Diocese of Oxford

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Diocese of Oxford

Dioecesis Oxoniensis
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Coat of arms
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Ecclesiastical province Canterbury
Archdeaconries Oxford, Buckingham, Berkshire, Dorchester
Cathedral Christ Church
Language English
Current leadership
Bishop Steven Croft, Bishop of Oxford

The Diocese of Oxford is a Church of England diocese that forms part of the Province of Canterbury. The diocese is led by the Bishop of Oxford (currently Steven Croft), and the bishop's seat is at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. It contains more church buildings than any other diocese and has more paid clergy than any other except London.


The diocese now covers the counties of Berkshire (118 churches), Buckinghamshire (152 churches), Oxfordshire (227 churches) and five churches in the nearby counties.


The Diocese of Oxford was created by letters patent from Henry VIII on 1 September 1542, [1] out of part of the Diocese of Lincoln. Osney Abbey was designated the original cathedral, but in 1545 this was changed to St Frideswide's Priory which became Christ Church Cathedral.

In 1836 the Archdeaconry of Berkshire was transferred from the Diocese of Salisbury to Oxford. This comprises the county of Berkshire and parts of Wiltshire.

By an Act of 1837 Buckinghamshire was notified of its transfer from the then Diocese of Lincoln, to become the Archdeaconry of Buckingham, effective from 1845.

In 2013 and 2014, the Diocese of Oxford discussed and resolved to undertake some pastoral alterations; the new archdeaconry of Dorchester was created on 1 March 2014. [2] On 3 March 2014, it was announced that Judy French would become the first Archdeacon of Dorchester from June 2014. [3]


The diocesan Bishop of Oxford is assisted by the area bishops of Dorchester, Buckingham, and Reading. The suffragan See of Buckingham was created in 1914, and was the suffragan bishopric for the whole diocese until 1939 when the See of Dorchester was created; the See of Reading was re-created in 1942, after having been 'in abeyance' since 1909.

The provincial episcopal visitor (for Anglo-Catholic parishes in the diocese – among twelve other dioceses in the western part of the Province of Canterbury – which do not accept the ordination of women as priests) is the Bishop of Oswestry, who is licensed as an honorary assistant bishop of the diocese in order to facilitate his ministry in the diocese. Conservative evangelicals who reject the ordination and/or leadership of women due to complementarian beliefs, receive alternative episcopal oversight from the Bishop of Ebbsfleet.

Several retired bishops resident in or near the diocese are licensed to serve as honorary assistant bishops.As of 20 September 2021:

George Carey (retired Archbishop of Canterbury) lives in the diocese and was an honorary assistant bishop, [9] but resigned his licence following his implication in the Peter Ball abuse case, [10] and Humphrey Southern, former Bishop suffragan of Repton, is the Principal of Ripon College Cuddesdon. [11]

Current extent

Map of the dioceses of the Church of England showing Oxford Diocese in mauve Oxford Diocese.jpg
Map of the dioceses of the Church of England showing Oxford Diocese in mauve


The diocese now covers the counties of

and has

Episcopal areas

Since the creation of an area scheme in 1984, [12] the diocese has been divided into three episcopal areas. The Bishop of Oxford has authority throughout the diocese, but also has primary responsibility for the city and suburbs of Oxford, which form the Archdeaconry of Oxford.

Archdeaconries and deaneries

Episcopal area Archdeaconries Rural Deaneries Paid clergyChurchesPopulationPeople/clergyPeople/churchChurches/clergy
Oxford Episcopal Area
(Bishop of Oxford)
Archdeaconry of Oxford Deanery of Oxford 34*26*68,686*2,0202,6420.76
Deanery of Cowley 1517104,6506,9776,1561.13
Dorchester Episcopal Area
(area Bishop of Dorchester)
Archdeaconry of Dorchester Deanery of Abingdon 142766,6874,7632,4701.93
Deanery of Aston & Cuddesdon 185154,9133,0511,0772.83
Deanery of Bicester & Islip 103951,4945,1491,3203.9
Deanery of Chipping Norton 93023,9032,6567973.33
Deanery of Deddington 143466,5054,7501,9562.43
Deanery of Henley 92536,6864,0761,4672.78
Deanery of Vale of White Horse 62719,4943,2497224.5
Deanery of Wallingford 101947,5004,7502,5001.9
Deanery of Wantage 51624,6854,9371,5433.2
Deanery of Witney 133863,8844,9141,6812.92
Deanery of Woodstock 92425,4042,8231,0592.67
Buckingham Episcopal Area
(area Bishop of Buckingham)
Archdeaconry of Buckingham Deanery of Amersham 2331111,7024,8573,6031.35
Deanery of Aylesbury 1937104,3695,4932,8211.95
Deanery of Buckingham 62221,2143,5369643.67
Deanery of Burnham & Slough 2031193,6359,6826,2461.55
Deanery of Claydon 52521,1254,2258455
Deanery of Milton Keynes 1529213,30414,2207,3551.93
Deanery of Mursley 52021,4444,2891,0724
Deanery of Newport 52232,1756,4351,4634.4
Deanery of Wendover 82235,2624,4081,6032.75
Deanery of Wycombe 1836150,6108,3674,1842
Reading Episcopal Area
(area Bishop of Reading)
Archdeaconry of Berkshire Deanery of Bracknell 1119103,8749,4435,4671.73
Deanery of Bradfield 92636,8914,0991,4192.89
Deanery of Maidenhead & Windsor 2024110,4565,5234,6021.2
Deanery of Newbury 164096,3476,0222,4092.5
Deanery of Reading 3635245,8926,8307,0250.97
Deanery of Sonning 2024112,0395,6024,6681.2

*including Cathedral


Outside deanery structures

BeneficeChurchesClergyPopulation served [13] Ref
Cathedra512 [14]

Deanery of Oxford

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served [13] Ref
Hinksey, South (St Laurence)
  • St Laurence, South Hinksey
  • St John the Evangelist, New Hinksey
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • Curate: Benjamin Drury
2,481 [15]
Kidlington (St Mary the Virgin) with Hampton Poyle
  • St Mary the Virgin, Kidlington
  • St Mary the Virgin, Hampton Poyle
  • St John the Baptist, South Kidlington
  • Team Rector: Felicity Scroggie
  • Team Vicar: Martin Davis
  • Curate: Laura Biron-Scott
14,850 [16]
Osney (St Frideswide)
  • St Frideswide, Osney
  • SS Peter & Paul, Botley
  • St Lawrence, North Hinksey
  • St Margaret of Antioch, Binsey
  • Rector: Clare Sykes
  • Curate: Katherine Seagrave
  • SSM: Martin Henig
  • SSM: Jo Moffett-Levy
7,245 [17]
Oxford (St Aldate)
  • St Aldate, Oxford
  • Rector: Charlie Cleverly
  • Pastorate Chaplain: Simon Ponsonby
  • Curate: Will Donaldson
  • Curate: Tim Bateman
  • SSM: Mark Brickman
  • SSM: Christopher Landau
  • SSM: Daniel Hames
727 [18] [19]
Oxford (St Andrew)
  • Vicar: Dan Heyward
  • Curate: Paul White
  • Curate: James Dwyer
  • SSM: Elizabeth Pitkethly
2,991 [20]
Oxford (St Barnabas and St Paul) (St Thomas the Martyr)
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • Curate: Susan Gillingham
5,583 [21]
Oxford (St Ebbe with Holy Trinity and St Peter-Le-Bailey)
  • Rector: Vaughan Roberts
  • Curate: Pete Wilkinson
  • Curate: Joel Knight
  • Curate: Matt Pope
  • Curate: Leon Catallo
  • SSM: James Poole
  • SSM: John Miller
1,443 [22]
  • St Ebbe's Headington1
Oxford (St Giles) St Philip and St James (St Margaret)
  • Vicar: Anthony Bunch
  • Curate: Tom Albinson
7,885 [23]
Oxford (St Mary Magdalen)
  • Vicar: Peter Groves
  • Curate: Jarred Mercer
  • SSM: Jonathan Jong
1,176 [24]
Oxford (St Mary the Virgin) (St Cross Or Holywell) (St Peter in the East)
  • Vicar: William Lamb
  • Curate: James Crockford
  • SSM: Charlotte Bannister-Parker
  • SSM: Alan Ramsey
5,229 [25]
Oxford (St Matthew)
  • St Matthew, Oxford
  • Rector: Steve Hellyer
  • Curate: Stephen Tuck
  • SSM: Timothy Bradshaw
  • SSM: Jane Lees
  • SSM: Mike Rayner
3,154 [26]
  • St Luke, Oxford
Oxford (St Michael At the North Gate with St Martin and All Saints)
  • Vicar: Anthony Buckley
1,155 [27]
Summertown (St Michael and All Angels)
  • St Michael & All Angels, Summertown
  • Vicar: Gavin Knight
  • SSM: William Pryor
7,840 [28]
Wolvercote (St Peter) and Wytham
  • St Peter, Wolvercote
  • Vicar: Charles Draper
  • SSM: William Whyte
  • SSM: Sheila Crowther
6,415 [29]
  • All Saints, Wytham

1situated within the area covered by the Cowley deanery

Deanery of Cowley

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served [13]
Blackbird Leys (Holy Family)
  • Holy Family, Blackbird Leys (LEP)
  • Vicar: Heather Carter
Cowley (St James) (St Francis)
  • St James, Cowley
  • St Francis, Cowley
  • Team Rector: Geoffrey Bayliss
  • Team Vicar: Vacant
  • SSM: Richard Chand
  • SSM: Gordon Hickson
Cowley (St John) (St Alban) (St Bart) (St Mary & St John)
  • Vicar: Philip Ritchie
  • SSM: Sabina Alkire
  • SSM: Matt Rees
Headington (St Andrew)
  • Vicar: Darren McFarland
  • Curate: Tim Howles
Headington (St Mary)
  • St Mary, Headington
  • Vicar: Eric Bossward
Headington Quarry (Holy Trinity)
  • Vicar: Tim Stead
  • SSM: Robert Gilbert
Highfield (All Saints)
  • All Saints, Headington
  • Vicar: Now vacant
Iffley (St Mary the Virgin)
  • Vicar: Andrew McKearney
  • SSM: William Beaver
Littlemore (St Mary the Virgin and St Nicholas)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Margreet Armitstead
  • Curate: Hannah Cartwright
  • SSM: Teresa Morgan
Marston (St Nicholas) with Elsfield
  • St Nicholas, Marston
  • St Thomas of Canterbury, Elsfield
  • Vicar: Elizabeth Denno
Marston, New (St Michael and All Angels)
  • St Michael & All Angels, New Marston
  • Vicar: Elaine Bardwell
Oxford (St Clement)
  • Rector: Rachel Gibson
  • Curate: Philip Lockley
Sandford-On-Thames (St Andrew)
  • St Andrew, Sandford-on-Thames
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Robert Morgan

Deanery of Abingdon

Deanery website

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Abingdon, North (Christ Church)
  • Christ Church Abingdon
  • Vicar: Keith Dunnett
  • Associate Vicars: Kath & Phil Cooke
  • Curate: Andrew Gilmour
  • Curate: Ros Steel
  • SSM: Simon Steer
  • Christ Church Long Furlong
Peachcroft Christian Centre
  • Peachcroft Christian Centre (LEP)
  • Minister: Vacant
Abingdon-On-Thames (St Helen) (St Michael and All Angels) (St Nicolas)
  • Team Rector: Charles Miller
  • Team Vicar: Paul Smith
  • Self-supporting Associate Priest: Jennifer Brown
  • St Michael & All Angels, Abingdon
Appleton with Besselsleigh
  • St Laurence, Appleton
  • Rector: Vacant
Cumnor (St Michael)
  • St Michael, Cumnor
  • St Andrew, Dean Court
  • St Mary, Farmoor
  • Vicar: Jonathan Widdess
  • Associate Minister: David Wenham
  • Associate Minister: Jean Pryce-Williams
Damascus, Comprising Appleford, Drayton, Milton, Steventon, and Sutton Courtenay
  • Rector: Helen Kendrick
  • Associate Priest: Philip Sutton
  • Associate Priest: Rosie Bruce
Dry Sandford (St Helen)
  • St Helen, Dry Sandford
  • Vicar: Vacant
Fyfield (St Nicholas) with Tubney and Kingston Bagpuize
  • St Nicholas, Fyfield
  • St Lawrence, Tubney
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • St John the Baptist, Kingston Bagpuize
Marcham (All Saints) with Garford and Shippon
  • All Saints, Marcham
  • St Luke, Garford
  • Vicar: Nick Weldon
  • St Mary Magdalene, Shippon
Radley (St James the Great), Sunningwell and Kennington
  • St James the Great, Radley
  • Rector: Robert Glenny
  • Curate: Anne Curtis
  • Associate Priest: Pat Bhutta
  • Associate Priest: Glynis Beckett
  • St Swithun, Kennington
  • St Leonard, Sunningwell
Wootton (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Wootton
  • Vicar: Stephen Coe

Deanery of Aston and Cuddesdon

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Albury (St Helen) with Tiddington, Holton, Waterperry, Waterstock and Wheatley
  • Vicar: Nigel Hawkes
  • Curate: David Bendor-Samuel
Beckley (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary), Forest Hill, Horton-Cum-Studley and Stanton St John
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Beckley
  • St Nicholas the Confessor, Forest Hill
  • St Barnabas, Horton-cum-Studley
  • St John the Baptist, Stanton St John
  • Vicar: Andrew Pritchard-Keens
  • SSM: Hugh Lee
Benson (St Helen) with Ewelme
  • St Helen, Benson
  • St Bartholomew, Brightwell Baldwin
  • Holy Rood, Cuxham
  • St Peter, Easington
  • St Mary the Virgin, Ewelme
  • Rector: Patrick Gilday
Chalgrove (St Mary) with Berrick Salome
  • St Mary, Chalgrove
  • Vicar: Michael Lakey
  • St Helen, Berrick Salome
Chinnor (St Andrew), Sydenham, Aston Rowant and Crowell
  • St Andrew, Chinnor
  • SS Peter & Paul, Aston Rowant
  • Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Crowell
  • St Mary, Sydenham
  • Rector: Margaret Thorne
  • Curate: Jacqueline Barr
Dorchester (St Peter and St Paul)
  • Abbey Church of SS Peter & Paul, Dorchester
  • SS Mary & Berin, Berinsfield
  • St Michael & All Angels, Clifton Hampden
  • St Paul, Culham
  • SS Leonard & Catherine, Drayton St Leonard
  • St Mary the Virgin, Long Wittenham
  • St Peter, Little Wittenham
  • St Peter, Marsh Baldon
  • St Lawrence, Toot Baldon
  • St Giles, Newington
  • St John the Baptist, Stadhampton
  • Team Rector/Rector: Sue Booys
  • Team Vicar (Dorchester): Caroline King
  • Team Vicar (Dorchester): Paul Cawthorne
  • Curate (Dorchester): Jon Roberts
  • Curate (Dorchester): Jennifer Morton
Warborough (St Lawrence)
  • St Lawrence, Warborough
Garsington (St Mary), Cuddesdon and Horspath
  • Vicar: Emma Pennington
  • SSM: Mark Chapman
Icknield, Comprising Britwell Salome, Pyrton and Shirburn, Swyncombe, and Watlington
  • St Botolph, Swyncombe
  • Rector: Daniel Thompson
  • SSM: Angie Paterson
  • St Leonard, Watlington
Milton, Great (St Mary the Virgin) with Little (St James) and Great Haseley
  • St Mary the Virgin, Great Milton
  • St James, Little Milton
  • St Peter, Great Haseley
  • Rector: Simon Cronk
Thame (St Mary the Virgin) (Barley Hill Church)
  • Team Rector: Alan Garratt
  • Team Vicar: Rachel Cross
  • Curate: Michael Reading
  • SSM: Graham Waterson
  • SSM: Graham Choldcroft
  • Hon. Curate: Simon Baynes
  • Hon. Curate: Raymond Copping

Deanery of Bicester and Islip

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Akeman, Comprising Bletchingdon, Chesterton, Hampton Gay, Kirtlington, Middleton Stoney, Wendlebury, Weston-On-The-Green
  • St Giles, Bletchingdon
  • St Mary, Great Chesterton
  • St Giles, Hampton Gay
  • St Mary the Virgin, Kirtlington
  • All Saints, Middleton Stoney
  • St Giles, Wendlebury
  • St Mary, Weston-on-the-Green
  • Rector: John Miller
  • SSM: Brian Wood
Bicester (St Edburg) with Bucknell, Caversfield and Launton
  • St Edburg, Bicester
  • Team Rector: Verena Breed
  • Team Vicar: Ian Biscoe
  • Team Vicar: Peter Wright
  • Curate: Erika Biscoe
  • Curate: April Beckerleg
  • SSM: Robert Atkins
  • SSM: Peter Hill
  • OLM: Carol Hill
  • Emmanuel, Bicester (2002)
  • St Laurence, Caversfield
  • St Peter, Bucknell
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Launton
Cherwell Valley, Comprising Ardley with Fewcott, Fritwell, Lower Heyford, Somerton, Souldern, and Upper Heyford
  • Team Rector: Stephen Griffiths
  • Team Vicar: Geoff Price
Ray Valley, The, Comprising Ambrosden, Charlton-On-Otmoor, Islip, Merton, Noke, Oddington, Piddington, and Woodeaton
  • Rector: Steve Hayes
  • OLM: Lisa Holmes
  • Hon. Curate: Lucy Thirtle
  • St Andrew, Oddington
  • St Mary the Virgin, Ambrosden
  • St Mary, Charlton-on-Otmoor
  • Murcott Mission Room
  • St Swithun, Merton
  • St Giles, Noke
  • St Nicholas, Piddington
  • Holy Rood, Woodeaton
Rousham (St Leonard and St James)
  • SS Leonard & James, Rousham
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Richard Smail
Shelswell, Comprising Cottisford and Hardwick-Cum-Tusmore, Finmere, Fringford, Hethe, Mixbury, Newton Purcell with Shelswell, Stoke Lyne, and Stratton Audley and Godington
  • St Mary the Virgin, Cottisford
  • St Mary, Hardwick-cum-Tusmore
  • St Michael, Finmere
  • St Michael, Fringford
  • SS Edmund, King & Martyr, & George, Hethe
  • All Saints, Mixbury
  • St Michael, Newton Purcell
  • St Peter, Stoke Lyne
  • Holy Trinity, Godington
  • SS Mary & Edburga, Stratton Audley
  • Rector: Alice Goodall
  • SSM: Bill Muncey

Deanery of Chipping Norton

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Charlbury (St Mary the Virgin) with Shorthampton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Charlbury
  • All Saints, Shorthampton
  • Vicar: Sally Welch
  • SSM: Janice Fielden
Chase, Comprising Ascott-Under-Wychwood, Chadlington, Enstone, and Spelsbury
  • Holy Trinity, Ascott-under-Wychwood
  • St Nicholas, Chadlington
  • St Kenelm, Enstone
  • All Saints, Spelsbury
  • Rector: Mark Abrey
Chipping Norton (St Mary the Virgin)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Chipping Norton
  • Team Rector: James Kennedy
  • Team Vicar: David Salter
  • Curate: Jackie Jones
  • Curate: Martha Simpson
  • SSM: Stephen Blake
  • Hon. Curate: Roger Simpson
  • Hon. Curate: Ursula Simpson
  • All Saints, Churchill
  • St Andrew, Kingham
Forest Edge, Comprising Finstock with Fawler, Leafield with Wychwood, Ramsden, and Wilcote
  • Holy Trinity, Finstock
  • St Michael & All Angels, Leafield
  • St James, Ramsden
  • St Peter, Wilcote
  • Vicar: Paul Mansell
  • SSM: Sarah Jones
Hook Norton (St Peter) with Great Rollright, Swerford and Wigginton
  • St Peter, Hook Norton
  • Rector: John Acreman
  • SSM: Christopher Turner
  • SSM: Wendy Cunningham
  • St Andrew, Great Rollright
  • St Mary, Swerford
  • St Giles, Wigginton
Tew, Great (St Michael and All Angels) with Little (St John the Evangelist) and Heythrop
  • St Michael & All Angels, Great Tew
  • St John the Evangelist, Little Tew
  • St Nicholas, Heythrop
  • Vicar: Ginny Thomas
Wychwood, Comprising Fifield with Idbury, Milton-Under-Wychwood, and Shipton-Under-Wychwood
  • St John the Baptist, Fifield
  • St Nicholas, Idbury
  • SS Simon & Jude, Milton-under-Wychwood
  • St Mary, Shipton-under-Wychwood
  • Vicar: Vacant

Deanery of Deddington

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Adderbury (St Mary) with Milton
  • St Mary, Adderbury
  • St John the Evangelist, Milton
  • Vicar: Stephen Fletcher
Banbury (St Francis)
  • St Francis, Banbury
  • Vicar: Chris Gaynor
Banbury (St Hugh)
  • St Hugh, Banbury
  • Vicar: Anita Smith
  • SSM: Colin Smith
Banbury (St Leonard)
  • St Leonard, Banbury
  • Vicar: Sue Burchell
Banbury (St Mary)
  • Rector: Philip Cochrane
  • SSM: Jeffrey West
  • SSM: Louise Adey Huish
Banbury (St Paul)
  • St Paul, Banbury
  • Vicar: Daniel McGowan
  • Curate: Richard Power
Bloxham (Our Lady of Bloxham) with Milcombe and South Newington
  • Vicar: Dale Gingrich
Bodicote (St John the Baptist)
  • St John the Baptist, Bodicote
  • Vicar: Sarah Sharp
Deddington (St Peter and St Paul) Barford, Clifton and Hempton
  • SS Peter & Paul, Deddington
  • Vicar: Annie Goldthorp
  • SSM: Paula Smith
  • St John, Barford St John
  • St Michael, Barford St Michael
  • St John the Evangelist, Hempton
Ironstone: Drayton, Hanwell, Horley, Hornton, Shenington with Alkerton, and Wroxton with Balscote
  • St Peter, Drayton
  • St Peter, Hanwell
  • St Etheldreda, Horley
  • St John the Baptist, Hornton
  • St Michael & All Angels, Alkerton
  • Holy Trinity, Shenington
  • St Mary Magdalene, Balscote
  • All Saints, Wroxton
  • Rector: John Reader
  • Curate: Hugo White
Shires' Edge, Claydon, Cropredy, Great Bourton, Mollington, and Wardington
  • St Mary the Virgin, Cropredy
  • Vicar: Hilary Campbell
  • St James the Great, Claydon
  • All Saints, Great Bourton
  • All Saints, Mollington
  • St Mary Magdalene, Wardington
Wykeham: Broughton with North Newington, Epwell with Sibford, Shutford, Swalcliffe, and Tadmarton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Broughton
  • St Anne, Epwell
  • St Martin, Shutford
  • Holy Trinity, Sibford
  • SS Peter & Paul, Swalcliffe
  • St Nicholas, Tadmarton
  • Rector: Ronald Hawkes
  • SSM: John Tattersall
  • SSM: Liz Hawkes

Deanery of Henley

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Goring (St Thomas of Canterbury) and Streatley With South Stoke
  • St Thomas of Canterbury, Goring
  • St Andrew, South Stoke
  • St Mary, Streatley
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • Curate: Steve Johnson
  • Curate: Wendy Middleton
  • SSM: Elizabeth Dowding
Henley-On-Thames (Holy Trinity)
  • Holy Trinity, Henley-on-Thames
  • Vicar: Duncan Carter
  • Minister (T@4): Sam Brewster (see below)
  • Trinity at Four, Henley
Henley-On-Thames (St Mary the Virgin) with Remenham
  • St Mary the Virgin, Henley-on-Thames
  • St Nicholas, Remenham
  • Rector: Vacant
Langtree, Comprising Checkendon, Ipsden, North Stoke, Stoke Row, Whitchurch, and Woodcote
  • SS Peter & Paul, Checkendon
  • St Mary the Virgin, Ipsden
  • St Mary the Virgin, North Stoke
  • St John the Evangelist, Stoke Row
  • St Mary the Virgin, Whitchurch
  • St John the Baptist, Whitchurch Hill
  • St Leonard, Woodcote
  • Team Rector: Kevin Davies
  • Team Vicar: Linda Smith
  • SSM: Angela Linton
  • SSM: Claire Alcock
  • Hon. Curate: Alan Gates
Nettlebed (St Bartholomew) with Bix, Highmoor, Pishill and Rotherfield Greys
  • St Bartholomew, Nettlebed
  • St James, Bix
  • Pishill Parish Church
  • St Nicholas, Rotherfield Greys
  • Rector/Priest-in-Charge: Brendan Bailey
  • Hon. Curate: Brian Shenton
Nuffield (Holy Trinity)
  • Holy Trinity, Nuffield
Rotherfield Peppard (All Saints) and Kidmore End and Sonning Common
  • All Saints, Rotherfield Peppard
  • Rector: James Stickings
  • Curate: Stewart Morgan
  • SSM: Sheila Walker
  • St John the Baptist, Kidmore End
  • Christ the King, Sonning Common
Shiplake (St Peter and St Paul) with Dunsden and Harpsden
  • SS Peter & Paul, Shiplake
  • St Margaret, Harpsden
  • All Saints, Dunsden
  • Rector: Robert Thewsey

Deanery of Vale of White Horse

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Cherbury with Gainfield, Including Buckland, Charney Bassett, Hinton Waldrist, Littleworth, Longworth, Lyford, and Pusey
  • St Peter, Charney Bassett
  • St Mary the Virgin, Buckland
  • Holy Ascension, Littleworth
  • All Saints, Pusey
  • St Margaret, Hinton Waldrist
  • St Mary, Longworth
  • St Mary, Lyford
  • Rector: Talisker Tracey-MacLeod
Coxwell, Great (St Giles) with Buscot, Coleshill and Eaton Hastings
  • St Giles, Great Coxwell
  • St Mary, Buscot
  • All Saints, Coleshill
  • St Michael & All Angels, Eaton Hastings
  • Vicar: David Williams
Faringdon, Great (All Saints) with Little Coxwell
  • All Saints, Faringdon
  • St Mary, Little Coxwell
  • Vicar: Stephen Bellamy
Shrivenham (St Andrew) and Ashbury
  • St Andrew, Shrivenham
  • St Mary the Virgin, Ashbury
  • St Swithun, Compton Beauchamp
  • St John the Evangelist, Fernham
  • St Mary the Virgin, Longcot
  • St James, Bourton
  • St Thomas's Chapel, Watchfield
  • Vicar: Richard Hancock
  • SSM: Norma Fergusson
Stanford in the Vale (St Denys) with Goosey and Hatford
  • St Denys, Stanford in the Vale
  • All Saints, Goosey
  • St George, Hatford
  • Vicar: Paul Eddy
Uffington (St Mary), Shellingford, Woolstone and Baulking
  • St Mary, Uffington
  • St Nicholas, Baulking
  • St Faith, Shellingford
  • All Saints, Woolstone
  • Rector: Jeremy Goulston

Deanery of Wallingford

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Cholsey (St Mary) and Moulsford
  • St Mary, Cholsey
  • Vicar: Reverend Rebecca Peters
  • St John the Baptist, Moulsford
Churn, the (Aston Tirrold with Aston Upthorpe, Blewbury, Hagbourne, North Moreton, South Moreton, and Upton)
  • St Michael, Aston Tirrold
  • All Saints, Aston Upthorpe
  • St Michael & All Angels, Blewbury
  • St Andrew, Hagbourne
  • All Saints, North Moreton
  • St John the Baptist, South Moreton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Upton
  • Rector: Jason St John Nicolle
  • Curate: Jennifer Brown
  • OLM: Louise Butler
  • Hon. Curate: John Clarke
Didcot (All Saints)
  • All Saints, Didcot
  • Priest-in-Charge: Karen Beck
  • Curate: Hugh Boorman
  • Curate: Mark Bodeker
  • Ladygrove Church, Didcot (LEP)
Didcot (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Didcot
  • Priest-in-Charge: Hannah Reynolds
  • OLM: Fran Childs
Harwell (St Matthew) with Chilton
  • St Matthew, Harwell
  • All Saints, Chilton
  • Rector: Jonathan Mobey
  • SSM: Jan Radford
  • OLM: Pam Rolls
Wallingford (St Mary Le More with All Hallows) (St Leonard)
  • Team Rector: David Rice
  • Team Vicar: Kevin Beer
  • Hon. Curate: Jim Spence

Deanery of Wantage

Deanery website

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Ridgeway, Comprising Childrey with West Challow, Letcombe Bassett, Letcombe Regis, and Sparsholt with Kingston Lisle
  • St Laurence, West Challow
  • St Mary the Virgin, Childrey
  • St Michael & All Angels, Letcombe Bassett
  • St Andrew, Letcombe Regis
  • St John the Baptist, Kingston Lisle
  • Holy Cross, Sparsholt
  • Rector: Ness Brunner Ellis
Vale, Comprising Challow, Denchworth, Grove, and Hanney
  • St John the Baptist, Grove
  • Vicar: John Durant
  • Curate: Alec Gill
  • SSM: Paul Gooding
  • SSM: George Moody
  • St Nicolas, East Challow
  • St James, Denchworth
  • St James the Great, West Hanney
Wantage (St Peter and St Paul) Archived 7 June 2017 at the Wayback Machine
  • Vicar: Katherine Price
  • Curate: Benji Tyler
Wantage Downs, Comprising Ardington with Lockinge, East Hendred, and West Hendred
  • Holy Trinity, Ardington
  • All Saints, Lockinge
  • St Augustine of Canterbury, East Hendred
  • Holy Trinity, West Hendred
  • Rector: Nikolaj Christensen
  • SSM: Dorothy Page

Deanery of Witney

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Bampton (Holy Trinity) (St James) (St Mary) with Clanfield
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • SSM: Theresa Kuin Lawton
  • St James, Bampton Aston
  • Holy Trinity, Bampton Lew
  • St Stephen, Clanfield
  • St Mary, Shifford
Brize Norton (St Britius) and Carterton
  • St John the Evangelist, Carterton
  • Team Rector: William Blakey
  • Team Vicar: James Maddern
  • SSM: Ian Howard
  • St Britius, Brize Norton
Burford (St John the Baptist) with Fulbrook, Taynton, Asthall, Swinbrook and Widford
  • St John the Baptist, Burford
  • St Nicholas, Asthall
  • St Mary, Swinbrook
  • St Oswald, Widford
  • St James the Great, Fulbrook
  • St John the Evangelist, Taynton
  • Vicar: Richard Coombs
  • SSM: Robert Wainwright
  • OLM: Cedric Reavley
Cogges (St Mary) and South Leigh
  • St Mary, Cogges
  • Vicar (Cogges): Simon Kirby
  • Curate (Cogges): Richard White
  • Curate/Vicar: Margaret Dixon
  • SSM: Nick Pike
  • St James the Great, South Leigh
Leigh, North (St Mary)
Ducklington (St Bartholomew)
  • St Bartholomew, Ducklington
  • Rector: Paul Boddam-Whetham
Shill Valley and Broadshire, Comprising Alvescot, Black Bourton, Broadwell with Kelmscott, Broughton Poggs with Filkins, Holwell, Kencot, Langford, Little Faringdon, Shilton, and Westwell
  • St Peter, Alvescot
  • St Mary the Virgin, Black Bourton
  • SS Peter & Paul, Broadwell
  • St George, Kelmscott
  • St Peter, Broughton Poggs
  • St Peter, Filkins
  • St Mary the Virgin, Holwell
  • St George, Kencot
  • St Matthew, Langford
  • St Margaret of England, Little Faringdon
  • Holy Rood, Shilton
  • St Mary, Westwell
  • Rector: Harry MacInnes
  • SSM: Karen Young
Windrush, Lower, Comprising Northmoor, Standlake, Stanton Harcourt, and Yelford
  • St Denys, Northmoor
  • St Giles, Standlake
  • St Michael, Stanton Harcourt
  • SS Nicholas & Swithun, Yelford
  • Rector: Drew Tweedy
Witney (St Mary the Virgin) (Holy Trinity)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Witney
  • Holy Trinity, Witney
  • St John the Baptist, Curbridge
  • St John the Evangelist, Hailey
  • Team Rector: Toby Wright
  • Team Vicar: Vanessa Whiffin
  • Curate: Joy Hance
  • Curate: Ross Meikle
  • SSM: Joanna McGrath
  • Hon. Curate: Sally Wright
  • Hon. Curate: Mark Thomas
  • St Kenelm, Minster Lovell

Deanery of Woodstock

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Eynsham (St Leonard) and Cassington
  • St Leonard, Eynsham
  • Vicar: Duncan Fraser
  • St Peter, Cassington
Hanborough (St Peter and St Paul) and Freeland
  • SS Peter & Paul, Hanborough
  • Christ Church, Long Hanborough
  • Rector: Steve Stewart
  • Associate Rector: Mike Madden
  • Curate: Heather McCulloch
  • St Mary the Virgin, Freeland
Steeple Aston (St Peter and St Paul) with North Aston and Tackley
  • SS Peter & Paul, Steeple Aston
  • St Mary the Virgin, North Aston
  • St Nicholas, Tackley
  • Rector: Harriet Orridge
Stonesfield (St James the Great) with Combe Longa
  • St James the Great, Stonesfield
  • Rector: Ralph Williamson
Westcote Barton (St Edward the Confessor) with Steeple Barton, Duns Tew and Sandford St Martin and Over with Nether Worton
  • St Edward the Confessor, Westcote Barton
  • St Mary Magdalene, Duns Tew
  • St James, Nether Worton
  • Holy Trinity, Over Worton
  • St Martin, Sandford St Martin
  • St Mary, Steeple Barton
  • Rector: Jane Wright
Woodstock (St Mary Magdalene) and Bladon
  • Rector: Jeremy Auld
  • Associate Minister: Shaun Henson
  • Hon. Associate Priest: Stephen Pix
  • Associate Priest: Andrew Burch
  • Associate Priest: Katie Jones
Yarnton (St Batholomew) with Begbroke and Shipton-On-Cherwell
  • St Bartholomew, Yarnton
  • St Michael, Begbroke
  • Holy Cross, Shipton-on-Cherwell
  • Rector: Oliver Petter
Wootton (St Mary) with Glympton and Kiddington
  • St Mary, Wootton
  • St Mary, Glympton
  • St Nicholas, Kiddington
  • Vicar: Vacant

Deanery of Amersham

Deanery website

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Amersham (St Mary the Virgin)
  • Rector: Tim Harper
  • SSM: Sue Gill
  • OLM: Tim Barnard
  • All Saints, Coleshill
Amersham On the Hill (St Michael and All Angels)
  • St Michael & All Angels, Amersham-on-the-Hill
  • Vicar: Debbie Oades
  • SSM: Peter Binns
  • OLM: Sharon Roberts
Beaconsfield (St Mary and All Saints) (St Michael and All Angels)
  • St Mary & All Saints, Beaconsfield
  • Team Rector: Sharon Roberts
  • Team Vicar: Lucy Fyfe-Jamieson
  • Team Vicar: Michael Johnson
  • Associate Priest: Margot Suter
  • St Michael & All Angels, Beaconsfield
  • St Thomas, Holtspur
Chalfont St Giles (St Giles), Seer Green and Jordans
  • St Giles, Chalfont St Giles
  • Rector: Ian Brown
  • Curate: Jenny Tebboth
  • Curate: Paul Henderson
  • Curate: Cassa Messervy
  • SSM: Melvyn Bleakley
  • Holy Trinity, Seer Green
Chalfont St Peter (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Chalfont St Peter
  • St Paul, Horn Hill
  • All Saints, Oval Way
  • Rector: John Goodman
  • OLM: Wendy Graham
Chenies (St Michael) and Little Chalfont, Latimer and Flaunden
  • St Michael, Chenies
  • St George, Little Chalfont
  • St Mary Magdalene, Flaunden
  • St Mary Magdalene, Latimer
  • Rector: Vacant
  • SSM: Ruth Boughton
  • Hon. Curate: John Went
Chesham Bois (St Leonard)
  • St Leonard, Chesham Bois
  • Rector: Laurie Clow
  • SSM: Christopher Clare
Chesham, Great (Christ Church) (Emmanuel) (St Mary the Virgin)
  • Team Rector: Simon Cansdale
  • Team Vicar: John Shepherd
  • Team Vicar: Sylvester Liyanage
  • Curate: Christopher Gercke
  • SSM: Tim Yates
Denham (St Mark) (St Mary the Virgin)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Denham
  • St Mark, Denham Green
  • St Francis, New Denham
  • Rector: Christoph Lindner
Gerrards Cross (St James) and Fulmer
  • Rector: Martin Williams
  • Curate: James Leach
  • Curate: Christopher Lion
  • Curate: Ben Topham
  • SSM: Meyrick Beebee
  • SSM: Jill Roth
Penn (Holy Trinity) and Tylers Green
  • Holy Trinity, Penn
  • St Margaret, Tylers Green
  • Vicar: Mike Bisset
  • Curate: Graham Summers
Penn Street (Holy Trinity)
  • Holy Trinity, Penn Street
  • Christ Church, Holmer Green
  • Vicar: Peter Simmons
Latimer Minster
  • Latimer Minster (2010)
  • SSM: Frog Orr-Ewing

Deanery of Aylesbury

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Aylesbury (St Mary the Virgin)
  • Team Rector: Doug Zimmerman
  • Team Vicar: Gareth Lane
  • Curate: Peter Wheeler
  • St Peter, Aylesbury
  • Fairford Leys Church (LEP)
Bedgrove (Holy Spirit)
  • Holy Spirit, Bedgrove
  • Vicar: Martin Kuhrt
Bernwode, Comprising Ashendon, Boarstall, Brill, Chilton, Dorton, Ludgershall, and Wotton Underwood
  • St Mary, Ashendon
  • St James, Boarstall
  • All Saints, Brill
  • St Mary, Chilton
  • St John the Baptist, Dorton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Ludgershall
  • All Saints, Wotton Underwood
  • Rector: Gemma Beesley
  • Curate: Jenny Edmans
Bierton (St James the Great) and Hulcott
  • St James the Great, Bierton
  • All Saints, Hulcott
  • Vicar: Mark Ackford
Broughton (No Church)
  • Broughton Church
  • Vicar: Phil White
  • Curate: James Talbot
  • SSM: Sue Smith
Long Crendon (St Mary the Virgin) with Chearsley and Nether Winchendon
  • St Mary the Virgin, Long Crendon
  • St Nicholas, Chearsley
  • St Nicholas, Nether Winchendon
  • Vicar: Richard Phillips
Risborough, Comprising Bledlow with Saunderton and Horsenden, Lacey Green, Monks Risborough, and Princes Risborough with Ilmer
  • Holy Trinity, Bledlow
  • St Michael & All Angels, Horsenden
  • SS Mary & Nicholas, Saunderton
  • Team Rector: David Williams
  • Team Vicar: James Tomkins
  • Team Vicar: Tony Bundock
  • Curate: Dan Beesley
  • SSM: Michael Hunt
  • St John the Evangelist, Lacey Green
  • St Dunstan, Monks Risborough
  • Owlswick Chapel
  • St Peter, Ilmer
  • St Mary, Princes Risborough
Southcourt (Good Shepherd)
  • Good Shepherd, Southcourt
  • Vicar: Colin Hartley
Walton (Holy Trinity)
  • Holy Trinity, Aylesbury
  • Vicar: Vacant
Worminghall (St Peter and St Paul) with Ickford, Oakley and Shabbington
  • SS Peter & Paul, Worminghall
  • St Nicholas, Ickford
  • St Mary, Oakley
  • St Mary Magdalene, Shabbington
  • Rector: David Kaboleh
Wychert Vale, Comprising Aston Sandford, Cuddington, Haddenham, Kingsey, and Stone with Dinton and Hartwell
  • Rector: Margot Hodson
  • Curate: Phil Groves
  • Curate: Nadine Rose
  • SSM: Jon Hawkins
  • OLM: Nigel Featherston

Deanery of Buckingham

Deanery website

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Buckingham (St Peter and St Paul)
  • Rector: Will Pearson-Gee
  • Curate: Alexandra Walsh
  • Curate: Danny Rodgers
  • SSM: John King
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Beachampton
  • St John the Evangelist, Radclive
  • St Mary, Thornborough
  • All Saints, Nash
  • St Mary, Whaddon
Buckingham, North, Comprising Akeley, Leckhampstead, Lillingstone Dayrell, Lillingstone Lovell, and Maids Moreton
  • St James, Akeley
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Leckhampstead
  • St Nicholas, Lillingstone Dayrell
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Lillingstone Lovell
  • St Edmund, Maids Moreton
  • Rector: Johannes Taling
Buckingham, West, Comprising Biddlesden, Shalstone, Tingewick, Turweston, Water Stratford, and Westbury
  • St Margaret of Scotland, Biddlesden
  • St Edward the Confessor, Shalstone
  • St Mary Magdalene, Tingewick
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Turweston
  • St Giles, Water Stratford
  • St Augustine of Canterbury, Westbury
  • Rector: Elizabeth Simpson
Lenborough, Comprising Adstock, Gawcott, Hillesden, and Padbury
  • St Mary the Virgin, Padbury
  • Vicar: Ros Roberts
Stowe (Assumption of St Mary the Virgin)
  • Assumption of St Mary the Virgin, Stowe
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Vacant

Deanery of Burnham and Slough

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Britwell (St George)
  • St George, Britwell (1950s)
  • Vicar: Neil McCathie
  • Curate: Jason Griffiths
Burnham (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Burnham
  • Vicar: Bill Jackson
Cippenham (St Andrew)
  • St Andrew, Cippenham
  • Vicar: Janet Minkkinen
Colnbrook (St Thomas) and Datchet
  • St Thomas, Colnbrook
  • St Mary the Virgin, Datchet
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • Curate: Rod Cosh
Eton (St John the Evangelist) with Eton Wick, Boveney and Dorney
  • St John the Evangelist, Eton
  • St John the Baptist, Eton Wick
  • St James the Less, Dorney
  • Vicar: Rosalind Stacey
Farnham Royal (St Mary the Virgin) with Hedgerley
  • St Mary the Virgin, Farnham Royal
  • St John the Evangelist, Farnham Common
  • St Mary the Virgin, Hedgerley
  • Rector: Graham Saunders
Hitcham (St Mary)
  • St Mary, Hitcham
  • Vicar: Sue Sampson
Horton (St Michael and All Angels) and Wraysbury
  • St Michael & All Angels, Horton
  • Vicar: Colin Gibson
  • Curate: Jose Fernandes
  • St Andrew, Wraysbury
Iver (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Iver
  • St Leonard, Richings Park
  • Vicar: Robert Gooding
Iver Heath (St Margaret)
  • St Margaret, Iver Heath
  • Rector: Andrew Montgomerie
Langley Marish (St Mary the Virgin)
  • Team Rector: Robin Grayson
  • Team Vicar: Shola Aoko
  • Curate: Sue Lepp
Manor Park (St John the Baptist) and Whitby Road
  • St John the Baptist, Manor Park
  • St Michael, Whitby Road
  • Vicar: George Howard
Slough (St Paul) (Christ Church)
  • St Paul, Slough
  • Vicar: Michael Cotterell
Stoke Poges (St Giles)
  • St Giles, Stoke Poges
  • St Andrew's Chapel, Stoke Poges
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • SSM: Andrew Parry
Taplow (St Nicolas) and Dropmore
  • St Nicolas, Taplow
  • St Anne, Dropmore
  • Vicar: Jane Cresswell
Upton Cum Chalvey (St Mary)
  • St Mary, Upton
  • Team Rector: Andrew Allen
  • Team Vicar: Alistair Stewart
  • SSM: Linda Hillier
  • St Peter, Chalvey
Wexham (St Mary)
  • St Mary, Wexham
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Mary Kent

Deanery of Claydon

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Claydons, the (St Mary) (All Saints) and Swan
  • St Mary, East Claydon
  • All Saints, Middle Claydon
  • St Michael, Steeple Claydon
  • Team Rector: David Hiscock
  • Team Vicar: Vacant
  • SSM: Angela Mann
  • St James, Barton Hartshorn
  • SS Mary & Nicholas, Chetwode
  • St Michael, Edgcott
  • St Leonard, Grendon Underwood
  • St Mary the Virgin, Marsh Gibbon
  • St John the Baptist, Preston Bissett
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Twyford
Schorne, Comprising Dunton, Granborough, Hardwick, Hoggeston, North Marston, Oving with Pitchcott, Quainton, Waddesdon, Westcott, Over Winchendon and Fleet Marston, and Whitchurch with Creslow
  • St Martin, Dunford
  • St John the Baptist, Granborough
  • St Mary the Virgin, Hardwicke
  • Weedon Old School Chapel
  • Holy Cross, Hoggeston
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, North Marston
  • All Saints, Oving
  • Holy Cross & St Mary, Quainton
  • St Michael & All Angels, Waddesdon
  • St Mary, Westcott
  • St Mary Magdalene, Over Winchendon
  • St John the Evangelist, Whitchurch
  • Team Rector: David Meakin
  • Team Vicar: Mary Cruddas
  • Curate: Jacqueline Dove
  • SSM: Steve Flashman
Winslow (St Laurence) with Great Horwood and Addington
  • Rector: Richard Lightbown

Deanery of Milton Keynes

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Bletchley (St Mary) (St John's District Church)
  • Rector: David McDougall
  • Curate: Matt Beer
  • Curate: Ben Thorpe
  • OLM: Sam Muthuveloe
Bletchley, North (Whaddon Way Church) Conventional District
  • Whaddon Way Church (LEP)
  • Minister (Baptist): ???
Fenny Stratford (St Martin)
  • St Martin, Fenny Stratford
Archived 22 December 2015 at the Wayback Machine
  • Vicar: Victor Bullock
  • SSM: Ian Thomas
Milton Keynes (Christ the Cornerstone)
  • Vicar: Ernesto Lozada-Uzuriaga
  • Curate: Tim Norwood
  • SSM: Keith Straughan
  • SSM: Paul Oxley
Stantonbury (Christ Church) and Willen
  • Team Rector: Paul Smith
  • Team Vicar: Vacant
  • SSM: Chukwuemeka Iwuagwu
Stony Stratford (St Mary and St Giles) with Calverton
  • Rector: Ross Northing
  • SSM: Tunji Adebiyi
Walton, Milton Keynes. Comprising Milton Keynes Village and Wavendon
  • Rector: Matthew Trendall
Water Eaton (St Frideswide)
  • St Frideswide, Water Eaton
  • Priest-in-Charge: Catherine Butt
Watling Valley, Milton Keynes (Not Known)
  • Team Rector: Mike Morris
  • Team Vicar: Sharon Grenham-Thompson
  • SSM: Dayo Adebiyi
Wolverton (Holy Trinity) (St George the Martyr)
  • Holy Trinity, Wolverton
  • St George the Martyr, Wolverton
  • Rector: Gillian Barrow-Jones
  • Curate: Ann Kember
Woughton. Comprising Fishermead, Simpson, Woolstone, and Woughton-On-The-Green
  • Trinity Church Fishermead
  • St Thomas, Simpson
  • Holy Trinity, Woolstone
  • St Mary, Woughton-on-the-Green
  • Christ the Vine Community Church, Coffee Hall
  • Rector: Ian Herbert
  • OLM: Paul Norris

Deanery of Mursley

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Brickhills and Stoke Hammond, The
  • Rector: John Waller
Cottesloe, Comprising Aston Abbots, Cheddington with Mentmore, Cublington, Soulbury, Stewkley, Wing with Grove, and Wingrave
  • St James the Great, Aston Abbots
  • St Giles, Cheddington
  • St Mary the Virgin, Mentmore
  • St Nicholas, Cublington
  • All Saints, Soulbury
  • St Michael & All Angels, Stewkley
  • All Saints, Wing with Grove
  • SS Peter & Paul, Wingrave
  • Team Rector: Phil Derbyshire
  • Team Vicar: Helen Barnes
  • OLM: Siv Tunnicliffe
  • Hon. Curate: Peter Lymbery
Ivinghoe (St Mary the Virgin) with Pitstone and Slapton and Marsworth
  • Vicar: Adrian Manning
  • All Saints, Marsworth
  • Holy Cross, Slapton
Newton Longville (St Faith), Mursley, Swanbourne, Little Horwood and Drayton Parslow
  • Holy Trinity, Drayton Parslow
  • St Nicholas, Little Horwood
  • St Mary the Virgin, Mursley
  • St Faith, Newton Longville
  • St Swithun, Swanbourne
  • Vicar: Simon Faulks
  • SSM: David Talks
  • OLM: Jacqueline Brown

Deanery of Newport

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Gayhurst (St Peter) with Ravenstone, Stoke Goldington and Weston Underwood
  • St Peter, Gayhurst
  • All Saints, Ravenstone
  • St Peter, Stoke Goldington
  • St Laurence, Weston Underwood
  • Rector: Christina Pumfrey
Lavendon (St Michael) with Cold Brayfield, Clifton Reynes and Newton Blossomville
  • St Michael, Lavendon
  • St Mary the Virgin, Clifton Reynes
  • St Mary, Cold Brayfield
  • St Nicolas, Newton Blossomville
Hanslope (St James the Great) with Castlethorpe
  • Vicar: Gary Ecclestone
Lamp, Comprising Emberton, Haversham with Little Linford, and Tyringham with Filgrave
  • All Saints, Emberton
  • St Mary, Haversham
  • St Leonard, Little Linford
  • St Peter, Tyringham
  • Rector: Richard Caddell
  • OLM: Harold Lowndes
Newport Pagnell (St Luke) with Lathbury and Moulsoe
  • Rector: Nick Evans
Olney (St Peter and St Paul)
  • SS Peter & Paul, Olney
  • Rector: Vacant
Sherington (St Laud) with Chicheley, North Crawley, Astwood and Hardmead
  • St Laud, Sherington
  • St Laurence, Chicheley
  • St Firmin, North Crawley
  • Priest-in-Charge: Coralie Mansfield

Deanery of Wendover

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Aston Clinton (St Michael and All Angels) with Buckland and Drayton Beauchamp
  • Rector: Sally Bottomer
  • OLM: Alison Roberts
  • All Saints, Buckland
  • St Mary the Virgin, Drayton Beauchamp
Ellesborough (St Peter and St Paul), the Kimbles and Stoke Mandeville
  • SS Peter & Paul, Ellesborough
  • Chapel of the Resurrection, Dunsmore
  • St Nicholas, Great Kimble
  • All Saints, Little Kimble
  • St Mary the Virgin, Stoke Mandeville
  • Rector: Vacant
Hawridge (St Mary) with Cholesbury and St Leonard
  • St Mary, Hawridge
  • St Lawrence, Cholesbury
  • St Leonard, St Leonards
  • Rector/Vicar: David Burgess
Lee, the (St John the Baptist)
  • St John the Baptist, The Lee
Missenden, Great (St Peter and St Paul) with Ballinger and Little Hampden
  • Vicar: Malcolm Chalmers
Missenden, Little (St John the Baptist)
  • St John the Baptist, Little Missenden
  • St Andrew's Mission Church, Hyde Heath
  • Priest-in-Charge: John Simpson
Prestwood (Holy Trinity) and Great Hampden
  • Holy Trinity, Prestwood
  • Rector: Deiniol Kearley-Heywood
  • Hon. Curate: Teresia Derlén
  • St Mary Magdalene, Great Hampden
Wendover (St Mary) (St Agnes's Chapel) and Halton
  • St Mary, Wendover
  • St Michael & All Angels, Halton
  • Rector: Sally Moring
Weston Turville (St Mary the Virgin)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Weston Turville
  • Rector: David Wales
  • SSM: Susan Fellows

Deanery of Wycombe

Deanery website

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Flackwell Heath (Christ Church)
  • Christ Church, Flackwell Heath
  • Vicar: Christopher Bull
  • SSM: Margot Suter
  • OLM: Martin Courtney
Hambleden Valley, Comprising Fawley, Fingest, Hambleden with Frieth, Medmenham, and Turville
  • St Mary the Virgin, Fawley
  • St Bartholomew, Fingest
  • St John the Baptist, Frieth
  • St Mary the Virgin, Hambleden
  • SS Peter & Paul, Medmenham
  • St Mary, Turville
  • Rector: Stephen Southgate
  • SSM: Sue Morton
Hazlemere (Holy Trinity)
  • Holy Trinity, Hazlemere
  • Good Shepherd, Widmer End
  • Vicar: Mark Meardon
  • Curate: Dominic Meering
Hedsor (St Nicholas) and Bourne End
  • Rector: Janet Binns
Hughenden (St Michael)
  • Vicar: Keith Johnson
  • SSM: Helen Peters
Lane End (Holy Trinity) with Cadmore End
  • Holy Trinity, Lane End
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • St Mary le Moor, Cadmore End
Loudwater (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Loudwater
  • Vicar: Timothy Butlin
Marlow, Great (All Saints) with Marlow Bottom, Little Marlow and Bisham
  • All Saints, Great Marlow
  • All Saints, Bisham
  • St Mary the Virgin, Marlow Bottom
  • St John the Baptist, Little Marlow
  • Team Rector: Dave Bull
  • Team Vicar: Sarah Fitzgerald
  • Team Vicar: Samantha Watts
  • Team Vicar: Graham Watts
  • Curate: Roland Slade
  • SSM: Gabrielle Smith
  • SSM: John Smith
Stokenchurch (St Peter and St Paul) and Ibstone
  • SS Peter & Paul, Stokenchurch
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
  • St Nicholas, Ibstone
Terriers (St Francis)
  • St Francis of Assisi, Terriers
  • Vicar: Vacant
Wooburn (St Paul)
  • St Paul, Wooburn
  • St Mary, Wycombe Lane
  • Vicar: Martin Wallington
Wycombe, High (All Saints) (St Andrew) (St Anne and St Peter) (Christ the Servant King) (St James) (St Mary and St George)
  • All Saints, High Wycombe
  • Team Rector: Hugh Ellis
  • Team Vicar: Simon Dust
  • Team Vicar: Christopher Owen
  • Team Vicar: Wendy Bull
  • SSM: Peter Viney
  • SSM: Heather Graham
  • OLM: Jackie Lock
  • St James the Great, Downley
  • Christ the Servant King, Booker
  • St Andrew, Hatters Lane
  • St Anne, Wycombe Marsh
  • St Peter, Micklefield
Wycombe, West (St Laurence) (St Paul) with Bledlow Ridge, Bradenham and Radnage
  • Rector: Allan Barton
  • SSM: Veronica Beaumont
  • SSM: Linda Richardson
  • SSM: Jenny Ellis
  • St Paul, Bledlow Ridge
  • St Botolph, Bradenham
  • St Mary, Radnage

Deanery of Bracknell

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Ascot Heath (All Saints)
  • All Saints, Ascot
  • Rector: Darrell Hannah
Binfield (All Saints) (St Mark)
  • All Saints, Binfield
  • St Mark, Binfield
  • Rector: Luke Taylor
Bracknell (Holy Trinity)
  • Holy Trinity, Bracknell
Warfield (St Michael the Archangel) (All Saints) (St Peter)
  • Vicar: Catherine Morris
  • Curate: Nigel Richards
Easthampstead (St Michael and St Mary Magdalene)
  • SS Michael & Mary Magdalene, Easthampstead
  • SS Francis & Clare, Jennett's Park
  • Rector: Guy Cole
  • Curate: Emily Gent
Sunningdale (Holy Trinity)
  • Holy Trinity, Sunningdale
  • Vicar: Jon Hutchinson
Sunninghill (St Michael and All Angels) and South Ascot
  • St Michael & All Angels, Sunninghill
  • All Souls, South Ascot
  • Vicar: Stephen Johnson
  • SSM: Tracey Williams
Winkfield (St Mary the Virgin) and Cranbourne
  • St Mary the Virgin, Winkfield
  • St Martin, Chavey Down
  • St Peter, Cranbourne
  • Curate: Huw Mordecai

Deanery of Bradfield

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Aldermaston (St Mary the Virgin) and Woolhampton
  • Rector: Vacant
  • Curate: Janice Macdonald
  • SSM: Pat Bhutta
Basildon (St Stephen) with Aldworth and Ashampstead
  • St Stephen, Basildon
  • St Mary the Virgin, Aldworth
  • St Clement, Ashampstead
  • Vicar: Will Watts
Bradfield (St Andrew) and Stanford Dingley
  • Priest-in-Charge (Bucklebury): Julian Gadsby
  • SSM: Lyn Bliss
Bucklebury (St Mary) with Marlston
  • St Mary, Bucklebury
  • All Saints, Upper Bucklebury
  • St Mary, Marlston
Burghfield (St Mary the Virgin)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Burghfield
  • Priest-in-Charge: Glynnis Lautenbach
Pangbourne (St James the Less) with Tidmarsh and Sulham
  • St James the Less, Pangbourne
  • St Nicholas, Sulham
  • St Laurence, Tidmarsh
  • Rector: Heather Parbury
Purley (St Mary the Virgin)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Purley
  • Rector: David Archer
  • OLM: Andrew Mackie
Stratfield Mortimer (St Mary) and Mortimer West End with Padworth
  • St Mary, Stratfield Mortimer
  • St Saviour, Mortimer West End
  • St John the Baptist, Padworth
  • St John the Evangelist, Mortimer Common
  • Vicar: Paul Chaplin
Sulhamstead Abbots (St Mary) and Bannister with Ufton Nervet
  • St Mary, Sulhamstead Abbots
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: John Paton
Theale (Holy Trinity) and Englefield
  • Holy Trinity, Theale
  • Priest-in-Charge: Ann Templeman
  • Curate: Peter Templeman
  • Hon. Curate: Nicholas Wynne-Jones
  • St Mark, Englefield

Deanery of Maidenhead and Windsor

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Boyne Hill (All Saints)
  • Vicar: Jeremy Harris
Bray (St Michael) and Braywood
  • Vicar: Vacant
Burchetts Green, Comprising Hurley, Littlewick, and Stubbings
  • St Mary the Virgin, Hurley
  • St John the Evangelist, Littlewick
  • St James the Less, Stubbings
  • Vicar: Keith Nicholls
  • SSM: Tina Molyneux
Clewer (St Andrew)
  • St Andrew, Clewer
  • Rector: Rosie Webb
Cookhams, the (Holy Trinity) (St John the Baptist)
  • Holy Trinity, Cookham
  • Vicar: Nick Plant
  • Curate: Helen Chamberlain
  • Curate: John Ainslie
  • SSM: David Joynes
  • OLM: Jo Ellington
  • St John the Baptist, Cookham Dean
Cox Green (Good Shepherd)
  • Good Shepherd, Cox Green
  • Vicar: Joan Hicks
Dedworth (All Saints)
  • All Saints, Dedworth
  • Vicar: Louise Brown
Furze Platt (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Maidenhead
  • St Mark's Hospital Church, Maidenhead
  • Vicar: David Short
Maidenhead (St Andrew and St Mary Magdalene)
  • St Andrew & Mary Magdalene, Maidenhead
  • Vicar: Will Stileman
  • Associate Vicar: Jon Drake
  • Curate: Ian Miller
  • SSM: Dave Atallah
  • SSM: Neil Watkinson
Maidenhead (St Luke)
  • Vicar: Sally Lynch
  • Curate: Nicola Hulks
  • SSM: Teresa Robinson
Waltham St Lawrence (St Lawrence)
  • St Lawrence, Waltham St Lawrence
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Charles Mason
White Waltham (St Mary the Virgin) with Shottesbrooke
  • St Mary the Virgin, White Waltham
  • St John the Baptist, Shottesbrooke
  • Priest-in-Charge: Dave Atallah
Windsor, New (Holy Trinity) (St John the Baptist with All Saints)
  • Holy Trinity, Windsor
  • Team Rector: Ainsley Swift
  • Curate: Kathryn Harrison
  • SSM: Tim Laundon
  • St Stephen, Clewer
  • St Agnes, Spital
Windsor, Old (St Peter and St Andrew) (St Luke's Mission Room)
  • Vicar: Adel Shokralla
Windsor Fellowship
  • Windsor Fellowship Church
  • Senior Minister (PTO): Vacant

Deanery of Newbury

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
East Downland, Comprising Beedon, Boxford, Chieveley with Winterbourne and Oare, Farnborough, Peasemore, Stockcross, and West Ilsley
  • St Nicholas, Beedon
  • St Andrew, Boxford
  • St Mary the Virgin, Chieveley
  • St Bartholomew, Oare
  • St James, Winterbourne
  • All Saints, Farnborough
  • St Barnabas, Peasemore
  • St John, Stockcross
  • All Saints, West Ilsley
  • Rector: John Toogood
  • Curate: William McDowell
  • SSM: Douglas Dales
Greenham (St Mary the Virgin)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Greenham
  • Vicar: David McLeod
  • SSM: Brian Jones
  • SSM: John Bramhall
Hermitage (Holy Trinity)
  • Holy Trinity, Hermitage
  • St Mark, Cold Ash
  • SS Mary & Nicholas, Compton
  • St Mary, East Ilsley
  • St Mary, Hampstead Norreys
  • St Frideswide, Frilsham
  • SS Peter & Paul, Yattendon
  • Team Rector: Vacant
  • Team Vicar: Lucinda Heyn
  • SSM: Simon Thorn
  • SSM: Meg Kirby
Hungerford (St Lawrence) and Denford
  • St Lawrence, Hungerford
  • Vicar: Mike Saunders
Lambourn Valley, the (St Michael and All Angels)
  • St Michael & All Angels, Lambourn
  • All Saints, East Garston
  • St James the Great, Eastbury
  • Vicar: Martin Cawte
Newbury (St George) (St John the Evangelist)
  • St John the Evangelist, Newbury
  • Vicar: Becky Bevan
  • Associate Vicar: Gary Collins
  • SSM: Terry Winrow
  • St George the Martyr, Wash Common
Newbury (St Nicolas and St Mary Speenhamland)
  • St Nicolas, Newbury
  • Team Rector: Will Hunter Smart
  • Curate: Will Briggs
  • Curate: Joy Mawdesley
  • SSM: Margaret Yates
  • SSM: Gill Briggs
  • St Mary the Virgin, Speen
Shaw (St Mary) Cum Donnington
  • St Mary, Shaw
  • Rector: Raymond Obin
  • Curate: Ed Yates
Thatcham (St Mary)
  • Team Rector: Mark Bennet
  • Team Vicar: Patsy Jones
  • SSM: Brenda Harland
  • OLM: Marion Fontaine
Walbury Beacon Benefice, The, Comprising Combe, Enborne, Hamstead Marshall, Inkpen, Kintbury, and West Woodhay
  • St Swithun, Combe
  • St Michael & All Angels, Enborne
  • St Mary, Hamstead Marshall
  • St Michael, Inkpen
  • St Mary the Virgin, Kintbury
  • St Laurence, West Woodhay
  • Rector: Annette Shannon
  • Associate Priest: Vacant
West Downland, Comprising Brightwalton with Catmore, Chaddleworth, Fawley, Great Shefford, Leckhampstead, and Welford with Wickham
  • All Saints, Brightwalton
  • St Andrew, Chaddleworth
  • St Mary, Fawley
  • St Mary, Great Shefford
  • St James, Leckhampstead
  • St Gregory, Welford
  • St Swithun, Wickham
  • Rector: Miriam Keen
  • SSM: Mary Harwood

Deanery of Reading

Deanery website

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Caversham (St Andrew)
  • St Andrew, Caversham (1910)
  • Vicar: Nigel Jones
Caversham Thameside (St Peter) (St John the Baptist) and Mapledurham
  • Rector: Michael Smith
  • Curate: Penny Cuthbert
  • SSM: Rachel Ross
Earley (St Nicolas)
  • St Nicolas, Earley (1947)
  • Vicar: April Beckerleg
  • SSM: Libby Newman
Earley (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Earley
  • Vicar:
Earley (Trinity Church)
  • Trinity Earley (LEP)
  • Vicar: Jon Salmon
Emmer Green (St Barnabas) with Caversham Park
  • St Barnabas, Emmer Green
  • Rector: Derek Chandler
  • Caversham Park Church (LEP)
Loddon Reach, Comprising Beech Hill, Shinfield, Spencers Wood and Grazeley, and Swallowfield
  • St Mary the Virgin, Beech Hill
  • St Mary, Shinfield
  • St Michael & All Angels, Spencers Wood
  • All Saints, Swallowfield
  • Team Rector: Paul Willis
  • Team Vicar: David Little
  • SSM: Chris Leslie
  • SSM: Cath Spence
Reading (Christ Church)
  • Christ Church, Reading (1861)
  • Vicar: Peter Day
  • Curate: Liz Ratcliffe
Reading (Holy Trinity)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Bob Simmonds
Reading (St Agnes with St Paul) (St Barnabas)
  • St Agnes, Whitley
  • St Paul, South Whitley
  • St Barnabas, Reading
  • Rector: Vernon Orr
  • Curate: Leon Collyer
  • Curate: Sue Cady
Reading (St Giles with St Saviour)
  • Rector: David Harris
Reading (St John the Evangelist and St Stephen)
  • St John & St Stephen, Reading
  • Vicar: Vincent Gardner
  • Curate: Gary Collins
Reading (St Laurence)
  • Vicar: Christopher Russell
  • Curate: Chris Jones
Reading (St Luke) (St Bartholomew)
  • St Luke, Reading (1878)
  • St Bartholomew, Earley (1879)
  • Vicar: Graeme Fancourt
  • Curate: Richard Christopher
  • Curate: Serena Tajima
  • SSM: Christine Blackman
Reading (St Mark) (All Saints)
  • Vicar: Jo Williams
Reading (St Mary the Virgin)
  • Rector: Stephen Pullin
  • SSM: Sarah Pullin
  • SSM: Andrew Bond
  • OLM: Judith Sumner
Reading (St Matthew)
  • St Matthew, Reading
  • Vicar: Mark Dolphin
  • SSM: Kirstie Dolphin
Reading Greyfriars
  • Vicar: David Walker
  • Curate: Joy Atkins
  • Curate: Sarah Eden-Jones
Southlake (St James)
  • St James, Woodley
  • Vicar: Laurence Smith
Tilehurst (St Catherine of Siena) and Calcot
  • St Catherine of Siena, Tilehurst
  • Vicar: Gill Rowell
  • OLM: Lorraine Colam
Tilehurst (St George) (St Mary Magdalen)
  • St George, Tilehurst
  • Vicar: Adam Carlill
  • St Mary Magdalen, Tilehurst
Tilehurst (St Michael)
  • Rector: Vacant
Woodley (St John the Evangelist)
  • Vicar: Edilberto Marquez
  • Curate: Sean Riordan
  • Emmanuel, Woodley (1991)

Deanery of Sonning

BeneficeChurchesLinkClergyPopulation served
Arborfield (St Bartholomew) with Barkham
  • St Bartholomew, Arborfield
  • St James, Barkham
  • Christ Church Wokingham
  • Church @ The Green, Arborfield Green (2017)
  • Rector: Piers Bickersteth
  • Curate: Julian Bidgood
  • Curate: Mark Huddleston
Crowthorne (St John the Baptist)
  • St John the Baptist, Crowthorne
  • Vicar: Lisa Cornwell
  • SSM: David Ramsbottom
Finchampstead (St James) and California
  • St James, Finchampstead
  • SS Mary & John, California
  • St Eligius, Arborfield Green
  • Rector: Julie Ramsbottom
  • Curate: Hannah Brooks
  • Curate: Julian McAllen
  • Curate: Antonia Elliott
  • SSM: John Edwards
Owlsmoor (St George)
  • St George, Owlsmoor
  • Vicar: Catherine Vaughan
Ruscombe (St James the Great) and Twyford with Hurst
  • St James the Great, Ruscombe
  • St Mary the Virgin, Twyford
  • St Nicholas, Hurst
  • Vicar: Anna Harwood
  • Hon. Curate: Graham Theobald
  • Hon. Curate: Clifford Smith
Sandhurst (St Michael and All Angels)
  • St Michael & All Angels, Sandhurst
  • Rector: John Castle
Sonning (St Andrew) (St Patrick)
  • Vicar: Jamie Taylor
  • SSM: Katie Toogood
Wargrave (St Mary the Virgin) with Knowl Hill
  • St Mary the Virgin, Wargrave
  • St Peter, Knowl Hill
  • St Paul, Warren Row
  • Vicar: John Cook
  • Curate: Hugh Barne
  • Curate: Stephen Turville
Winnersh (St Mary the Virgin)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Winnersh
  • St Catherine, Bearwood
  • Rector: Vacant
Wokingham (All Saints)
  • All Saints, Wokingham
  • Rector: David Hodgson
Wokingham (St Paul)
  • St Paul, Wokingham
  • Woosehill Church (LEP)
  • St Nicholas' Community Church, Emmbrook
  • Rector: Richard Lamey
  • Curate: Julie Mintern
  • Curate: Patrick Mukholi
  • SSM: Roy Holmes
  • SSM: Judi Hattaway
Wokingham (St Sebastian)
  • St Sebastian, Wokingham
  • Vicar: Andrew Marsden
  • SSM: Erik Fudge
  • SSM: Ian Seymour

Other foundations employing Church of England clergy within the diocesan area

College of St George, Windsor
  • Dean: David Conner
  • Canon: Hueston Finlay
  • Canon: Martin Poll
  • Canon: Mark Powell
  • Canon: Franklin Lee
  • Succentor: Bruce Russell

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Diocese of St Asaph</span> Anglican diocese of the Church in Wales

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Diocese of Monmouth</span> Anglican diocese of the Church in Wales

The Diocese of Monmouth is a diocese of the Church in Wales. Despite the name, its cathedral is located not in Monmouth but in Newport — the Cathedral Church of St Woolos. Reasons for not choosing the title of Newport included the existence of a Catholic Bishop of Newport until 1916. This apparent anomaly arose in 1921 when the diocese was created with no location for the cathedral yet chosen. Various options were being considered, such as restoring Tintern Abbey, building from scratch on Ridgeway Hill in Newport, and upgrading St Woolos, then a parish church; in the meantime the new diocese, as it covers more or less the territory of the county of Monmouth, was named the "Diocese of Monmouth". Prior to 1921 the area had been the archdeaconry of Monmouth.

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The Diocese of Winchester forms part of the Province of Canterbury of the Church of England. Founded in 676, it is one of the older dioceses in England. It once covered Wessex, many times its present size which is today most of the historic enlarged version of Hampshire.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Diocese of Truro</span> Diocese of the Church of England

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The Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe, known simply as the Diocese in Europe (DiE), is a diocese of the Church of England. It was originally formed in 1842 as the Diocese of Gibraltar. It is geographically the largest diocese of the Church of England and the largest diocese in the Anglican Communion, covering some one-sixth of the Earth's landmass. Its jurisdiction includes all of Europe, Morocco, Mongolia and the territory of the former Soviet Union.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Diocese of Leicester</span> Diocese of the Church of England

The Diocese of Leicester is a Church of England diocese based in Leicester and including the current county of Leicestershire. The cathedral is Leicester Cathedral, where the Bishop of Leicester has his episcopal chair.

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The Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich is a Church of England diocese based in Ipswich, covering Suffolk. The cathedral is St Edmundsbury Cathedral, and the bishop is the Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich. It is part of the Province of Canterbury.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Diocese of St Davids</span> Anglican diocese of the Church in Wales

The Diocese of St Davids is a diocese of the Church in Wales, a church of the Anglican Communion. The diocese covers the historic extent of Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, together with a small part of western Glamorgan. The episcopal see is the Cathedral Church of St David in the City of St Davids, Pembrokeshire. The present cathedral, which was begun in 1181, stands on the site of a monastery founded in the 6th century by Saint David.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney</span> Anglican diocese of the Scottish Episcopal Church

The Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney is one of the seven dioceses of the Scottish Episcopal Church. Created in 1865, the diocese covers the historic county of Aberdeenshire, and the Orkney and Shetland island groups. It shares with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aberdeen a Christian heritage that can be traced back to Norman times, and incorporates the ancient Diocese of Orkney, founded in 1035.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Diocese of Argyll and The Isles (Episcopal)</span> Anglican diocese of the Scottish Episcopal Church

The Diocese of Argyll and The Isles is in the west of Scotland, and is one of the seven dioceses of the Scottish Episcopal Church. It is perhaps the largest of the dioceses, but has the smallest number of church members. As a united diocese, Argyll and The Isles has two cathedrals: St John's in Oban and the Cathedral of The Isles in Millport, Isle of Cumbrae.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Bishop of Oxford</span> Diocesan bishop in the Church of England

The Bishop of Oxford is the diocesan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Oxford in the Province of Canterbury; his seat is at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. The current bishop is Steven Croft, following the confirmation of his election to the See on 6 July 2016.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Anglican Diocese of Leeds</span> Diocese of the Church of England

The Anglican Diocese of Leeds is a diocese of the Church of England, in the Province of York. It is the largest diocese in England by area, comprising much of western Yorkshire: almost the whole of West Yorkshire, the western part of North Yorkshire, the town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, and most of the parts of County Durham, Cumbria and Lancashire which lie within the historic boundaries of Yorkshire. It includes the cities of Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and Ripon. It was created on 20 April 2014 following a review of the dioceses in Yorkshire and the dissolution of the dioceses of Bradford, Ripon and Leeds, and Wakefield.


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