List of regions of Tanzania by Human Development Index

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This is a List of regions of Tanzania by Human Development Index based on data for the year 2018. [1]

RankRegionsHDI (2018)Comparable countries (2018) [2]
Medium human development
1 Mjini Magharibi 0.690Flag of Palestine.svg  Palestine
2 Dar es Salaam 0.631Flag of East Timor.svg  Timor-Leste
3 Kilimanjaro 0.613Flag of Bangladesh.svg  Bangladesh
4 Unguja South 0.612Flag of Bangladesh.svg  Bangladesh
5 Pemba South 0.577Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya, Flag of Nepal.svg    Nepal
6 Unguja North 0.560Flag of Pakistan.svg  Pakistan
7 Iringa & Njombe 0.554Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg  Solomon Islands
Low human development
8 Tanga 0.547Flag of Syria.svg  Syria
9 Arusha & Manyara 0.545Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg  Papua New Guinea
10 Pemba North 0.543Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg  Papua New Guinea
11 Ruvuma 0.533Flag of Nigeria.svg  Nigeria
-Flag of Tanzania.svg  Tanzania (average)0.529Flag of Uganda.svg  Uganda
12 Morogoro 0.525Flag of Mauritania.svg  Mauritania
12 Singida 0.525Flag of Mauritania.svg  Mauritania
14 Mbeya 0.523Flag of Madagascar.svg  Madagascar
15 Mara 0.522Flag of Madagascar.svg  Madagascar
16 Pwani 0.506Flag of Sudan.svg  Sudan
17 Geita & Mwanza 0.505Flag of Sudan.svg  Sudan
18 Kagera 0.501Flag of Haiti.svg  Haiti
19 Kigoma 0.499Flag of Afghanistan.svg  Afghanistan
20 Lindi 0.490Flag of Djibouti.svg  Djibouti, Flag of Malawi.svg  Malawi
20 Shinyanga & Simiyu 0.490Flag of Djibouti.svg  Djibouti, Flag of Malawi.svg  Malawi
22 Mtwara 0.488Flag of Malawi.svg  Malawi
23 Dodoma 0.479Flag of Malawi.svg  Malawi
24 Katavi & Rukwa 0.467Flag of The Gambia.svg  Gambia, Flag of Guinea.svg  Guinea
25 Tabora 0.464Flag of Liberia.svg  Liberia

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