Chess Records

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Chess Records
Parent company Universal Music Group
Founded1950 (1950)
Founder Leonard Chess
Phil Chess
Defunct1975 (1975)
StatusActive in the present day (since its later incarnations)
Distributor(s) Geffen
Country of originUnited States
LocationChicago, Illinois

Chess Records was an American record company established in 1950 in Chicago, specializing in blues and rhythm and blues. It was the successor to Aristocrat Records, founded in 1947. It expanded into soul music, gospel music, early rock and roll, and jazz and comedy recordings, released on the Chess and its subsidiary labels Checker and Argo/Cadet. The Chess catalogue is owned by Universal Music Group and managed by Geffen Records.


Established and run by two Jewish immigrant brothers from what was then Poland, Leonard and Phil Chess, the company produced and released many singles and albums regarded as central to the rock music canon. The musician and critic Cub Koda described Chess as "America's greatest blues label". [1]

Chess was based at several locations on the south side of Chicago, initially at South Cottage Grove Ave. [2] The most famous was 2120 S. Michigan Avenue, from May 1957 to 1965, [2] immortalized by the Rolling Stones in "2120 South Michigan Avenue", an instrumental recorded there during the group's first U.S. tour in 1964. [3] The building is now the home of Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation. [4] In the mid-1960s, Chess relocated to a much larger building, the former home of Revere Camera Company at 320 E. 21st Street, the label's final Chicago home. [5] Shortly before the death of Leonard Chess in 1969, the brothers sold the company.


Chess brothers' company

The Chess Records logo, as featured on a Memphis Slim single Chess1491a.jpg
The Chess Records logo, as featured on a Memphis Slim single

Leonard Chess bought a stake in Aristocrat Records in 1947. In 1950, he brought his brother, Phil, into the operation, and they became the sole owners of the company. In the same year, they brought in a third partner, Evelyn Aron, and renamed the company Chess Records.

The first release from Chess was a 78 RPM single, "My Foolish Heart", backed with "Bless You", by Gene Ammons, issued as Chess 1425 in June 1950, which became the label's biggest hit of the year. [6]

In 1951, the Chess brothers began an association with Sam Phillips, of the Memphis Recording Service, the forerunner of Sun Records. [6] One of the most important recordings that Phillips gave to Chess was "Rocket 88", by Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats (the band was actually Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm), which topped Billboard magazine's R&B Records chart [7] and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998 in recognition of its influence on rock and roll. [8] One of the most important artists that came out of Memphis was Howlin' Wolf, [9] who stayed with the label until his death in 1976. Musical figures created for Chess by Bo Diddley, Willie Dixon, Chuck Berry, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and others were the basis of much subsequent rock and roll. Many songs created by Chess artists were later covered by many rock artists, including the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, the Beach Boys and Eric Clapton.

In 1952, the brothers started Checker Records as an alternative label for radio play (radio stations had a policy of only playing a limited number of records from any one imprint). [10] In December 1955, they launched a jazz and pop label, Marterry, a name created from the first names of Leonard and Phil's sons, Marshall and Terry. [2] This was quickly renamed Argo Records, but the name was changed again in 1965 to Cadet Records to end confusion with an existing British spoken-word label.

In 1953, Leonard Chess and Gene Goodman set up Arc Music BMI, a publishing company, which published songs by many rhythm and blues artists. [11]

In the mid-1950s, the Chess brothers received two doo-wop groups by Alan Freed, the Coronets and the Moonglows; the former group was not very popular but the latter achieved several major crossover hits including "Sincerely", which was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2002. [8] Several of Chess's releases gave a writing credit to Alan Freed.

During the 1950s, Leonard and Phil Chess handled most of the recording production themselves. They brought in producer Ralph Bass in 1960 to handle the gospel output and some of the blues singers. Bassist and songwriter Willie Dixon was also heavily involved in organizing blues sessions for the label and is now credited retroactively as a producer on some re-releases. [2] During the 1960s, the company's A&R manager and chief producer for soul and R&B recordings was Roquel "Billy" Davis, who had previously worked with Motown founder Berry Gordy on songs for Jackie Wilson, Etta James, Marv Johnson and other early Motown releases.

Chess Studios, 2120 South Michigan Ave., Chicago, later Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation (photo 2009) Chess Records Studio.jpg
Chess Studios, 2120 South Michigan Ave., Chicago, later Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation (photo 2009)

In 1958, Chess began producing their first LP records [12] which included such albums as The Best of Muddy Waters , Best of Little Walter , and Bo Diddley .

Chess Records was also known for its regular band of session musicians who played on most of the company's Chicago soul recordings, including the drummer Maurice White and the bassist Louis Satterfield, both of whom later shaped the funk group Earth, Wind & Fire; the guitarists Pete Cosey, Gerald Sims and Phil Upchurch; the pianist Leonard Caston, later a producer for Motown; and the organist Sonny Thompson. In 1962, Chess Records was sued by Peacock Records for recording their artists Reverend Robert Ballinger and the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi. [13]

In 1969, Chess Records established a subsidiary label in the U.K., Middle Earth Records, which was distributed by Pye Records. The subsidiary specialized in Psychedelic rock and was a joint venture with the Middle Earth Club in London. The Middle Earth label released only four albums and about a dozen singles before it closed in 1970. [14]

The company was briefly run by Marshall Chess, Leonard's son, in his position as vice president between January and October 1969 and then as president following its acquisition by GRT, before he went on to found Rolling Stones Records.

Under GRT and All Platinum

In 1969, the Chess brothers sold the label to General Recorded Tape (GRT) for $6.5 million. In October 1969, Leonard Chess died and by 1972, the only part of Chess Records still operating in Chicago was the recording studio, Ter-Mar Studios. Following the sale of Chess to GRT, Phil left the label to run radio station WVON. In the 1970s, Chess Records and its publishing arm, Arc Music, were successfully sued by Muddy Waters [15] and Willie Dixon [16] for nonpayment of royalties due to them. Ter-Mar Studios operated at the 2120 S. Michigan building until its closure in 1979. [3]

Some of the other artists who contributed to the legacy of Chess Records were the Flamingos, the Moonglows, Fontella Bass, Billy Stewart, the Dells and the Ramsey Lewis Trio.

Later incarnations

In the early 1980s, noticing that much of the Chess catalogue was commercially unavailable, Marshall Chess was able to convince Joe and Sylvia Robinson, who ran All Platinum, to reissue the catalogue themselves under his supervision (All Platinum had been licensing selected tracks to other companies, which ultimately resulted in the disappearance of some original master tapes). [2] The reissued singles and LPs sold well, but by the mid-80s All Platinum had fallen into financial difficulties, and the Chess master recordings were acquired by MCA Records, which itself was later merged with Geffen Records, a Universal Music imprint.

In the 1990s, MCA Records sued Charly Records for selling CDs which contained copyrighted material by Chess artists. [17]

In February 1997, MCA started releasing eleven compilation albums for the 50th anniversary of Chess Records. [18]

In the 2000s, Universal's limited-edition reissue label, Hip-O Select, began releasing a series of comprehensive box sets devoted to such Chess artists as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter, Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry.

In July 2008, the 2008 Universal Studios fire burned down a warehouse filled with Universal Music Group recording masters, including many albums and songs released by Chess. These masters, by artists such as Chuck Berry, were "priceless" and irreplaceable; while UMG claimed at the time it had copies, later reporting questioned this, with it emerging that the masters were destroyed. [19] [20]

Chess Records was the subject of two films produced in 2008, Cadillac Records and Who Do You Love? . In addition to the Chess brothers, both films feature portrayals of or characters based on Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Chuck Berry, Howlin' Wolf and Etta James. Cadillac Records was directed by Darnell Martin and features an ensemble cast including Adrien Brody, Mos Def, Beyoncé Knowles and Jeffrey Wright. Who Do You Love was directed by Tony Award winner Jerry Zaks and stars Alessandro Nivola playing Leonard Chess "as a complicated, driven man, hard on both his musicians and his family, yet with a real love for some of America's greatest music." The world premiere of the latter film was at the Toronto International Film Festival, September 11, 2008. [21]


Chess LP-1425 to LPS-1553 (1956–1970)

The original Chess LP series started with LP-1425 and included albums on both the Chess and the Checker labels. After 1437, the series was used exclusively for the Chess label; the Checker label switched to a 2970 series. [22]

Catalog No.AlbumArtistDetails
LP-1425 Rock, Rock, Rock Various Artists soundtrack album for the motion picture of the same name featuring The Moonglows, Chuck Berry and The Flamingos
LP-1426 After School Session Chuck Berry
LP-1427 The Best of Muddy Waters Muddy Waters
LP-1428 The Best of Little Walter Little Walter released on Checker
LP-1429Oh! Suzy-Q Dale Hawkins released on Checker
LP-1430Look! It's the Moonglows The Moonglows
LP-1431 Bo Diddley Bo Diddley released on Checker
LP-1432 One Dozen Berrys Chuck Berry
LP-1433The Flamingos The Flamingos released on Checker
LP-1434 Moanin' in the Moonlight Howlin' Wolf
LP-1435 Chuck Berry Is on Top Chuck Berry
LP-1436 Go Bo Diddley Bo Diddleyreleased on Checker
LP-1437 Down and Out Blues Sonny Boy Williamson released on Checker
LP-1438 House of the Blues John Lee Hooker compiles tracks from 1951–52
LP-1439Oldies in Hi-FiVarious Artists
LP/LPS-1440Benny Rides Again Benny Goodman
LP-1441Bunch of GoodiesVarious Artists
LP-1442 Soulful Saxophone Gene Ammons
LP-1443In a German Beer Garden Bob Kames at the Organ
LP-1444 Muddy Waters Sings "Big Bill" Muddy Waters
LP-1445 Jug and Sonny Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt
LP-1446Walkin' by Myself...and Other Blues Hits of the PastVarious Artists
LP-1447The Funniest Woman in the World: Moms Mabley Onstage Moms Mabley
LP-1448 Rockin' at the Hops Chuck Berry
LP/LPS-1449 At Newport 1960 Muddy Waters
LP-1450Have I Had You Before?Patsy Abbott
LP-1451The Trial Pigmeat Markham
LP-1452Moms Mabley at the 'UN' 'Moms Mabley
LP-1453The Loneliest Gal in Town Little Miss Cornshucks
LP-1454 John Lee Hooker Plays & Sings the Blues John Lee Hooker
LP-1455Memphis Slim Memphis Slim
LP-1456 New Juke Box Hits Chuck Berry
LP-1457Larry Williams Larry Williams
LP-1458Murray the K's Golden GassersVarious Artists
LP-1459FunFreddie & Flo Robinson
LP-1460"Moms" Mabley at the Playboy ClubMoms Mabley
LP-1461Murray the K's Blasts from the PastVarious Artists
LP-1462Pigmeat at the PartyPigmeat Markham
LP-1463Moms Mabley at Geneva ConferenceMoms Mabley
LP-1464Jimmy McCracklin Sings Jimmy McCracklin
LP-1465 Chuck Berry Twist Chuck Berryalso released as More Chuck Berry
LP-1467Anything Goes with PigmeatPigmeat Markham
LP-1468Big Bill Broonzy and Washboard Sam Big Bill Broonzy / Washboard Sam split album
LP-1469 Howlin' Wolf Howlin' Wolf
LP-1470Murray the K's Gassers for Submarine Race WatchersVarious Artists
LP-1471The Best of Bobby Lester and the MoonglowsBobby Lester and the Moonglows
LP-1472Moms Mabley Breaks it UpMoms Mabley
LP-1473Rinky Dink Dave "Baby" Cortez
LP-1474Treasure Tunes from the VaultVarious Artists
LP-1475The World's Greatest ClownPigmeat Markham
LP-1476Dance Tunes from the Vault, Volume 2Various Artists
LP-1477Young Men Si, Old Men NoMoms Mabley
LP-1478Groups of GoodiesVarious Artists
LP-1479I Got Somethin' to Tell YouMoms Mabley
LP-1480 Chuck Berry on Stage Chuck Berry
LP-1481Slappy White at the Club Harlem Slappy White
LP-1482The Funny Sides of Moms MableyMoms Mabley
LP-1483 Folk Singer Muddy Waters
LP-1484Open the Door RichardPigmeat Markham
LP-1485Chuck Berry's Greatest HitsChuck Berry
LP-1486Moms WowsMoms Mabley
LP-1487The Best of Moms and Pigmeat Volume OneMoms Mabley / Pigmeat Markhamsplit album
LP/LPS-1488 St. Louis to Liverpool Chuck Berry
LP/LPS-1489Full Bloom Miss Jackie Ross
LP-1490The Blues Soul of Johnny "Guitar" Watson Johnny "Guitar" Watson also released as I Cried For You
LP-1491Groups of Goodies Volume 2Various Artists
LP/LPS-1492Shades of a Genius Mitty Collier
LP-1493Mr. Funny ManPigmeat Markham
LP-1494Up TightClay Tyson
LP/LPS-1495 Chuck Berry in London Chuck Berry
LP/LPS-1496I Do Love You Billy Stewart
LP-1497The Men in My LifeMoms Mabley
LP/LPS-1498 Fresh Berry's Chuck Berry
LP/LPS-1499UnbelievableBilly Stewartalso released as Summertime
LP-1500This'll Kill Ya!Pigmeat Markham
LP-1501 The Real Folk Blues Muddy Waters
LP-1502 The Real Folk Blues Howlin' Wolf
LP-1503 The Real Folk Blues Sonny Boy Williamson
LP-1504One More Time......Moms Mabley / Pigmeat Markhamsplit album
LP/LPS-1505If You Can't Be Good, Be Careful!Pigmeat Markham
LP/LPS-1506The Comeback Herb Lance
LP/LPS-1507 Muddy, Brass & the Blues Muddy Waters
LP/LPS-1508 The Real Folk Blues John Lee Hooker
LP/LPS-1509 More Real Folk Blues Sonny Boy Williamson
LP/LPS-1510 The Real Folk Blues Memphis Slim
LP/LPS-1511 More Real Folk Blues Muddy Waters
LP/LPS-1512 More Real Folk Blues Howlin' Wolf
LP/LPS-1513Billy Stewart Teaches Old Standards New TricksBilly Stewart
LP/LPS-1514 Chuck Berry's Golden Decade Chuck Berry
LP/LPS-1515Mr. VaudevillePigmeat Markham
LP/LPS-1516The Baroques The Baroques
LP-1517Save Your Soul, Baby!Pigmeat Markham
LP/LPS-1518Sax and the Single Girl Charlie Chalmers
LP/LPS-1519Wayne Cochran! Wayne Cochran
LP/LPS-1520Petal PushersVarious ArtistsThe Bystanders - Royal Blue Summer Sunshine Day; Sounds Around - Red White And You; Pennsylvania Sixpence - Love Of The Common People; Ali Ben Dhown - Mustapha; Pinkerton's Colours - MUM And DAD; The Bystanders - Make Up Your Mind; The Traffic Jam - Almost But Not Quite There; Tony Crane - Anonymous Mr. Brown; Ali Ben Dhown - Turkish Delight; The Bystanders - Pattern People. [23]
LP/LPS-1521BackstagePigmeat Markham
LP/LPS-1522Heavy HeadsVarious Artists
LP/LPS-1523Here Come the JudgePigmeat Markham
LP/LPS-1524The Last Request Ben Branch and Operation Breadbasket
LP/LPS-1525Moms Mabley Breaks Up the NetworkMoms Mabley
LP/LPS-1526Tune Me InPigmeat Markham
LP/LPS-1527 I Left My Blues in San Francisco Buddy Guy
LP/LPS-1528Heavy Heads Voyage 2Various Artists
LP/LPS-1529The HustlersPigmeat Markham
LP/LPS-1530Moms Mabley SingsMoms Mabley
LP/LPS-1531 Fathers and Sons Muddy Waters
LP/LPS-1532Koko Taylor Koko Taylor
LP-1533Blues from Big Bill's CopaCabanaVarious Artists
LP/LPS-1534Pigmeat's BagPigmeat Markham
LP-1535Hate to See You GoLittle WalterChess Vintage Series
LP-1536Bummer Road Sonny Boy Williamson Chess Vintage Series
LP-1537Whose Muddy Shoes Elmore James / John Brim Chess Vintage Series
LP-1538Door to Door Albert King / Otis Rush Chess Vintage Series
LP-1539 Sail On Muddy WatersChess Vintage Series reissue of Chess LP-1427
LP-1540 Evil Howlin' WolfChess Vintage Series reissue of Chess LP-1434
LP-1544Pop Origins Volume OneVarious Artists
LP/LPS-1545Moogie WoogieThe Zeet Band
LP/LPS-1546Souled OutVarious Artists
LPS-1547Billy Stewart RememberedBilly Stewart
LPS-1548Just a TasteJoann Garrett
LPS-1549On the CaseThe SCLC Operation Breadbasket Orchestra and Choir
LPS-1550 Back Home Chuck Berry
LPS-1551 Black Merda Black Merda
LP-1552Rocky Roberts Rocky Roberts
LP-1553They Call Me Muddy WatersMuddy Waters

Chess Vintage Series

The Chess Vintage LP series started with LP-407 and featured 9 albums released in 1970/71 with an additional three albums released in 1975. [22]

Catalog No.AlbumArtistDetails
LP-407Chicago Bound Jimmy Rogers with Little Walter and Muddy Waters recorded 1954-56
LP-408Hung Down Head Lowell Fulson recorded 1954-61
LP-409I Was Walking Through the Woods Buddy Guy
LP-410Natural Man J. B. Lenoir
LP-411Drop Down MamaVarious Artistsfeaturing Johnny Shines, Robert Nighthawk, Big Boy Spire, Honey Boy Edwards and Floyd Jones
CHV-412Shoutin', Swingin' And Makin' LoveVarious Artistsfeaturing Jimmy Rushing, Jimmy Witherspoon, Wynonie Harris and Al Hibbler
CHV-413Rare Unissued Recordings, Vintage 1951-53Various Artistsfeaturing Leo Parker, Sahib Shihab and Red Saunders
CHV-414Chicago's Boss Tenors (1948-1956)Various Artistsfeaturing Tom Archia, Gene Ammons, Claude McLin and Johnny Griffin
CHV-415South Side JazzVarious Artistsfeaturing Eddie South, Eddie Johnson, Prince Cooper, Red Saunders and Dave Young
CHV-416Confessin' the Blues Little Walter
CHV-417One Way Out Sonny Boy Williamson
CHV-418Change My WayHowlin' Wolf

GRT consolidated Chess/Cadet album discography (1971–1975)

In 1971 Chess Records was purchased by General Recorded Tape, a.k.a. GRT Corporation, which consolidated both the Chess and Cadet labels into a single labeling number sequence. [24]

Catalog numberTitleArtist
Chess CH-50001 Another Dimension Bo Diddley
Chess CH-50002 Message to the Young Howlin' Wolf
Cadet CA-50004Freedom Means The Dells
Cadet CH-50005Great Female Soul VocalistsVarious Artists
Cadet Concept CC-50006Hey Love The New Rotary Connection
Cadet CA-50007Occasional Rain Terry Callier
Chess CH-50008 San Francisco Dues Chuck Berry
Cadet CA-50009 Mystical Lady Shirley Scott
Cadet Concept CC-50010Oh What a Lovely WarColonel Bagshot
Cadet CA-50011Swahili Strut Bobby Bryant Sextet
Chess CH-50012 Live at Mr. Kelly's Muddy Waters
Chess CH-50013Greatest Hits Little Milton
Chess CH-50014Power and LightPower & Light
Chess CH-50015 Live and Cookin' Howlin' Wolf
Chess CH-50016 Where it All Began Bo Diddley
Cadet CA-50017The Dells Sing Dionne Warwick's Greatest HitsThe Dells
Chess CH-50018Basic Soul Koko Taylor
Cadet CA-50019What Color Is LoveTerry Callier
Cadet CA-50020 The Groover Ramsey Lewis
Cadet CA-50021Sweet as Funk Can BeThe Dells
Cadet 2CA-50022The Best of the Soulful StringsThe Soulful Strings
Chess CH-50023 Can't Get No Grindin' Muddy Waters
Cadet CA-50024 Check This Out Jack McDuff
Cadet CA-50025 Lean on Me Shirley Scott
Cadet CA-50026 Mr. Bojangles Sonny Stitt
Chess 2CH-50027This Is My Story Sonny Boy Williamson
Chess CH-50029 The London Bo Diddley Sessions Bo Diddley
Chess 2CH-50030The Golden Age of Rhythm and BluesVarious Artists
Chess CH-50031Love More Than Pride Laura Lee
Chess CH-50032Ghettos of the MindBama the Village Poet
Chess 2CH-50033 Fathers and Sons Muddy Waters
Cadet CA-50034Teardrops in the Rain Johnny Nash
Cadet 2CA-50035Inspiration Ahmad Jamal
Cadet CA-50036 Superstition Shirley Scott
Cadet CA-50037Give Your Baby a Standing OvationThe Dells
Cadet 2CA-50038It Was a Very Good Year Ray Bryant
Cadet 2CA-50039I Cover the WaterfrontSonny Stitt
Chess CH-50040Come and Get MeKim Tolliver
Cadet CA-50041I Just Can't Help MyselfTerry Callier
Chess CH-50042 Etta James a.k.a. Only a FoolEtta James
Chess CH-50043 Bio Chuck Berry
Cadet CA-50044 Songs for Ageing Children Dave Van Ronk
Chess CH-50045 The Back Door Wolf Howlin' Wolf
Cadet CA-50046The DellsThe Dells
Chess CH-50047 Big Bad Bo Bo Diddley
Cadet CA-50048While My Guitar Gently Weeps Jimmy Ponder
Cadet CA-50049AtlantisDaniel Salinas
Cadet CA-50051 The Fourth Dimension Jack McDuff
Cadet CA-50052In the CutRay Bryant
Chess CH-50053You Can All Join InThe Violinaires
Cadet 2CA-50058Solid IvoryRamsey Lewis
Cadet CH-50059Cross My Heart Billy Stewart
Cadet CA-50060 Satan Sonny Stitt
Chess 2CH-60000Laugh Time Moms Mabley and Pigmeat Markham
Cadet CA-60001 Back to the Roots Ramsey Lewis
Cadet 2CA-60002Charlie Parker Memorial ConcertVarious Artists
Cadet 2CA-60003Rock BottomVarious Artists
Chess 2CH-60004PeachesEtta James
Chess 2CH-60005Got My Own Bag of TricksBo Diddley
Chess 2CH-60006 McKinley Morganfield A.K.A. Muddy Waters Muddy Waters
Cadet 2CA-60007Ha' Mercy Lou Donaldson
Chess CH-60008 The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions Howlin' Wolf
Chess 2CH-60009Moms and PigmeatMoms Mabley and Pigmeat Markham
Cadet 2CA-60010Everything 'Bout Sax and Flute James Moody
Chess 2CH-60011Mad Man's Blues John Lee Hooker
Chess 2CH-60012Chicago Blues AnthologyVarious Artists
Chess CH-60013 The London Muddy Waters Sessions Muddy Waters
Chess 2CH-60014Boss Blues Harmonica Little Walter
Chess 2CH-60015Blues Rock Cookbook: Montreux FestivalVarious Artists
Chess 2CH-60016Chester Burnette A.K.A. Howlin' WolfHowlin' Wolf
Cadet 2CA-60017 The Heatin' System Jack McDuff
Cadet 2CA-60018InsideRamsey Lewis
Cadet 2CA-60019Cool Cookin' Kenny Burrell
Chess CH-60020 The London Chuck Berry Sessions Chuck Berry
Cadet CA-6002112 X 6 The Hard WayVarious Artists
Cadet CA-6002212 X 6 The Easy WayVarious Artists
Chess 2CH-60023Chuck Berry's Golden Decade Volume 2Chuck Berry
Cadet CA-6002412 X 6 Volume 3Various Artists
Cadet CA-6002512 X 6 Volume 4Various Artists
Chess 2CH-60026 London Revisited Howlin' Wolf / Muddy Waters
Cadet CA-60027The Dells vs. The DramaticsThe Dells / The Dramatics
Chess 2CH-60028Chuck Berry's Golden Decade, Volume 3Chuck Berry
Chess CH-60029 Come a Little Closer Etta James
Cadet CA-60030The Mighty, Mighty DellsThe Dells
Chess CH-60031 "Unk" in Funk Muddy Waters
Chess CH-60032 Chuck Berry Chuck Berry
Cadet CA-60033Got to Get Your Own Reuben Wilson
Chess CH-60034 American Gypsy American Gypsy
Chess CH-60035 The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album Muddy Waters
Chess CH-60036The Dells Greatest Hits, Volume 2The Dells
Chess CH-60037Black Caucus ConcertVarious Artists
Cadet 2CA-60038Early Visions Gene Ammons
Cadet CA-60039 Magnetic Feel Jack McDuff
Cadet CA-60040 Never Can Say Goodbye Sonny Stitt
Chess CH-60042Music to Make Love By Solomon Burke
Cadet CA-60044We Got to Get Our Thing TogetherThe Dells

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Lejzor Szmuel Czyż, best known as Leonard Sam Chess, was a Polish-American record company executive and the co-founder of Chess Records. He was influential in the development of electric blues, Chicago blues, and rock and roll.

Chicago blues is a form of blues music developed in Chicago, Illinois. It is based on earlier blues idioms, such as Delta blues, but performed in an urban style. It developed alongside the Great Migration of the first half of the twentieth century. Key features that distinguish Chicago blues from the earlier traditions, such as the Delta blues, is the prominent use of electrified instruments, especially the electric guitar, and especially the use of electronic effects such as distortion and overdrive.

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<i>Moanin in the Moonlight</i> 1959 compilation album by Howlin Wolf

Moanin' in the Moonlight is a compilation album and the first album by American blues artist Howlin' Wolf, released by Chess Records in 1959. It contains songs previously issued as singles, including one of his best-known, "Smokestack Lightning". Rolling Stone ranked it number 477 on its 2020 list of "the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time".

Hoochie Coochie Man Blues standard written by Willie Dixon

"Hoochie Coochie Man" is a blues standard written by Willie Dixon and first recorded by Muddy Waters in 1954. The song makes reference to hoodoo folk magic elements and makes novel use of a stop-time musical arrangement. It became one of Waters' most popular and identifiable songs and helped secure Dixon's role as Chess Records' chief songwriter.

"Wang Dang Doodle" is a blues song written by Willie Dixon. Music critic Mike Rowe calls it a party song in an urban style with its massive, rolling, exciting beat. It was first recorded by Howlin' Wolf in 1960 and released by Chess Records in 1961. In 1965, Dixon and Leonard Chess persuaded Koko Taylor to record it for Checker Records, a Chess subsidiary. Taylor's rendition quickly became a hit, reaching number thirteen on the Billboard R&B chart and number 58 on the pop chart. "Wang Dang Doodle" became a blues standard and has been recorded by various artists.

Philip Chess was a Polish-born American record producer and company executive, the co-founder with his brother of Chess Records.

Little Red Rooster Blues standard credited to Willie Dixon

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<i>The Best of Little Walter</i> 1958 greatest hits album by Little Walter

The Best of Little Walter is the first LP record by American blues performer Little Walter. First released in 1958, the compilation album contains ten Little Walter songs that appeared in the Top 10 of the Billboard R&B chart from 1952 to 1955, plus two B-sides. The album was first released by Checker Records as LP-1428, which was the first LP record released by Checker, and then released on Chess Records with the same catalog number.

<i>Cadillac Records</i> 2008 musical biographical film

Cadillac Records is a 2008 American biographical drama film written and directed by Darnell Martin. The film explores the musical era from the early 1940s to the late 1960s, chronicling the life of the influential Chicago-based record-company executive Leonard Chess, and a few of the musicians who recorded for Chess Records.

<i>The Howlin Wolf Album</i> 1969 studio album by Howlin Wolf

The Howlin' Wolf Album is the first studio album by Howlin' Wolf, released in 1969. It features members of Rotary Connection as his backing band. The album mixed blues with psychedelic rock arrangements of several of Wolf's classic songs. Howlin' Wolf strongly disliked the album, which is noted on the album's cover art. The album peaked at number 69 on Billboard magazine's "Black Albums" chart.

<i>The Real Folk Blues</i> (Muddy Waters album) 1966 compilation album by Muddy Waters

The Real Folk Blues is a 1966 compilation album of Muddy Waters recordings, released on the Chess record label in January 1966. The album was the first release of The Real Folk Blues series and has since been re-released in multiple formats. The album features some of Waters' first recordings.

<i>Super Blues</i> 1967 studio album by Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Little Walter

Super Blues is a 1967 studio album by a blues supergroup consisting of Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, and Little Walter. The album was released in both mono and stereo formats by Checker Records in June 1967. A follow-up album The Super Super Blues Band was released later that year and featured Howlin' Wolf replacing Little Walter.

Little Walter (1930–1968) was an American blues artist who is generally regarded as the most influential blues harmonica player of his era. Most of his earliest recordings were as a sideman, when he contributed harmonica to songs by Chicago blues musicians such as Jimmy Rogers and Muddy Waters. As the featured artist, he recorded the instrumental "Juke" in 1952. The single reached number one on the Billboard Rhythm and Blues chart and launched his career as a solo artist.


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