wolfgang Droege whom Overfield employed as a part-time bailiff. [1]

The Western Guard Party, founded in 1972 as the "Western Guard", was a white supremacist group based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It evolved out of the far-right anti-Communist Edmund Burke Society that had been founded in 1967 by Don Andrews, Paul Fromm, Leigh Smith and Al Overfield.

Nationalist Party of Canada

The Nationalist Party of Canada is an unregistered Canadian political party that was founded in 1977 by Don Andrews, who continues as leader of the party. The purported goals of the party are "the promotion and maintenance of European Heritage and Culture in Canada".

Wolfgang Walter Droege was a German-born Canadian white supremacist, neo-Nazi, convicted drug dealer and founding leader of the Heritage Front.

The Reform Party of Canada

Overfield claims to have been out of politics for 15 years when he decided to become active again. When he joined the Reform Party of Canada, he claims to have "let the Reform Party executive know about his political past, and they had no problems with it." [1] Overfield stated that Reform Party member Harry Robertson admitted him to the Party and that future Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper was well aware of Overfield's past involvement in far right groups. Harper denied such knowledge and stated that he had been "building issues into the Reform Party's platform to actively discourage extremists and 'nut cases'" at the time of Overfield's membership. [1]

Reform Party of Canada

The Reform Party of Canada was a right-wing populist federal political party in Canada that existed from 1987 to 2000. Reform was founded as a Western Canada-based protest movement and eventually became a populist conservative party, with strong social conservative elements. It was initially motivated by the perceived need for democratic reforms and by profound Western Canadian discontent with the Progressive Conservative (PC) federal government of Brian Mulroney.

Prime Minister of Canada head of government for Canada

The Prime Minister of Canada is the primary minister of the Crown, chairman of the Cabinet, and Canada's head of government. The current, and 23rd, Prime Minister of Canada is the Liberal Party's Justin Trudeau, following the 2015 Canadian federal election. Canadian prime ministers are styled as The Right Honourable, a privilege maintained for life.

Stephen Harper 22nd Prime Minister of Canada

Stephen Joseph Harper is a Canadian economist, entrepreneur, and retired politician who served as the 22nd prime minister of Canada for nearly a decade, from February 6, 2006 to November 4, 2015. Harper has served as the leader of the International Democrat Union since February 2018.

One claim for Overfield's involvement in the Reform Party was an attempt to discredit the party for Preston Manning's involvement in placing the Ontario wing of the Social Credit Party under the personal trusteeship of the national leader to counter Paul Fromm's activities. However, it is also on the record that Overfield's confided in Paul Fromm that his plan was "to unify all the right wing people into one cohesive organization. He was pushing to infiltrate ten or twelve Riding Associations in Metro Toronto. Even if they did not win the riding associations in an election, they would at least have control. The attraction of Reform for Overfield and like-minded persons, he said was that it was strictly white bread, 100 percent white Canadians, really anti-immigration; there was really no difference between those people and them (Overfield's group)." [1]

Preston Manning Canadian politician

Ernest Preston Manning, is an Alberta-based conservative Canadian politician. He was a founder and the only leader of the Reform Party of Canada, a Canadian federal political party that evolved into the Canadian Alliance which in turn merged with the Progressive Conservative Party to form today's Conservative Party of Canada. Manning represented the federal constituency of Calgary Southwest in the Canadian House of Commons from 1993 until his retirement in 2002. He served as Leader of the Official Opposition from 1997 to 2000. Upon his retirement he has founded the Manning Foundation for Democratic Education and the Manning Centre for Building Democracy, not-for-profit organizations dedicated to strengthening Canadian democracy in accordance with conservative principles.

While he was a member of the Reform Party, Overfield claimed to have signed up 22 members, including Heritage Front members Peter Mitrevski, Nicola Polinuk, Droege, Zvominir Lelas and Tony Cinncinato. [1]

Heritage Front

The Heritage Front was a Canadian neo-Nazi white supremacist organization founded in 1989 and disbanded around 2005.

Security for the Reform Party

In the early 1990s when the Reform Party was making inroads into Ontario, there were concerns about groups that would try to disrupt Reform meetings. Also, Reform Party leader Preston Manning did not have Royal Canadian Mounted Police security and was instead dependent upon local organizations. On May 27, 1991, Andrew Flint, then the Ontario Regional Coordinator for the Reform Party, was approached by Overfield who offered his bailiff as Reform Party security. Among those who worked as security for the Reform Party were Wolfgang Droege, James Dawson, Peter Mitrevski, other Heritage Front members, [2] [3] [4] and Grant Bristow, who was later discovered to be a Canadian Security Intelligence Service mole. [5] Bristow became Manning's personal bodyguard while Overfield's men were providing security at Reform Party meetings and rallies.

Expulsion from the Reform Party

On February 28, 1992, the Toronto Sun broke the story that the Heritage Front had infiltrated the Reform Party. [4] Droege claimed as many as 150 to 200 Heritage Front members were also members of the Reform Party, including some at the riding executive levels, but only a handful were discovered to be actual Heritage Front members. [4] When Reform Party executives became aware that Heritage Front members had joined the Reform Party, a special committee of the Executive Council began an investigation. The Special Committee revoked the membership in the Reform Party of Droege, Dawson, Polinuk, and Mitrevski. Overfield was expelled from the Reform Party, for showing "poor judgement in the hiring of known neo-Nazis." [4]

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John Albert Gamble QC, LLB was a far-right Canadian politician. He was elected to the House of Commons of Canada as a Progressive Conservative in the 1979 federal election defeating then Liberal incumbent Barney Danson and re-elected in the 1980 election, representing the riding of York North.

James Roos Breithaupt, KStJ, CD, OM(Pol), QC, was a Canadian politician. He served in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1967 to 1984 as a member of the Liberal Party. He won a total of five elections, and is the longest serving former Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for Kitchener since Canadian Confederation in 1867.

The Social Credit Party of Ontario (SCPO) was a minor political party at the provincial level in the Canadian province of Ontario from the 1940s to the early 1970s. The party never won any seats in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. It was affiliated with the Social Credit Party of Canada and espoused social credit theories of monetary reform.

Frederick Paul Fromm, known as Paul Fromm, is a Canadian white supremacist and perennial political candidate.

Robert Philip "Bob" Kaplan, was a Canadian lawyer and Cabinet minister.

Ronald A. Gostick was a long-time figure on the Canadian far right and founder of the Canadian League of Rights. Gostick was involved in the Canadian social credit movement and later published far right and anti-Semitic material over the course of 50 years, including the Canadian Intelligence Service and On Target! and numerous books and pamphlets.

Hearts of Hate is a 1995 Canadian documentary film about the Canadian White Supremacist movement of the early to mid-1990s. It profiles the four most active groups in Canada at the time Heritage Front, Aryan Nations, Church of the Creator and Canadian Liberty Net. Directed and produced by Peter Raymont, the film primarily studies the involvement of young Canadians in the activities of these groups, which were making frequent headlines at the time in Canada. The documentary was intended for in-classroom viewing, though it aired nationally on CTV.

Grant Bristow was a mole for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) working inside the Heritage Front for six years, who was exposed by Toronto Sun reporter Bill Dunphy in August 1994. His time inside the Heritage Front was extremely controversial in Canada when exposed, due to much of his activity being viewed as that of a contributory nature.

William John Beattie is a Canadian white supremacist who was the founder and former leader of the Canadian Nazi Party. The establishment of the Canadian Nazi Party, re-named the National Socialist Party in 1967, marked a re-emergence of organized neo-Nazi activity in Canada that had been dormant since the days of Adrian Arcand.

Bernie M. Farber is a writer, commentator, and the former chief executive officer of the Canadian Jewish Congress and a social activist. He has testified before the Canadian courts as an expert witness on hate crime. He was appointed CEO of the Mosaic Institute, a Canadian NGO that promotes pluralism, peace and conflict resolution internationally, in August 2015 and has announced his retirement, effective October 1, 2017, though he will remain on the NGO's advisory board. Farber was previously CEO of the Paloma Foundation, an NGO which works with homeless youth shelters until his appointment with the Mosaic Institute. He also writes on human and civil rights issues for the Huffington Post and NOW Magazine, as well as various newspapers across Canada, and is frequently interviewed on these topics by the media.

Gary Schipper is a white supremacist and was a prominent member of the Canadian neo-Nazi Heritage Front which disbanded around 2005. He is best known for having been the Heritage Front's public voice in the early 1990s, acting as its spokesman in interviews and recording messages for telephonic broadcast on the group's controversial telephone hotline.

Gerald C. (Gerry) Lincoln was one of the founders of the Heritage Front along with Wolfgang Droege, Grant Bristow and James Scott Dawson. Lincoln was editor of Up Front, the group's official magazine, designed the group's logo and also acted as one of its spokespersons.

Marc Lemire is a Canadian white nationalist. He works closely with leader Paul Fromm, and is the webmaster of the Hamilton, Ontario-based Freedom-Site which he began in 1996. He has been called a "bigot" by Jonathan Kay of the National Post. Formerly of Toronto and now living in Hamilton, Lemire was the last president of the Heritage Front organization from January 1, 2001 until the organization folded around 2005.

Paul Calandra Canadian politician

Paul A. Calandra is a Canadian politician, who served in the House of Commons of Canada from 2008 to 2015 and in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since 2018.

Neo-Nazism is the post World War II ideology that promotes white supremacy and specifically antisemitism. In Canada, Neo-Nazism has existed as a branch of the far-right and has been a source of considerable controversy during the last 50 years.


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