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Tsuen Wan Town Hall
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General information
TypeTown hall
Location Tsuen Wan, New Territories
Opened7 February 1980;41 years ago (1980-02-07)
Owner Government of Hong Kong
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Tsuen Wan Town Hall
Traditional Chinese 荃灣大會堂
Simplified Chinese 荃湾大会堂

Tsuen Wan Town Hall is a town hall in Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong. Originally it was intended to be located near Tsuen Wan station of the MTR, but it was re-located near the former Tsuen Wan Ferry Pier and Tsuen Wan Magistracy, between Tai Ho Road and Yuen Tun Circuit in late 1970s. The town hall was completed in 1980.



The complex was built as part of the Tsuen Wan New Town project. It was officially opened by Princess Alexandra on 7 February 1980. Day-to-day operations were originally the responsibility of the Urban Services Department. [1]


Its facilitates include: auditorium, cultural activities hall, exhibition gallery, conference room and lecture room.

The auditorium is the core of the town hall. With excellent acoustics design, it is often chosen by Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra for practising. [2]


The government is considering consolidating several low-rise government buildings in Tsuen Wan, including the Tsuen Wan Town Hall, into a single high-rise. Local musicians have decried this news, as they consider the venue to be Hong Kong's best music hall from an acoustics standpoint, and do not want to see it demolished. [2]

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