1921 Western Australian state election

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Western Australian state election, 1921

  1917 12 March 1921 1924  

All 50 seats in the Western Australian Legislative Assembly
 First partySecond partyThird party
Leader Philip Collier Tom Harrison James Mitchell
Party Labor Country Nationalist
Leader since16 April 191730 July 191917 May 1919
Leader's seat Boulder Avon Northam
Last election15 seats12 seats16 seats
Seats won17 seats16 seats10 seats
Seat changeIncrease2Increase4Decrease6

Premier before election

James Mitchell

Elected Premier

James Mitchell

Elections were held in the state of Western Australia on 12 March 1921 to elect all 50 members to the Legislative Assembly. The incumbent government, led by Premier James Mitchell of the Nationalist Party and supported by the Country Party and National Labor Party, won a second term in government against the Labor Party opposition, led by Opposition Leader Philip Collier.


At this election Edith Cowan became the first woman elected to any Australian parliament.


Western Australian state election, 12 March 1921 [1]
Legislative Assembly
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Enrolled voters146,948 [1]
Votes cast98,958 Turnout 67.34%+5.19%
Informal votes1,620Informal1.64%–0.05%
Summary of votes by party
PartyPrimary votes%SwingSeatsChange
  Labor 35,82936.81%+11.99%17+ 2
  Nationalist 26,99527.73%+6.68%10+ 2
  Country 17,31117.78%–1.28%16+ 4
  National Labor 9,80910.08%–6.77%4– 2
  Independent 7,3947.60%+1.86%3+ 2
Total97,338  50 
1 164,688 electors were enrolled to vote at the election, but 6 of the 50 seats were uncontested, with 17,740 electors enrolled in those seats. Of these, 3 were held by Labor, 2 by the Country Party and 1 was held by the National Labor Party.

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