List of Areas of Special Scientific Interest in Northern Ireland

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This is a list of the Areas of Special Scientific Interest (ASSIs) in Northern Ireland , United Kingdom. In Northern Ireland the body responsible for designating ASSIs is the Northern Ireland Environment Agency - a division of the Department of Environment (DoE).

Unlike the SSSIs, ASSIs include both natural environments and man-made structures. As with SSSIs, these sites are designated if they have criteria based on fauna, flora, geological or physiographical features. On top of this, structures are also covered, such as the Whitespots mines in Conlig, according to several criterion including rarity, recorded history and intrinsic appeal. [1]

For other sites in the rest of the United Kingdom, see List of SSSIs by Area of Search.

Site nameReason for DesignationArea [A] CouncilYear confirmedMap
Biological InterestGeological InterestHistorical or Cultural InterestHectaresAcres
Aghabrack ASSI304 Strabane 2009
Aghanloo Wood ASSI228Yes  36.8491.04 Limavady 2004
Aghnadarragh  Yes 1.423.51 Antrim 2004
Altikeeragh NNR048Yes  n/an/a Coleraine 2002 [B]
Altikeeragh ASSI171Yes  73.04180.48 Coleraine 1999
Altmover Glen Yes  12.531 Limavady 1994
Annachullion Lough Yes  3.689.1 Fermanagh 1997
Annacramph Meadows Yes  1.012.5 Armagh 1992
Antrim Hills Yes  10,964.1927,093.12 Ballymena; Larne; Moyle 2006 [B]
Aughnadarragh Lough ASSI149Yes  5.1812.8 Ards; Down 1999
Aughnadarragh Lough SAC045Yes  5.1812.8 Ards; Down 2005
Ballybannan Yes  0.591.47 Down 1997
Ballycam Yes  1.213 Down 1997
Ballycarry Yes  17.443 Moyle 1992
Ballycastle Coalfield Yes 27.6868.4 Moyle 1998
Ballygill North Yes  31.5778 Moyle 1992
Ballykilbeg ASSI153Yes  15.2137.59 Down 1998
Ballykilbeg SAC044Yes  15.2137.59 Down 2005
Ballyknock Yes  3.077.58 Magherafelt 1999
Ballymacaldrack ???1.012.5 Ballymoney 2007
Ballymacallion ???9.1222.54 Limavady 2007
Ballymaclary YesYes n/an/a Coleraine 1976 [B]
Ballymacombs More YesYesYes11.1227.48 Magherafelt 2005
Ballymacormick Point Yes  15.7839 North Down 1988
Ballynagross Lower Yes  3.17.67 Down 1997
Ballynahone Bog SAC001Yes  98.44243.24 Magherafelt 2005
Ballynahone Bog RSAR009Yes  98.44243.24 Magherafelt 1998
Ballynahone Bog NNR047Yes  n/an/a Magherafelt 2000
Ballynahone Bog ASSI010YesYes 98.74244 Magherafelt 1995
Ballynanaghten Yes  0.481.19 Lisburn 2001
Ballypalady YesYes 1.624.01 Antrim 2005
Ballyquintin Point NNR040YesYes n/an/a Ards 1987 [B]
Ballyquintin Point ASSI087YesYes 29.9974.1 Ards 1995
Ballyrisk More ???5.2512.97 Limavady 2007
Ballysudden  Yes 39.5897.8 Cookstown 1997
BanagherYes  2.075.11 Fermanagh 2005
Banagher Glen ASSI064Yes  38.0494 Limavady 1994
Banagher Glen SAC023YesYes 35.5287.77 Limavady 2005
Banagher Glen NR015Yes  n/an/a Limavady 1974 [B]
Bann Estuary SAC041???140.81347.94 Coleraine 2005
Bann Estuary ASSI208YesYes 140.81347.94 Coleraine 2001
Bardahessiagh  Yes 3.889.6 Cookstown 1996
Beagh Big Yes  0.531.3 Fermanagh 1988
Belfast Lough RSAR006YesYes 174.88432.14 Belfast; Carrickfergus; Newtownabbey; North Down 1998
Belfast Lough SPA010YesYes 174.88432.14 Belfast; Carrickfergus; Newtownabbey; North Down 1998
Belfast Lough Open Water YesYes n/an/an/a2006
Bellanaleck  Yes 0.380.93 Fermanagh 1996
Belshaws Quarry  Yes n/an/a Lisburn 1972 [B]
Benburb  Yes 1.213 Dungannon & South Tyrone 1995
Binevenagh NNR041YesYes n/an/a Limavady 1987 [B]
Binevenagh SAC039?? 36.7490.79 Limavady 2005
Binevenagh ASSI212YesYes 36.7490.79 Limavady 2001
Black Bog RSAR015Yes  74.23183.42 Omagh 1999
Black Bog SAC002Yes  74.23183.42 Omagh 2005
Black Bog ASSI007Yes  78.51194 Omagh 1987
Black Burn YesYes 8.2220.3 Larne 1997
Black Lough ASSI239Yes  2.626.47 Dungannon & South Tyrone 2004
Black Lough ASSI154Yes  18.0344.55 Down 1998
Bohill Forest ???n/an/a Down 1970 [B]
Boho YesYes 5.7714.25 Fermanagh 1999
Bonds Glen Yes  20.4650.56 Derry City 2004
Boorin YesYes n/an/a Strabane 1975 [B]
Bovevagh  Yes 2.315.7 Limavady 1995
Braade Yes  1.172.9 Fermanagh 1996
Brackagh Moss Yes  n/an/a Craigavon 1976 [B]
Breen Forest Yes? n/an/an/a1970 [B]
Breen Wood SAC024Yes  14.5736.01n/a2005
Breen Wood ASSI161Yes  14.5736 Moyle 1997
Burdautien Lough YesYes 2.636.5 Fermanagh 1995
Caldanagh Bog Yes  14.3735.5 Ballymoney 1997
Cam Lough Yes  33.0581.66 Newry & Mourne 2004
Carlingford Lough SPA009YesYes 334.72827.12 Newry & Mourne 1998
Carlingford Lough RSAR005?? n/an/a Newry & Mourne n/a
Carn/Glenshane Pass ASSI167Yes  784.61,938.78 Coleraine; Limavady; Magherafelt 2000
Carn/Glenshane Pass SAC033Yes? 784.61,938.78 Coleraine; Limavady; Magherafelt 2005
Carrickarede ASSI113YesYes?9.222.73 Coleraine 1997
Carrickastickan Yes  1.513.74 Newry & Mourne 2002
Carrickbrawn Yes  4.8612 Fermanagh 1987
Carrowcarlin Yes  3.177.84 Down 1998
Cashel Loughs Yes  13.8434.21 Newry & Mourne 1998
Copeland Islands Yes  81.55201.52 Ards 2004
Devenish Island   Yes2664.24 Fermanagh 2007
Giant's Causeway and Dunseverick  Yes 91.59226.33 Moyle 2000
Whitespots  Yes 2.045.05 Ards 1999


A Rounded to two decimal places.
B As yet unconfirmed. Year displayed is year of declaration.

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Ballynahone Bog is a raised bog, situated in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, about 3 km south of Maghera, on low-lying ground immediately north of the Moyola River about 14 km from its mouth at Lough Neagh. It is one of the largest lowland raised bogs in Northern Ireland.

Conlig Place

Conlig is a village and townland about halfway between Bangor and Newtownards in County Down, Northern Ireland.

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An area of special scientific interest or ASSI is a conservation designation denoting a protected area in Northern Ireland. ASSIs are the equivalent of sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs) in the rest of the United Kingdom.

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Peatlands Park is a 266 hectares area established in 1990 and placed under the safeguard of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. It is located in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, and has been designated as an Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI). Peatlands Park is home to a particularly rich sample of the fauna and flora found in peat bogs, and proposes 16 km (10 mi) of paths to its visitors.

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