List of Western Australian state by-elections

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The list of Western Australia state by-elections includes every by-election held in the Australian state of Western Australia. By-elections occur whenever there is a vacancy in the Legislative Assembly (or, historically, the Legislative Council), although an imminent state election may allow the vacancy to remain until the dissolution of parliament.


Section 67 of the Electoral Act 1907 requires the Speaker to issue a writ for a by-election to fill the vacancy. This can either take place after a resolution of the House if Parliament is in session, or simply upon the cause being established by the Speaker acting alone if the Parliament is in adjournment for more than 7 days. [1]


A by-election occurs whenever there is a vacancy in the Legislative Assembly. Vacancies can occur for the following reasons, according to Section 38 of the Constitution Acts Amendment Act 1899. [2]

The member:

Additional reasons not within Section 38 include:

Ministerial by-elections

Until a constitutional amendment in 1947, [5] it was necessary for members who were appointed as a Minister to resign their seat and contest their seat at a ministerial by-election. This was because the Ministers became members of the Executive Council, which reported to the Governor of Western Australia and was therefore deemed an "office of profit" under the Crown. Most ministerial by-elections were a formality with the Minister being re-elected unopposed, but on two occasions, in 1901 and 1917, Ministers were defeated at the by-elections, in the former case directly causing the fall of the Morgans Ministry.

List of Legislative Assembly by-elections



40th Darling Range 23 June 2018 Barry Urban   Independent Alyssa Hayden   Liberal 8 May 2018ResignationNo
40th Cottesloe 17 March 2018 Colin Barnett   Liberal David Honey   Liberal 5 February 2018ResignationYes
39th Vasse 18 October 2014 Troy Buswell   Liberal Libby Mettam   Liberal 3 September 2014ResignationYes
38th Armadale 2 October 2010 Alannah MacTiernan   Labor Tony Buti   Labor 19 July 2010Resignation (Contesting HoR)Yes


38th Willagee 28 November 2009 Alan Carpenter   Labor Peter Tinley   Labor 2 October 2009ResignationYes
38th Fremantle 16 May 2009 Jim McGinty   Labor Adele Carles   Greens 3 April 2009ResignationNo
37th Murdoch 23 February 2008 Trevor Sprigg   Liberal Christian Porter   Liberal 17 January 2008DeathYes
37th Peel 3 February 2007 Norm Marlborough   Labor Paul Papalia   Labor 10 November 2006ResignationYes
37th Victoria Park 11 March 2006Dr Geoff Gallop   Labor Ben Wyatt   Labor 16 January 2006ResignationYes
36th Merredin 24 November 2001 Hendy Cowan   National Brendon Grylls   National 17 October 2001Resignation
(contesting Senate)
36th Nedlands 9 June 2001 Richard Court   Liberal Sue Walker   Liberal 23 February 2001ResignationYes


34th Kalgoorlie 16 March 1996 Ian Taylor   Labor Megan Anwyl   Labor 4 February 1996Resignation
(contesting HoR)
34th Helena 10 September 1994 Gordon Hill   Labor Rhonda Parker   Liberal 4 August 1994ResignationNo
34th Glendalough 19 March 1994Dr Carmen Lawrence   Labor Michelle Roberts   Labor 14 February 1994Resignation
(contesting HoR)
33rd Ashburton 4 April 1992 Pam Buchanan   Independent Fred Riebeling   Labor 3 March 1992Resignation
(ill health)
Yes [1]
33rd Floreat 20 July 1991 Andrew Mensaros   Liberal Liz Constable   Independent May 1991Resignation
(ill health)
33rd Geraldton 13 April 1991 Jeff Carr   Labor Bob Bloffwitch   Liberal 28 February 1991ResignationNo
33rd Cottesloe 11 August 1990 Bill Hassell   Liberal Colin Barnett   Liberal 28 June 1990ResignationYes
33rd Maylands 26 May 1990 Peter Dowding   Labor Judy Edwards   Labor 26 April 1990ResignationYes
33rd Fremantle 26 May 1990 David Parker   Labor Jim McGinty   Labor 26 April 1990ResignationYes
1 The Independent member for Ashburton, Pam Buchanan, was elected at the 1989 state election as a member of the Labor Party, but resigned on 1 February 1991 to sit as an Independent. As such, the 1992 by-election is noted as a retain for Labor.


32nd Dale 7 May 1988 Cyril Rushton   Liberal Fred Tubby   Liberal 25 February 1988ResignationYes
32nd Ascot 19 March 1988 Mal Bryce   Labor Eric Ripper   Labor 17 February 1988ResignationYes
32nd Balga 19 March 1988 Brian Burke  Labor Ted Cunningham  Labor17 February 1988ResignationYes
32nd Darling Range 24 October 1987 George Spriggs   Liberal Bob Greig   Liberal 3 September 1987ResignationYes
32nd Gascoyne 24 October 1987 Ian Laurance  Liberal Dudley Maslen  Liberal3 September 1987ResignationYes
32nd Morley-Swan 9 May 1987 Arthur Tonkin   Labor Frank Donovan   Labor 18 March 1987ResignationYes
32nd Narrogin 9 May 1987 Cambell Nalder   National Bob Wiese   National 14 March 1987DeathYes
32nd Perth 9 May 1987 Terry Burke   Labor Dr Ian Alexander   Labor 18 March 1987ResignationYes
32nd Cockburn 7 June 1986 Clive Hughes  Labor Norm Marlborough  Labor4 April 1986DeathYes
32nd Victoria Park 7 June 1986 Ron Davies  LaborDr Geoff Gallop  Labor16 April 1986Resignation (appointed
as Agent-General)
31st Cockburn 17 November 1984 Don Taylor  Labor Clive Hughes  Labor31 August 1984ResignationYes
31st Mount Lawley 17 November 1984 Ray O'Connor   Liberal George Cash   Liberal 17 August 1984ResignationYes
31st Mundaring 8 October 1983 Gavan Troy   Labor Gavan Troy   Labor 2 September 1983Voided by Court
of Disputed Returns
30th Nedlands 13 March 1982Sir Charles Court   Liberal Richard Court   Liberal 31 January 1982ResignationYes
30th Swan 13 March 1982 Jack Skidmore   Labor Gordon Hill   Labor 31 January 1982ResignationYes
30th Kalgoorlie 20 June 1981 Ted Evans  Labor Ian Taylor  Labor30 April 1981DeathYes


29th Kimberley 17 December 1977 Alan Ridge   Liberal Alan Ridge   Liberal 7 November 1977Voided by Court
of Disputed Returns
28th Greenough 1 November 1975Sir David Brand   Liberal Reg Tubby   Liberal 21 August 1975ResignationYes
27th Balcatta 28 July 1973 Herb Graham   Labor Brian Burke   Labor 30 May 1973Resignation (appointed
to Licensing Court)
27th Bunbury 7 April 1973 Maurice Williams   Liberal John Sibson   Liberal 28 February 1973ResignationYes
27th Blackwood 16 December 1972 David Reid   Country Sandy Lewis   Liberal 26 October 1972Resignation
(contesting HoR)
27th Ascot 13 November 1971 Merv Toms   Labor Mal Bryce   Labor 8 October 1971DeathYes
26th Albany 6 June 1970 Jack Hall  Labor Wyndham Cook  Labor14 April 1970ResignationYes


25th Mount Marshall 2 September 1967 George Cornell   Country Ray McPharlin   Country 6 July 1967DeathYes
25th Roe 2 September 1967 Tom Hart  Country Bill Young  Country30 June 1967ResignationYes
25th Dale 8 May 1965 Gerald Wild   Liberal Cyril Rushton   Liberal 16 March 1965Resignation (appointed
as Agent-General)
24th Bunbury 1 September 1962 George Roberts  Liberal Maurice Williams  Liberal22 July 1962DeathYes
24th Darling Range 21 July 1962 Ken Dunn  Liberal Ken Dunn  Liberal22 June 1962Voided by Court
of Disputed Returns
24th Murray 23 June 1962Sir Ross McLarty  Liberal Ewart Runciman  Liberal7 May 1962ResignationYes
23rd Victoria Park 26 August 1961 Hugh Andrew   Labor Ron Davies   Labor 1 July 1961DeathYes
23rd South Fremantle 12 March 1960 Dick Lawrence  Labor Henry Curran  Labor25 January 1960DeathYes


22nd Moore 20 September 1958 John Ackland   Country Edgar Lewis   Country 29 July 1958DeathYes
22ndPilbara24 April 1958† Aloysius Rodoreda   Labor Arthur Bickerton   Labor 11 March 1958DeathYes
22nd Warren 25 January 1958 Ernest Hoar  Labor Joseph Rowberry  Labor17 December 1957Resignation (appointed
as Agent-General)
21st Bunbury 29 October 1955 Frank Guthrie  Labor George Roberts  Liberal21 September 1955DeathNo
21st Kimberley 16 May 1953 Aubrey Coverley  Labor John Rhatigan  Labor19 March 1953DeathYes
20th Murchison 8 November 1952 William Marshall  Labor Everard O'Brien  Labor19 August 1952DeathYes
20th Leederville 9 February 1952 Alexander Panton  Labor Ted Johnson  Labor25 December 1951DeathYes
20th Gascoyne 13 October 1951 Frank Wise  Labor Noel Butcher  Ind. Lib.9 July 1951Resignation (appointed
as NT Administrator)
20thBoulder14 September 1951† Charlie Oliver  Labor Arthur Moir  Labor16 August 1951DeathYes
20th South Fremantle 14 July 1951 Tom Fox  Labor Dick Lawrence  Labor20 April 1951DeathYes
20th Maylands 17 February 1951 Harry Shearn  Independent Edward Oldfield   Liberal 25 January 1951DeathNo

† Won by acclamation; this date is the date of the return of the writ.


19th Hannans 26 February 1949 David Leahy   Labor Harry McCulloch   Labor 19 December 1948DeathYes
19th Boulder 4 December 1948Hon Philip Collier  Labor Charlie Oliver  Labor18 October 1948DeathYes
19th Guildford-Midland 13 March 1948 William Johnson  Labor John Brady  Labor26 January 1948DeathYes
19th Sussex 7 June 1947 William Willmott   Liberal Stewart Bovell   Liberal 2 May 1947DeathYes
19th Pilbara 2 August 1947 Bill Hegney   Labor Bill Hegney   Labor 20 June 1947Voided by
18th Greenough 27 October 1945 John Newton   Labor David Brand   Liberal 27 September 1945 [2] Death
(WWII combat)
18th Victoria Park 10 February 1945 Howard Raphael   Labor William Read  Independent9 December 1944DeathNo
18th Avon 1 July 1944 William Telfer   Labor William Telfer   Labor 24 May 1944Voided by Court
of Disputed Returns
18th Swan 29 April 1944 Richard Sampson   Country Ray Owen  Ind. Country16 February 1944DeathNo
17th East Perth 14 August 1943 Thomas Hughes  Independent Herb Graham   Labor 15 July 1943Resignation
(contesting HoR)
17th York 21 November 1942 Charles Latham   Country Charles Perkins   Country 7 October 1942Resignation
(appointed to Senate)
17th Yilgarn-Coolgardie 9 August 1941 George Lambert   Labor Lionel Kelly  Ind. Country30 June 1941DeathNo
2 At the 1943 election, the Labor candidate for Greenough, John Newton, a farmer from Mingenew who had enlisted in the RAAF as a Flight Lieutenant in 1941 and left for the United Kingdom in 1942, unexpectedly defeated the sitting Country member, William Patrick. On 14 January 1944, he was reported missing after a raid on Germany. On 31 July 1945, a panel of members was appointed to enquire whether a vacancy existed, and on 27 September 1945, the seat was declared vacant. At the resulting by-election on 27 October 1945, Liberal candidate David Brand was successful, becoming the first person to win an Australian election under the new Liberal banner.


17th Irwin-Moore 9 September 1939 Claude Barker  Independent Horace Berry  Independent2 August 1939ResignationYes
17th Forrest 20 May 1939 May Holman   Labor Edward Holman   Labor 20 March 1939Death (car accident)Yes
16th Hannans 5 May 1938 Selby Munsie   Labor David Leahy   Labor 12 March 1938DeathYes
16th Sussex 12 February 1938 Edmund Brockman   Nationalist William Willmott   Nationalist 4 January 1938DeathYes
16th East Perth 9 May 1936 Thomas Hughes  Independent Thomas Hughes  Independent18 April 1936ResignationYes
15th Katanning 31 August 1935 Arnold Piesse   Country Arthur Watts   Country 21 July 1935DeathYes
15th Avon 4 July 1935 Harry Griffiths  Country Ignatius Boyle  Country23 March 1935DeathYes
15th South Fremantle 4 July 1935 Alick McCallum   Labor Tom Fox   Labor 16 March 1935ResignationYes
15th Kimberley 29 July 1933 Aubrey Coverley  Labor Aubrey Coverley  Labor3 July 1933Voided by Court
of Disputed Returns
14th Brown Hill-Ivanhoe14 July 1932† John Lutey  Labor Frederick Smith  Labor22 June 1932DeathYes
14th Kanowna 25 June 1932 Thomas Walker  Labor Emil Nulsen  Labor10 May 1932DeathYes
14th Roebourne 6 February 1932 Frederick Teesdale   Nationalist John Church   Nationalist 14 December 1931DeathYes

† Won by acclamation; this date is the date of the return of the writ.


13th Irwin 19 November 1929 Charles Maley   Country Henry Maley   Country 15 October 1929DeathYes
13th Mount Leonora 7 November 1928† Thomas Heron   Labor Ernest Cowan   Labor 13 October 1928DeathYes
13th Williams-Narrogin 3 November 1928† Bertie Johnston   Country Victor Doney   Country 3 October 1928Resignation
(contesting Senate)
12th Forrest 3 April 1925† John Holman   Labor May Holman   Labor 23 February 1925DeathYes
11th Forrest 8 December 1923 Peter O'Loghlen  Labor John Holman  Labor12 November 1923DeathYes
11th Kalgoorlie 13 January 1923 John Boyland  Independent James Cunningham   Labor 14 December 1922DeathNo
11th East Perth 18 November 1922 Jack Simons   Nationalist [3] Thomas Hughes   Labor 1 November 1922ResignationNo
10th Mount Leonora 20 December 1920 George Foley   National Labor Thomas Heron   Labor 18 November 1920Resignation
(contesting HoR)
3 Simons had been elected as a Labor member in the 1921 state election, but had resigned to sit as an independent and subsequently joined the Nationalist Party. He was a candidate in the by-election, but was defeated.

† Won by acclamation; this date is the date of the return of the writ.


10th Albany 31 May 1919 Herbert Robinson   Nationalist John Scaddan   National Labor 2 May 1919DeathNo
10th Claremont 14 September 1918 John Stewart   Nationalist Thomas Duff   Nationalist 30 August 1918ResignationYes
10th Subiaco 10 November 1917 Bartholomew Stubbs   Labor Samuel Brown  Nationalist26 September 1917Death
(WWI combat)
9th Perth 21 July 1917Sir James Connolly   Nationalist Robert Pilkington  NationalistJune 1917ResignationYes
9th Brown Hill-Ivanhoe 21 July 1917 John Scaddan [4]   National Labor John Lutey   Labor 28 June 1917 Ministerial
9th Geraldton 14 April 1917 Edward Heitmann   National Labor Samuel Elliott   Liberal 20 March 1917Resignation
(contesting HoR)
9th Brown Hill-Ivanhoe 7 October 1916 John Lutey [4]   Labor John Scaddan   Labor 15 September 1916ResignationYes
9th Brown Hill-Ivanhoe 19 August 1916† John Scaddan [4]  Labor John Lutey  Labor8 August 1916ResignationYes
9th Coolgardie 15 August 1916 Charles McDowall  Labor George Lambert  Labor13 July 1916DeathYes
9th Williams-Narrogin 9 January 1916† Bertie Johnston [5]   Independent Bertie Johnston   Independent 18 December 1915ResignationYes
9th Roebourne 17 November 1915 Joseph Gardiner   Labor William Butcher   Liberal 30 September 1915Absence
without leave
8th Kalgoorlie 4 February 1914 Albert Green  Labor George McLeod  Labor8 December 1913ResignationYes
8th Geraldton 15 November 1913 Bronte Dooley  Labor Samuel Elliott   Liberal 19 October 1913DeathNo
8th Cue 12 November 1913† Edward Heitmann  Labor Thomas Chesson   Labor 4 November 1913ResignationYes
8th Forrest 3 July 1913 Thomas Moore  Labor Peter O'Loghlen  Labor17 June 1913ResignationYes
8th Forrest 6 May 1913† Peter O'Loghlen  Labor Thomas Moore  Labor17 April 1913Resignation
(contesting HoR)
7th Bunbury 1 March 1911Sir Newton Moore  Ministerial William Thomas   Labor 13 February 1911Resignation (appointed
as Agent-General)
7th Beverley 15 August 1910 John Hopkins  Ministerial Nat Harper  Ministerial28 July 1910Disqualified (jailed
for uttering)
7th Forrest 8 July 1910 Dennis Jones   Labor Peter O'Loghlen   Labor 20 June 1910ResignationYes
7th Gascoyne 28 June 1910† William Butcher  Ministerial William Butcher  Ministerial18 June 1910Sold land to CrownYes
7th Fremantle 9 June 1910 James Price  Ministerial William Murphy  Ministerial21 May 1910DeathYes
7th Forrest 23 March 1910† Peter O'Loghlen   Labor Dennis Jones   Labor 13 March 1910Resignation
(contesting HoR)

† Won by acclamation; this date is the date of the return of the writ.

4 The Labor member for Brown Hill-Ivanhoe and former Premier, John Scaddan, resigned from his seat on 8 August 1916 in order to contest the Canning ministerial by-election against new minister Robert Robinson. On 19 August 1916, Labor candidate John Lutey was elected unopposed to fill the vacancy. However, upon Scaddan's narrow loss in Canning, Lutey resigned from the seat on 15 September 1916 before being sworn in to allow Scaddan to regain his seat, which he did at the resulting by-election on 7 October 1916 against two minor-party candidates. In March 1917, Scaddan and several others left the Labor Party and joined the new National Labor Party. This party formed a coalition with the Nationalists who, under Premier Sir Henry Lefroy, formed a Ministry on 28 June 1917. Scaddan was appointed Minister for Railways, and had to contest a ministerial by-election. John Lutey won the seat at the by-election on 21 July 1917.
5 On 18 December 1915, the Labor member for Williams-Narrogin, Bertie Johnston, resigned from the Labor Party and from Parliament. He was returned unopposed as an Independent at the close of nominations for the resulting by-election on 9 January 1916. In mid-1917, he joined the Country Party.


7th Katanning 12 November 1909† Frederick Henry Piesse  Ministerial Arnold Piesse  Ministerial26 October 1909ResignationYes
7th Albany 17 September 1909 Edward Barnett  Ministerial William Price  MinisterialAug/Sep 1909ResignationYes
7th Menzies 20 November 1908 Henry Gregory  Ministerial Henry Gregory  Ministerial4 November 1908Voided by petitionYes
6th West Perth 2 September 1907 Frederick Illingworth  Ministerial Thomas Draper   NPL (Min.)13 August 1907ResignationYes
6th Mount Leonora 13 November 1906† Patrick Lynch   Labor Julian Stuart   Labor 2 November 1906Resignation
(contesting Senate)
6th Geraldton 21 November 1906 Henry Carson  Ministerial Thomas Brown  Labor26 October 1906Voided by petitionNo
6th East Fremantle 13 November 1906 Joseph Holmes  Ministerial William Angwin  Labor24 October 1906Voided by petitionNo
6th Pilbara 23 July 1906 James Isdell  Independent Henry Underwood  Labor27 June 1906ResignationNo
6th Guildford 16 July 1906Sir Cornthwaite Rason  Ministerial William Johnson  Labor27 June 1906Resignation (appointed
as Agent-General)
6th South Fremantle 16 July 1906 Arthur Diamond  Ministerial Arthur Davies  Ministerial22 June 1906DeathYes
6th Coolgardie 9 July 1906 William Eddy  Ministerial William Eddy  Ministerial27 April 1906Voided by petitionYes
5th East Perth 20 October 1904 Walter James  Ministerial John Hardwick  Ministerial4 October 1904Resignation (appointed
as Agent-General)
4th Nelson 11 December 1903Sir J. G. Lee-Steere  Ministerial John Walter  Ministerial30 November 1903DeathYes
4th North Fremantle 26 August 1903 Denis Doherty  Ministerial John Ferguson  Ministerial13 August 1903Resignation (left State)Yes
4th York 6 April 1903 Frederick Monger  Ministerial R. G. Burges  Ministerial24 March 1903ResignationYes
4th Pilbara 18 March 1903 Walter Kingsmill  Opposition James Isdell  Independent12 February 1903ResignationNo
4th Hannans 15 October 1902† John Reside   Labor Thomas Bath   Labor 29 September 1902DeathYes
4th York 16 July 1902 William George  Opposition William Atkins  Independent1 July 1902ResignationNo
4th West Perth 14 July 1902 George Leake  Opposition Charles Moran  Independent24 June 1902ResignationNo
4th Claremont 11 June 1902 William Sayer  Ministerial John Foulkes  Opposition28 May 1902ResignationNo
4th North Perth 5 October 1901 Richard Speight  Opposition George McWilliams  Opposition19 September 1901ResignationYes
4th West Kimberley 23 July 1901 Alexander Forrest  Ministerial Sydney Pigott  Ministerial20 June 1901DeathYes
3rd Albany 24 July 1900 George Leake  Opposition John Hassell  Opposition10 July 1900ResignationYes
3rd Geraldton 24 July 1900 Richard Robson  Independent Robert Hutchinson  Opposition13 June 1900ResignationNo
3rd De Grey 28 May 1900† E. T. Hooley  Ministerial Leonard Darlot  Ministerial1 May 1900Resignation (ill health)Yes
3rd Ashburton 24 April 1900† Septimus Burt  Ministerial David Forrest  Ministerial10 April 1900ResignationYes

† Won by acclamation; this date is the date of the return of the writ.


3rd North Murchison 18 September 1899 Henry Kenny  Opposition Frederick Moorhead  Ministerial25 August 1899DeathNo
3rd Geraldton 12 July 1899 George Simpson  Opposition Richard Robson  Independent27 June 1899ResignationNo
3rd York 26 June 1899† Frederick Monger  Ministerial Frederick Monger  Ministerial15 June 1899ResignationYes
3rd Gascoyne 26 June 1899† George Hubble  Ministerial George Hubble  Ministerial13 June 1899ResignationYes
2nd Fremantle 18 July 1896 William Marmion    John Higham   4 July 1896Death 
2nd North Fremantle 22 May 1895 William Silas Pearse    Matthew Moss   2 May 1895††Resignation 
2nd Murray 12 January 1895 William Paterson    William George   4 January 1895Resignation 
2nd Murchison 15 October 1894† Everard Darlot    E. T. Hooley   18 September 1894Resignation 
1st East Kimberley 20 April 1893† William Baker    Francis Connor   7 January 1893Death 
1st York 27 October 1892† Stephen Henry Parker    Frederick Monger   5 October 1892Resignation 
1st South Fremantle 12 October 1892 David Symon    Elias Solomon   13 September 1892Resignation 
1st Moore 11 August 1892† George Randell    Henry Lefroy   4 July 1892Resignation 
1st Perth 12 January 1892 Edward Scott    Thomas Molloy   22 December 1891††Resignation 
1st Geraldton 10 December 1891† Edward Vivien Harvey Keane    George Simpson   6 November 1891††Resignation 
1st Roebourne 16 January 1891† George Leake    Horace Sholl   30 December 1890Resignation 

† Won by acclamation; this date is the date of the return of the writ. †† This was the date which the writ was issued — the date of the event which caused the by-election is unknown.

Ministerial by-elections

The following Ministers had to resign their seats and recontest them at a ministerial by-election. Most were unopposed; these are noted in italics in the table.

19th Murray-Wellington 17 April 1947 Ross McLarty   Liberal 1 April 1947 McLarty-Watts Yes
19th Katanning 17 April 1947 Arthur Watts   Country 1 April 1947McLarty-WattsYes
19th West Perth 17 April 1947Sir Ross McDonald  Liberal1 April 1947McLarty-WattsYes
19th Toodyay 17 April 1947 Lindsay Thorn  Country1 April 1947McLarty-WattsYes
19th Williams-Narrogin 17 April 1947 Victor Doney  Country1 April 1947McLarty-WattsYes
19th North Perth 17 April 1947 Arthur Abbott  Liberal1 April 1947McLarty-WattsYes
19th Pingelly 17 April 1947 Harrie Seward  Country1 April 1947McLarty-WattsYes
18th Murchison 17 August 1945 William Marshall   Labor 3 August 1945 Wise Yes
18th North-East Fremantle 17 December 1943 John Tonkin  Labor9 December 1943 Willcock Yes
17th Kanowna 5 April 1939 Emil Nulsen  Labor29 March 1939WillcockYes
17th Kimberley 5 April 1939 Aubrey Coverley  Labor29 March 1939WillcockYes
16th Leederville 9 April 1938 Alexander Panton  Labor24 March 1938WillcockYes
16th Brown Hill-Ivanhoe 4 September 1936 Frederick Smith  Labor27 August 1936WillcockYes
16th Northam 22 May 1936 Albert Hawke  Labor13 May 1936 2nd Collier Yes
15th Gascoyne 11 April 1935 Frank Wise  Labor26 March 19352nd CollierYes
15th Boulder 2 May 1933 Philip Collier  Labor24 April 19332nd CollierYes
15th South Fremantle 2 May 1933 Alexander McCallum  Labor24 April 19332nd CollierYes
15th Geraldton 2 May 1933 John Willcock  Labor24 April 19332nd CollierYes
15th Hannans 2 May 1933 Selby Munsie  Labor24 April 19332nd CollierYes
15th Mount Magnet 2 May 1933 Frank Troy  Labor24 April 19332nd CollierYes
15th Mount Hawthorn 2 May 1933 Harry Millington  Labor24 April 19332nd CollierYes
15th East Perth 2 May 1933 James Kenneally  Labor24 April 19332nd CollierYes
14th Northam 1 May 1930Sir James Mitchell   Nationalist 24 April 1930 2nd Mitchell Yes
14th York 1 May 1930 Charles Latham   Country 24 April 19302nd MitchellYes
14th West Perth 1 May 1930 Thomas Davy   Nationalist 24 April 19302nd MitchellYes
14th Maylands 1 May 1930 John Scaddan   Nationalist 24 April 19302nd MitchellYes
14th Mount Marshall 1 May 1930 John Lindsay  Country24 April 19302nd MitchellYes
14th Nedlands 1 May 1930 Norbert Keenan   Nationalist 24 April 19302nd MitchellYes
14th Irwin-Moore 1 May 1930 Percy Ferguson  Country24 April 19302nd MitchellYes
13th Leederville 23 December 1927 Harry Millington   Labor 15 December 1927 1st Collier Yes
13th Kalgoorlie 23 December 1927 James Cunningham  Labor15 December 19271st CollierYes
13th Hannans 9 May 1927 Selby Munsie  Labor30 April 19271st CollierYes
12th Boulder 1 May 1924 Philip Collier  Labor16 April 19241st CollierYes
12th North-East Fremantle 1 May 1924 William Angwin  Labor16 April 19241st CollierYes
12th Mount Magnet 1 May 1924 Frank Troy  Labor16 April 19241st CollierYes
12th Geraldton 1 May 1924 John Willcock  Labor16 April 19241st CollierYes
12th South Fremantle 1 May 1924 Alexander McCallum  Labor16 April 19241st CollierYes
11th Swan 31 August 1922 Richard Sampson   Country 22 August 1922 Mitchell Yes
11th Greenough 27 April 1921 Henry Maley  Country13 April 19211st MitchellYes
10th Beverley 10 July 1919 Frank Broun  Country25 June 19191st MitchellYes
10th West Perth 7 June 1919 Thomas Draper   Nationalist 17 May 19191st MitchellYes
10th Northam 24 April 1919 James Mitchell   Nationalist 17 April 1919 Colebatch Yes
9th Brown Hill-Ivanhoe 21 July 1917 John Scaddan   National Labor John Lutey   Labor 28 June 1917 Lefroy No
9th Irwin 11 July 1917 James Gardiner   Nationalist 28 June 1917LefroyYes
9th Sussex 9 August 1916 Frank Wilson   Liberal 27 July 1916 2nd Wilson Yes
9th Moore 9 August 1916Sir Henry Lefroy   Liberal 27 July 19162nd WilsonYes
9th Northam 19 August 1916 James Mitchell   Liberal 27 July 19162nd WilsonYes
9th Murray-Wellington 9 August 1916 William George   Liberal 27 July 19162nd WilsonYes
9th Canning 19 August 1916 Robert Robinson   Liberal 27 July 19162nd WilsonYes
9th North-East Fremantle 2 December 1914 William Angwin   Labor 23 November 1914 Scaddan Yes
8th Brown Hill-Ivanhoe 17 October 1911 John Scaddan  Labor7 October 1911ScaddanYes
8th Boulder 17 October 1911 Philip Collier  Labor7 October 1911ScaddanYes
8th Avon 17 October 1911 Thomas Bath  Labor7 October 1911ScaddanYes
8th Guildford 17 October 1911 William Johnson  Labor7 October 1911ScaddanYes
8th Kanowna 17 October 1911 Thomas Walker  Labor7 October 1911ScaddanYes
7th Subiaco 24 September 1910 Henry Daglish  Ministerial16 September 1910 1st Wilson Yes
7th Greenough 8 July 1909 John Nanson  Ministerial30 June 1909 Moore Yes
7th Northam 3 June 1909 James Mitchell  Ministerial14 May 1909MooreYes
6th Fremantle 25 May 1906 James Price  Ministerial7 May 1906MooreYes
6th Kalgoorlie 16 May 1906 Norbert Keenan  Ministerial7 May 1906MooreYes
5th Guildford 14 September 1905 Hector Rason  Ministerial25 August 1905 Rason Yes
5th Menzies 14 September 1905 Henry Gregory  Ministerial25 August 1905RasonYes
5th Sussex 14 September 1905 Frank Wilson  Ministerial25 August 1905RasonYes
5th Bunbury 14 September 1905 Newton Moore  Ministerial25 August 1905RasonYes
5th Roebourne 13 September 1905 John Sydney Hicks  Ministerial25 August 1905RasonYes
5th Brown Hill 22 June 1905 Thomas Bath   Labor 7 June 1905 Daglish Yes
5th Mount Leonora 30 June 1905 Patrick Lynch  Labor7 June 1905DaglishYes
5th Subiaco 19 August 1904 Henry Daglish  Labor10 August 1904DaglishYes
5th Mount Margaret 19 August 1904 George Taylor  Labor10 August 1904DaglishYes
5th Kanowna 19 August 1904 Robert Hastie  Labor10 August 1904DaglishYes
5th Murchison 19 August 1904 John Holman  Labor10 August 1904DaglishYes
5th Kalgoorlie 19 August 1904 William Johnson  Labor10 August 1904DaglishYes
4th Boulder 25 February 1903 John Marquis Hopkins  Opposition17 February 1903 James Yes
4th East Perth 8 July 1902 Walter James  Opposition1 July 1902JamesYes
4th Albany 8 July 1902 James Gardiner  Opposition1 July 1902JamesYes
4th West Perth 7 January 1902 George Leake  Opposition23 December 1901 2nd Leake Yes
4th Cue 2 January 1902 Frederick Illingworth  Opposition23 December 19012nd LeakeYes
4th Pilbara 23 January 1902 Walter Kingsmill  Opposition23 December 19012nd LeakeYes
4th Guildford 7 January 1902 Hector Rason  Opposition23 December 19012nd LeakeYes
4th Menzies 2 January 1902 Henry Gregory  Opposition23 December 19012nd LeakeYes
4th Coolgardie 6 December 1901 Alf Morgans  Ministerial21 November 1901 Morgans Yes
4th North Murchison 10 December 1901 Frederick Moorhead  Ministerial John Holman   Labor 21 November 1901MorgansNo
4th Toodyay 30 November 1901 Timothy Quinlan  Ministerial21 November 1901MorgansYes
4th Murchison 10 December 1901 John Nanson  Ministerial21 November 1901MorgansYes
4th Perth 6 December 1901 Frank Wilson  Ministerial William Purkiss  Ministerial21 November 1901MorgansNo
4th West Perth 12 June 1901 George Leake  Opposition27 May 1901 1st Leake Yes
4th Cue 12 June 1901 Frederick Illingworth  Opposition27 May 19011st LeakeYes
4th Pilbara 12 June 1901 Walter Kingsmill  Opposition27 May 19011st LeakeYes
4th East Fremantle 12 June 1901 Joseph Holmes  Opposition27 May 19011st LeakeYes
4th Menzies 12 June 1901 Henry Gregory  Opposition27 May 19011st LeakeYes
3rd West Perth 22 September 1900 Barrington Wood  Ministerial10 September 1900 Forrest Yes
3rd Greenough 5 November 1897 Richard Pennefather  Ministerial27 October 1897ForrestYes
3rd Moore 26 May 1897 Henry Lefroy  Ministerial12 May 1897ForrestYes
2nd Northam 27 March 1897 George Throssell  Ministerial13 March 1897ForrestYes
2nd Williams 18 April 1896 Frederick Henry Piesse  Ministerial1 April 1896ForrestYes
2nd De Grey 21 June 1895 Alexander Richardson  Ministerial4 December 1894ForrestYes
1st Bunbury 8 January 1891 John Forrest  Ministerial30 December 1890ForrestYes
1st Ashburton 8 January 1891 Septimus Burt  Ministerial30 December 1890ForrestYes
1st Fremantle 8 January 1891 William Marmion  Ministerial30 December 1890ForrestYes
1st Wellington 8 January 1891 Harry Venn  Ministerial30 December 1890ForrestYes

List of Legislative Council vacancies


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In the Parliament of Australia, a casual vacancy arises when a member of either the Senate or the House of Representatives:

John Scaddan Australian politician

John Scaddan, CMG, popularly known as "Happy Jack", was Premier of Western Australia from 7 October 1911 until 27 July 1916.

John Lutey Australian politician

John Thomas Lutey was the Labor Party member for the Western Australian Legislative Assembly seat of Brownhill-Ivanhoe from 1917 to 1932.

The Electoral district of Brown Hill-Ivanhoe was a Legislative Assembly electorate in the state of Western Australia. It covered part of the Goldfields city of Boulder, near Kalgoorlie, and neighbouring mining areas. It was created at the 1911 redistribution out of the former seats of Brown Hill and Ivanhoe, and was first contested at the 1911 election. It was abolished in the 1948 redistribution, with its area split between the neighbouring electorates of Boulder and Hannans, taking effect from the 1950 election. The seat was a very safe one for the Labor Party.

Electoral district of Perth State electoral district of Western Australia

The Electoral district of Perth is a Legislative Assembly electorate in the state of Western Australia. Perth is named for the capital city of Western Australia whose central business district falls within its borders. It is one of the oldest electorates in Western Australia, with its first member having been elected in the inaugural 1890 elections of the Legislative Assembly.

This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly between the 1911 election and the 1914 election, together known as the Eighth Parliament. All members who sat as Liberals, apart from those returned at by-elections, were elected under the "Ministerial" designation at the 1911 election.

This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly between the 1904 elections and the 1905 elections, together known as the Fifth Parliament.

This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly between the 1901 election and the 1904 election, together known as the Fourth Parliament.

This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly between the 1914 election and the 1917 election, together known as the Ninth Parliament. The re-election of Premier John Scaddan's Labor Government with a 26-24 majority in 1914 was tempered when, a year later, Labor member Joseph Gardiner's seat was declared vacant on account of his non-attendance and a Liberal was elected in his stead, and Labor became a minority government when on 18 December 1915, Edward Johnston resigned from the Labor Party and became an independent. On 27 July 1916, the Scaddan Ministry was defeated and the Liberals' Frank Wilson became the new Premier.

This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Council from 22 May 1910 to 21 May 1912. The chamber had 30 seats made up of ten provinces each electing three members, on a system of rotation whereby one-third of the members would retire at each biennial election. Prior to the 1910 election, the Council had thought of itself as entirely independent from party politics, but with the election of Labor members to the Council and Labor's vigorous campaign at the 1911 election for the Legislative Assembly, many of its members joined the newly formed Liberal Party which had emerged from the various National Political Leagues and Liberal Leagues.

This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Council from 22 May 1916 to 21 May 1918. The chamber had 30 seats made up of ten provinces each electing three members, on a system of rotation whereby one-third of the members would retire at each biennial election.

This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly between the 1930 election and the 1933 election, together known as the 14th Parliament. It took place under radically altered boundaries as enacted within the Redistribution of Seats Act 1929, whose effect had been exaggerated by the lack of a redistribution for the previous 18 years. The gold mining areas, populous at the time of the 1911 redistribution, had been reduced to pocket boroughs by the decline in gold mining as an economic activity in the State; meanwhile, the agricultural and metropolitan areas had grown substantially. Ironically, the changes were enacted by a Labor government even though most of the safe seats being abolished were Labor seats—and for the fourth time in a row, the government enacting the redistribution lost the subsequent election.

This is a list of members of the Tasmanian House of Assembly between the 1897 election and the 1900 election.

The Scaddan Ministry was the 11th Ministry of the Government of Western Australia and was led by Labor Premier John Scaddan. It succeeded the First Wilson Ministry led by Ministerialist Frank Wilson on 7 October 1911 after the decisive result of the state election held four days earlier, which had produced the State's first majority Labor government.

The Lefroy Ministry was the 13th Ministry of the Government of Western Australia and was led by Nationalist Premier Sir Henry Lefroy. It succeeded the Second Wilson Ministry on 28 June 1917 due to most members of the former Liberal Party, of which the previous Premier, Frank Wilson, had been the leader, pledging allegiance to the new party. The Lefroy Ministry, which was the first Coalition ministry in Western Australia, was also the only Ministry of a non-Labor government to be chosen by caucus.

Williams was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Western Australia from 1890 to 1950.

Rufus Henry Underwood, better known as Henry Underwood, was an Australian politician who represented the Western Australian Legislative Assembly seat of Pilbara from 1906 until 1924. Initially active in the Labor Party and a minister without portfolio in the Scaddan Ministry, he left the party during the conscription crisis in 1917 and thereafter represented the National Labor Party for the rest of his political career.