List of schools in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka

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The following is a list of schools in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.


Ampara District

National schools

Provincial schools

Private schools

Sussex college, Ampara

International schools

Batticaloa District

National schools

Provincial schools

Private schools

Unique international school, kattankudy-01, eastern international college, good shepherd college

Trincomalee District

National schools

Provincial schools

Private schools

Bond international school, Cambridge international school, Liverpool international school, Goodwill international school, Greenwich international school,

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Wattala Suburb in Gampaha District, Western Province, Sri Lanka

Wattala is a large suburb of Colombo city, in Western Province, Sri Lanka, situated around 9 km from Colombo city centre. This suburb is situated on A3 highway from Colombo to Negombo. Around Wattala, there are many villages and towns.

Kalmunai City in Sri Lanka

Kalmunai is the largest city of Ampara District. It is also the largest city of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. It had a total population of 106,780 as of 2011. It is one of the few Muslim-majority municipalities in the country. When Muslims in Colombo were expelled by Portuguese in the 17th century, they fled to Kandy and sought refuge with King Rajasinha II, who resettled these refugees in Kalmunai and Kattankudy (4,000). Kalmunai was the site of the royal farm, as a result of this settlement, it became a Muslim-majority area.

A. M. A. Azeez

Aboobucker Mohamed Abdul Azeez was a Ceylonese civil servant, educator, social worker and member of the Senate of Ceylon.

Maruthamunai Village in Sri Lanka

Maruthamunai is a coastal village located along the eastern coastline, about 358 kilometres away from the capital city, Colombo. The Village has an estimated population of 13,948, predominantly Muslims. Maruthamunai Located in Kalmunai, Ampara District in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

Central College may refer to:

Kinniya Town in Sri Lanka

Kinniya is a town located east coast in Trincomalee District of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. It is located about 20 km (12 mi) from the city of Trincomalee and 240 km (150 mi) from Colombo. Located in Sri Lanka's dry zone, the Kinniya region often experiences hot and dry weather with very little precipitation. Kinniya Bridge is the Sri Lanka's longest bridge situated in kinniya, which attracts many tourists in the town. Being located on the Trincomalee Harbour, Kinniya was badly devastated by the massive tsunami that resulted from the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.

Akkaraipattu Town in Sri Lanka

Akkaraipattu is a large town in the Ampara District, Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, it is located in the south-eastern of the, Sri Lankan dry zone and experiences an average annual rainfall of 119 mm (4.7 in).

Sammanthurai Town in Sri Lanka

Sammanthurai, is a town in Ampara District of Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. Sammanthurai situated at 7°22′0″N81°48′0″E, is 4.8 km west of the Bay of Bengal coast. It lies between the towns of Ampara and Karaitivu along the A31 road. It is surrounded by paddy fields and it is renowned for its rice paddies and its inner harbour from ancient times.

Batticaloa region

Batticaloa region (Tamil: மட்டக்களப்புத் தேசம் Maṭṭakkaḷapput tēcam; also known as Matecalo; Baticalo; in Colonial records, was the ancient region of Tamil Settlements in Sri Lanka. The foremost record of this region can be seen in Portuguese and Dutch historical documents along with local inscriptions such as "Sammanthurai Copper epigraphs" written on 1683 CE which also mentions about "Mattakkalappu Desam". Although there is no more the existence of Batticaloa region today, the amended term "Batti-Ampara Districts" still can be seen in the Tamil print media of Sri Lanka.


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