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Worcester Cathedral

The Dean of Worcester is the head of the Chapter of Worcester Cathedral in Worcester, [1] England. The current dean [2] is Peter Atkinson, [3] who lives at The Deanery, College Green, Worcester. [4]


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Worcester, England Cathedral city in England

Worcester is a cathedral city and the ceremonial county town of Worcestershire, England, 30 miles (48 km) south-west of Birmingham, 101 miles (163 km) north-west of London, 27 miles (43 km) north of Gloucester and 23 miles (37 km) north-east of Hereford. The estimated population in 2019 was 102,791.

Worcester Cathedral Church in Worcester , United Kingdom

Worcester Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in Worcester, England, situated on a bank overlooking the River Severn. It is the seat of the Bishop of Worcester. Its official name is the Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Mary the Virgin, of Worcester. The present cathedral church was built between 1084 and 1504, and represents every style of English architecture from Norman to Perpendicular Gothic. It is famous for its Norman crypt and unique chapter house, its unusual Transitional Gothic bays, its fine woodwork, and its "exquisite" central tower, which is of particularly fine proportions. The cathedral contains the tombs of King John and Prince Arthur.

Gloucester Cathedral Church in Gloucester, England

Gloucester Cathedral, formally the Cathedral Church of St Peter and the Holy and Indivisible Trinity, in Gloucester, England, stands in the north of the city near the River Severn. It originated in 678 or 679 with the foundation of an abbey dedicated to Saint Peter.

Kings School, Worcester Public school in Worcester, Worcestershire, England

The King's School, Worcester is an English independent day school refounded by Henry VIII in 1541. It occupies a site adjacent to Worcester Cathedral on the banks of the River Severn in the centre of the city of Worcester. It offers mixed-sex mainstream education that follows the UK National Curriculum to around 1,465 pupils aged 2 to 18. At age 11, approximately two thirds of pupils join the senior school from its two prep schools, King's Hawford and King's St Albans, while others come from maintained schools in the city of Worcester and the surrounding areas that include Malvern, Redditch, Kidderminster, Evesham and Pershore.

Oswald of Worcester Archbishop of York (died 992)

Oswald of Worcester was Archbishop of York from 972 to his death in 992. He was of Danish ancestry, but brought up by his uncle, Oda, who sent him to France to the abbey of Fleury to become a monk. After a number of years at Fleury, Oswald returned to England at the request of his uncle, who died before Oswald returned. With his uncle's death, Oswald needed a patron and turned to another kinsman, Oskytel, who had recently become Archbishop of York. His activity for Oskytel attracted the notice of Archbishop Dunstan who had Oswald consecrated as Bishop of Worcester in 961. In 972, Oswald was promoted to the see of York, although he continued to hold Worcester also.

John Inge Bishop of Worcester; Bishop of Huntingdon (born 1955)

The Right Reverend Dr John Geoffrey Inge is a bishop in the Church of England. He is currently the Bishop of Worcester in the Diocese of Worcester. From 2003 to 2007, he was Bishop of Huntingdon, a suffragan bishop in the Diocese of Ely.

Bishop of Worcester Diocesan bishop in the Church of England

The Bishop of Worcester is the head of the Church of England Diocese of Worcester in the Province of Canterbury, England.

Hugh de Mapenor 13th-century Bishop of Hereford

Hugh de Mapenor was a medieval Bishop of Hereford. Although educated and given the title of magister, or "master", the details of his schooling are unknown. Mapenor was a clerk for Giles de Braose, his predecessor as bishop. Later, Mapenor served as Dean of Hereford before being elected as bishop against the wishes of King John of England. During his short episcopate, he supported John's son and successor King Henry III of England, and was active in his diocese, as a number of surviving documents show. He also served as a diplomat for the king.

Dean of Exeter

The Dean of Exeter is the head of the Chapter of Cathedral Church of Saint Peter in Exeter, England. The chapter was established by William Briwere, Bishop of Exeter (1224–44) who set up the offices of dean and chancellor of Exeter Cathedral, allowing the chapter to elect those officers. The deanery is at 10 The Close, Exeter. The current dean is Jonathan Greener.

Chichester Theological College Church in Chichester, UK

Chichester Theological College (1838–1994) was an Anglican theological college for the Diocese of Chichester in Sussex, England. Its churchmanship was high church and Anglo-Catholic.

Peter Gordon Atkinson is the current dean of Worcester. He was born on 26 August 1952 and educated at St John's College, Oxford. Ordained in 1980, his first post was a curacy in Clapham after which he was priest-in-charge of St Mary, Tatsfield. He was then rector of Holy Trinity, Bath, last principal of Chichester Theological College, and rector of Lavant. After this he was a canon residentiary at Chichester Cathedral before his current appointment. On 18 November 2014 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters by the University of Worcester.

Francis Willis D.D. was an academic administrator at the University of Oxford and Dean of Worcester.

Peter Atkinson may refer to:

Thomas Wilson was Dean of Worcester from 1559 until his death.

Grantham Munton Yorke was Dean of Worcester from 1874 until his death.

Edward Marten was Dean of Worcester from 1746 until his death on 8 October 1751.

John Waugh was Dean of Worcester from 1751 until his death on 19 April 1765.

William Digby was an eighteenth century Anglican priest.

Robert Foley was Dean of Worcester from his installation on 31 January 1778 until his death on 8 January 1783.

Robert George Jones is a British Anglican priest.