1914 Western Australian state election

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Western Australian state election, 1914

  1911 21 October 1914 1917  

All 50 seats in the Western Australian Legislative Assembly
 First partySecond partyThird party
Leader John Scaddan Frank Wilson James Gardiner
Party Labor Liberal Country
Leader since3 August 191016 September 191021 October 1914
Leader's seat Brown Hill-Ivanhoe Sussex Irwin
Last election34 seats16 seats0 seats
Seats won26 seats16 seats8 seats
Seat changeDecrease8Steady0Increase8

Premier before election

John Scaddan

Elected Premier

John Scaddan

Elections were held in the state of Western Australia on 21 October 1914 to elect 50 members to the Western Australian Legislative Assembly. The Labor party, led by Premier John Scaddan, retained government against the opposition conservative Liberal Party led by Opposition Leader Frank Wilson, though with only the barest of majorities. The election also saw the emergence of the Western Australian Country Party, which had been formed at a conference of the Farmers and Settlers Association the previous year to fight for rural interests, and won eight seats at the election.


The fragility of the Labor Party's majority was demonstrated when, a year later, Labor member Joseph Gardiner's seat was declared vacant on account of his non-attendance and a Liberal was elected in his stead, and Labor became a minority government when on 18 December 1915, Edward Johnston resigned from the Labor Party and became an independent. On 27 July 1916, the Scaddan Ministry was defeated and Wilson became the new Premier.

Key dates

29 September 1914The Parliament was dissolved. [1]
30 September 1914Writs were issued by the Governor to proceed with an election.
21 October 1914Polling day, between the hours of 8am and 6pm.
4 November 1914Polling day in the seats of Pilbara and Gascoyne.
11 November 1914Polling day in the seats of Roebourne and Kimberley.
23 November 1914The Scaddan Ministry was reconstituted.
3 December 1914The new session of Parliament was convened. [2]


Western Australian state election, 21 October 1914
Legislative Assembly
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Enrolled voters168,546 [1]
Votes cast96,605 Turnout 57.32–17.56
Informal votes1,127Informal1.17–0.24
Summary of votes by party
PartyPrimary votes%SwingSeatsChange
  Labor 40,20542.12–10.4226 [1] – 8
  Liberal 41,92943.91–0.8916± 0
  Country 13,34413.98+13.988+ 8
Total95,478  50 


1 The Labor Party's total of 26 seats includes 12 which were uncontested, representing 39,731 of the 214,741 enrolled voters. The Liberal and Country parties won one seat each uncontested—the Liberal member (Arthur Male, Kimberley) representing 1,663 enrolled voters, and the Country member (Alfred Napoleon Piesse, Electoral district of Toodyay) representing 4,801 enrolled voters.

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