Weston, Winnipeg

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Coordinates: 49°54′58″N97°11′24″W / 49.91611°N 97.19000°W / 49.91611; -97.19000 Coordinates: 49°54′58″N97°11′24″W / 49.91611°N 97.19000°W / 49.91611; -97.19000
  Neighbourhood1.4 km2 (0.5 sq mi)
5,306.79 km2 (2,048.96 sq mi)
233 m (764 ft)
 (2016) [1]
  Density4,500/km2 (12,000/sq mi)

Weston is a neighbourhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada located south of the Canadian Pacific Railway Weston Yards, west of McPhillips Street, north of Notre Dame Avenue, and east of Keewatin Street. It is a working class residential and industrial district with some retail establishments along Logan Avenue and on Keewatin Street

Historically the neighbourhood was nicknamed "CPR Town" due to the large number of railway workers who resided there. As the number of jobs at the Weston Shops declined, correspondingly, so did the neighbourhood. About 80% of the housing stock was constructed before 1960.


The 2016 Census reported that there were 6,235 people living in the neighbourhood. Weston is 1.4 km2, therefore the population density is 4,500 people per km2. The median household income in Weston is $31,766, much lower than the city median at $49,790.

The racial make up of the neighbourhood in 2006 was:


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