List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Tyne and Wear

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A map of Tyne and Wear, and its location within the United Kingdom also shown Tyne and Wear outline map with UK.png
A map of Tyne and Wear, and its location within the United Kingdom also shown

There are 37 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) in Tyne and Wear, England. In England, the body responsible for designating SSSIs is Natural England, which chooses sites because of their flora, fauna, geological or physiographical features. [1] Natural England took over the role of designating and managing SSSIs from English Nature in October 2006 when it was formed from the amalgamation of English Nature, parts of the Countryside Agency and the Rural Development Service. Natural England, like its predecessor, uses the 1974–1996 county system with each area being called an Area of Search. [2]


Tyne and Wear is made up of five administrative local authorities consisting mainly of the two largest cities in the region: Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Sunderland, thus making it the sixth largest conurbation in the United Kingdom. Tyne and Wear shares its borders with Northumberland and County Durham, to the north and south respectively. [3]


Site nameReason for DesignationArea [A] Grid reference [B] Year in which notifiedReferences
Biological interestGeological interestHectaresAcresMap [C] Citation
Big Waters Green check.svg27.267.2 NZ227734 1985 Map
Boldon Pastures Green check.svg3.58.6 NZ381616 1987 Map
Brenkley Meadows Green check.svg9.222.7 NZ217744 1988 Map
Claxheugh Rock And Ford Limestone Quarry Green check.svgGreen check.svg7.118.0 NZ363574 1987 Map
Cleadon Hill Green check.svg10.024.6 NZ389631 1984 Map
Dawson's Plantation Quarry Green check.svg0.71.7 NZ336547 1996 Map
Durham Coast Green check.svgGreen check.svg765.41,891.0 NZ381685 NZ495362 1999 Map
Eppleton Grassland Green check.svg13.433.0 Map
Fulwell And Carley Hill Quarries Green check.svgGreen check.svg6.014.8 NZ382598 & NZ388595 1987 Map
Gibside Green check.svg89.0219.9 NZ184590 1989 Map
Gilleylaw Quarry Green check.svg0.20.6 NZ375537 1986 Map
Gosforth Park Green check.svg37.392.1 NZ256702 1987 Map
Hallow Hill Green check.svg7.017.3 NZ157658 1986 Map
Harton Down Hill Green check.svg1.12.7 NZ390655 1984 Map
Hastings Hill Green check.svg1.33.1 NZ353544 1984 Map
Herrington Hill Green check.svg6.917.1 NZ367528 1983 Map
Hetton Bogs Green check.svg11.027.0 NZ345486 1984 Map
High Haining Hill Green check.svg2.97.2 NZ357507 1983 Map
High Moorsley Green check.svgGreen check.svg6.816.8 NZ333454 1985 Map
Humbledon Hill Quarry Green check.svg0.10.3 NZ382553 1985 Map
Hylton Castle Cutting Green check.svg1.12.8 NZ360588 1986 Map
Joe's Pond Green check.svg4.511.0 NZ328486 1984 Map
Lower Derwent Meadows Green check.svg4.210.3 NZ190613 1986 Map
Moorsley Banks Green check.svg5.513.7 NZ336459 1987 Map
Northumberland Shore Green check.svgGreen check.svg1,925.847,574.0 NT980575 NU010525 & NU165363 NZ365685 1992 Map
Pockerley Farm Pond Green check.svg1.43.4 NZ222555 1984 Map
Prestwick Carr Green check.svg51.4127.0 NZ189742 1986 Map
Ridley Gill Green check.svg12.230.1 NZ217556 1985 Map
Ryton Willows Green check.svg6.917.0 NZ 152650 , NZ155649 , NZ158649 1985 Map
Shibdon Pond Green check.svg14.636.0 NZ195628 1985 Map
South Hylton Pasture Green check.svg2.86.9 NZ357568 1984 Map
Strother Hills Green check.svg8.120.0 NZ153579 1986 Map
Thornley Wood Green check.svg14.836.6 NZ177608 1990 Map
Tunstall Hills And Ryhope Cutting Green check.svgGreen check.svg15.839.0 NZ391546 , NZ393540 & NZ399537 1988 Map
Tynemouth To Seaton Sluice Green check.svg97.9241.9 NZ346755 , NZ365716 , NZ373694 1989 Map
Wear River Bank Green check.svg4.811.9 NZ360577 1989 Map
West Farm Meadow, Boldon Green check.svg2.86.9 NZ358622 1989 Map


A Data rounded to one decimal place.
B Grid reference is based on the British national grid reference system, also known as OSGB36, and is the system used by the Ordnance Survey. [4]
C Those SSSIs with more than one OS grid reference are composed of multiple sections, separated by non-SSSI land. [4]

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