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Lasse Holm
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Lars-Eric Gustav Holm

(1943-12-09) 9 December 1943 (age 77)
Stockholm, Sweden
Other namesLarry Moon
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • television host
Years active1959–present
Musical career
  • Vocals
  • piano

Lars-Eric Gustav "Lasse" Holm (born 9 December 1943) is a Swedish singer, songwriter and television host.


Holm has also hosted and appeared in several television shows.

As singer

Since childhood, he was interested in music and was a member of a lot of pop music and rock music groups in the 1960s: Doug and the Millsmen, The Spacemen and The Moonlighters.

Holm and singer Monica Törnell represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1986 with the song "E' de' det här du kallar kärlek".

As songwriter

Holm is best known as a schlager composer. During the 1980s, he was a songwriter for Chips and country band Mats Rådberg & Rankarna. Holm often collaborated with Ingela 'Pling' Forsman

Holm has, by himself or in collaboration with others, written five winning songs in the Swedish Melodifestivalen: "Dag efter dag" by (Chips, 1982), "Främling" (Carola Häggkvist, 1983), "Bra vibrationer" by (Kikki Danielsson, 1985), "E' de' det här du kallar kärlek" (a duet by Holm and Monica Törnell, 1986) and "Eloise" by (Arvingarna, 1993).

Lasse Holm was (along with ABBA, Kiss, Prince) highlighted as an inspiration when Max Martin accepted the 2016 Polar Music Prize. [1]

As television host

Holm has hosted a number of Swedish TV shows such as Sikta mot stjärnorna , Pictionary and Diggiloo.

Notable songs

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Chips was a Swedish country and pop group, formed in 1979 by Kikki Danielsson and Lasse Holm, and split in 1983.

<i>Fri – En samling</i> 2001 compilation album by Kikki Danielsson

Fri – En samling is a compilation album from Swedish pop and country singer Kikki Danielsson, released on October 29, 2001. The album contains songs who Kikki Danielsson recorded, self or together with other, between the years 1977-2001. Four of the songs were new back in 2001: "Fri", "Lämna mig inte", "I mitt hem" and "Rör vid mej". In 2002, Swedish band Barbados recorded an English language version of the title track "Fri", as "Sweet Little Angel".

Monica Forsberg Swedish singer, songwriter and actress

Monica Yvonne Forsberg is a Swedish singer, songwriter and actress. She was a member in the group Ritz, which competed in Melodifestivalen in 1983 and 1985.

Dag efter dag

"Dag efter dag" is a song in Swedish, with melody by Lasse Holm and text by Monica Forsberg. The pop and country group Chips won the Swedish Melodifestivalen 1982 with the song, which was sung by Kikki Danielsson and Elisabeth Andreassen. Chips finished eighth in the Eurovision Song Contest 1982 with the song. On April 18, 1982, the song reached the first place at Svensktoppen; where it stayed for nine rounds. *On June 13, 1982, the song was the last song to be number one at Svensktoppen, before the program was removed the first time. Chips also recorded the song with lyrics in English, Day after Day.

Die Zeit ist einsam

"Die Zeit ist einsam" was the Austrian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1986, performed in German by Timna Brauer.

Wizex Dansband from Sweden

Wizex is a Swedish dansband formed in Osby in 1973.

Du er fuld af løgn

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<i>Live från Rondo</i> 2003 compilation album by Kikki, Bettan & Lotta

Live från Rondo was released on February 14, 2003 and is an album from singer trio Kikki Danielsson, Elisabeth Andreassen och Lotta Engberg, who then sang together as Kikki, Bettan & Lotta. CD 1 is a live record, where the recording is from Rondo in Gothenburg, Sweden on December 11, 2002. CD 2 is a studio record. The album peaked at number 18 on the Swedish Albums Chart.

Having a Party is a 1982 studio album from Swedish group Chips. It was released in May 1982. The album sold more than 100 000 copies in Sweden, both gold and platinum. Back in those days, the demands for selling gold and platinum were higher than as of today (2006). Gold was at least 50 000 and platinum was at least 100 000.

Främling (song)

"Främling" ("Stranger"), written by Lasse Holm and Monica Forsberg and arranged by Lennart Sjöholm, was the song performed by the 16-year-old Carola Häggkvist which won the Swedish Melodifestivalen 1983.

Melodifestivalen is an event organised by Swedish public broadcasters Sveriges Television (SVT) and Sveriges Radio (SR) to determine the country's representative at the Eurovision Song Contest. The voting procedures to select the entrant for the annual contest have varied over the years since the country's debut in 1958. The Swedish broadcasters have experimented with techniques including splitting the juries by age, regional voting, and using an "expert" jury. Televoting was controversially first introduced in 1993, as an unannounced experiment. The Swedish telephone network promptly collapsed under the strain of phone calls being made.

Melodifestivalen is an annual song competition organised by Swedish public broadcasters Sveriges Television (SVT) and Sveriges Radio (SR). It determines the country's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest, and has been staged almost every year since 1959.

Sweden was present at the Eurovision Song Contest 1986, held in Bergen, Norway.

<i>Kikkis bästa</i> 2008 compilation album by Kikki Danielsson

Kikkis bästa was released on February 27, 2008, and is a double compilation album by Kikki Danielsson. It peaked at #15 at the Swedish album chart.

Monica Törnell Musical artist

Monica Kristina Ingeborg Törnell, is a Swedish singer and songwriter. After being discovered by Cornelis Vreeswijk 1971, she was a prominent singer in several genres, mainly folk and rock music, for over two decades. Together with Lasse Holm, she represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1986 in Bergen, Norway. She is the mother of Tobias and Mattias Törnell.

E de det här du kallar kärlek?

"E' de' det här du kallar kärlek?" is a Swedish language song by Monica Törnell and Lasse Holm that won the Swedish music competition Melodifestivalen 1986.

Inget stoppar oss nu

"Inget stoppar oss nu", also known as "Inget kan stoppa oss nu" or "I natt, i natt", is a song written by Lasse Holm and Ingela "Pling" Forsman, and originally intended to be performed by Haakon Pedersen at Melodifestivalen 1987. The song never entered the contest, but instead he recorded it for the album Nattens drottning from 1989.


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