Athletics at the 2018 Commonwealth Games – Men's 20 kilometres walk

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Men's 20 kilometres walk
at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
Venue Southport Broadwater Parklands
Dates8 April 2018
Competitors15 from 8 nations
Winning time1:19:34 GR
Gold medal icon.svg   Flag of Australia.svg  Australia
Silver medal icon.svg   Flag of England.svg  England
Bronze medal icon.svg   Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya

The men's 20 kilometres walk at the 2018 Commonwealth Games , as part of the athletics programme, took place at Currumbin Beachfront on 8 April 2018. [1]


Irfan Kolothum Thodi was later removed from the Games after a needle was found in his apartment, which was in contravention of Games policy. [2]


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Games records were as follows: [3]

World record Flag of Japan.svg  Yusuke Suzuki  (JPN)1:16:36 Nomi, Japan 15 March 2015 [4]
Games record Flag of Australia.svg  Nathan Deakes  (AUS)1:19:55 Melbourne, Australia 20 March 2006


The schedule was as follows: [1]

Sunday 8 April 20187:00Race

All times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10)


The results were as follows: [3]

RankOrderNameResultNotesRace violations
Gold medal icon.svg10Flag of Australia.svg  Dane Bird-Smith  (AUS)1:19:34 GR
Silver medal icon.svg8Flag of England.svg  Tom Bosworth  (ENG)1:19:38 NR [UK] ~
Bronze medal icon.svg12Flag of Kenya.svg  Samuel Gathimba  (KEN)1:19:51~~
415Flag of Canada.svg  Benjamin Thorne  (CAN)1:20:49 SB ~
54Flag of New Zealand.svg  Quentin Rew  (NZL)1:21:47 SB ~
63Flag of India.svg  Manish Singh  (IND)1:22:22R 125.5~~
72Flag of England.svg  Callum Wilkinson  (ENG)1:22:35~~
89Flag of Canada.svg  Evan Dunfee  (CAN)1:23:26 SB >
91Flag of South Africa.svg  Lebogang Shange  (RSA)1:23:27
107Flag of Australia.svg  Michael Hosking  (AUS)1:25:35~
1113Flag of Australia.svg  Rhydian Cowley  (AUS)1:26:12~~
125Flag of Kenya.svg  Simon Wachira  (KEN)1:26:33~
136Flag of India.svg  Irfan Kolothum Thodi  (IND)1:27:34
1411Flag of South Africa.svg  Wayne Snyman  (RSA)1:28:09
1514Flag of Mauritius.svg  Jérôme Caprice  (MRI)1:33:12

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Athletics at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Athletics was one of ten core sports that appeared at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. As a founding sport, athletics has appeared consistently since its introduction at the 1911 Inter-Empire Games; the recognized precursor to the Commonwealth Games. The competition took place between Sunday 8–15 April 2018 at the Carrara Stadium.

The men's triple jump at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, part of the athletics programme, took place in the Carrara Stadium on 12 and 14 April 2018.

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Jemima Montag is an Australian female racewalker who competes in the 20 kilometres walk event. She was the gold medallist in that event at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. She had been leading alongside fellow Australian Claire Tallent, but was assured of the win when Tallent was disqualified in the final stage of the race. She is coached by former racewalker Brent Vallance.

The men's marathon at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, as part of the athletics programme, was held in Southport Broadwater Parklands, Gold Coast on 15 April 2018.


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