Telephone numbers in Uruguay

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Uruguay telephone numbers
Country Uruguay
Continent South America
NSN length8
Access codes
Country calling code +598
International call prefix 00

Uruguay's calling code is +598. Since 2010, national long distance calling was eliminated, thus there are no area codes in each city.


Landline telephony

ANTEL (Spanish abbreviation for National Administration of Telecommunications) is Uruguay's state-owned company for telecommunications.

Previously in Uruguay, phone numbers used to have between 4 and 7 digits. To make a local phone call, you only had to dial those digits. To make a call between two cities from different departments, you had to dial zero, plus area code, plus phone number.

As from August 29, 2010, all phone numbers have 8 digits, according to the new National Numbering Plan. Zero prior to area code was eliminated. Therefore, to make a call to any city in the country you have to dial 8 digits. This plan was implemented by URSEC (Spanish abbreviation for Regulator Unit of Services of Communications).

National Numbering Plan

Montevideo and metropolitan area

In the Metropolitan area of Montevideo, all national numbers begin with 2. This 8-digit number consists of the former area code (2), followed by the old 7-digit number.


Area codeFormer numberCurrent number
2204 51992204 5199
2628 83272628 8327
2908 13502908 1350

Outside Montevideo

In the rest of the country, all national numbers begin with 4. This 8-digit number consists of the number 4, followed by the former area code, followed by the old phone number. For example:


Former area codeFormer numberCurrent number
52249994522 4999

There is an exception: in the department of Maldonado, the new 8-digit number consists of the former area code 42, followed by the old phone number, with no additional digit 4 set before:

San Carlos (Maldonado Department)

Former area codeFormer numberCurrent number
426683504266 8350

Calling from other countries

For calls from outside the country to any city in Uruguay, you only have to add the country code (+598) to the 8-digit national number, replacing the "+" with the international calling prefix used in the originating country (011 from North America, 00 from most other countries, the actual "+" sign from some mobile networks, etc.).


Call to Montevideo

Current numberDialed from outside Uruguay
2204 5199+598 2204 5199

Call to Colonia

Current numberDialed from outside Uruguay
4522 4999+598 4522 4999

Former area codes and corresponding new telephone numbers

CityFormer area codeCurrent number
Canelones, Canelones 33433x xxxx
Maldonado, Maldonado 4242xx xxxx
Rocha, Rocha 47447x xxxx
Treinta y Tres, Treinta y Tres 45445x xxxx
Melo, Cerro Largo 64464x xxxx
Rivera, Rivera 62462x xxxx
Artigas, Artigas 77477x xxxx
Salto, Salto 73473x xxxx
Paysandú, Paysandú 72472x xxxx
Fray Bentos, Río Negro 56456x xxxx
Mercedes, Soriano 53453x xxxx
Colonia del Sacramento, Colonia 52452x xxxx
San José de Mayo, San José 34434x xxxx
Trinidad, Flores 3644364 xxxx
Florida, Florida 35435x xxxx
Minas, Lavalleja 44444x xxxx
Durazno, Durazno 36436x xxxx
Tacuarembó, Tacuarembó 63463x xxxx
Montevideo, Montevideo none2xxx xxxx

Mobile telephony

When mobile telephony arrived in Uruguay, the only company set up the country was Movicom BellSouth. Mobile phone numbers would begin with digits 09, followed by a unique number of 6 digits: 09xxxxxx.

In 1994, ANTEL decided to start its own mobile phone service, creating Ancel, which today is unified to Antel, using this brand to both services. This meant a numbering change for mobile telephony. One number was assigned to each company to identify numbers of each one. This digit would go between 09 and the number. Movicom was assigned number 4, and Ancel number 9. Mobile phones until then (which were Movicom) went to 094xxxxxx, and new Ancel numbers began to be 099xxxxxx.

In 2003, Claro came to Uruguay (formerly as CTI Móvil). Numbers of this company were preceded by 096, like this: 096xxxxxx.

In 2004, Telefónica bought Movicom Bellsouth and changed its name to Movistar.

Since nowadays the numbers of units sold has grown so much, when the companies reached one million users, they had to be assigned with other digits.

URSEC has reserved 084, 089 and 086 for a possible future use.

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ANTEL is Uruguay's government-owned telecommunications company, founded in 1974 as a separate legal entity after spinning off the telecommunications division of UTE, which had the monopoly of landline telephony since 1931. The company has a monopoly of landline telephony and data services in the country. They also provide mobile phone services and Internet-related services, being the only provider of ADSL and land-line data services because of the monopoly situation.

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