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Ovens & King Football Netball League
O&K 2007 Thirds Grand Final between Whorouly and North Wangaratta Ok07gf3rds.jpg
O&K 2007 Thirds Grand Final between Whorouly and North Wangaratta
General Information
FoundedEarly 1903 in Wangaratta, Victoria
as Ovens And King Football Association
Sports Football (1903–present)
Netball (1956–present)
Affiliation AFL Victoria Country (2012–present)
Netball Victoria (1956–present)
Player Points Cap42 points
Known As
1903–1922Ovens & King Football Association
1922–1924Wangaratta & District Football Association
1925–1955Ovens & King Football League
1956–presentOvens & King Football Netball League
2024 Competitions
Football OKFNL Seniors
OKFNL Reserves
Netball OKFNL A-Grade
OKFNL B-Reserve
OKFNL Under 15's

The Ovens & King Football Netball League is a minor country Australian rules football league based in North-Eastern Victoria in the vicinity of Wangaratta and more recently Benalla.



The Ovens & King Football League was formed on the 13th of June 1903, after a handful of men met at The Bulls Head Hotel in Wangaratta to consider forming a football competition. One week later, the first matches of the Ovens & King Football Association were played. The competition changed its name to the Ovens and King Football League after the 1928 season.

Today, more than 100 years later, teams from Benalla, Bright, Greta, King Valley, Milawa, Moyhu, North Wangaratta, Tarrawingee and Whorouly participate in seniors, reserves and five netball grades.

Located in the rich Ovens Valley and King Valley of northeast Victoria, the league has produced a number of elite football who have gone on to play in the AFL, including the cousins Nigel (Brisbane Lions) and Matthew Lappin (St Kilda/Carlton), ruckman Mark Porter (Kangaroos/Carlton) and most recently Michael Newton (Melbourne), Ben Reid (Collingwood) and Sam Reid (Sydney Swans).

Community support is strong in the Ovens and King districts with crowds attending games usually greater than most neighbouring competitions. The local football is an important social outlet for many local communities and finals matches draw especially strong crowd numbers.

In 2010, the league added Tatong, Swanpool, Goorambat and Bonnie Doon, who had previously played in the now-defunct Benalla & District Football League. After four years of heavy losses, Swanpool and Tatong were thrown out of the competition by AFL County Victoria, ending nearly 100 years of tradition. A two-way merge proposed by the clubs was rejected, as was a transfer to the Picola District FL. [1]

In 2019 Glenrowan were forced into recess following a player, coach and volunteer shortage. [2]


ClubColoursNicknameHome GroundFoundedJoinedO&K PremiershipsYears
Benalla All Blacks
Benalla All Blacks Football Club colours.jpg
PanthersFriendlies Oval1934200512022
Bonnie Doon
BombersBonnie Doon Recreation Reserve1885201012023
Sunbury Football Club colours.jpg
Mountain MenPioneer Park1913195541986, 1987, 1992, 2004
Goorambat Football Club colours.jpg
BatsGoorambat Recreation Reserve189320100
Greta Football Club colours.jpg
BluesGreta Recreation Reserve1901194591946, 1954, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1980, 1993, 1995, 1999
King Valley United AFL North Melbourne Icon.jpg KangaroosWhitfield Recreation Reserve1935193521970, 1981
Boolarra fc club colors.png
DemonsMilawa Recreation Reserve19031903111923, 1924, 1927, 1940, 1969, 1984, 1985, 1991, 2009, 2013, 2019
Moyhu Football Club colours.jpg
HoppersMoyhu Recreation Reserve18911904181904, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1929, 1930, 1933, 1934, 1947, 1959, 1960, 1962, 1988, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2011
North Wangaratta
North Wangaratta Football Club colours.jpg
HawksNorth Wangaratta Sports Reserve1919196141973, 1976, 1997, 2012
Western Bulldogs AFLW icon.png
BulldogsTarrawingee Recreation Reserve1903194581953, 1963, 1964, 1975, 1990, 2008, 2010, 2018
Whorouly Football Club colours.jpg
LionsWhorouly Recreation Reserve1892 [3] 190471925, 1926, 1952, 1977, 1978, 1989, 2007

Former Clubs

ClubColoursNicknameYears in LeagueO&K PremiershipsYears
141912, 1913, 1914, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1950, 1951, 1956, 1961, 1974, 1979, 2000, 2001
Bogong 1954–195911955
Carboor white & blue [4] 19030
Chiltern Football Club colours.jpg
Swans1954–2002101957, 1958, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1982, 1983, 1994, 1996, 1998
Eldorado Collingwood icon.svg 1905–1921
61907; 1908, 1919, 1921, 1922, 1928
Everton 1920–1921
Gapsted 1919
Glenrowan AFL Richmond Icon.jpg Kelly Tigers1992–201942014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Myrtleford AFL Richmond Icon.jpg Wanderers1927–194931936, 1945, 1949
Peechelba 19220
Rutherglen Football Club colours.jpg
South Wangaratta 19220
Swanpool Football Club colours.jpg
Tatong Football Club colours.jpg
Wangaratta Collingwood icon.svg Magpies1903–14
1919-21, 1931–32, 1941
51905, 1906, 1920, 1931, 1932
Wangaratta Rainbows
Ramblers FC.png
1903-4, 1914-15 & 194121903, 1941
Wangaratta Rovers
Hawthorn Football Club colours.jpg
Wangaratta Waratahs
Ramblers FC.png

Premiership History

Senior Football Grand Finals

YearPremierGBPtsRunner UpGBPts
2023Bonnie Doon (1)8856Bright6238
2022Benalla All Blacks (1)81260Bonnie Doon5535
2021Season cancelled after 12 matches due to COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria
2020Season cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria
2019Milawa (11)1420104Bright6743
2018Tarrawingee (8)9761Milawa5434
2017Glenrowan (4)131290Benalla All Blacks6743
2016Glenrowan (3)1611107Tarrawingee6743
2015Glenrowan (2)91367Milawa8654
2014Glenrowan (1)1613109Milawa10868
2013Milawa (10)1516106Glenrowan7345
2012North Wangaratta (4)2010130Whorouly121183
2011Moyhu (18)167103Tarrawingee1511101
2010Tarrawingee (7)15999Milawa15797
2009Milawa (9)14791Tarrawingee121082
2008Tarrawingee (6)141094Bright81159
2007Whorouly (7)141397Bright12678
2006Moyhu (17)1913127Whorouly101575
2005Moyhu (16)15898Whorouly121688
2004Bright (4)131088Moyhu121284
2003Moyhu (15)2510160North Wangaratta15696
2002Moyhu (14)2010130Beechworth1511101
2001Beechworth (14)207127North Wangaratta15898
2000Beechworth (13)6945Moyhu4125
1999Greta (9)1416100Moyhu141195
1998Chiltern (10)188116Bright121890
1997North Wangaratta (3)2214146Greta81462
1996Chiltern (9)1420104North Wangaratta101171
1995Greta (8)1416100Beechworth101676
1994Chiltern (8)1918132North Wangaratta101272
1993Greta (7)1913127Chiltern9761
1992Bright (3)101474Chiltern91367
1991Milawa (8)1910124Greta1811119
1990Tarrawingee (5)2711173Moyhu1512102
1989Whorouly (6)131694Beechworth13785
1988Moyhu (13)121385Beechworth111379
1987Bright (2)2011131Whorouly14892
1986Bright (1)101171Greta91266
1985Milawa (7)1820128Bright71860
1984Milawa (6)1811119Chiltern51141
1983Chiltern (7)1612108Beechworth141296
1982Chiltern (6)2614170Milawa15696
1981King Valley (2)1514104Milawa101575
1980Greta (6)1615111Whorouly13684
1979Beechworth (12)1917131Whorouly121082
1978Whorouly (5)2525175Beechworth8755
1977Whorouly (4)1517107North Wangaratta14993
1976North Wangaratta (2)2216148Beechworth71153
1975Tarrawingee (4)15898Beechworth111682
1974Beechworth (11)1513103North Wangaratta9559
1973North Wangaratta (1)1617113Chiltern13886
1972Chiltern (5)111278Beechworth81260
1971Chiltern (4)13785Milawa111379
1970King Valley (1)141397Milawa7951
1969Milawa (5)1417101Beechworth13785
1968Chiltern (3)12880Greta111278
1967Greta (5)131088Tarrawingee8755
1966Greta (4)61551King Valley5838
1965Greta (3)51141Tarrawingee41539
1964Tarrawingee (3)9963Greta7547
1963Tarrawingee (2)71860Moyhu9559
1962Moyhu (12)9963Tarrawingee31230
1961Beechworth (10)141397Greta121284
1960Moyhu (11)91165Beechworth9559
1959Moyhu (10)9761Chiltern61046
1958Chiltern (2)9660Greta8654
1957Chiltern (1)141498King Valley71254
1956Beechworth (9)91771Milawa6541
1955Bogong (1)61248Beechworth51646
1954Greta (2)141296Chiltern131492
1953Tarrawingee (1)141195Greta71052
1952Whorouly (3)111985Wangaratta121183
1951Beechworth (8)141195Whorouly131694
1950Beechworth (7)1512102Whorouly91771
1949Myrtleford (3)169105Wangaratta Rovers91468
1948Wangaratta Rovers (1)131593Myrtleford101373
1947Moyhu (9)14993Milawa112288
1946Greta (1)8553Myrtleford21426
1945Myrtleford (2)1715117Milawa122193
1944Suspended during World War II
1941Rainbows (2)1613109Wangaratta71759
1940Milawa (4)1418102Beechworth15898
1939Beechworth (6)1513103Waratahs8957
1938Beechworth (5)15797Myrtleford101676
1937Beechworth (4)92377Myrtleford51141
1936Myrtleford (1)101575Whorouly9862
1935Waratahs (1)131795Myrtleford121284
1934Moyhu (8)91569Myrtleford71456
1933Moyhu (7)121789Myrtleford8957
1932Wangaratta (5)1419103Whorouly71254
1931Wangaratta (4)111379Moyhu8957
1930Moyhu (6)81664Beechworth51242
1929Moyhu (5)101676Myrtleford101474
1928Eldorado (6)101777Milawa71456
1927Milawa (3)111278Whorouly10767
1926Whorouly (2)9761Moyhu61349
1925Whorouly (1)91367Milawa6642
1924Milawa (2)111379Moyhu41034
1923Milawa (1)9761Wangaratta Rovers81159
1922Eldorado (5)51545Whorouly51040
1921Eldorado (4)9660Wangaratta5737
1920Wangaratta (3)101171Eldorado81462
1919Eldorado (3)51848Wangaratta066
1918Suspended during World War I
1914Beechworth (3)7749Moyhu6844
1913Beechworth (2)101474Moyhu81765
1912Beechworth (1)12678Moyhu51343
1911Moyhu (4)111480Beechworth61046
1910Moyhu (3)8856Wangaratta61349
1909Moyhu (2)7951Wangaratta31129
1908Eldorado (2)4731Wangaratta31129
1907Eldorado (1)61450Milawa4731
1906Wangaratta (2)Beechworth
1905Wangaratta (1)6541Whorouly31432
1904Moyhu (1)Moyhu
1903Rainbows (1)Milawa

A Grade Netball Grand Finals

YearPremierScoreRunner UpScore
2023Greta (27)52Milawa44
2022Greta (26)41Milawa40
2020Season cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria
2019Greta (25)47Milawa42
2018Greta (24)59Milawa48
2017Greta (23)43King Valley41
2016King Valley (2)40Milawa39
2015King Valley (1)39Milawa32
2014Tarrawingee (5)46King Valley42
2013Milawa (3)50Greta42
2012Greta (22)50Whorouly44
2011Whorouly (8)49Greta48
2010Greta (21)41Whorouly39
2009Tarrawingee (4)52Moyhu47
2008Milawa (2)41Moyhu40
2007Moyhu (13)63North Wangaratta34
2006Moyhu (12)54North Wangaratta45
2005Moyhu (11)65Whorouly39
2004Glenrowan (1)54Moyhu52
2003Moyhu (10)64Milawa43
2002Moyhu (9)56Glenrowan41
2001Moyhu (8)76Whorouly50
2000Moyhu (7)King Valley
1999Greta (20)69Milawa40
1998Greta (19)51Milawa48
1997Whorouly (7)58Milawa49
1996Whorouly (6)45Greta34
1995Greta (18)51Milawa37
1994Greta (17)50Whorouly40
1993Greta (16)46Whorouly45
1992Greta (15)56Chiltern35
1991Greta (14)52Tarrawingee44
1990Moyhu (6)54Chiltern43
1989Greta (13)49Chiltern24
1988Greta (12)38Tarrawingee29
1987Greta (11)Tarrawingee
1986Greta (10)44Tarrawingee34
1985Greta (9)Chiltern
1984Whorouly (5)25Tarrawingee18
1983Whorouly (4)45North Wangaratta36
1982North Wangaratta (4)42Tarrawingee32
1981North Wangaratta (3)Whorouly
1980North Wangaratta (2)Greta
1979North Wangaratta (1)29Greta25
1978Greta (8)26North Wangaratta16
1977Greta (7)Tarrawingee
1976Greta (6)Beechworth
1975Chiltern (3)Beechworth
1974Chiltern (2)26King Valley23
1973Chiltern (1)24King Valley17
1972Tarrawingee (3)41Chiltern39
1971Moyhu (5)31Chiltern23
1970Whorouly (3)Moyhu
1969Whorouly (2)24Moyhu23
1968Moyhu (4)33Whorouly32
1967Whorouly (1)Moyhu
1966Moyhu (3)25Tarrawingee23
1965Moyhu (2)29Tarrawingee28
1964Greta (5)40Moyhu25
1963Greta (4)40Tarrawingee30
1962Greta (3)Moyhu
1961Moyhu (1)37Greta33
1960Greta (2)27Tarrawingee18
1959Greta (1)Tarrawingee
1958Tarrawingee (2)
1957Tarrawingee (1)19Moyhu15
1956Milawa (1)Moyhu

Football Seasons


Whorouly16202240842266.0364EliminationMoyhu121486King Valley11874
Tarrawingee144020141088185.11561st SemiMoyhu91064Tarrawingee61046
Moyhu126018811211155.33482nd SemiBright1611107Whorouly131088
King Valley117017191304131.8344PreliminaryWhorouly121385Moyhu9963
Milawa81001373138798.9932Grand FinalWhorouly141397Bright12678
North Wangaratta2160861267432.208
Benalla All Blacks0180535260720.520


Whorouly144021961352162.43561st SemiWhorouly102181Moyhu139 [6]
Milawa117018141208150.17442nd SemiTarrawingee122092Bright51343
Glenrowan61201302192167.7824Grand FinalTarrawingee141094Bright81159
North Wangaratta51301241191664.7720
King Valley41401152204156.4416
Benalla All Blacks41401056217548.5516


Glenrowan115213831183116.91481st SemiMoyhu121183Glenrowan10868
Moyhu98114641425102.74382nd SemiTarrawingee8755Milawa51040
Greta9901091126586.2536Grand FinalMilawa14791Tarrawingee121082
Benalla All Blacks71101362169280.5028
King Valley41401272178371.3416
North Wangaratta01801053236744.490


Bright16201997947210.8864 1st Elimination Whorouly121082Greta8755
Milawa15212313727318.1662 2nd Elimination Bonnie Doon91670Moyhu9862
Benalla All Blacks153023601304180.9860 1st Qualifying Tarrawingee91771Bright5434
Tarrawingee14312310970238.1458 2nd Qualifying Milawa2011131Benalla All Blacks9963
Whorouly135020041242161.3552 1st Semi Bright131694Whorouly12274
Moyhu108018491247148.2840 2nd Semi Bonnie Doon1610106Benalla All Blacks10969
Bonnie Doon99018261523119.8936 1st Preliminary Tarrawingee1615111Bonnie Doon10969
Greta99012901253102.9536 2nd Preliminary Milawa6642Bright5333
King Valley81001188184664.3632 Grand Final Tarrawingee15999Milawa15797
North Wangaratta21601129227249.698


Moyhu171022951230186.5968 1st Elimination Tarrawingee268164North Wangaratta5838
Milawa16202806830338.0764 2nd Elimination King Valley1710112Greta10767
Benalla All Blacks162025271394181.2864 1st Qualifying Moyhu1910124Whorouly13987
Whorouly134120661190173.6154 2nd Qualifying Milawa1615111Benalla All Blacks3422
Tarrawingee125122031310168.1750 1st Semi Tarrawingee198122Whorouly111581
Greta117017601272138.3644 2nd Semi Benalla All Blacks2115141King Valley141195
King Valley117016121307123.3444 1st Preliminary Moyhu131997Benalla All Blacks101070
North Wangaratta81001474174284.6232 2nd Preliminary Tarrawingee131290Milawa92276
Bonnie Doon71101548188981.9528 Grand Final Moyhu167103Tarrawingee1511101


Milawa162024441120218.2164 1st Elimination King Valley14993Greta81361
Whorouly153026351116236.1160 2nd Elimination Tarrawingee111581Benalla All Blacks11571
North Wangaratta153025021075232.7460 1st Qualifying Moyhu121284Milawa12981
Moyhu135020821347154.5752 2nd Qualifying North Wangaratta1610106Whorouly10464
King Valley126020411254162.7648 1st Semi King Valley1610106Milawa8957
Tarrawingee126017401388125.3648 2nd Semi Whorouly141195Tarrawingee101272
Benalla All Blacks117022291295172.1244 1st Preliminary Whorouly141195Moyhu121890
Greta810017461535113.7532 2nd Preliminary North Wangaratta1510100King Valley101070
Bright71101501184181.5328 Grand Final North Wangaratta2010130Whorouly121183
Bonnie Doon61201613170594.6024


Milawa16203148894352.1364 1st Elimination Whorouly121183Bright11773
King Valley15302372927255.8860 2nd Elimination Moyhu12981North Wangaratta71961
Tarrawingee15302157930231.9460 1st Qualifying Milawa7648Glenrowan6440
Glenrowan143118921054179.5158 2nd Qualifying Tarrawingee101676King Valley11672
Bright135018471136162.5952 1st Semi Glenrowan1611107Whorouly9862
Moyhu126022401318169.9548 2nd Semi Moyhu2213145King Valley13886
North Wangaratta116120091138176.5446 1st Preliminary Milawa1418102Moyhu101171
Whorouly108019171132169.3540 2nd Preliminary Glenrowan121183Tarrawingee3725
Bonnie Doon51301384203667.9820 Grand Final Milawa1516106Glenrowan7345
Benalla All Blacks2160855261332.728


Glenrowan17102493743335.53681st EliminationTarrawingee131492Whorouly6743
Milawa16202493774322.09642nd EliminationBright2113139Bonnie Doon15595
Tarrawingee15302134902236.59601st SemiTarrawingee14993Bright61046
Bonnie Doon117016471222134.78442nd SemiGlenrowan1611107Milawa111177
Whorouly117014301331107.4444Grand FinalGlenrowan1613109Milawa10868
King Valley61201399172081.3424
Benalla All Blacks2160899238737.668
North Wangaratta2160709269426.328


Glenrowan17102409649371.19681st EliminationBonnie Doon166102King Valley111480
Milawa162021881039210.59642nd EliminationBright175107Tarrawingee5838
Bonnie Doon144020181202167.89561st SemiBright179111Bonnie Doon111884
Bright13501991810245.80522nd SemiGlenrowan1714116Milawa131088
King Valley108016651474112.9640Grand FinalGlenrowan91367Milawa8654
North Wangaratta3150895246036.3812
Benalla All Blacks0180711270226.310


Bonnie Doon171019511001194.91681st EliminationTarrawingee10262King Valley7951
Glenrowan15302018758266.23602nd EliminationMilawa1510100Goorambat11975
Tarrawingee15301788802222.94601st SemiTarrawingee12981Milawa10666
Goorambat126014221064133.65482nd SemiGlenrowan1710112Bonnie Doon71052
Milawa117018161042174.2844PreliminaryTarrawingee6844Bonnie Doon6541
King Valley117016191313123.3144Grand FinalGlenrowan1611107Tarrawingee6743
Benalla All Blacks51301337137497.3120
North Wangaratta0180453317814.250


Tarrawingee17102474768322.14681st EliminationGlenrowan2310148Moyhu13785
Benalla All Blacks16201888878215.03642nd EliminationGoorambat111278Milawa6844
Glenrowan153021101148183.80601st SemiGlenrowan2418162Goorambat8856
Milawa126017201175146.38482nd SemiBenalla All Blacks1711113Tarrawingee14690
Moyhu108015751557101.1640Grand FinalGlenrowan131290Benalla All Blacks6743
Bonnie Doon61201288172974.4924
King Valley51301282174073.6820
North Wangaratta0180699284024.610


Milawa16202668584456.85641st EliminationBenalla All Blacks141397Bright11672
Tarrawingee16202441732333.47642nd EliminationGlenrowan1512102King Valley9862
Benalla All Blacks14402561726352.75561st SemiBenalla All Blacks13684Glenrowan71052
Glenrowan144019181117171.71562nd SemiTarrawingee121082Milawa10767
King Valley126019681035190.1448PreliminaryMilawa1416100Benalla All Blacks4529
Bright108019081128169.1540Grand FinalTarrawingee9761Milawa5434
North Wangaratta1170463329014.074
Bonnie Doon018036642088.700


Milawa18002756535515.14721st EliminationTarrawingee2012132Whorouly101272
Bright15302035833244.30602nd EliminationKing Valley141195Greta5636
Tarrawingee144015041143131.58561st SemiTarrawingee10969King Valley7951
King Valley126015671122139.66482nd SemiMilawa199123Bright12880
Whorouly108014981233121.4940Grand FinalMilawa1420104Bright6743
Benalla All Blacks81001135131586.3132
Bonnie Doon61201069165664.5524
North Wangaratta0180611216628.210


Benalla All Blacks17102469747330.52681st EliminationBonnie Doon10262Goorambat7951
Bright13501665931178.84522nd EliminationGreta14791Milawa111076
Bonnie Doon135016561053157.26521st SemiBonnie Doon101070Greta3523
Greta116114091132124.47462nd SemiBenalla All Blacks1713115Bright71456
Milawa116113841172118.0946PreliminaryBonnie Doon8856Bright7547
Goorambat106212231065114.8444Grand FinalBenalla All Blacks81260Bonnie Doon5535
North Wangaratta4140981164559.6416
King Valley41401006181555.4316


Bonnie Doon17102300604380.79681st EliminationBright121991Moyhu10464
Greta17102083769270.87682nd EliminationMilawa131593North Wangaratta4226
Bright15301992671296.87601st SemiBright101373Milawa81058
Milawa12601929751256.86482nd SemiBonnie Doon101171Greta10666
North Wangaratta10801172128791.0640PreliminaryBright12779Greta81967
Moyhu89114191310108.3234Grand FinalBonnie Doon8856Bright6238
King Valley61201076148672.4124
Benalla All Blacks1161729203835.776

League Hall Of Fame

This pretigious honour for O&KFNL players & officials was first awarded in 2006.

League Life Members

Charlie H. Butler (Sec)

G. Ray Barker (Pres)

Ron Marks (Tribunal)

John Keogh (Auditor)

Cyril C. Johnson (Tribunal)

Harold H. Wellington (Tribunal)

Bert H.G. Harman (Reporter)

J R Mummery (Delegate)

William Smith (Sponsor etc.)

Clyde Baker (Sec)

Albert (Bert) A. Clarke (Pres)

Jack M. Wood (Tribunal)

D.P. Jones (Auditor)

H. Peter Nolan (Pres)

Ken Stewart (Delegate)

Angry J.A. Ferguson (Auditor)

Fred Jensen (Delegate)

E.J (Ted) Lester (Delegate)

Fred Baker (Sec)

Vin Shelley (Pres)

D.R. (Toby) Schultz (Tribunal)

Les O`Keefe (Tribunal)

Bill Lowen (300 games) Bright

William. O`Brien (300 games) Greta

Rob Forrest (300 games) Beechworth

Rowdy Lappin (300 games) Chiltern

Rex Walter (300 games) North Wangaratta

Ross Nightingale (300 games) Bright

Gary Bussell (300 games) King Valley

Trevor Blair (300 games) Tarrawingee

Mark Allan (300 games) Milawa

Brendan Allan (300 games) Milawa

Lionel Schutt (300 games) Milawa, North Wang, Tarrawingee, Moyhu

Allan Dickson (League President)

Andrew Smith (300 games) Greta, Glenrowan

Mal Dinsdale (400 games) Tarrawingee

Geoff Robinson (400 games) Milawa

Russell Ferguson (400 games) Milawa

Steve Masin (300 games) Whorouly

Peter Hawkins (400 games) Moyhu

Bruce Nightingale (300 games)

Ab (Alan) Gillett (300 games) Bright

John Munari Moyhu

Patrick O'Shea (Bright)

Peter Jones (Bright)

Scott Douglas (Moyhu)

Robert Burrowes (Moyhu, King Valley)

Paul Hogan (Greta)

Senior Football Best and Fairest / Clyde Baker Medal Winners

Senior Leading Goal Kicking Winners


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      <span class="mw-page-title-main">Moyhu, Victoria</span> Town in Victoria, Australia

      Moyhu is a small town in North East Victoria, Australia. It is situated in the fertile King Valley, near the King River, which flows from the Victorian Alps and joins the Ovens River in Wangaratta.

      <span class="mw-page-title-main">Chiltern, Victoria</span> Town in Victoria, Australia

      Chiltern is a town in Victoria, Australia, in the northeast of the state between Wangaratta and Wodonga, in the Shire of Indigo. At the 2021 census, Chiltern had a population of 1,580. It is the birthplace of Prime Minister John McEwen. The town is close to the Chiltern-Mount Pilot National Park. Chiltern was once on the main road between Melbourne and Sydney but is now bypassed by the Hume Freeway running one kilometre to the south.

      <span class="mw-page-title-main">Greta, Victoria</span> Town in Victoria, Australia

      Greta is a district in Victoria, Australia, located east of Benalla, in the Rural City of Wangaratta. At the 2016 census, Greta had a population of 107 and Greta West had a population of 162.

      The Wangaratta Rovers, officially known as the Wangaratta Rovers Football & Netball Club, is an Australian rules football club based in Wangaratta, Victoria and play in the Ovens & Murray Football League. Their nickname is the Hawks. Their home ground is W.J. Findlay Oval in Wangaratta. Their playing guernsey consists of gold and brown stripes on the front and gold on the back.

      Robert W. "Bob" Murray is a former Australian rules footballer in the VFL.

      Ray Card was recruited from the Morwell Football Club, where he won their best and fairest in 1976, before making his debut with Geelong in round eight, 1977.

      <span class="mw-page-title-main">Ovens & Murray Football Netball League</span> Australian rules football and netball competition

      The Ovens and Murray Football Netball League (O&MFNL) is an Australian rules football and netball competition containing ten clubs based in north-eastern Victoria, the southern Riverina region of New South Wales and the Ovens and Murray area. The name comes from the Ovens River, the river in the part of north-eastern Victoria covered by the league, and the Murray River, which separates Victoria and New South Wales.

      <span class="mw-page-title-main">Myrtleford Alpine Saints Football Netball Club</span>

      The Myrtleford Alpine Saints Football Netball Club, is an Australian rules football and netball club based in the town of Myrtleford, in north east Victoria on the Ovens River. The football and netball squads play in the Ovens & Murray Football League (OMFL).

      <span class="mw-page-title-main">King Valley</span>

      The King Valley, or King River Valley is a wine-producing and agricultural region centred on the King River between Wangaratta and the Alpine National Park in the North East Victoria zone of the Australian state of Victoria. There are several small towns within the region including Cheshunt, Whitfield, King Valley, Edi, Claremont, Moyhu, Byrne, Docker and Oxley. King Valley was recorded as an Australian Geographical Indication protected name on 12 October 2007.

      The Wangaratta Magpies Football Club, officially known as the Wangaratta Magpies Football & Netball Club, is an Australian rules football club, which first played in the Ovens and Murray Football League in 1893 and is based in Wangaratta, Victoria at the Wangaratta Showgrounds and play on the Norm Minns Oval.

      Beechworth Football & Netball Club, nicknamed the Bushrangers, is an Australian rules football and netball club based in Beechworth, Victoria. Its teams currently play in the Tallangatta & District Football League.

      Norman 'Norm' Bussell is a former Australian rules footballer who played with Hawthorn in the VFL.

      The Electoral district of Wangaratta was an electoral district of the Victorian Legislative Assembly. It was created in the redistribution of 1904, the Electoral district of Wangaratta and Rutherglen being abolished.

      The Murray to Mountains Rail Trail is a cycling and walking rail trail in northern Victoria, Australia. It extends from Wangaratta to Bright, with a side branch to Beechworth, following the route of the former Bright railway line. This side branch trail is planned to be extended from Beechworth to Yackandandah. AU$12m was budgeted by the Victoria State Government for this extension in May 2017. Unusually for a rail trail, it is sealed for virtually the entire distance of approximately 95 kilometres.

      James Nicholas Slater was an Australian rules footballer who played with Carlton in the Victorian Football League (VFL).

      Tom Bush was an Australian rules footballer who played with Melbourne in the Victorian Football League (VFL). He played five games for Melbourne from 1942 to 1944, and later played for several clubs in regional leagues. He won the best and fairest awards as coach for Peechelba and Moyhu in the late 1940s.

      John McMahon "Mac" Hill was an Australian rules footballer who played with Collingwood in the Victorian Football League (VFL).

      Gerry "Podge" O'Neill was an Australian rules footballer who played with Footscray in the Victorian Football League (VFL).

      John George Flanigan, uses the family name Flanagan was an Australian rules footballer who played with Hawthorn in the Victorian Football League (VFL). Throughout his career as a player, he played 5 games and scored 1 goal in that period of time.

      Francis Charles Hill was an Australian rules footballer who played with South Melbourne in the Victorian Football League (VFL).


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