British Mass Spectrometry Society

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PredecessorMass Spectrometry Panel of the Hydrocarbon Research Group
FoundersAlan Quayle
Type charity
Registration no.Charity registration number 281330
Legal statusCharity
HeadquartersNorthwich, Cheshire
Official language
Secretary General
Dr Andrew Ray
Dr Jackie Mosely
Professor Neil Oldham
Professor Peter O'Connor
Award(s) BMSS Medal,Aston Medal

The British Mass Spectrometry Society is a registered charity founded in 1964 that encourages participation in every aspect of mass spectrometry. [1] It aims to encourage participation in all aspects of mass spectrometry on the widest basis, to promote knowledge and advancement in the field and to provide a forum for the exchange of views and information. It is committed to ensuring equal opportunities and reflecting the diversity of the society as a whole. The first foundations of the BMSS were laid in 1949 with the establishment of the Mass Spectrometry Panel by the Hydrocarbon Research Group.


Annual Meeting

The society's annual meeting is held in the first week of September in locations throughout the United Kingdom.


In 2015, the Society announced they would be funding 6-10 summer studentship projects. [2]


In 1987 the society announce the establishment of the Aston Medal to be awarded to “individuals deserving special recognition by reason of their outstanding contributions to knowledge in the biological, chemical, engineering, mathematical, medical, or physical sciences relating directly to mass spectrometry”. In 2002 the BMSS Medal was established by the society “to recognise sustained contributions by individual members of the British Mass Spectrometry Society to the development of mass spectrometry, primarily within the UK. [3]

BMSS Medal

Recipients of the BMSS medal are:

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The Aston Medal is awarded by the British Mass Spectrometry Society to individuals who have worked in the United Kingdom and have made outstanding contributions to our understanding of the biological, chemical, engineering, mathematical, medical, or physical sciences relating directly to mass spectrometry. The medal is named after one of Britain's founders of mass spectrometry and 1922 Nobel prize winner Francis William Aston.

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