Dean of Manchester

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The Dean of Manchester is based in Manchester, England and is the head of the Chapter of Manchester Cathedral. The current dean is Rogers Govender MBE.

List of deans

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Manchester cathedral

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Dean of Llandaff

Dean of Llandaff is the title given to the head of the chapter of Llandaff Cathedral, which is located in Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales. It is not an ancient office – the head of the chapter was historically the Archdeacon who appears in this role in the Liber Landavensis and in the Chapter Acts preserved in the Glamorgan Records Office – but the office of a separate Dean was established by act of parliament in 1843. A century later the Deanery was merged with the Vicarage of Llandaff. The Chapter forfeited its legal rights on Disestablishment in 1920, when the Dean and Chapter as an ecclesiastical corporation was dissolved, under the terms of the Welsh Church Act 1914. There continues, however, to be a Dean and Chapter under the scheme or constitution made under the Constitution of the Church in Wales.

The Dean of Limerick and Ardfert is based in the Cathedral Church of St Mary's in Limerick in the united diocese of Limerick, Killaloe and Ardfert within the Church of Ireland. St Brendan's Cathedral, Ardfert was destroyed by fire in 1641.