Daniel Caines

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Daniel Caines
Medal record
Men's athletics
Representing Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Great Britain
World Indoor Championships
Gold medal icon (G initial).svg 2001 Lisbon 400 m
Silver medal icon (S initial).svg 2003 Birmingham 400 m
Silver medal icon (S initial).svg 2003 Birmingham 4x400 m relay
European Championships
Gold medal icon (G initial).svg 2002 Munich 4x400 m relay
Bronze medal icon (B initial).svg 2002 Munich 400 m

Daniel Stephen Caines (born 15 May 1979) is an English athlete who mainly competes in the 400 metres.

England Country in north-west Europe, part of the United Kingdom

England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It shares land borders with Wales to the west and Scotland to the north-northwest. The Irish Sea lies west of England and the Celtic Sea lies to the southwest. England is separated from continental Europe by the North Sea to the east and the English Channel to the south. The country covers five-eighths of the island of Great Britain, which lies in the North Atlantic, and includes over 100 smaller islands, such as the Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Wight.

400 metres sprint running event

The 400 metres, or 400 metre dash, is a sprinting event in track and field competitions. It has been featured in the athletics programme at the Summer Olympics since 1896 for men and since 1964 for women. On a standard outdoor running track, it is one lap around the track. Runners start in staggered positions and race in separate lanes for the entire course. In many countries, athletes previously competed in the 440 yard dash (402.336 m)—which is a quarter of a mile and was referred to as the 'quarter-mile'—instead of the 400 m (437.445 yards), though this distance is now obsolete.


Early life

Caines was born in Solihull. He was educated at Solihull School, a British independent school in the affluent West Midlands town of Solihull. He has a Kittian descent and grew up with an Adventist background.

Solihull town in the West Midlands of England

Solihull is a large town in the West Midlands, England with a population of 123,187 in the 2011 Census. Historically in Warwickshire, it is a part of the West Midlands conurbation. It is the largest town in, and administrative centre of, the larger Metropolitan Borough of Solihull, which itself has a population of 209,890. Solihull is situated 7.5 miles (12.1 km) southeast of Birmingham, 18 miles (29 km) northwest of Warwick and 110 miles (180 km) northwest of London.

Solihull School grade II listed school in Solihull, United Kingdom

Solihull School is a coeducational independent school situated near the centre of Solihull, West Midlands, England. Founded in 1560, it is the oldest school in the town and is a member of the HMC.

An independent school is independent in its finances and governance. It is usually not dependent upon national or local government to finance its operations, nor reliant on taxpayer contributions, and is instead funded by a combination of tuition charges, donations, and in some cases the investment yield of a financial endowment. It is typically governed by a board of governors which is elected independently of government, and has a system of governance that ensures its independent operation.

Athletics career

In addition to winning medals in individual contests, he has been a fairly successful relay runner.

Relay race team sport in athletics, swimming, etc

A relay race is a racing competition where members of a team take turns completing parts of racecourse or performing a certain action. Relay races take the form of professional races and amateur games. Relay races are common in running, orienteering, swimming, cross-country skiing, biathlon, or ice skating. In the Olympic Games, there are several types of relay races that are part of track and field.


Representing Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Great Britain
1998 World Junior Championships Annecy, France 5th 4 × 400 m relay 3:06.32
2000 Olympic Games Sydney, Australia 5th 4 × 400 m relay 3:01.22
2001 World Indoor Championships Lisbon, Portugal 1st 400 metres 46.40
2002 European Championships Munich, Germany 3rd 400 metres 45.28
1st 4 × 400 m relay 3:01.25
2003 World Indoor Championships Birmingham, England 2nd 400 metres 45.43
3rd 4 × 400 m relay 3:06.12

Personal bests

200 metres sprint running event

The 200 metres is a sprint running event. On an outdoor race 400 m track, the race begins on the curve and ends on the home straight, so a combination of techniques are needed to successfully run the race. A slightly shorter race, called the stadion and run on a straight track, was the first recorded event at the ancient Olympic Games. The 200 m places more emphasis on speed endurance than shorter sprint distances as athletes predominantly rely on anaerobic energy system during the 200 m sprint.

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