Diocese of Newcastle

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Diocese of Newcastle

Dioecesis Novicastrensis
Diocese of Newcastle arms.svg
Coat of arms
Ecclesiastical province York
Archdeaconries Lindisfarne, Northumberland
Cathedral Newcastle Cathedral
Language English
Current leadership
Bishop Christine Hardman, Bishop of Newcastle
Suffragan Mark Wroe, Bishop of Berwick
Archdeacons Catherine Sourbut Groves, Archdeacon of Lindisfarne
Rachel Wood, Acting Archdeacon of Northumberland and Archdeacon-designate
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The Diocese of Newcastle is a Church of England diocese based in Newcastle upon Tyne, covering the historic county of Northumberland (and therefore including the part of Tyne and Wear north of the River Tyne), as well as the area of Alston Moor in Cumbria (historic Cumberland).

The diocese came into being on 23 May 1882, [1] and was one of four created by the Bishoprics Act 1878 (41 & 42 Vict. c. 68) for industrial areas with rapidly expanding populations. The area of the diocese was taken from the part of the Diocese of Durham which was north of the River Tyne, and was defined in the legislation as comprising: [1]

"....the county of Northumberland, and the counties of the towns of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Berwick-upon-Tweed, and to include such detached parts of any other county as are under any Act of Parliament deemed to form part of the county of Northumberland, or have been or can be transferred to the county of Northumberland by the justices in general or quarter sessions assembled, and to include also the ancient common law parish of Alston with its chapelries in the county of Cumberland...."

The cathedral is Newcastle Cathedral (until 1882 the Parish Church of St Nicholas) and the bishop is Christine Hardman.


The diocesan Bishop of Newcastle is the ordinary of the diocese and is assisted by the Bishop of Berwick. Alternative episcopal oversight (for parishes in the diocese who reject the ministry of priests who are women) is provided by the provincial episcopal visitor (PEV) the Bishop suffragan of Beverley, Glyn Webster. He is licensed as an honorary assistant bishop of the diocese in order to facilitate his work there.

On 28 November 2015, Frank White, then the full-time Assistant Bishop, presented a proposal to the Diocesan Synod (within which diocese Berwick now lies) to revive the abeyant Suffragan See of Berwick. [2] [3] The Dioceses Commission approved the petition to revive the See [4] and Mark Tanner was consecrated Bishop of Berwick on 18 October 2016; Tanner has since vacated the post upon his translation to Chester. Mark Wroe, formerly Archdeacon of Northumberland, was consecrated as Bishop of Berwick on 5 January 2021. [5]

Besides Webster, there are two retired honorary assistant bishops licensed in the diocese:

Archdeaconries and deaneries


On 8 November 2020, it was announced that the Archdeacon of Northumberland, Mark Wroe, was to become the Bishop of Berwick. [5] Following his consecration 5 January 2021, Rachel Wood, vicar of St Mary's, Monkseaton, will also be the acting Archdeacon of Northumberland. [12]

Catherine Sourbut Groves was collated as Archdeacon of Lindisfarne on 14 November 2020. Due to restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the service was conducted online. [13]

Archdeaconries Rural Deaneries Paid clergyChurchesPopulationPeople/clergyPeople/churchChurches/clergy
Archdeaconry of Northumberland Deanery of Bedlington 1221134,40611,2016,4001.75
Deanery of Newcastle Central*2122104,8974,9954,7681.05
Deanery of Newcastle East101085,4858,5498,5491
Deanery of Newcastle West1219126,83510,5706,6761.58
Deanery of Tynemouth 1220150,72212,5607,5361.67
Archdeaconry of Lindisfarne Deanery of Alnwick 82836,4744,5591,3033.5
Deanery of Bamburgh and Glendale 3169,3863,1295875.33
Deanery of Bellingham 2197,1083,5543749.5
Deanery of Corbridge 72229,7624,2521,3533.14
Deanery of Hexham 52228,8165,7631,3104.4
Deanery of Morpeth 112767,0856,0992,4852.45
Deanery of Norham 41318,1554,5391,3973.25

*includes Cathedral

List of churches

Cathedral of St Nicholas, Newcastle Newcastle upon Tyne, England.jpg
Cathedral of St Nicholas, Newcastle

Outside a deanery

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Cathedra [15] Cathedral of St Nicholas, Newcastle Medieval G. Miller
C. MacLaren
P. Dobson
R. Saner-Haigh

Deanery of Bedlington

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Bedlington, Cambois and Sleekburn [16] St Cuthbert, Bedlington I. Hennebry18,650
St Andrew, Cambois1898
St John the Evangelist, Sleekburn
Blyth (St Cuthbert) [17] St Cuthbert, Blyth1751 (1892)A. Tooby12,029
Blyth (St Mary) [18] St Mary, Blyth1864-15,063
Cowpen [19] St Benedict, Cowpenearly C20th (1961)
Choppington [20] St Paul the Apostle, ChoppingtonT. Moat9,583
Holy Family, Stakeford
Cramlington [21] St Nicholas, Cramlington W. Docherty
D. Gray
E. Hudson
St Andrew, Cramlington
St Peter, Cramlington
Delaval [22] Our Lady, DelavalMedievalD. Bowler5,003
St Michael & All Angels, New Hartley1900
St Paul, Seaton Sluice1886 (1961)
Killingworth [23] St John the Evangelist, Killingworth1869S. Moon15,323
Newsham and Horton [24] St Mary the Virgin, HortonMedieval (1827)I. Flintoft10,845
St Bede, Newsham1892 (1957)
Seghill [25] Holy Trinity, Seghill1849P. Hughes
D. Bell
St Mary, Holywell1885
Weetslade [26] St Paul, Dudley1886A. Maughan8,693
Good Shepherd, Burradon1979

Deanery of Newcastle Central

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Christ the King in the Diocese of Newcastle [27] St Cuthbert, Brunswick 1905317,272
St Aidan, Brunton Park1944 (1956)
St Matthew, Dinnington1835 (1886)
St Columba, North Gosforth??? (1983)
Church in the Park 2014
Fawdon [28] St Mary the Virgin, Fawdon 195914,850
Gosforth (All Saints) [29] All Saints, Gosforth 1887114,733
Gosforth (St Hugh) [30] St Hugh, Gosforth
Gosforth (St Nicholas) [31] St Nicholas, Gosforth Ancient (Medieval)19,355
Jesmond (Clayton Memorial Church) [32] Jesmond Parish Church 186124,749
Jesmond (Holy Trinity) [33] Holy Trinity, Jesmond 1905 (1922)15,857
Kenton [34] Ascension, Kenton 112,490
Kingston Park [35] St John, Kingston Park1 1975 (1991)16,959
Newcastle Upon Tyne (Christ Church) (St Ann) [36] Christ Church, Shieldfield186116,757
St Ann, Battlefield 1768
Newcastle Upon Tyne (St Andrew) [37] St Andrew, Newcastle Medieval13,657
Newcastle Upon Tyne (St Thomas) Proprietary Chapel [38] St Thomas the Martyr, Newcastle Medieval1N/A
Newcastle Upon Tyne (St George) (St Hilda) [39] St George, Jesmond 1888213,818
St Hilda, Jesmond 1905
Newcastle Upon Tyne (St John the Baptist) [40] St John the Baptist, Newcastle Medieval01,952
Newcastle Upon Tyne (St Luke) [41] St Luke, Newcastle 188611,908

1Local ecumenical partnership (CoE/Baptist/Methodist/URC)

Deanery of Newcastle East

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Byker (St Anthony) [42] St Anthony of Egypt, Byker210,484
Byker (St Martin) Newcastle Upon Tyne [43] St Martin, Byker 1933
Byker (St Michael with St Lawrence) [44] St Michael, Byker 1862114,699
Walker [45] Christ Church, Walker 1848
Byker (St Silas) [46] St Silas, Byker 188616,263
Byker St Mark and Walkergate (St Oswald) [47] St Oswald, Walkergate 17,219
Long Benton (St Bartholomew) [48] St Bartholomew, Long Benton Medieval114,106
Long Benton (St Mary Magdalene) [49] St Mary Magdalene, Long Benton17,095
Newcastle Upon Tyne (St Francis) High Heaton [50] St Francis, High Heaton 29,384
Newcastle Upon Tyne (St Gabriel) Heaton [51] St Gabriel, Heaton 1899116,235

Deanery of Newcastle West

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Benwell and The Scotswood Team [52] St James, Benwell 1833320,088
Venerable Bede, Benwell1937
St John the Baptist, Benwell Village1820s (1950s)
St Margaret, Scotswood1915
Chapel House [53] Holy Nativity, Chapel House05,018
Cowgate [54] St Peter, Cowgate217,507
Newbiggin Hall [55] St Wilfrid, Newbiggin Hall1967
Denton [56] Holy Spirit, Denton011,716
Elswick [57] Elswick Parish Church1840s15,372
Fenham [58] SS James & Basil, Fenham 193119,584
Newburn [59] St Michael & All Angels, Newburn Ancient (Medieval)19,743
St Mary the Virgin, Throckley1887
Newcastle Upon Tyne (Holy Cross) [60] Holy Cross, Fenham 193607,650
Newcastle Upon Tyne (St Philip) and St Augustine and (St Matthew with St Mary) [61] SS Philip & Augustine, Newcastle19,954
St Matthew, Newcastle1877
Ponteland [62] St Mary the Virgin, Ponteland Ancient (Medieval)111,077
Holy Saviour, Milbourne1871
Sugley [63] Holy Saviour, Sugley 183717,612
Whorlton [64] St John the Evangelist, Whorlton1866111,514

Deanery of Tynemouth

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Balkwell [65] St Peter, BalkwellL. Cleminson17,210
Tynemouth (St John Percy) [66] St John Percy, Tynemouth1862
Billy Mill [67] St Aidan, Billy Mill-14,241
Marden with Preston Grange [68] St Hilda, Marden with Preston Grange 1966
Cullercoats [69] St George, Cullercoats 1884A. Hughes6,528
Earsdon and Backworth [70] St Alban, Earsdon Medieval (1837)T. Mayfield5,630
St John the Baptist, Backworth1886
Monkseaton (St Mary) [71] St Mary, Monkseaton R. Wood
B. Jarvis
Monkseaton (St Peter) [72] St Peter, Monkseaton 1886 (1938)-14,811
North Shields [73] St Augustin, North Shields 1884G. Evans14,781
Christ Church, North Shields C16th (1793)
Shiremoor [74] St Mark, Shiremoor -9,618
Tynemouth Cullercoats (St Paul) [75] St Paul, Whitley Bay 1864J. Vilaseca-Bruch9,407
Tynemouth Priory (Holy Saviour) [76] Holy Saviour, Tynemouth Priory 1841S. Dixon5,914
Wallsend (St John the Evangelist) [77] St John the Evangelist, Wallsend E. Duff11,159
Wallsend (St Peter) (St Luke) [78] St Peter, Wallsend 1809E. Kormos9,256
St Luke, Wallsend 1887
The Willington Team [79] St Mary the Virgin, Willington S. McCormack
J. Mooney
Good Shepherd, Battle Hill (LEP)
St Paul, Willington Quay 1859 (1876)

Deanery of Alnwick

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Alnwick [80] SS Michael & Paul, Alnwick MedievalP. Scott
G. Rundell
Denwick Chapel1876
Amble [81] St Cuthbert, Amble 1870J. McDermott6,321
Chevington [82] St John the Divine, Chevington-4,200
Upper Coquetdale [83] St Michael & All Angels, Alnham MedievalJ. Sinclair3,961
St Michael & All Angels, AlwintonMedieval
Christ Church, Hepple1897
St Mary the Virgin, HolystoneMedieval (1848)
All Saints, RothburyMedieval
St Andrew, Thropton1902
Embleton with Rennington and Rock [84] Holy Trinity, Embleton MedievalA. Hardy1,487
Craster Mission Church
Newton Mission Church
All Saints, Rennington
SS Philip & James, Rock
Felton [85] St Michael & All Angels, Felton MedievalT. Harvey3,298
Longframlington with Brinkburn [86] St Mary the Virgin, LongframlingtonMedieval
SS Peter & Paul, Brinkburn
Lesbury with Alnmouth [87] St Mary, Lesbury MedievalI. Mackarill3,378
St John the Baptist, AlnmouthMedieval (1876)
Longhoughton (Including Boulmer) with Howick [88] SS Peter & Paul, LonghoughtonMedieval
St Michael & All Angels, HowickMedieval (1764)
Warkworth, Acklington and Shilbottle [89] St Lawrence, Warkworth Ancient (Medieval)H. O'Sullivan4,245
St John the Divine, Acklington
St James, Shilbottle Medieval (1885)
Whittingham and Edlingham with Bolton Chapel [90] St Bartholomew, WhittinghamMedieval-1,235
St John the Baptist, Edlingham Medieval
Bolton Chapel, EdlinghamMedieval

Deanery of Bamburgh and Glendale

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Bamburgh, Belford and Lucker [91] St Aidan, Bamburgh Ancient (Medieval)L. Taylor-Kenyon2,251
St Mary, BelfordMedieval (1615)
St Hilda, Luckerlate C18th (1874)
Beadnell, Ellingham and North Sunderland [92] St Ebba, BeadnellC18th (1860)A. Macpherson2,808
St Maurice, Ellinghampre-C17th (1862)
St Paul, North Sunderland1834
Chatton with Chillingham, Eglingham and South Charlton and Ingram [93] Holy Cross, Chatton Medieval (1770)-1,264
St Peter, ChillinghamMedieval
Holy Trinity, Old BewickMedieval
St Maurice, EglinghamMedieval
St Michael, IngramMedieval
St James, South Charlton1862
Doddington, Ilderton, Kirknewton and Wooler [94] SS Mary & Michael, Doddington MedievalS. Cooke3,063
St Michael & All Angels, IldertonMedieval
St Gregory the Great, KirknewtonMedieval
St Mary, WoolerMedieval (1764)

Deanery of Bellingham

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Chollerton with Birtley and Thockrington [95] St Giles, Birtley MedievalS. Lunn1,723
St Giles, ChollertonMedieval
St Christopher, Gunnerton1901
St Aidan, ThockringtonMedieval
St Oswald in Lee with Bingfield [96] St Oswald, Leepre-C19th (1817)
St Mary, BingfieldMedieval
St George, Wall1896
Humshaugh with Simonburn and Wark [97] St Peter, Humshaugh 1818-1,528
St Mungo, SimonburnMedieval
St Michael, Wark1818
North Tyne and Redesdale Team [98] St Cuthbert, Bellingham Medieval (1609)S. Ramsaran3,857
All Saints, West Woodburn1907
St Cuthbert, CorsensideMedieval
St Cuthbert, ElsdonMedieval
St Peter, FalstoneMedieval (1824)
St Aidan, Thorneyburn1818
St Francis, Byrness1793
Holy Trinity, Horsley1844
St John the Evangelist, Otterburn1858

Deanery of Corbridge

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Blanchland with Hunstanworth and Edmundbyers and Muggleswick [99] St Mary the Virgin, Blanchland MedievalH. Savage1,697
St James, HunstanworthMedieval (1863)
St Edmund, EdmundbyersMedieval
All Saints, MuggleswickMedieval (1728)
St Matthew, Waskerley1896
Slaley, Healey and Whittonstall [100] St Mary the Virgin, SlaleyMedieval (1832)
St John, Healey1860
SS Philip & James, Whittonstall
Bywell and Mickley [101] St Peter, Bywell Ancient (Medieval)P. Moran4,126
St John, Stocksfield1927
St George, Mickley1823
Corbridge with Halton and Newton Hall [102] St Andrew, Corbridge Ancient (Medieval)D. Kennedy
L. Caudwell
SS Oswald, Cuthbert & Alfwald, Halton
Heddon-On-The-Wall [103] St Andrew, Heddon-on-the-WallAncient (Medieval)-1,708
Ovingham and Wylam [104] St Mary the Virgin, Ovingham Ancient (Medieval)T. Birch4,256
St Oswin, Wylam 1886
Prudhoe [105] St Mary Magdalene, Prudhoe D. Freyhan10,845
Riding Mill [106] St James, Riding Mill 1858-975
Shotley [107] St John, Shotley 1837-373
Stamfordham with Matfen [108] Holy Trinity, Matfen1842R. Squires1,741
All Saints, RyalMedieval
St Mary the Virgin, StamfordhamMedieval

Deanery of Hexham

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Allendale with Whitfield [109] St Cuthbert, Allendale Medieval (1874)-2,473
St Mark, Ninebanks1871
Holy Trinity, Whitfield1860
St John, WhitfieldMedieval (1785)
Alston Moor [110] St Augustine of Canterbury, Alston Medieval (1870)M. Nash-Williams2,714
St John the Evangelist, GarrigillMedieval (1790)
Holy Paraclete, KirkhaughMedieval (1869)
St Jude, KnaresdaleMedieval (1833)
SS Mary & Patrick, Lambley1885
St John the Evangelist, Nenthead1845
Haltwhistle and Greenhead [111] Holy Cross, Haltwhistle Medieval-4,800
St Cuthbert, Greenhead1827
Haydon Bridge and Beltingham with Henshaw [112] St Cuthbert, Haydon Bridge 1796B. Carter3,310
St Cuthbert, BeltinghamMedieval
All Hallows, Henshaw1889
Hexham [113] St Andrew, Hexham Ancient (Medieval)D. Glover11,895
St John Lee [114] St John of Beverley, St John LeeMedieval (1843)J. Thompson2,983
St Aidan, Stagshaw Chapel1885
Warden with Newbrough [115] St Michael & All Angels, Warden Ancient (1764)
St Aidan, Fourstones1892
St Peter, NewbroughMedieval (1866)
Whitley [116] St Helen, Whitley ChapelMedieval (1742)A. Patterson641

Deanery of Morpeth

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Ashington [117] Holy Sepulchre, Ashington 1887C. Groocock9,592
Bolam with Whalton and Hartburn with Meldon [118] St Andrew, Bolam AncientJ. Mason
F. Sample
St Andrew, HartburnAncient
St John the Baptist, MeldonMedieval
St Mary Magdalene, WhaltonMedieval
Kirkwhelpington with Kirkharle and Kirkheaton, and Cambo [119] Holy Trinity, CamboMedieval (1842)
St Wilfrid, KirkharleMedieval
St Bartholomew, KirkheatonMedieval (1755)
St Bartholomew, KirkwhelpingtonMedieval
Nether Witton [120] St Giles, NetherwittonMedieval
Bothal and Pegswood with Longhirst [121] St Andrew, Bothal Ancient (Medieval)J. Park3,711
St Margaret, Pegswood
St John the Evangelist, Longhirst 1876
Cresswell and Lynemouth [122] St Bartholomew, Cresswell 1836A. Munns4,354
St Aidan, Lynemouth1925 (no building)
Longhorsley [123] St Helen, LonghorsleyMedieval (1848)-1,073
Mitford and Hebron [124] St Cuthbert, Hebron MedievalA. Lamb1,239
St Mary Magdalene, MitfordMedieval
Morpeth [125] St Aidan, Morpeth 1957S. White15,145
St Mary the Virgin, Morpeth Medieval
St James the Great, Morpeth 1846
Seaton Hirst [126] St Andrew, Seaton Hirst1905D. Twomey18,578
St John, Seaton Hirst
Stannington [127] St Mary the Virgin, StanningtonMedieval (1871)C. Pickford1,287
Ulgham [128] St John the Baptist, UlghamMedieval (1863)J. Dobson3,298
Widdrington [129] Holy Trinity, WiddringtonMedieval
Woodhorn with Newbiggin [130] St Bartholomew, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Medieval (1845)A. O'Grady6,318

Deanery of Norham

BeneficeChurchLinkFounded (building)Stip. clergyPopulation served [14]
Berwick [131] Holy Trinity, Berwick Medieval (1652)D. Handley
T. Usher
Branxton [132] St Paul, Branxton Medieval (1849)G. Kelsey2,136
Cornhill with Carham [133] St Helen, Cornhill-on-Tweed Medieval (1752)
St Cuthbert, CarhamMedieval (1790)
Norham and Duddo [134] St Cuthbert, NorhamMedieval
Ford and Etal [135] St Michael & All Angels, FordMedieval-1,921
St Mary the Virgin, Etal1858
Lowick and Kyloe with Ancroft [136] St Anne, AncroftMedieval
St John the Baptist, LowickMedieval (1796)
Holy Island [137] St Mary the Virgin, Holy Island MedievalS. Hills180
Scremerston, Spittal and Tweedmouth [138] St Peter, Scremerston 1842-9,456
St John the Evangelist, Spittal1867
St Bartholomew, TweedmouthAncient (Medieval)


This table is drawn from the above lists.

St Aidan 9
St Alban 1
All Hallows 1
All Saints 6
St Andrew 11
St Anne 2
St Anthony of Egypt 1
Ascension 1
St Augustine 1
St Augustine of Canterbury 1
St Bartholomew 7
St Bede 2
St Benedict 1
Christ Church 4
St Christopher 1
St Columba 1
Holy Cross 3
St Cuthbert 14
St Ebba 1
St Edmund 1
Holy Family 1
St Francis 2
St Gabriel 1
St George 4
St Giles 3
Good Shepherd 2
St Gregory 1
St Helen 3
St Hilda 3
St Hugh1
St James 6
SS James & Basil 1
St John the Baptist 8
St John the Evangelist 12
St John of Beverley 1
St John (unspecified)6
St Jude 1
St Lawrence 1
St Luke 2
St Margaret 2
St Mark 2
St Martin 1
St Mary Magdalene 4
St Mary the Virgin inc. Our Lady23
SS Mary & Michael 1
SS Mary & Patrick 1
St Matthew 3
St Maurice 2
St Michael (& All Angels)12
SS Michael & Paul 1
St Mungo 1
Holy Nativity 1
St Nicholas 3
St Oswald 2
SS Oswald, Cuthbert & Alfwald1
St Oswin 1
Holy Paraclete 1
St Paul 7
St Peter 11
SS Peter & Paul 2
SS Philip & Augustine 1
SS Philip & James 2
Holy Saviour 3
Holy Sepulchre 1
St Silas 1
Holy Spirit 1
St Thomas Becket 1
Holy Trinity 10
St Wilfrid 2
No dedication7

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The Diocese of Moray, Ross and Caithness is one of the seven dioceses of the Scottish Episcopal Church. It covers Caithness and Sutherland, mainland Ross and Cromarty, and mainland Inverness-shire, Nairnshire, Moray and Banffshire. The diocesan centre is St Andrew's Cathedral in Inverness. The see is currently occupied by Mark Strange.

The Bishop of Berwick is an episcopal title used by the suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Newcastle in the Province of York, England.

Mark Wroe is a British Anglican bishop. Since 2021, he has served as Bishop of Berwick; previously he was Archdeacon of Northumberland — both in the Church of England's Diocese of Newcastle.


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