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Genres Disco
Years active 2002-

Afro-dite is a Swedish pop group made up of three pop singers. The group consists of Blossom Tainton-Lindquist, Gladys del Pilar, and Kayo Shekoni. [1] The name is a play on words implying they are beautiful as Greek goddess Aphrodite and being black. [2]

Afro-dite came together to sing the song "Never Let It Go" for the Eurovision Song Contest 2002. The song was originally meant to be sung by Alcazar but they refused. In Eurovision, Afro-dite reached 8th place. In 2007 they released a new album.

In 2012, they made another attempt for Eurovision with the song, "The Boy Can Dance", but were eliminated in the first semi-final of Melodifestivalen.

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Sweden was represented by Afro-dite in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 with the song "Never Let It Go".

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