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The Dean of Christ Church is the dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford and head of the governing body of Christ Church, a constituent college of the University of Oxford. The cathedral is the mother church of the Church of England Diocese of Oxford and seat of the Bishop of Oxford. The chapter of canons of the cathedral has formed the governing body of the college since its foundation, with the dean as ex officio head of the chapter and ipso facto head of the college. Since 26 April 2022, the position has been vacant. [1]

List of deans

From the diocese's foundation in 1542 until 1545, the cathedral was at Osney. There, the cathedral deans were:

The academic deans of Christ Church's predecessor Oxford colleges were:

Both the college and the see at Osney surrendered to the Crown on 20 May 1545. Christ Church, the double establishment of cathedral and college, was founded by letters patent on 4 November 1546. [2]

NamePortraitTerm of office
Richard Cox Bp Richard Cox.jpg 15461553
Richard Marshall No image.svg 15531559
George Carew No image.svg 15591561
Thomas Sampson No image.svg 15611565
Thomas Godwin Bp Thomas Godwin.jpg 15651567
Thomas Cooper No image.svg 15671571
John Piers Abp John Piers.jpg 15711576
Tobias Matthew Tobie (or Tobias) Matthew from NPG.jpg 15771583
William James Bp William James.jpg 15841596
Thomas Ravis
(in commendam as Bishop of Gloucester from 1604)
Thomas Ravis portrait.jpg 15961605
John King John King by Nicholas Lockey.jpg 16051611
William Goodwin No image.svg 16111620
Richard Corbet Portrait of Richard Corbet Bishop of Norwich by Sylvester Harding.jpg 16201628
Brian Duppa BrianDuppa.jpg 16281638
Samuel Fell Samuel Fell, Christ Church.jpg 16381648
Edward Reynolds Edward Reynolds crop.jpg 16481651
John Owen John Owen by John Greenhill.jpg 16511660
Edward Reynolds Edward Reynolds crop.jpg March–July 1660
George Morley GeorgeMorley.jpg July–October 1660
John Fell
(in commendam as Bishop of Oxford from 1676)
John Fell by Peter Lely.jpg 16601686 [†]
John Massey No image.svg 16861688
Henry Aldrich Henry Aldrich after Kneller.jpg 16891710 [†]
Francis Atterbury Francis Atterbury by Godfrey Kneller.jpg 17111713
George Smalridge
(in commendam as Bishop of Bristol from 1714)
George Smalridge.jpg 17131719 [†]
Hugh Boulter
(in commendam as Bishop of Bristol)
Bp Hugh Boulter.jpg 17191724
William Bradshaw
(in commendam as Bishop of Bristol)
William Bradshaw by Enoch Seeman.jpg 17241732 [†]
John Conybeare
(in commendam as Bishop of Bristol from 1750)
Bp John Conybeare.jpg 17331755 [†]
David Gregory No image.svg 17561767 [†]
William Markham
(in commendam as Bishop of Chester from 1771)
William Markham by Benjamin West.jpg 17671777
Lewis Bagot
(in commendam as Bishop of Bristol from 1782)
Bp Lewis Bagot by John Hoppner.jpg 17771783
Cyril Jackson Cyril Jackson (1746-1819), by Studio of William Owen.jpg 17831809
Charles Henry Hall Charles Henry Hall, Christ Church.jpg 18091824
Samuel Smith Samuel Smith, Christ Church.jpg 18241831
Thomas Gaisford Thomas Gaisford, Christ Church.jpg 18311855 [†]
Henry Liddell HenryLiddell.jpg 18551891
Francis Paget Francis Paget.jpg 18921901
Thomas Strong [3] Bp Thomas Banks Strong.jpg 19011920
Henry Julian White H Julian White,Christ Church.jpg 19201934
Alwyn Williams No image.svg 19341939
John Lowe No image.svg 19391959
Cuthbert Simpson No image.svg 19591969
Henry Chadwick No image.svg 19691979
Eric Heaton No image.svg 19791991
John Drury No image.svg 19912003
Christopher Lewis [4] No image.svg 20032014 [5]
Martyn Percy [6] [7] Martyn Percy at Christ Church (cropped).jpg 20142022

Died in office

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