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Thyrsost siamen 160503-0056 ipb.JPG
Thyrsostachys siamensis
Scientific classification OOjs UI icon edit-ltr.svg
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Clade: Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Subfamily: Bambusoideae
Tribe: Bambuseae
Subtribe: Bambusinae
Genus: Thyrsostachys

Thyrsostachys is a genus of Chinese and Indochinese bamboo in the grass family. [1] [2] [3]

Species [2] [4]
  1. Thyrsostachys oliveri Gamble - edible-seeded bamboo - Yunnan, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand; naturalised in Assam + Bangladesh
  2. Thyrsostachys siamensis Gamble - monastery bamboo, Thai bamboo, umbrella bamboo, Thai umbrella bamboo, umbrella-handle bamboo - Yunnan, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam; naturalised in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Peninsular Malaysia

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<i>Bambusa</i> Genus of grasses

Bambusa is a large genus of clumping bamboos. Most species of Bambusa are rather large, with numerous branches emerging from the nodes, and one or two much larger than the rest. The branches can be as long as 11 m (35 ft).

<i>Cymbopogon</i> Genus of grasses

Cymbopogon, also known as lemongrass, barbed wire grass, silky heads, oily heads, Cochin grass, Malabar grass, citronella grass or fever grass, is a genus of Asian, African, Australian, and tropical island plants in the grass family. Some species are commonly cultivated as culinary and medicinal herbs because of their scent, resembling that of lemons . The name cymbopogon derives from the Greek words kymbe and pogon "which mean [that] in most species, the hairy spikelets project from boat-shaped spathes." Lemongrass and its oil are believed to possess therapeutic properties.

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<i>Typhonium</i> Genus of flowering plants

Typhonium is a genus in the family Araceae native to eastern and southern Asia, New Guinea, and Australia. It is most often found growing in wooded areas.

  1. Typhonium acetosellaGagnep. - Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
  2. Typhonium adnatumHett. & Sookch. - Thailand
  3. Typhonium albidinerviumC.Z.Tang & H.Li - Guangdong, Hainan, Laos, Thailand
  4. Typhonium albispathumBogner - Thailand
  5. Typhonium alismifoliumF.Muell. - Queensland, Northern Territory
  6. Typhonium angustilobumF.Muell. - Queensland, New Guinea
  7. Typhonium bachmaenseV.D.Nguyen & Hett. - Vietnam
  8. Typhonium baoshanenseZ.L.Dao & H.Li - Yunnan
  9. Typhonium blumeiNicolson & Sivad. - Japan, Taiwan, Ryukyu Islands, much of China, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam; naturalized in Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros, Borneo, Philippines, West Indies
  10. Typhonium bognerianumJ.Murata & Sookch. - Thailand
  11. Typhonium browniiSchott - Queensland, New South Wales
  12. Typhonium bulbiferumDalzell - southern India
  13. Typhonium circinnatumHett. & J.Mood - Vietnam
  14. Typhonium cochleareA.Hay - Northern Territory of Australia
  15. Typhonium cordifoliumS.Y.Hu - Thailand
  16. Typhonium digitatumHett. & Sookch. - Thailand
  17. Typhonium echinulatumHett. & Sookch. - Thailand
  18. Typhonium eliosurum(F.Muell. ex Benth.) O.D.Evans - New South Wales
  19. Typhonium filiformeRidl. - Thailand, Malaysia
  20. Typhonium flagelliforme(G.Lodd.) Blume - Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, New Guinea, Queensland, Northern Territory
  21. Typhonium fultumRidl. - Thailand, Malaysia
  22. Typhonium gagnepainiiJ.Murata & Sookch. - Thailand, Cambodia
  23. Typhonium gallowayiHett. & Sookch. - Thailand
  24. Typhonium glaucumHett. & Sookch. - Thailand
  25. Typhonium griseumHett. & Sookch. - Thailand
  26. Typhonium hayataeSriboonma & J.Murata - Vietnam
  27. Typhonium huenseNguyen & Croat - Vietnam
  28. Typhonium hunanenseH.Li & Z.Q.Liu - Hunan
  29. Typhonium inopinatumPrain - India, Myanmar, Thailand
  30. Typhonium jinpingenseZ.L.Wang, H.Li & F.H.Bian - Yunnan
  31. Typhonium johnsonianumA.Hay & S.M.Taylor - Northern Territory of Australia
  32. Typhonium jonesiiA.Hay - Northern Territory of Australia
  33. Typhonium laoticumGagnep. - Thailand, Laos
  34. Typhonium liliifoliumF.Muell. ex Schott - Northern Territory, Western Australia
  35. Typhonium lineareHett. & V.D.Nguyen - Vietnam
  36. Typhonium listeriPrain - Assam, Bangladesh, Myanmar
  37. Typhonium medusaeHett. & Sookch. - Thailand
  38. Typhonium mirabile(A.Hay) A.Hay - Melville Island of Australia
  39. Typhonium neogracileJ.Murata - Assam, Bangladesh, Myanmar
  40. Typhonium nudibaccatumA.Hay - Western Australia
  41. Typhonium orbifoliumHett. & Sookch. - Thailand
  42. Typhonium pedatisectumGage - Myanmar
  43. Typhonium pedunculatumHett. & Sookch. - Thailand
  44. Typhonium peltandroidesA.Hay, M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett - Western Australia
  45. Typhonium penicillatumV.D.Nguyen & Hett. - Vietnam
  46. Typhonium pottingeriPrain - Myanmar
  47. Typhonium praecoxJ.Murata - Myanmar
  48. Typhonium praetermissumA.Hay - Northern Territory of Australia
  49. Typhonium pusillumSookch., V.D.Nguyen & Hett. - Thailand
  50. Typhonium reflexumHett. & Sookch. - Thailand
  51. Typhonium roxburghiiSchott - Taiwan, Yunnan, Bonin Islands, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Andaman Islands, Thailand, Malaysia, western Indonesia, Philippines, New Guinea; naturalized in Western Australia, eastern Brazil, Tanzania
  52. Typhonium russell-smithiiA.Hay - Northern Territory of Australia
  53. Typhonium sagittariifoliumGagnep. - Thailand
  54. Typhonium saraburiensisSookch., Hett. & J.Murata - Thailand
  55. Typhonium sinhabaedyaeHett. & A.Galloway - Thailand
  56. Typhonium smitinandiiSookch. & J.Murata - Thailand
  57. Typhonium stigmatilobatumV.D.Nguyen - Vietnam
  58. Typhonium subglobosumHett. & Sookch. - Thailand
  59. Typhonium tayloriiA.Hay - Northern Territory of Australia
  60. Typhonium trifoliatumF.T.Wang & H.S.Lo ex H.Li, Y.Shiao & S.L.Tseng - Mongolia, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi
  61. Typhonium trilobatum(L.) Schott - southern China, Indian Subcontinent, Indochina; naturalized in Windward Islands, Ivory Coast, Borneo, Philippines
  62. Typhonium tubispathumHett. & A.Galloway - Thailand
  63. Typhonium variansHett. & Sookch. - Thailand
  64. Typhonium vermiformeV.D.Nguyen & Croat - Vietnam
  65. Typhonium violifoliumGagnep. - Myanmar, Thailand
  66. Typhonium watanabeiJ.Murata, Sookch. & Hett. - Thailand
  67. Typhonium weipanumA.Hay - Queensland
  68. Typhonium wilbertiiA.Hay - Queensland

Melocalamus is a genus of Asian bamboos in the grass family. It is found in lowland areas of Southern China, Indochina, and the eastern part of the Indian Subcontinent.

<i>Phoebe</i> (plant) Genus of flowering plants

Phoebe is a genus of evergreen trees and shrubs belonging to the Laurel family, Lauraceae. There are 75 accepted species in the genus, distributed in tropical and subtropical Asia and New Guinea. 35 species occur in China, of which 27 are endemic. The first description of the genus was of the type species P. lanceolata made in 1836 by Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees von Esenbeck in Systema Laurinarum, p. 98.

<i>Rohdea</i> Genus of flowering plants

Rohdea is a genus of plants native to eastern Asia. It was long thought to contain only a single species, R. japonica, but recent studies have resulted in several other taxa being transferred into the genus.

<i>Congea</i> Genus of flowering plants

Congea is a small genus of flowering plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae, first described by William Roxburgh in 1820.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Rufous-throated partridge</span> Species of bird

The rufous-throated partridge is a species of bird in the family Phasianidae. It is found in montane forests in India and Southeast Asia. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has assessed it as a least-concern species.

<i>Alseodaphne</i> Genus of flowering plants

Alseodaphne is a genus of plants in the family Lauraceae, endemic to China and Southeast Asia. The genus has 96 species of evergreen trees to shrubs. They have bisexual flowers, a fruit stalk that is red, green, or yellow, and black fruit.

<i>Premna</i> Genus of flowering plants

Premna is a genus of flowering plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae, first described for modern science in 1771. It is widespread through tropical and subtropical regions in Africa, southern Asia, northern Australia, and various islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

  1. Premna acuminataR.Br. - Australia, New Guinea
  2. Premna acutataW.W.Sm. - southwestern China
  3. Premna albaH.J.Lam - Palau
  4. Premna ambongensisMoldenke - Madagascar
  5. Premna amplectensWall. ex Schauer - Thailand, Myanmar
  6. Premna angolensisGürke - tropical Africa
  7. Premna angustifloraH.J.Lam - Palau
  8. Premna annulataH.R.Fletcher - Thailand, Laos, Vietnam
  9. Premna aureolepidotaMoldenke - Madagascar
  10. Premna balakrishnaniiA.Rajendran & P.Daniel - Tamil Nadu
  11. Premna balansaeDop - Vietnam
  12. Premna barbataWall. ex Schauer - Indian Subcontinent, Myanmar
  13. Premna bengalensisC.B.Clarke - Indian Subcontinent, Myanmar, Vietnam
  14. Premna bequaertiiMoldenke - Uganda, Rwanda, Zaïre
  15. Premna bracteataWall. ex C.B.Clarke - Himalayas, Tibet, Yunnan, Nepal, Assam, Bhutan, Myanmar
  16. Premna cambodianaDop - Cambodia, Vietnam
  17. Premna cavalerieiH.Lév - China
  18. Premna chevalieriDop - Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China
  19. Premna chrysoclada(Bojer) Gürke - Kenya, Tanzania, Guinea-Bissau
  20. Premna collinsaeCraib - Thailand
  21. Premna confinisC.Pei & S.L.Chen ex C.Y.Wu - China
  22. Premna congolensisMoldenke - Zaïre, Angola, Cabinda
  23. Premna cordifoliaRoxb. - Thailand, Vietnam, Malaya
  24. Premna coriaceaC.B.Clarke - Indian Subcontinent, Thailand, Andaman Islands
  25. Premna corymbosaRottler - India, Sri Lanka, Andaman & Nicobar Islands
  26. Premna crassaHand.-Mazz. - Vietnam, China
  27. Premna debianaA.Rajendran & P.Daniel - Arunachal Pradesh
  28. Premna decaryiMoldenke - Madagascar
  29. Premna decurrensH.J.Lam - Indonesia
  30. Premna discolorVerdc. - Kenya
  31. Premna dubiaCraib - Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
  32. Premna esculentaRoxb. - Assam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand
  33. Premna fohaiensisC.Pei & S.L.Chen ex C.Y.Wu - China (Yunnan)
  34. Premna fordiiDunn - China
  35. Premna fulvaCraib - Indochina, Indonesia, China
  36. Premna garrettiiH.R.Fletcher - Thailand
  37. Premna glaberrimaWight - southern India
  38. Premna glandulosaHand.-Mazz. - China (Yunnan)
  39. Premna gracillimaVerdc. - Kenya, Tanzania
  40. Premna grandifoliaA.D.J. Meeuse, illegitimate name, = Premna hutchinsonii
  41. Premna grossaWall. ex Schauer - Myanmar
  42. Premna guillauminiiMoldenke - New Caledonia
  43. Premna hainanensisChun & F.C.How - China (Hainan)
  44. Premna hans-joachimiiVerdc. - Tanzania
  45. Premna henryana(Hand.-Mazz.) C.Y.Wu - China
  46. Premna herbaceaRoxb. - Himalayas, Yunnan, Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, New Guinea, northern Australia
  47. Premna hildebrandtiiGürke - Zaire, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe
  48. Premna hispidaBenth. - West Africa
  49. Premna humbertiiMoldenke - Madagascar
  50. Premna hutchinsoniiMoldenke - Ivory Coast
  51. Premna interruptaWall. ex Schauer - southern China, Himalayas, Indochina
  52. Premna jalpaigurianaT.K.Paul - West Bengal
  53. Premna khasianaC.B.Clarke - Assam, Thailand
  54. Premna lepidellaMoldenke - Madagascar
  55. Premna ligustroidesHemsl - China
  56. Premna longiacuminataMoldenke - Madagascar
  57. Premna longifoliaRoxb. - Himalayas
  58. Premna longipetiolataMoldenke - Madagascar
  59. Premna lucensA.Chev. - West Africa
  60. Premna macrophyllaWall. ex Schauer - Assam, Indochina
  61. Premna madagascariensisMoldenke - Madagascar
  62. Premna mariannarumSchauer - Mariana Islands
  63. Premna matadiensisMoldenke - Zaïre, Angola
  64. Premna maximaT.C.E. Fr. - Kenya
  65. Premna mekongensisW.W.Sm. - China (Yunnan)
  66. Premna micranthaSchauer - India, Assam, Bangladesh
  67. Premna microphyllaTurcz. - Japan, Ryukyu Islands, China
  68. Premna millefloraC.B.Clarke - Assam
  69. Premna milneiBaker - Nigeria, Bioko
  70. Premna minorDomin - Queensland
  71. Premna mollissimaRoth - Indian Subcontinent, Yunnan, Indochina, Philippines
  72. Premna mooiensis(H.Pearson) W.Piep - Mozambique, Eswatini, South Africa
  73. Premna mortehaniiDe Wild - Zaïre
  74. Premna mundanthuraiensisA.Rajendran & P.Daniel - Tamil Nadu
  75. Premna neurophyllaChiov. - Ethiopia
  76. Premna oblongataMiq. - Indonesia, Philippines
  77. Premna odorataBlanco - - Indian Subcontinent, Yunnan, Southeast Asia, New Guinea, northern Australia; naturalized in Miami-Dade County in Florida
  78. Premna oliganthaC.Y.Wu - China
  79. Premna oligotrichaBaker - Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania
  80. Premna orangeanaCapuron - Madagascar
  81. Premna paisehensisC.Pei & S.L.Chen - China (Guangxi)
  82. Premna pallescensRidl.- Borneo, Indonesia
  83. Premna parasiticaBlume - Indonesia
  84. Premna parvilimbaC.Pei - China (Yunnan)
  85. Premna paucinervis(C.B.Clarke) Gamble - Kerala, Tamil Nadu
  86. Premna paulobarbataH.J.Lam - Mariana Islands
  87. Premna perplexansMoldenke - Madagascar
  88. Premna perrieriMoldenke - Madagascar
  89. Premna pinguisC.B.Clarke - Assam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Java
  90. Premna politaHiern - Angola
  91. Premna procumbensMoon - India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
  92. Premna protrusaA.C.Sm. & S.Darwin - Fiji
  93. Premna puberulaPamp. - China
  94. Premna pubescensBlume - Indonesia, Philippines, Christmas Island
  95. Premna puerensisY.Y.Qian - China (Yunnan)
  96. Premna punduanaWall. ex Schauer - Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bangladesh
  97. Premna puniceaC.Y.Wu - China (Yunnan)
  98. Premna purpurascensThwaites - Sri Lanka
  99. Premna quadrifoliaSchumach. & Thonn. - West Africa
  100. Premna rabakensisMoldenke - Cambodia
  101. Premna regularisH.J.Lam - Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea
  102. Premna repensH.R.Fletcher - Thailand
  103. Premna resinosa(Hochst.) Schauer - East Africa, Arabian Peninsula, India
  104. Premna richardsiaeMoldenke - Tanzania
  105. Premna rubroglandulosaC.Y.Wu - China (Yunnan)
  106. Premna scandensRoxb. - China (Yunnan), Himalayas, Andaman Island, Indochina
  107. Premna schimperiEngl - East Africa
  108. Premna schliebeniiWerderm. - Tanzania, Mozambique
  109. Premna scoriarumW.W.Sm. - Tibet, Yunnan, Myanmar
  110. Premna senensisKlotzsch - eastern + central Africa
  111. Premna serrataH.R.Fletcher - Thailand
  112. Premna serratifoliaL. - widespread in East Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, northern Australia, islands of Pacific + Indian Oceans
  113. Premna siamensisH.R.Fletcher - Thailand
  114. Premna stenobotrysMerr. - Vietnam
  115. Premna steppicolaHand.-Mazz. - China
  116. Premna sterculiifoliaKing & Gamble - Malaya but extinct
  117. Premna straminicaulisC.Y.Wu - China (Yunnan)
  118. Premna subcapitataRehder - China
  119. Premna sulphurea(Baker) Gürke - Angola
  120. Premna sunyiensisC.Pei - China (Guangdong)
  121. Premna szemaoensisPei - China (Yunnan)
  122. Premna tahitensisJ.Schauer - many islands of the Pacific
  123. Premna tanganyikensisMoldenke - Tanzania, Mozambique
  124. Premna tapintzeanaDop - China (Yunnan)
  125. Premna teniiC.Pei - China (Yunnan)
  126. Premna thoreliiDop - Laos
  127. Premna thwaitesiiC.B.Clarke - Sri Lanka
  128. Premna tomentosaWilld. - Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Queensland, Solomon Islands
  129. Premna trichostomaMiq. - Southeast Asia, Indonesia, New Guinea
  130. Premna urticifoliaRehder - China (Yunnan)
  131. Premna velutinaGürke - Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique
  132. Premna venulosaMoldenke - Madagascar
  133. Premna wightianaSchauer - India, Sri Lanka
  134. Premna wuiBoufford & B.M.Barthol. - China (Yunnan)
  135. Premna yunnanensisW.W.Sm - China

Millettia leucantha or sathon is a species of plant in the legume family, Fabaceae. It is a perennial flowering tree native to Indo-China – Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam – as well as Bangladesh and southern Yunnan province in China.

<i>Kaempferia</i> Genus of flowering plants

Kaempferia is a genus of plants in the ginger family. It is native to China, India, and Southeast Asia.

Brachytome is a genus of 8 species of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. It was described by Joseph Dalton Hooker in 1871. It occurs in mainland Southeast Asia from Bangladesh, east to south central China and south to Peninsular Malaysia.

<i>Globba</i> Genus of flowering plants

Globba is a genus of plants in the ginger family. It contains about 100 species, native to China, the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, New Guinea, the Bismarck Archipelago and Queensland.

<i>Anisochilus</i> Genus of flowering plants

Anisochilus is a genus in the family Lamiaceae, commonly called as Kapuri first described in 1830. It is native to China, the Indian Subcontinent, and Indochina. Has healing properties that deal with treatment for ailments known as gastric ulcer and helps with dermis issues. Anisochilus also has active properties such as camphor, leutiolin, and apigenin. A new hygrine-like compound has been found within the DNA of this plant.

<i>Xantolis</i> Genus of flowering plants

Xantolis is a genus of trees and shrubs in the family Sapotaceae described as a genus in 1838.

<i>Thyrsostachys siamensis</i> Bamboo species

Thyrsostachys siamensis is one of two bamboo species belonging to the genus Thyrsostachys. It grows up to 7 to 13m tall. It is native to Yunnan, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and naturalised in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia. The plant is also known as long-sheath bamboo, monastery bamboo, Thai bamboo, Thai umbrella bamboo, umbrella bamboo, and umbrella-handle bamboo.