Matale District

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Matale District

මාතලේ දිස්ත්‍රික්කය
மாத்தளை மாவட்டம்
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Map of Sri Lanka with Matale District highlighted
Coordinates: 7°40′N80°45′E / 7.667°N 80.750°E / 7.667; 80.750 Coordinates: 7°40′N80°45′E / 7.667°N 80.750°E / 7.667; 80.750
CountrySri Lanka
Province Central Province
Capital Matale
Largest City Matale
   District Secretary S. M. G. K. Perera
  • Municipal Councils: 2
  • Urban Councils: 0
  • Pradeishiya Sabhas: 11
   Administrative District 1,993 km2 (770 sq mi)
  Land1,952 km2 (754 sq mi)
  Water41 km2 (16 sq mi)
 (2012) [1]
   Administrative District 484,531
(2019) [2]
  Density240/km2 (630/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+05:30 (Sri Lanka)
ISO 3166 code LK-22
Official Languages Sinhala / Tamil

Matale District (Sinhala : මාතලේ දිස්ත්‍රික්කය, Tamil : மாத்தளை மாவட்டம்) is a district in Central Province, Sri Lanka. It is one of 25 districts of Sri Lanka, the second level administrative division of the country. The district is administered by a District Secretariat headed by a District Secretary (previously known as a Government Agent) appointed by the central government of Sri Lanka. The administrative capital  and largest city of the district is Matale.


The district is considered as the central region of the island and has a total area of 1,993 km2 (770 sq mi). It is in the northern part of the Central Province. It is bounded to the north by Anuradapura, east by Polonnaruwa, Badulla and Ampara, west by Kurunagala and to the south by Kandy Districts.

Ethnicity and religions

Religion in Matale District (2012) [3]

   Buddhism (79.4%)
   Islam (9.8%)
   Hinduism (9.1%)
   Christianity (2.4%)



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Heritage sites

List of other tourist attractions in Matale District

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Anuradhapura City in North Central Province, Sri Lanka

Anuradhapura is a major city in Sri Lanka. It is the capital city of North Central Province, Sri Lanka and the capital of Anuradhapura District. Anuradhapura is one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka, famous for its well-preserved ruins of an ancient Sinhala civilization. It was the third capital of the kingdom of Rajarata, following the kingdoms of Tambapanni and Upatissa Nuwara.

Kandy City in Central Province, Sri Lanka

Kandy is a major city in Sri Lanka located in the Central Province. It was the last capital of the ancient kings' era of Sri Lanka. The city lies in the midst of hills in the Kandy plateau, which crosses an area of tropical plantations, mainly tea. Kandy is both an administrative and religious city and is also the capital of the Central Province. Kandy is the home of the Temple of the Tooth Relic, one of the most sacred places of worship in the Buddhist world. It was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1988. Historically the local Buddhist rulers resisted Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonial expansion and occupation.

Dambulla Town in Sri Lanka

Dambulla is a town situated in the north of Matale District, Central Province of Sri Lanka. It is the second largest populated and urbanised centre after Matale in the Matale District. It is situated 148 km (92 mi) north-east of Colombo, 43 km (27 mi) north of Matale and 72 km (45 mi) north of Kandy. Due to its location at a major junction, it is the centre of major vegetable distribution in the country.

Matale City in Central Province, Sri Lanka

Matale often written as Mathale is a large regional city located at the heart of the Central Hills of the island lies in a broad, fertile valley at an elevation of 364 m (1,194 ft) above sea level. It is the administrative capital and largest urbanised centre in the Matale District, Central Province, Sri Lanka. It is 142 kilometres (88 mi) from Colombo and near Kandy. Surrounding the city are the Knuckles Mountain Range, the foothills were called Wiltshire by the British.

Kurunegala City in Sri Lanka

Kurunegala is a major city in Sri Lanka. It is the capital city of the North Western Province and the Kurunegala District. Kurunegala was an ancient royal capital for 50 years, from the end of the 13th century to the start of the 14th century. It is at the junction of several main roads linking to other important parts of the country. It is about 94 kilometres (58 mi) from Colombo, 42 kilometres (26 mi) from Kandy and 51 kilometres (32 mi) from Matale.

Kurunegala District Administrative District in North Western Province, Sri Lanka

Kurunegala is a district in North Western Province, Sri Lanka. Consists of 4812.7 km2 48,1270 Hectares and Consists 30 Divisional Secretariats, 1610 Grama Niladari Divisions and 4476 total Villages. It consists of 14 Electorate Divisions, 02 Municipal Council, 19 Urban Councils, 15 Parliamentary Ministers, 47 Provincial Council Members, 15 Ministers and 337 Local Council Members.

Ampara District Administrative District in Eastern, Sri Lanka

Ampara District is one of the 25 districts of Sri Lanka, the second-level administrative divisions of the country. The district is administered by a District Secretariat headed by a District Secretary appointed by the central government of Sri Lanka. The capital of the district is the town of Ampara. The district was carved out of the southern part of Batticaloa District in April 1961.

Dambulla cave temple

Dambulla cave temple also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla is a World Heritage Site (1991) in Sri Lanka, situated in the central part of the country. This site is situated 148 kilometres (92 mi) east of Colombo, 72 kilometres (45 mi) north of Kandy and 43 km (27 mi) north of Matale

The A9 Highway is a 321-kilometer-long (199 mi) highway in Sri Lanka, which connects the central city of Kandy with Jaffna, a city on the northern tip of the island.

There are 24 Municipal councils in Sri Lanka, which are the legislative bodies that preside over the largest cities and first tier municipalities in the country. Introduced in 1987 through the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, municipal councils became a devolved subject under the Provincial Councils in the Local Government system of Sri Lanka. Until 2017 municipal councils collectively governed 2,765,533 people within a 698 square kilometer area. There were 445 Councillors in total, ranging from 53 to 9 per council.

Central Province, Sri Lanka Province of Sri Lanka

The Central Province is one of the nine provinces of Sri Lanka, the first level administrative division of the country. The Central Province is primarily in the central mountainous terrain of Sri Lanka. It is the 6th largest province by area and is home to 2.5 million people. It is bordered by North Central Province to the north, Uva Province to the east, North Western Province to the west and Sabaragamuwa Province to the south and west. The province's capital is Kandy.

Matale electoral district is one of the 22 multi-member electoral districts of Sri Lanka created by the 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka. The district is conterminous with the administrative district of Matale in the Central province. The district currently elects five of the 225 members of the Sri Lankan Parliament and had 342,684 registered electors in 2010.

Dambulla electoral district was an electoral district of Sri Lanka between August 1947 and February 1989. The district was named after the town of Dambulla in Matale District, Central Province. The 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka introduced the proportional representation electoral system for electing members of Parliament. The existing 160 mainly single-member electoral districts were replaced with 22 multi-member electoral districts. Dambulla electoral district was replaced by the Matale multi-member electoral district at the 1989 general elections, the first under the PR system, though Dambulla continues to be a polling division of the multi-member electoral district.

Hulangamuwa is a suburb of Matale city, Sri Lanka. It is located 2.0 km south of Matale Municipal Area in Matale District, Central Province. Famous Abilla Raja Maha Viharaya and Petmalumaga temple is located in Hulangamuwa.

Kandalama Village in Central Province, Sri Lanka

Kandalama is a village in Sri Lanka. It is located within Central Province. Kandalama is home for one of Sri Lanka's first five star hotels, Heritance Kandalama and Kaludiya Pokuna Archeological Forest.

Sanjeeva Kaviratne Sri lankan politician

Rasnayake Mudiyanselage Sanjeeva Bandara Kaviratne was a Sri Lankan politician who was a member of the Central Provincial Council and member of Parliament.

Dambulla Polling Division Polling Division in Sri Lanka

The Dambulla Polling Division is a Polling Division in the Matale Electoral District, in the Central Province, Sri Lanka.