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Beijing Zoo
Gate of Beijing Zoo (20210219172711).jpg
Front gate
Date opened19 July 1907
Location Xicheng District, Beijing, China
Coordinates 39°56′19″N116°20′00″E / 39.93861°N 116.33333°E / 39.93861; 116.33333 Coordinates: 39°56′19″N116°20′00″E / 39.93861°N 116.33333°E / 39.93861; 116.33333
Land areaBeijing 89 ha (220 acres)
No. of animals14,500
No. of species950

Beijing Aquarium

The Beijing Aquarium is located within the zoological park, on the northern bank of the Chang River. Opened in 1999, the aquarium complex covers an area of 120,000 square meters, with 42,000 square meters of interior space. [10] It is the biggest aquarium in China with a large number of fish species and marine mammals. Visitors can watch shows performed by dolphins, belugas, and sea lions.

Location and access

Giant Pandas in the Beijing Zoo Panda Bears, Beijing Zoo (5062716585).jpg
Giant Pandas in the Beijing Zoo
Lion in the Beijing Zoo Lion at beijing.jpg
Lion in the Beijing Zoo

The Beijing Zoo is located at 137 Xizhimen Wai Dajie in Xicheng District, just west of the northwest corner of the 2nd Ring Road. Outside the zoo is a local public transit hub with Beijing Zoo Station on Line 4 of the Beijing Subway and terminals for Beijing Bus routes 7, 15, 19, 102, and 103. Bus routes 27, 105, 107, 111, 305, 347, 360, 362, 534, 563, 604, 632, 686, 特4, 特19, 夜8 also stop at the zoo. [11]

Nearby attractions

The Beijing Planetarium is located diagonally across the street from the zoo's main entrance. To the west of the zoo is the Purple Bamboo Park. To the east is the Beijing Exhibition Center and the Moscow Restaurant.


According to a 2010 article in The Guardian , a restaurant located in the Beijing Zoo, named "Bin Feng Tan," offers various dishes of exotic animals on its menu. [12] The restaurant manager commented that its dishes were within the law, as the animal products were supplied by exotic animal farms. [12] However, the restaurant has received a backlash since the news spread. Ge Rui of the International Wildlife Fund describes the restaurant's menu and practices as "utterly inappropriate for a zoo" and "socially irresponsible." [12] Following the negative coverage, the restaurant stated they would be revising the menu. [12]

A significant portion of James Rollins' Sigma Force novel, The Bone Labyrinth (2015), takes place in, near, and below the Beijing Zoo. Rollins depicts unsanitary and inhumane conditions at the zoo, and inhumane animal experimentation there. In the "Author's Note to Readers: Truth or Fiction", Rollins writes: "I did visit the Beijing Zoo and found the state of that zoological park to be appalling. The government continues to hint at changes and plans to move the place into a larger facility outside the city with more modern accommodations. So hopefully now that I've blown it up, they'll get on with those plans." [13]

Fish and Elephant, directed by documentary filmmaker and former TV hostess Li Yu, is based within the zoo. The film is often referred to as the first Chinese mainland film to broach the topic of lesbian relationships in China.

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Beijing Zoo
Simplified Chinese 北京动物园
Traditional Chinese 北京動物園