List of caves in Western Australia

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This is a list of karst features in Western Australia. It includes all named features that occur in the Australian Speleological Federation Karst Index Database (KID). [1] The term "karst feature" is an umbrella term for topographical features formed from the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite, and gypsum. While the majority of features in the list below refer to cave entrances, some other features include cliffs, gorges and a calcified wooden water wheel.


Karst Features

Each feature is given a unique identification number, and many are also given a name. This list is restricted to named features. For conservation reasons, the precise locations of features are not made available to the public. However, most features are allocated to an area.

The list shows karst features (eg a cave entrance), not cave systems, so caves with 2 or more entrance points will appear multiple times in the list.

Cave numberCave nameCave area
6AU-1 Deepdene Cave Augusta
6AU-2 Bone Cave Augusta
6AU-3 Bottomless Hole Augusta
6AU-6 Harleys Cave Augusta
6AU-8 Skull Cave Augusta
6AU-9 Old Kudardup Cave Augusta
6AU-11 Moondyne Cave Augusta
6AU-13 Augusta Jewel Cave Augusta
6AU-14 Easter Cave (Western Australia) Augusta
6AU-15 Deeondeeup Cave Augusta
6AU-16 The Labyrinth (Western Australia) Augusta
6AU-18 Leeuwin Cave Augusta
6AU-20 Lloyds Dig Augusta
6AU-22 Deepdene Cliffs - Upper Level Augusta
6AU-23 Deepdene Cliffs - Lower Level Augusta
6AU-26 Leeuwin Water Wheel Spring Augusta
6AU-28 Foundation Cave Augusta
6AU-29 Clematis Cave Augusta
6AU-30 Jims Dig Augusta
6C-4 Owl Roost Cape Range
6C-12 Petrogale Cape Range
6C-17 Goat Cave Cape Range
6C-18 Dry Swallet Cave Cape Range
6C-21 Monajee Cave Cape Range
6C-23 Dozer Cave Cape Range
6C-24 Milyering Well Cape Range
6C-25 Kudamurra Well Cape Range
6C-26 Tantabiddi Well Cape Range
6C-27 Kubura Well Cape Range
6C-28 Bundera Sinkhole Cape Range
6C-29 Bell Cave Cape Range
6C-41 Beanstalk Cave Cape Range
6C-64 Shot Hole Tunnel Cape Range
6C-66 Tetra-Dome Cave Cape Range
6C-67 Oh Well Cape Range
6C-69 Linda's Delight Cape Range
6C-76 Papillon Cave Cape Range
6CO-1 Quinninup Lake Cave Cowaramup
6CO-5 Guthrie Cave Cowaramup
6CO-6 Snake Pit Cowaramup
6CO-7 Cowaramup Cave Cowaramup
6CO-8 Meekadorabee Cave Cowaramup
6CO-10 Trichosurus Hole Cowaramup
6E-1 Stockyard Tunnel Eneabba
6E-2 Stockyard Bridge Eneabba
6E-3 Stockyard Cave Eneabba
6E-4 Alpha Doline Eneabba
6E-5 Beta Doline Eneabba
6E-6 Gamma Doline Eneabba
6E-7 Delta Doline Eneabba
6E-8 Epsilon Doline Eneabba
6E-9 Aiyennu Cave Eneabba
6E-10 Beekeepers Cave Eneabba
6E-11 Emu Cave Eneabba
6E-12 Facts of Life Cave Eneabba
6E-13 Little Three Springs East Cave Eneabba
6E-14 Little Three Springs West Cave Eneabba
6E-15 Delta Half Doline Eneabba
6E-16 Flatworm Cave Eneabba
6E-17 Zamia Palm Doline Eneabba
6E-22 Arramal Cave Eneabba
6E-23 River Cave Eneabba
6E-24 Weelawadji Cave Eneabba
6E-25 Honey Cave Eneabba
6E-26 Lake Erindoon Cave Eneabba
6E-30 Drip Cave Eneabba
6E-32 Arramal Cave Eneabba
6E-45 Red Brush Cave Eneabba
6E-48 Sponge Cave Eneabba
6E-49 Rat Cave Eneabba
6E-50 Weelawadji Cave Eneabba
6E-52 Weelawadji West Eneabba
6E-53 Swallow Cave Eneabba
6E-54 Syg Cave Eneabba
6E-55 Fishermans Pot Eneabba
6E-56 Wait Cave Eneabba
6EM-17 Caladenia Cave East Moore
6J-1 Gooseberry Cave Jurien
6J-2 Drovers Cave Jurien
6J-3 Moorba Cave Jurien
6J-4 Hastings Cave Jurien
6J-5 Kjeldahl Cave Jurien
6J-6 Mystery Cave Jurien
6J-7 Old River Cave Jurien
6J-8 Green Head Road Cave Jurien
6J-9 Retreat Cave Jurien
6J-10 Tumbled in Cave Jurien
6J-11 Rifle Cave Jurien
6 kg-1 Geikie Gorge Kimberleys – Geike Area
6 kg-2 Geikie Bat Cave Kimberleys – Geike Area
6 kg-3 Homestead South Cave Kimberleys – Geike Area
6 kg-4 Homestead South Cave Kimberleys – Geike Area
6 kg-5 Homestead South Cave Kimberleys – Geike Area
6 kg-6 Homestead North Cave Kimberleys – Geike Area
6 kg-7 Homestead North Cave Kimberleys – Geike Area
6KH-1 Siphon Spring Kimberleys – Horse Spring Range/Hull Range Area
6KH-2 Horse Spring Kimberleys – Horse Spring Range/Hull Range Area
6KL-1 Cave Springs Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-3 Cave Springs Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-4 Network Cave Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-5 Mimbi Cave (Upper) Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-6 Nardji Cave Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-7 Nardji Cave Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-8 Nardji Cave Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-9 Galeru Gorge Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-10 Kudata Gap Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-11 Pluto's Way Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-12 Pluto's Way Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-13 Pluto's Way Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-14 Pluto's Way Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-15 Pluto's Way Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-16 Illawarra Cave Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KN-1 Old Napier Downs Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-2 Wangahinnya Caves Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-3 Barnet Spring Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-4 Barnet Spring Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-5 Window Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-6 Window Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-7 Pigeons Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-8 Bull Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-9 Barnet Spring Gorge Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-10 Old Napier Downs Polje Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-11 Windjana Gorge Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-13 Westernmost Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-14 Westernmost Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KO-1 The Tunnel Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-2 The Tunnel Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-3 The Tunnel Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-5 Dingo Gap Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-6 Dingo Gap Cave Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-7 Brooking Yard Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-8 Brooking Gorge Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-9 Wine Spring Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-10 Pink Trigger Spring Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-11 Supine Spring Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-12 Elimberrie Spring Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-14 Fig Spring Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-16 Palm Spring Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KP-1 Menyous Gap Kimberleys – Pillara Range Area
6KP-2 Menyous Gap Cave Kimberleys – Pillara Range Area
6KP-3 Knock-On-Wood Cave Kimberleys – Pillara Range Area
6KP-4 Knock-On-Wood Cave Kimberleys – Pillara Range Area
6KP-5 Knock-On-Wood Cave Kimberleys – Pillara Range Area
6LW-1 Avalon Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-2 Dawes Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-3 Toussant Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-4 Morfitt Cave No. 1 Lower West Coast
6LW-5 Morfitt Cave No. 2 Lower West Coast
6LW-6 Kwinana Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-7 Kings Park Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-8 Blackwall Reach Caves Lower West Coast
6LW-9 Blackwall Reach Caves Lower West Coast
6LW-10 Blackwall Reach Caves Lower West Coast
6LW-11 Peppermint Grove Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-12 Two Up Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-16 Dock Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-17 Naval Base Hotel Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-18 Point Peron Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-19 Tomich Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-20 Soltoggia Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-25 Prisoners Cave Lower West Coast
6M-1 Coorow Cave Moora
6M-6 Jingemia Cave Moora
6M-7 Bishops Hole Moora
6MIS-4 Dale Cave
6MIS-5 Frieze Cave
6MIS-6 Bates Cave
6MIS-7 Hippos Yawn
6MIS-8 Willagulli Caves
6MIS-9 Appertarra Cave
6MIS-11 Sandspring Rockshelter
6MIS-14 Carved Cave Spring
6MIS-15 Mujingerra Cave
6MIS-16 Empress Spring
6MIS-17 Helena Spring
6MIS-18 Prideaux Cave
6MIS-20 Albert Caves
6MIS-21 Chittering Cave
6MIS-22 Hole-In-The-Wall Cave
6MIS-23 The Caves
6MIS-24 Nanga Caves
6MIS-26 Stoneaxe Cave
6MIS-27 Crane Cave
6MIS-28 Pine Tree Cave
6MIS-29 Bats Cave
6MIS-34 Wilgie Mia Ochre Mine
6MIS-35 Barnes Rock Cave
6MIS-36 Bee Gorge Cave
6MIS-37 Campfire Cave
6MIS-38 Arches Cave
6MR-1 Witchcliffe Cave Margaret River
6MR-2 Blackboy Hollow Cave Margaret River
6MR-3 Rainbow Cave Margaret River
6MR-4 Wallcliffe Cave Margaret River
6MR-9 Foxhole Cave Margaret River
6MR-19 Milligans Cave Margaret River
6N-2 Weebubbie Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-3 Abrakurrie Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-17 Chowilla Landslip Nullarbor Plain
6N-19 Weebubbie Road Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-34 Water Truck Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-35 Bobobogol Doline Nullarbor Plain
6N-36 Erosion Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-37 Mullamullang Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-38 Walpet Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-39 Joe's Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-40 Kestrel No. 1 Cavern Nullarbor Plain
6N-41 Spider Sink Nullarbor Plain
6N-42 Kestrel No. 2 Cavern Nullarbor Plain
6N-43 Parritappa Doline Nullarbor Plain
6N-44 Kutowalla Doline Nullarbor Plain
6N-45 Winbirra Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-46 Nurina Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-47 Murra-El-Elevyn Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-48 Cocklebiddy Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-49 Pannikin Plain Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-50 Capstan Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-51 Gecko Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-53 Moonera Tank Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-55 Haig Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-56 Tommy Grahams Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-57 Beerbox Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-58 Roaches Rest Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-59 Horseshoe Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-60 Lynch Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-62 Madura Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-63 Thylacine Hole Nullarbor Plain
6N-68 Madura Pass Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-70 Firestick Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-71 Fairy Martin Doline Nullarbor Plain
6N-73 Camp One Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-74 Twelfth Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-81 Arubiddy Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-82 Skink Hole Nullarbor Plain
6N-83 Old Homestead Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-84 Decoration Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-132 Webb's Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-133 Snake Pit Nullarbor Plain
6N-157 Twin Level Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-159 Telegraph Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-160 Dingo Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-164 Caiguna Rockhole Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-165 Kelly Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-166 Squeeze Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-167 Cairn Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-168 Bottle Pot Nullarbor Plain
6N-169 Double Blowhole (East) Nullarbor Plain
6N-170 Double Blowhole (West) Nullarbor Plain
6N-191 Offset Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-192 Native Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-193 Witches Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-194 Philistine Flattener Nullarbor Plain
6N-196 Rest Area Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-198 Station Track Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-200 Petrogale Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-202 Baxter West Blowhole No. 1 Nullarbor Plain
6N-203 Baxter West Blowhole No. 2 Nullarbor Plain
6N-204 Baxter West Blowhole No. 3 Nullarbor Plain
6N-206 Thampanna Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-218 Random Camp Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-220 Dead Horse Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-221 Mallee Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6S-1 Christmas Island Guano Cave No. 1 South Coast
6S-2 Christmas Island Guano Cave No. 2 South Coast
6S-3 Christmas Island Guano Cave No. 3 South Coast
6S-4 Duke of Orleans Bay Cave South Coast
6S-5 Frenchmans Peak Tunnel South Coast
6S-6 Point Hood Blowhole South Coast
6S-7 Mount Le Grande Cave No. 1 South Coast
6S-8 Mount Le Grande Cave No. 2 South Coast
6S-9 Mount Le Grande Cave No. 3 South Coast
6S-12 Dempsters Head Cave South Coast
6S-16 Windy Harbour Cave South Coast
6S-17 Inland Cliffs Cave South Coast
6S-18 Malimup Spring Cave South Coast
6S-23 Cape Beaufort Cave South Coast
6S-24 Chudelupe Cave South Coast
6SH-1 Super Cave South Hill River
6SH-2 Weston Cave South Hill River
6SH-4 Reptation Cave South Hill River
6SH-7 Thousand Man Cave South Hill River
6SH-9 Pretty Cave South Hill River
6SH-10 Nambang Cave South Hill River
6SH-11 Army Cave South Hill River
6SH-12 Quandong Cave South Hill River
6SH-13 Green Island Cave South Hill River
6SH-14 Wedges Cave South Hill River
6SH-15 Taranakite Cave South Hill River
6SH-17 Brown Bone Cave South Hill River
6SH-18 Cadda Cave South Hill River
6SH-20 Tick Cave South Hill River
6SH-21 Woolka Woolka Well Cave South Hill River
6SH-23 Princes Cave South Hill River
6SH-25 Scoop Spring South Hill River
6SH-29 Ranger Cave South Hill River
6SH-30 Nambung Spring South Hill River
6SH-31 Lake Thetis South Hill River
6SH-35 Verandah Post Cave South Hill River
6SH-38 Pulchella Cave South Hill River
6SH-40 Kinenabbra Cave South Hill River
6SH-42 Strathmore Cave South Hill River
6SH-45 Scallop Cave South Hill River
6SH-50 Horse Cave South Hill River
6SH-51 Echidna Cave South Hill River
6WI-2 Green Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-5 Midgie Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-6 Goanna Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-7 Skittle Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-9 Kudjal Yolgah Witchcliffe
6WI-13 Golgotha Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-15 Kens Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-17 Mordang Dar Witchcliffe
6WI-21 Giants Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-22 Giants Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-23 Kangaroo Pot Witchcliffe
6WI-24 Bride Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-26 Crustacea Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-30 Lake Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-31 Museum Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-33 Tunnel Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-37 Orchid Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-38 Mammoth Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-42 Terry Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-43 Terry Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-44 Conference Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-47 Terry Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-48 Connelly Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-49 Calgardup Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-51 Rudducks Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-53 Zamia Nut Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-54 Breakneck Gully Witchcliffe
6WI-56 Arumvale Pipe Witchcliffe
6WI-57 Arumvale Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-58 Blue Rock Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-59 Mill Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-60 Nannup Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-61 Devil's Lair Witchcliffe
6WI-62 Crystal Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-63 Strongs Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-64 Soil Chute Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-67 Acoustic Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-71 Dingo Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-82 Bobs Hollow Resurgence Witchcliffe
6WI-87 Swamp Inflow Witchcliffe
6WI-93 Arnor Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-97 Tunnel Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-101 Tight Entrance Cave Witchcliffe
6YA-1 Ngilgi Cave (formerly Yallingup Cave)Yallingup
6YA-2 Northcote Grotto Yallingup
6YA-3 Seven Sisters Cave Yallingup
6YA-10 Karri Cave Yallingup
6YA-12 Terrible Cave Yallingup
6YA-13 Warrigal Cave Yallingup
6YA-27 Ketalack Cave Yallingup
6YA-39 Beam Pot Yallingup
6YA-40 Barbilla Cave Yallingup
6YA-49 Injidup Doline & Shaft 1 Yallingup
6YA-50 Injidup Doline 2 Yallingup
6YA-51 Lost Pearl Cave Yallingup
6YN-1 Crystal Cave Yanchep
6YN-2 Yonderup Cave Yanchep
6YN-3 Spider Cave (Western Australia) Yanchep
6YN-4 Kangaroo Cave Yanchep
6YN-5 Silver Stocking Cabaret Cave Yanchep
6YN-6 Boomerang Gorge Cave No. 1 Yanchep
6YN-7 Boomerang Gorge Cave No. 2 Yanchep
6YN-8 Road Cave Yanchep
6YN-9 Cauliflower Cave Yanchep
6YN-11 Water Cave Yanchep
6YN-12 Mambibby Cave Yanchep
6YN-13 Loch Overflow Cave Yanchep
6YN-14 White Grotto Yanchep
6YN-16 Yanchep Cave Yanchep
6YN-19 Pop Hole Cave Yanchep
6YN-20 Surprise Cave Yanchep
6YN-21 Marble Terrace Cave Yanchep
6YN-22 Rose Cave Yanchep
6YN-24 Wilgarup Cave Yanchep
6YN-26 Census Cave Yanchep
6YN-28 Minnies Grotto Yanchep
6YN-32 Ornamental Lake Spring Yanchep
6YN-39 Bluff Cave Yanchep
6YN-42 Loch McNess Power Station Spring Yanchep
6YN-51 Bettong Cave Yanchep
6YN-52 Thylacine Cave Yanchep
6YN-53 Sarcophilus Cave Yanchep
6YN-67 Dead Cow Cave Yanchep
6YN-69 Flynn's Cave Yanchep
6YN-92 Zenal's Cave Yanchep
6YN-94 Invasion Cave Yanchep
6YN-100 Kiln Spring Yanchep
6YN-102 Quinns Rocks Spring Yanchep
6YN-108 Wilgarup Collapse Yanchep
6YN-115 Tuart Cleft Yanchep
6YN-116 Cat Skull Cave Yanchep
6YN-118 Koala Cave Yanchep
6YN-125 Dibbler Cave Yanchep
6YN-126 Melaleuca Cave Yanchep
6YN-130 Orchestra Shell Cave Yanchep
6YN-140 Gibb Cave Yanchep

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A cave conservancy is a specialized land trust that primarily manages caves or karst features in the United States. Organizations that serve as cave management consultants to cave owners are usually considered cave conservancies. Almost all cave conservancies are non-profit organizations, but their management methodologies may be diverse. Cave conservancies often provide other services such as being advocates for responsible cave ownership and management, promoting the protection of caves, and advancing research to enhance and discover the values of caves.

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The Jenolan Caves are limestone caves located within the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve in the Central Tablelands region, west of the Blue Mountains, in Jenolan, Oberon Council, New South Wales, in eastern Australia. The caves and 3,083-hectare (7,620-acre) reserve are situated approximately 175 kilometres (109 mi) west of Sydney, 20 kilometres (12 mi) east of Oberon and 30 kilometres (19 mi) west of Katoomba.

Moondyne Cave is a karst cave in the South West region of Western Australia. It is located on Caves Road, 8 kilometres (5 mi) north of Augusta.

Postojna Cave karst cave system in Slovenia

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There are a number of caving organizations throughout the world.

Yallingup, Western Australia Town in Western Australia

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Ngilgi Cave cave in Western Australia

Ngilgi Cave, previously known as Yallingup Cave, is a karst cave to the northeast of Yallingup, in the southwest of Western Australia.

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Mammoth Cave (Western Australia) cave in Western Australia

Mammoth Cave is a large limestone cave 21 km (13 mi) south of the town of Margaret River in south-western Western Australia, and about 300 km (190 mi) south of Perth. It lies within the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and is surrounded by Karri and Marri forest. It has also had extinct animal fossils found in Mammoth Cave.

Willi Willi Caves Nature Reserve covers 8 ha and is located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales on the lower slope of a ridge in the upper Macleay River catchment, 35 km to the west of Kempsey.

Cliefden Caves Protected area in New South Wales, Australia

The Cliefden Caves ia heritage-listed geoheritage site in Mandurama, Cowra Shire, New South Wales, Australia. The caves comprises Ordovician fossil localities, limestone caves, a spring and tufa dams, and a site where limestone was first discovered in inland Australia.

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Austrian Speleological Association

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