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World administrative levels

The table below indicates the types and, where known, numbers of administrative divisions used by countries and their major dependent territories. It is ordered alphabetically by country name in English.


Administrative divisions by country

Member and observer states of the United Nations

CountryType of stateAdministrative divisions
First-level Second-level Third-level Fourth-level and smaller
Flag of the Taliban.svg  Afghanistan Unitary 34 provinces (velaya'at) 421 districts (woleswali) subdistricts (alaqadari)
Flag of Albania.svg  Albania Unitary 12 counties (qarqe) 61 municipalities (bashki) 373 units of local governance (njësi të qeverisjes vendore) 2,972 villages (fshatra)
Flag of Algeria.svg  Algeria Unitary 58 provinces (wilayas) 553 districts (daïras) 1,541 communes (baladiyahs)
Flag of Andorra.svg  Andorra Unitary 7 parishes (parròquies)
Flag of Angola.svg  Angola Unitary 18 provinces (províncias) 163 municipalities (municípios) 618 communes (comunas)
Flag of Antigua and Barbuda.svg  Antigua and Barbuda Unitary 6 parishes
2 dependencies
60 major divisions Towns and villages Neighbourhoods
Flag of Argentina.svg  Argentina Federal 23 provinces (provincias) 378 departments (departamentos) [1]
135 Partidos (Buenos Aires Province only)
Municipalities (municipios)
1 autonomous city (ciudad autónoma) [2] 15 communes (comunas) 48 Neighbourhoods (barrios)
Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia Unitary 10 provinces (marzer)
1 autonomous city
503 municipalities (hamaynkner)
Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia Federal 6 states [3]
Flag of New South Wales.svg  New South Wales Local Government:
58 Shires
28 Council
28 Cities
8 Regional Councils
6 Municipalities
2 Unincorporated areas
Flag of Queensland.svg  Queensland Local Government:
30 Regions
28 Shire
12 Aboriginal Shires
7 Cities
1 Town
Flag of South Australia.svg  South Australia Local Government:
25 District Councils
21 Cities
15 Councils
4 Regional Councils
2 Towns
1 Rural City
1 Unincorporated area
Flag of Tasmania.svg  Tasmania Local Government:
23 Municipalities
6 Cities
Flag of Victoria (Australia).svg  Victoria Local Government:
39 Shires
33 Cities
10 Unincorporated areas
6 Rural Cities
1 Borough
Flag of Western Australia.svg  Western Australia Local Government:
104 Shires
29 Cities
8 Towns
9 territories [4] [5]
Flag of the Northern Territory.svg  Northern Territory Local Government:
9 regional councils
5 Unincorporated areas
3 Municipalities
3 Shires
2 Cities
Australian Capital Territory 1 Unincorporated area
Jervis Bay Territory
Flag of Christmas Island.svg  Christmas Island
Flag of Norfolk Island.svg  Norfolk Island
Flag of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.svg  Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Coral Sea Islands
Ashmore and Cartier Islands
Heard Island and McDonald Islands
Flag of Austria.svg  Austria Federal 9 states (Bundesländer), including the federal capital Vienna [6] 93 districts (Bezirke), [7] [8] including 14 statutory cities (Statutarstädte) 2,078 municipalities (Gemeinden), [9] including
186 towns (Städte)
771 market towns (Marktgemeinden)
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan Regional 59 districts (Rayonlar)
11 cities (Şəhərlər) [10]
+2600 municipalities (Bələdiyyələr) +4500 settlements (Yaşayış Məntəqələri)
1 autonomous republic (Muxtar Respublika) 7 districts (Rayonlar)
1 city (Şəhər)
218 settlements (Yaşayış Məntəqələri)
Flag of the Bahamas.svg  Bahamas Unitary 32 districts

New Providence

Flag of Bahrain.svg  Bahrain Unitary 4 governorates (muḥāfaẓāt)g
Flag of Bangladesh.svg  Bangladesh Unitary 8 divisions (bibhag) 64 districts (zila) 491 sub-districts (upazila) [11]
12 City corporations
4,554 union councils (union parishads)
327 municipal corporations (paurasabhas)
Flag of Barbados.svg  Barbados Unitary 11 parishes
Flag of Belarus.svg  Belarus Unitary 6 regions ( oblasti or voblastsi)
1 autonomous city
118 districts ( raiony )
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Federal 3 regions [12] 10 provinces [13] 43 districts [14] 581 municipalities [15]
Flag of Belize.svg  Belize Unitary 6 districts 201 municipalities
Flag of Benin.svg  Benin Unitary 12 departments (départements) 77 communes (communes) 546 districts (arrondissements)
Flag of Bhutan.svg  Bhutan Unitary 20 districts (dzongkhag) 201 blocks (gewogs)b
61 thromdes m
Bandera de Bolivia (Estado).svg  Bolivia Regional 9 departments (departamentos) 112 provinces (provincias) 339 municipalities (municipios)
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Bosnia and Herzegovina Federal 2 federal entities:
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 10 cantons (kantona) 143 municipalities (općine or opštine)local community
Flag of the Republika Srpska.svg  Republika Srpska 64 municipalities (opštine)local community
1 condominium of the federal entities:
Brčko District
Flag of Botswana.svg  Botswana Unitary 10 rural districts
7 urban districts
21 sub-districts [16] 519 villages [17] localities
Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil Federal 26 states (estados) 5,568 municipalities (municípios)
1 state district (distrito estadual)
10,648 municipal districts (distritos municipais)650 subdistricts (subdistritos)
1 federal district (distrito federal) 1 federal capital (capital federal) 33 administrative regions (regiões administrativas)
Flag of Brunei.svg  Brunei Unitary 4 districts (daerah) 38 subdistricts (mukim)w villages (kampung)
Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria Unitary 28 provinces or regions (oblasti, области) 265 municipalities (obshtini, общини)
Flag of Burkina Faso.svg  Burkina Faso Unitary 13 regions (régions) 45 provinces 325 departments (départements) [18]
Flag of Burundi.svg  Burundi Unitary 18 provinces 119 communes 2,639 collines
Flag of Cambodia.svg  Cambodia Unitary 24 provinces (khaet)
1 autonomous municipality
193 districts (srok/khan) 1,646 communes (khum/sangkat)villages (phum)
Flag of Cameroon.svg  Cameroon Unitary 10 regions (régions) 58 departments (départements) 360 communes, or districts (arrondissements)
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada Federal 10 provinces:
Flag of Alberta.svg  Alberta
6 specialized municipalities
63 counties 264 municipalities
8 Metis settlements
3 special areas
7 improvement districts [19]
Flag of British Columbia.svg  British Columbia 27 regional districts
1 unincorporated area
162 municipalities
160 electoral areas [20]
Flag of Manitoba.svg  Manitoba 98 rural municipalities
unincorporated areas [21] [22]
37 municipalities
2 local government districts
Flag of New Brunswick.svg  New Brunswick 15 counties (comtés) [23] 152 parishes (paroisses) [23] 104 municipalities (municipalités)
Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador.svg  Newfoundland and Labrador (unincorporated) [24] 277 municipalities
Flag of Nova Scotia.svg  Nova Scotia
18 counties:
3 regional municipalities
9 county municipalities 38 municipalities
6 historic counties administered by district municipalities
Flag of Ontario.svg  Ontario 173 single-tier municipalities [25]
8 regional municipalities 241 lower-tier municipalities
46 local services boards
22 counties
10 districts [26]
Flag of Prince Edward Island.svg  Prince Edward Island 3 counties [27] 14 parishes [27] 70 townships (fourth level) [27]
63 municipalities (fifth level)
Flag of Quebec.svg  Quebec 87 regional county municipalities (municipalités régionale de comté) (RCM/MRC)

17 territories equivalent to a regional county municipality (territoires équivalents) (TE):

5 TEs coextensive (or nearly coextensive) with an urban agglomeration (agglomérations)
9 cities (cités/villes) independent of any RCM
3 other equivalent territories:
Eeyou Istchee
1,108 municipalities (municipalités) 45 boroughs (arrondissements)
(only in 8 municipalities)
Flag of Saskatchewan.svg  Saskatchewan 296 rural municipalities
2 unincorporated areas:
Northern Saskatchewan Administration District
Prince Albert National Park
478 municipalities
3 territories:
Flag of the Northwest Territories.svg  Northwest Territories 5 regions [28] 24 municipalities
Flag of Nunavut.svg  Nunavut 3 regions [29] 25 municipalities
Flag of Yukon.svg  Yukon ( unorganized ) 8 municipalities
Flag of Cape Verde.svg  Cape Verde Unitary 22 councils or municipalities (concelhos, also referred to as municípios) 32 parishes (freguesias)
Flag of the Central African Republic.svg  Central African Republic Unitary 16 prefectures (préfectures)

1 autonomous commune

72 sub-prefectures (sous-préfectures)
Flag of Chad.svg  Chad Unitary 23 regions (régions) 67 departments (départements) [30] 340 sub-prefectures (sous-préfectures)
Flag of Chile.svg  Chile Unitary 16 regions (regiones) 54 provinces (provincias) 346 communes (comunas)neighborhood units (unidades vecinales) [31]
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China, People's Republic ofRegional 23 provinces (shěng)
5 autonomous regions (zìzhìqū)
4 municipalities (zhíxiáshì)
280+ prefecture-level cities (dìjíshī)
17 prefectures (dìqū)
30 autonomous prefectures (zìzhìzhōu)
1,400+ counties (xiàn)
110+ autonomous counties (zìzhìxiàn)
850+ county-level districts ((shìxiá)qū)
1 special district (tèqū)
370+ county-level cities (xiànjíshì)
1 forestry district (línqū)
19,500+ towns (zhèn)
14,600+ townships (xiāng)
1,000+ ethnic townships (mínzúxiāng)
6,100+ subdistricts (jiēbàn or jiēdàobànshìchù)
11 district public offices (qūgōngsuǒ)

Urban areas:
(residential) communities (shèqū) or neighbourhoods (jūmínqū)

Rural areas: villages (cūnjí), village areas or village groups. [32]

2 special administrative regions (tèbié xíngzhèngqū/dahkbiht hàhngjingkēui) 18 districts (Hong Kong only)
Flag of Colombia.svg  Colombia Regional 32 departments (departamentos)

1 Capital District (Distrito Capital)

1,102 municipalities (municipios)
2,000+ corregimientos   [33]
Flag of the Comoros.svg  Comoros Federal 3 autonomous islands (îles autonomes)16 prefectures (préfectures)54 communes318 villes or villages
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg  DR Congo [34] Unitary 26 provinces 145 territories
264 chiefdoms
470 sectors

Flag of the Republic of the Congo.svg  Congo [35] Unitary 12 departments 80+ districts communes
Flag of Costa Rica.svg  Costa Rica Unitary 7 provinces (provincias) 82 cantons (cantones)450+ districts
Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia Unitary 21 counties (županije)127 towns (gradovi)

429 municipalities (općine)

4,117+ local communities (mjesnih odbora) (gradske četvrti [Zagreb], gradski kotari [Split]) 6,700+ settlements (naselja)
Flag of Cuba.svg  Cuba Unitary 16 provinces (provincias) 160+ municipalities (municipios)
Flag of Cyprus.svg  Cyprus Unitary 6 districts (eparchies)610 communities
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic Unitary 13 regions (kraje) 76 districts (okresy) /

205 municipalities with extended competence (3rd level municipalities) (obce s rozšířenou působností)

393 municipalities with commissioned local authority (2nd level municipalities) (obce s pověřeným obecním úřadem)6,254 1st level municipalities (obce)

4 military training areas (vojenské újezdy) special status

Capital City of Prague (Hlavní město Praha) 10 districts (obvody) judicial only

22 administrative districts (správní obvody)

57 municipal districts (městské části)112 cadastral communities (katastrální území)
Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark, the Kingdom ofRegional1 senior member of the Kingdom: Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark
5 regions (regioner) 98 municipalities (kommuner)
2 self-governing territories within the Kingdom:
Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg  Faroe Islands 7 regions (sýsla) [36] 29 municipalities (kommunur) [37]
Flag of Greenland.svg  Greenland 5 municipalities (kommuner)
Flag of Djibouti.svg  Djibouti Unitary 6 regions (régions) 15 districts [38]

6 arrondissements (within Djibouti City)

Flag of Dominica.svg  Dominica Unitary 10 parishes
Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg  Dominican Republic Unitary 31 provinces (provincias)

1 National District (Distrito Nacional)

110+ municipalities (municipios)40+ municipal districts (distritos municipales)
Flag of East Timor.svg  East Timor [39] Unitary 12 municipalities (Municípios)

1 special administrative region (região administrativa especial)

65 administrative posts (postos administrativos) 442 sucos   [40]
Flag of Ecuador.svg  Ecuador Unitary 24 provinces (provincias) 221 cantons (cantones) 1,000+ parishes (parroquias)
Flag of Egypt.svg  Egypt Unitary 27 governorates (muḥāfaẓāt) 271 marakiz or aqsam 4,617+ villages or districts sheyakha or residential districts
Flag of El Salvador.svg  El Salvador Unitary 14 departments (departamentos) 262 municipalities (municipios)
Flag of Equatorial Guinea.svg  Equatorial Guinea Unitary 8 provinces (provincias)32 districts (distritos)
Flag of Eritrea.svg  Eritrea Unitary 6 regions (zoba) 57 districts Communes (Kebabis)Villages and towns
Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia [41] Unitary 15 counties (maakonnad) 15 towns (linnad)linnaosaddisasumidsd
64 parishes (vallad)kandid [42]
32 linnad [33]
12 alevid [43]
188 alevikud [44]
4,455 külad [40]
Flag of Eswatini.svg  Eswatini Unitary 4 regions (tifundza) 50+ tinkhundla [45] 360+ imiphakatsi [46]
Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia Federal 10 regions (kililoch)

2 chartered cities (astedader akababiwach)

68 zones (zonoch) 600+ districts (woreda) kebeles [47] [48]
Flag of Fiji.svg  Fiji Unitary 4 divisions 14 provinces + 50 districts
1 dependency
Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Regional 18 regions (maakuntaa) 70+ subregions (seutukuntaa) 317 municipalities (kuntaa)  [49]
1 autonomous region (Åland) (itsehallinnollinen maakunta) 16 municipalities (kommuner (kuntaa))
Flag of France.svg  France Regional 18 regions (régions) 101 departments (départements) [50]
+ the Metropolis of Lyon
332 arrondissements 2,054 cantons (fourth-level), 12,159 intercommunalities (fifth level), 35,357 communes (sixth-level)  [51]
1 state private property, located overseas, under the direct authority of the French government: Flag of France.svg  Clipperton Island
5 overseas collectivities (collectivités d'outre-mer)
Flag of French Polynesia.svg  French Polynesia [52] 5 administrative subdivisions (subdivisions administratives) 40+ communes
Flag of France.svg  Saint-Barthélemy
Flag of France.svg  Saint-Martin
Flag of France.svg  Saint-Pierre and Miquelon 2 communes
Flag of France.svg  Wallis and Futuna 3 traditional kingdoms (royaumes coutumiers)3 districts (Uvea only)
1 sui generis collectivity (collectivité sui generis)
Flags of New Caledonia.svg  New Caledonia 3 provinces 30+ communes
1 overseas territory (territoire d'outre-mer)
Flag of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.svg  French Southern and Antarctic Lands 5 districts
Flag of Gabon.svg  Gabon Unitary 9 provinces 49 departments (départements) 152 cantons, 52 communes, 29 arrondissements
Flag of The Gambia.svg  Gambia Unitary 5 regions
1 city
8 Local Government Areas 43 districts
Flag of Georgia.svg Georgia Regional 9 regions (mkhare)

2 autonomous republics (avt'onomiuri resp'ublik'a)

5 cities (k'alak'i)

67 communities (temi)

Flag of Germany.svg  Germany Federal 16 states (Länder)  [53]

Flag of Baden-Wurttemberg.svg  Baden-Württemberg
Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg  Bavaria
Flag of Hesse.svg  Hesse
Flag of North Rhine-Westphalia.svg  North Rhine-Westphalia

19 administrative districts (Regierungsbezirke)
3 special regional associations (Kommunalverbände besonderer Art) [54]

294 rural districts (Landkreise or Kreise)

1281 municipal associations (Gemeindeverbände) [55]

10907 municipalities (Gemeinden), including

1951 towns (Städte)
386 market towns (Märkte) (only in Bavaria)

Flag of Brandenburg.svg  Brandenburg
Flag of Lower Saxony.svg  Lower Saxony
Flag of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.svg  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Flag of Rhineland-Palatinate.svg  Rhineland-Palatinate
Flag of Saarland.svg  Saarland
Flag of Saxony.svg  Saxony
Flag of Saxony-Anhalt (state).svg  Saxony-Anhalt
Flag of Schleswig-Holstein.svg  Schleswig-Holstein
Flag of Thuringia.svg  Thuringia

103 cities (urban districts) (Kreisfreie Städte or Stadtkreise)
Flag of Bremen.svg  Bremen 2 cities (Städte):
Bremen  (city)
7 boroughs (Stadtbezirke)32 quarters (Stadtteile)

113 neighbourhoods (Ortsteile)

Flag of Berlin.svg  Berlin 12 boroughs (Bezirke) 97 neighbourhoods (Ortsteile)
Flag of Hamburg.svg  Hamburg 7 boroughs (Bezirke) 104 quarters (Stadtteile) 181 neighbourhoods (Ortsteile)
Flag of Ghana.svg  Ghana Unitary 16 regions 216 districts Communities tema
8 municipal districtszones
3 metropolitan districtssubmetropolitan districts
Flag of Greece.svg  Greece Regional 7 decentralized administrations (apokentroménes dioikíseis) 13 administrative regions (peripheries) 74 regional units (perifereiakés enótites)

332 municipalities (dímoi)

1 autonomous monastic state (aftonomi monastiki politeia):: Flag of the Greek Orthodox Church.svg  Mount Athos
Flag of Grenada.svg  Grenada Unitary 6 parishes i
1 dependency
Flag of Guatemala.svg  Guatemala Unitary 22 departments (departamentos) 332 municipalities (municipios)
Flag of Guinea.svg  Guinea Unitary 8 regions (régions) 33 prefectures (préfectures) 330+ sub-prefectures (sous-préfectures)[districts]


5 communes
Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg  Guinea-Bissau Unitary 8 regions (regiões)

1 autonomous sector (sector autónomo)

39 sectors (setores)
Flag of Guyana.svg  Guyana Unitary 10 regions 64 neighborhood councils
Flag of Haiti.svg  Haiti Unitary 10 departments (départements) 42 arrondissements 144 communes 571 communal sections (sections communales)
Flag of Honduras.svg  Honduras Unitary 18 departments (departamentos) 298 municipalities (municipios)3,731 aldeas
Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary Unitary 19 counties (megye) 174 districts (Járás) 3,154 cities and towns (városok)
1 autonomous city 23 boroughs (Kerület) 1 non-borough
Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland Unitary 64 municipalities
Flag of India.svg  India Federal 28 states (rājya)

8 union territories (sangh shāsit pradesh)

102 divisions 742 districts (zile) [56] 5924 subdistricts (tahsīlen)

Municipal corporations (nagar nigam)
Municipal councils (nagar pālika)
Notified area council (nagar panchāyat)

Flag of Indonesia.svg  Indonesia Regional 37 provinces (provinsi)
including 8 special regions (daerah istimewa)
416 regencies (kabupaten)

98 cities (kota, formerly ‘’kotamadya’’)

7,094 districts (kecamatan, distrik, kapanewon, kemantren) 83,447 villages (kelurahan, desa)
Flag of Iran.svg  Iran Unitary 31 provinces (ostanha) 324 counties (shahrestan)districts (bakhsh) dehestan
municipalities (shahr)
Flag of Iraq.svg  Iraq Federal 19 governorates (muḥāfaẓāt)
1 region
120 districts (aqḍyat) [57] 300+ subdistricts (naḥiyat)villages (qaryat)
Flag of Ireland.svg  Ireland Unitary 26 counties (contaetha)
3 cities (cathracha)

2 cities and counties

2 metropolitan districts (ceantair cathracha)
4 borough districts (ceantair buirge)
89 municipal districts (ceantair bardasacha)
3,440 electoral divisions (toghroinn ceantair)18,641 small areas (ceantair beaga)
51,430 townlands (bailte)
Flag of Israel.svg  Israel Regional 6 districts (mehozot) [58]

Judea and Samaria Area

15 sub-districts (nafot) [58] 52 Natural regions [58] 77 cities (arim) [59]

124 local councils (moatzot mekomiot) [60]
54 regional councils (moatzot azoriot) [61]

Flag of Italy.svg  Italy Regional 20 regions (regioni) 80 provinces (province)

2 autonomous provinces (province autonome)

7,998 communes (comuni)37,000+ fractions (frazioni) and circumscriptions (circoscrizioni)
Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg  Ivory Coast Unitary 31 regions (régions)
2 autonomous districts (districts autonomes)
108 departments (départements)
1 unincorporated area
510 sub-prefectures (sous-préfectures)
Flag of Jamaica.svg  Jamaica Unitary 14 parishes
Flag of Japan.svg  Japan Regional 47 prefectural divisions (todōfuken)
1 metropolis (to, viz. Tokyo)
1 territory (, viz. Hokkaidō)
2 urban prefectures (fu, viz. Kyoto and Osaka)
43 prefectures (ken)
792 Cities (shi)
307 districts (gun)
18 subprefectures (shichō)
23 special wards (tokubetsu-ku)
1,700+ municipalities (shichōsonku)
cities (shi)
towns (chō)
villages (son)
wards (ku)
ōaza , aza , chō , chōme
Flag of Jordan.svg  Jordan Unitary 12 governorates (muḥāfaẓāt) 52 Districts (Alwia'a) 89 Subdistricts (Nahiya)qurah
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan Unitary 14 regions (oblys)
3 cities with region rights (qala)
Baikonur [62]
319 raions (awdan)
oblıstıq qala
kentawıl aymaq
Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya Regional 47 counties (kaunti) 262 sub-counties (kaunti ndogo) 2,400+ locations (mtaa) Cities, Municipalities and Towns
villages (vijiji)
Flag of Kiribati.svg  Kiribati UnitaryNone
Flag of Kuwait.svg  Kuwait Unitary 6 governorates (muḥāfaẓāt) 132 areas (manāṭiq)
Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg  Kyrgyzstan Unitary 7 regions (oblus)
2 independent cities (šaar (keneš))
44 districts (rayon)
14 towns (gorkeneš)
rural communities or rural districts (ayyl aymagy)
Flag of Laos.svg  Laos Unitary 17 provinces (khoueng)
1 prefecture
140+ districts (muang or muong)villages (baan) [40]
Flag of Latvia.svg  Latvia Unitary 36 municipalities (novadi)
7 republic cities (Republikas pilsētas)
Flag of Lebanon.svg  Lebanon Unitary 9 governorates (muḥāfaẓāt)  [63] 26 districts (qaḍya)
Flag of Lesotho.svg  Lesotho Unitary 10 districts 80+ constituencies 120+ community councils
Flag of Liberia.svg  Liberia Unitary 15 counties 60+ districts
Flag of Libya.svg  Libya Unitary 22 districts (sha'biyat) 99 baladiyat
Flag of Liechtenstein.svg  Liechtenstein Unitary 11 municipalities (Gemeinden)
Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania Unitary 10 counties (apskritys) 60 municipalities (savivaldybės) 500+ elderships (seniūnijos)
Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg Unitary 12 cantons   [64] 105 communes [65]   [66] 24 quarters   [67]
Flag of Madagascar.svg  Madagascar Unitary 22 faritra  r 114 districts 1,579 kaomininacom and 17,485 fokontany [40]
Flag of Malawi.svg  Malawi Unitary 3 regions 28 districts (130+ ["traditional authorities"])(60+ ["subchiefdoms"])
Flag of Malaysia.svg  Malaysia Federal 13 states (negeri)
3 federal territories (wilayah persekutuan)
16 divisions (bahagian)
(Only in Sabah and Sarawak)
162 districts (daerah/jajahan)
1,000+ subdistricts (mukim)
8,000+ villages (kampung)
21 presint
Flag of Maldives.svg  Maldives Unitary 19 atolls
2 cities
189 islands
Flag of Mali.svg  Mali Unitary 8 régions [68]
1 capital district
40+ cercles   [69] 1,400+ arrondissements   [70] 700+ communes
Flag of Malta.svg  Malta Unitary 5 reġjuni r 68 kunsilli lokali (local councils) m
Flag of the Marshall Islands.svg  Marshall Islands Unitary 24 municipalities m
Flag of Mauritania.svg  Mauritania Regional 12 régions [71] r 50+ départements dep [72] 200+ communes
Additionally Nouakchott:
Nouakchott-Nord Region r3 départementsdep [72]
Nouakchott-Ouest Region r3 départementsdep [72]
Nouakchott-Sud Region r3 départementsdep [72]
Flag of Mauritius.svg  Mauritius Unitary 4 islands 9 districts
14 zones
120+ villages, 4 Towns
173 localities
Flag of Mexico.svg  Mexico Federal 31 estados s 2,458 municipios m
1 autonomous city 16 demarcaciones territoriales [73]
Flag of Federated States of Micronesia.svg  Micronesia Federal 4 states 70+ municipalities
Flag of Moldova.svg  Moldova Regional 32 raioane dis
3 municipiuci
2 unități teritoriale autonome a
15 municipalities m
50 cities ci
60+ city localities [74]
660+ villages [40]
880+village localities [74]
Flag of Monaco.svg  Monaco Unitary 10 quartiers   [42] i
Flag of Mongolia.svg  Mongolia Unitary 21 aimags pro 331 sums  dis1,538 bags
1 khot  m 9 düüregs  dis 132 khoroos
Flag of Montenegro.svg  Montenegro Unitary 24 opštine  m 1,256 naselja
Flag of Morocco.svg  Morocco Unitary 12 regions r  [75] 13 prefectures
62 provinces pro
cercles  [69] communes ruralescom
[municipalities] m
communes urbainescom
Flag of Mozambique.svg  Mozambique Unitary 11 provincias pro 128 distritos  dis 405 postos [urban districts] dis
localidades [74]
Flag of Myanmar.svg  Myanmar Unitary 7 States 67 Districts 330 Townships
7 Regions
1 Union Territory
5 Self-Administered Zones
1 Self-Administered Division
Flag of Namibia.svg  Namibia Unitary 14 regions [76] 121 constituencies [76] cities m
towns m
villages m
Flag of Nauru.svg  Nauru Unitary 14 districts i
Flag of Nepal.svg  Nepal Federal 7 provinces (Pradesh) 77 districts (jilla) 6 metropolitan cities (mahānagarpālikā)
11 sub-metropolitan cities (upa-mahānagarpālikā)
276 municipalities (nagarpālikā)

486 rural municipalities (gāunpālikā)

6743 wards (wadā)
Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Regional 4 countries (landen):
Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 12 provinces (provincies) 355 municipalities (gemeenten)
3 public bodies (openbare lichamen): Bonaire, Saba, Sint Eustatius
Flag of Aruba.svg  Aruba
Flag of Curacao.svg  Curaçao
Flag of Sint Maarten.svg  Sint Maarten
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand Regional Realm of New Zealand:
Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand 11 non-unitary regions 13 cities
53 districts
1 special territorial authority:
5 unitary authorities
3 outlying islands:
Flag of New Zealand.svg  Ross Dependency
1 self-administering territory:a
Flag of Tokelau.svg  Tokelau 3 autonomous communities
2 states in free-association:a
Flag of the Cook Islands.svg  Cook Islands 10 island councils
Flag of Niue.svg  Niue 14 villages
Flag of Nicaragua.svg  Nicaragua Regional 15 departamentos depm
2 regiones autónomas a
150+ municipios m
Flag of Niger.svg  Niger Unitary 7 régions  
Communauté Urbaine de Niamey
36 départements 265 communes, communes urbaines, communes rurales, postes administratifs [77]
Flag of Nigeria.svg  Nigeria Federal 36 states
1 Federal Capital Territory
774 Local Government Areas 8813 Wards
Flag of North Korea.svg  North Korea Unitary 9 do pro
1 chikhalsi
2 t'ŭkpyŏlsi
1 t'ŭkkŭpsi
150+ kun  (gun) count
si ci
kuyŏk  [48]
ku (gu) and chigu dis
1 t'ŭkkŭpsici
tong  [47]
ri [40]
rodongjagu dis
Flag of North Macedonia.svg  North Macedonia Unitary 80 opštini m
Flag of Norway.svg  Norway Regional 10 county municipalities (fylkeskommuner) 352 second-level municipalities (kommuner)
3 hundreds (herader)
Flag of Oslo.svg  Oslo 15 boroughs (bydeler)
2 integral overseas areas: Svalbard, Jan Mayen
3 dependencies: Peter I Island, Bouvet Island, Queen Maud Land
Flag of Oman.svg  Oman Unitary 11 muḥāfaẓāt g 61 wilaya'at pro
Flag of Pakistan.svg  Pakistan Federal 4 provinces
2 autonomous territories
36 divisions 154 districts
1 federal capital territory 5 zones27 union councils
Flag of Palau.svg  Palau Unitary 16 states m
Flag of Palestine.svg  Palestine Unitary16 governorates g
Flag of Panama.svg  Panama Unitary 10 provincias pro 68 distritosdis 587 corregimientos m
4 comarcas indígenas m
4 comarcas indígenas r11 distritosdis79 corregimientosm
Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg  Papua New Guinea Regional 20 provinces
1 autonomous region
1 National Capital District
districts Local-Level Government areas
Flag of Paraguay.svg  Paraguay Unitary 17 departamentos dep
1 capital district (distrito capital)
250 distritos or municipios m
Flag of Peru.svg  Peru Regional 25 departamentos dep196 provincias pro1,800+ distritos [78] dis84,000+ centros poblados

1,800+ centros poblados menores (as government entity)
810,00+ [centros poblados dispersos] (only as censal unity)
1 provincia pro43 distritos [78] dis
Flag of the Philippines.svg  Philippines Regional 16 rehiyong pampangasiwaan  r
1 awtonomong rehiyon a, r
81 lalawigan [79] pro
38 malayang lungsod   [80]
1 malayang bayan   [81]
107 bahaging lungsod ci  [82]
1,489 karaniwang bayan   [83] m [33]
42,027 barangay   [84] v
Flag of Poland.svg  Poland Unitary 16 voivodeships (województwa) [85] pro 380 powiaty count [86] 2,478 gminy com40,740 sołectwa (rural)
dzielnice or osiedla (urban)
Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal Regional 18 distritos dis
2 regiões autónomas a
308 concelhos [87] m 3,091 freguesias pa
Flag of Qatar.svg  Qatar Unitary 7 baladiya'at  m98 Zones
Flag of Romania.svg  Romania Unitary 41 județe  count 320 orașe ci (including 103 municipii  m)
2,856 comune com (divided into 12,955 sate  [40] )
1 autonomous municipality 6 sectoare   [88]
Flag of Russia.svg  Russia Federal 85 federal subjects: [89] [90]
46 oblasts
22 republics a [90]
4 autonomous okrugs a
9 krais [91]
1 autonomous oblast a
2,027 districts
561 cities and towns of federal subject significance
416 Towns of district significance
767 urban-type settlements of district significance
15,002 selsoviets and equivalents
3 federal cities [92]
Flag of Moscow.svg  Moscow 12 administrative okrugs disDistricts and settlements
Flag of Saint Petersburg Russia.svg  St. Petersburg 18 districts dis
Flag of Sevastopol.svg  Sevastopol [93] 4 districts dis
Flag of Rwanda.svg  Rwanda Unitary 5 intara pro 30 uturere   [94] dis
(umujyi m)
410+ imirenge   [88] [95] 9,100+ utugari  [96]
(then akagari ? [40] )
Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis.svg  Saint Kitts and Nevis Federal Saint Kitts 9 parishes
Nevis 5 parishes
Flag of Saint Lucia.svg  Saint Lucia Unitary 10 Districts   [42] m
Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Unitary 6 parishes a
Flag of Samoa.svg  Samoa Unitary 11 itūmālō  i
Flag of San Marino.svg  San Marino Unitary9 castelli m
Flag of Sao Tome and Principe.svg  São Tomé and Príncipe Regional 6 distritos dis
Autonomous Region of Príncipe a
Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg  Saudi Arabia Unitary 13 manaṭiq 118 muḥafaẓat  rmarakizsd
Flag of Senegal.svg  Senegal Unitary 14 régions 45 départements dep arrondissements communes
Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia Regional 29 okruga dis2 autonomous regions [97]
1 autonomous city
150 opština m
24 grada ci
Flag of the Seychelles.svg  Seychelles Unitary 26 districts a
Flag of Sierra Leone.svg  Sierra Leone Unitary 4 provinces
1 area
14 districts 149 chiefdoms
Flag of Singapore.svg  Singapore Unitary 5 districts r 31 constituencies 93 wards
1 Central Business Districtdis
Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia Unitary 8 kraje  r 79 okresy  dis 2,891 obce m, from that 130+ mestá [33] [98] katastrálne územia  [99]
Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia Unitary 212 občine  m
Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg  Solomon Islands Regional 9 provinces m
1 capital territory
Flag of Somalia.svg  Somalia Federal 6 states 18 gobolada  r 75 [districts]  dis
Flag of South Africa.svg  South Africa Regional 9 provinces 44 district municipalities 205 local municipalities 4,468 wards
8 metropolitan municipalities
Flag of South Korea.svg  South Korea Regional 8 do pro 75 si ci
77 gun (kun) count
gu (ku)dis [43]
dong [47]
eup [33]
myeon [100]
dong [47]
ri [40]
6 gwangyeoksi ci 44 gu (ku) dis
5 gun (kun)count
dong [47]
eup [33]
myeon [100]
ri [40]
1 teukbyeol jachido a2 sidong [47]
eup [33]
myeon [100]
1 teukbyeol jachisi
1 teukbyeolsi 25 gu (ku)dis [43] dong [47]
Flag of South Sudan.svg  South Sudan Federal 10 States
2 Administrative Areas
1 Area with Special Administrative Status

183 counties 540 Payams 2,500 Bomas
Flag of Spain.svg  Spain Regional 17 comunidades autónomas r, a 50 provincias pro [101] 477 comarcas 8,122 municipios m
2 ciudades autónomas a 2 municipios [102]
3 plazas menores de soberanía [103]
Flag of Sri Lanka.svg  Sri Lanka Regional 9 provinces 25 districts  dis 320+ divisions
Flag of Sudan.svg  Sudan Federal 18 wilaya'at s 86 [districts]
Flag of Suriname.svg  Suriname Unitary 10 districten  dis 62 ressorten   [104]
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden Unitary 21 län  count
20 landsting [105]
290 kommuner  m 2,523 distrikt
Flag of Switzerland.svg  Switzerland Federal 26 cantons   [106] 137 districts   [107] dis 2,197 communes   [108] m
Flag of Syria.svg  Syria Unitary 14 muḥāfaẓāt g60 manaṭiq   [109] dis nawaḥi sd[villages]  [40]
Flag of Tajikistan.svg  Tajikistan Regional 3 viloyatho pro
1 viloyat mukhtor a
1 capital city
60+ Nohiya dis
14 [cities]ci
2 hukumati [110]
(jamoats)([villages] [40] )
Flag of Tanzania.svg  Tanzania Regional 31 mkoa [111]  r 120+ wilaya  dis[divisions]div[wards]  [48]
then [villages]  [40]
Flag of Thailand.svg  Thailand Unitary 76 changwat [112] pro

76 PAO [113]

878 amphoe   [114] dis 7,255 tambon [115] sub

30 Thesaban nakhon [116] m
178 Thesaban mueang [117] m
2,232 Thesaban tambon [118] m
City of Pattaya [119]

74,944 muban [120] vil

5,335 SAO [121] sub
Chumchon [122] com

1 special administrative area 50 khet [123] dis 180 kwaeng [124] sub
Flag of Togo.svg  Togo Unitary 5 régions 30 préfectures
Flag of Tonga.svg  Tonga Unitary 5 provinces 23 districts
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg  Trinidad and Tobago Regional9 regions
Tobago (governed by Tobago House of Assembly)
3 boroughs
2 cities
Flag of Tunisia.svg  Tunisia Unitary 24 wilaya'at g mutamadiyat  disshaykhat m
Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey Unitary 81 il pro957 ilçe  dis 3,200+ belediye m[neighbourhoods]  [47]
[41,000 villages]  [40]
Flag of Turkmenistan.svg  Turkmenistan Unitary 5 welaýatlar r
1 capital city district
70+ ? adyndaky etraplar  dis  [125]
40+ ?etraplar dis
15 [towns]  [33]
Flag of Tuvalu.svg  Tuvalu Unitary 9 municipalities m
Flag of Uganda.svg  Uganda Unitary 135 districts
1 city
167 counties
22 municipalities
5 city divisions
1,106 subcounties
151 town councils
63 municipal divisions/boroughs
Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine Regional 24 oblasts (regions)
2 cities with special status
1 autonomous republic
140 raions (districts) 1469 hromadas (communities) [126]
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg  United Arab Emirates Federal 7 emirates (imarat)local municipalities
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom Regional 1 constituent country with no devolution:
Flag of England.svg  England
 9 regions
6 metropolitan counties 36 metropolitan districts parishes [127]
76 non-metropolitan counties 201 non-metropolitan districts
 56 unitary authorities
32 London boroughs
City of London
3 constituent countries with devolution:
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Northern Ireland (6 counties)
11 districts
Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland 32 council areas communities
Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales 10 county boroughs
9 counties
3 cities
3 crown dependencies:
Flag of Guernsey.svg  Guernsey [128] 10 parishes

2 dependencies: Alderney and Sark

Flag of Jersey.svg  Jersey [128] 12 parishes vingtaines, cueillettes
Flag of the Isle of Man.svg  Isle of Man 6 sheadings 15 parishes, 9 towns and villages
14 British Overseas Territories:
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Akrotiri and Dhekelia
Flag of Anguilla.svg  Anguilla 14 districts
Flag of Bermuda.svg  Bermuda 9 parishes
2 municipalities
Flag of the Commissioner of the British Indian Ocean Territory.svg  British Indian Ocean Territory
Flag of the British Virgin Islands.svg  British Virgin Islands 5 districts
Flag of the Cayman Islands.svg  Cayman Islands 7 districts
Flag of the Falkland Islands.svg  Falkland Islands
Flag of Gibraltar.svg  Gibraltar
Flag of Montserrat.svg  Montserrat 3 parishes
Flag of the Pitcairn Islands.svg  Pitcairn Islands
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha 3 parts of the territory:
Saint Helena
Ascension Island
Tristan da Cunha
Saint Helena has 8 districts
Flag of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.svg  South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Flag of the Turks and Caicos Islands.svg  Turks and Caicos Islands 6 districts
Flag of the United States.svg  United States Federal 50 states
Flag of the District of Columbia.svg  1 federal district
1 incorporated territory: Palmyra Atoll ( Flag of the United States.svg US Minor Outlying Islands )
3,142 counties and county-equivalents (including 41 independent cities) [129] [130] [131] [132] [133] Municipalities and minor civil divisions (including cities, towns, townships, villages, etc.): 35,930 municipal bodies

(Note that municipalities and cities can exist in multiple counties.)

4 unincorporated organized territories:
Flag of Guam.svg  Guam 19 villages [134]
Flag of the Northern Mariana Islands.svg  Northern Mariana Islands 4 municipalities
Flag of Puerto Rico.svg  Puerto Rico 78 municipalities m900+ barrios [47] [135] 5000+ sectores
Flag of the United States Virgin Islands.svg Virgin Islands 3 districts 20 subdistricts
1 unincorporated unorganized self-governing territory:
Flag of American Samoa.svg  American Samoa 3 districts 15 counties76 villages
2 unorganized atolls
10 unincorporated unorganized territories; Flag of the United States.svg US Minor Outlying Islands: Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Islands, Wake Island, Navassa Island, Bajo Nuevo Bank (disputed), and Serranilla Bank (disputed)
Flag of Uruguay.svg  Uruguay Unitary 19 departamentos dep 112 municipios m
Flag of Uzbekistan.svg  Uzbekistan Regional 12 viloyatlar
1 respublika a
1 independent city
174 tumanlar dis
120 shaharlarci
Flag of Vanuatu.svg  Vanuatu Unitary 6 provinces municipalities, local councils
Flag of the Vatican City.svg  Vatican City UnitaryNone
Flag of Venezuela.svg  Venezuela Federal 23 estados s 335 municipios m 1,136 parroquiaspa
dependencias federales   [136]
1 Capital District
Flag of Vietnam.svg  Vietnam Unitary 58 provinces (tỉnh)
69 provincial cities (thành phố trực thuộc tỉnh)
51 district level towns (thị xã)
595 districts (huyện)
8 đảo
693 commune-level towns (thị trấn)
1,100+ wards (phường)
10,000+ rural communes ()
5 municipalities (thành phố trực thuộc trung ương) 49 boroughs (quận)

1 city within municipality (thành phố thuộc thành phố trực thuộc trung ương)

1,400+ wards (phường)
Flag of Yemen.svg  Yemen Unitary 21 muḥāfaẓāt g
1 municipality
333 districts dis2,210+ [subdistricts]sd38,284 [villages]  [40]
Flag of Zambia.svg  Zambia Unitary 10 provinces 89 districts
Flag of Zimbabwe.svg  Zimbabwe Unitary 10 provinces 59 districts 1,200 municipalities

Other states

CountryAdministrative divisions
First-level Second-level Third-level Fourth-level and smaller
Flag of the Republic of Abkhazia.svg  Abkhazia 7 Araion  r
Sukhumi  m
Flag of South Ossetia.svg  South Ossetia 4 Raion  r
Tskhinvali  m
Flag of Artsakh.svg  Artsakh 6 Provinces (Shrjannerë)
Stepanakert  m
Flag of Donetsk People's Republic.svg  Donetsk People's Republic 18 raions r
Donetsk  m
Flag of Lugansk People's Republic.svg  Luhansk People's Republic 18 raions r
Luhansk  m
Flag of the Republic of China.svg  Taiwan (Republic of China) 6 special municipalities (zhíxiáshì)
2 (streamlined) provinces (shěng) [137]
13 counties (xiàn)
3 provincial cities (shì)
170 districts ()
12 county-administered cities (xiànxiáshì)
40 urban townships (zhèn)
146 Rural townships (xiāng)
Urban Villages ()
Rural Villages (cūn)
Flag of Kosovo.svg  Kosovo [138] 7 rajone  dis [139] [140] 35 komuna  m [73] [141]
Flag of Somaliland.svg  Somaliland 6 gobolada  r 18 [districts]  dis
Flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.svg  Northern Cyprus 5 ilçe
Flag of Transnistria (state).svg  Transnistria 5 raions  r
Tiraspol  m
Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.svg  Western Sahara 4 wilaya  dis[municipalités] m[communes] [arrondissements] dis

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Terms in italics
Terms in italics are terms in languages other than English. They should be in plural form, followed by a footnote or footnotes indicating the generally accepted English equivalent or translation. Known alternative spellings are given in brackets following a term.
Terms in brackets
Entries in standard brackets either indicate that the term used is informal or that its use is yet to be confirmed. An English term in square brackets indicates that the local name for the term is not yet known or confirmed; when confirmed, it is replaced by the local name in italics.
Footnote letters (dismpror)
These indicate, respectively, four common types of administrative division in English: districts; municipalities; provinces; and regions. Other English terms are also footnoted.

Administrative divisions with ISO 3166-1

Administrative divisions with ISO 3166-1 are cited for statistics matters even when they do not have a special status (for example, the overseas regions of France).

Antarctic claims

Administrative divisions that are entirely Antarctic claims suspended under the Antarctic Treaty are not listed.

Autonomous areas

Not all the autonomous areas are part of the formal hierarchy of the administrative division system of a country (for example, the autonomous region of Zanzibar comprises 5 regions of Tanzania, the first tier on administrative divisions on that country). For more details, see List of autonomous areas by country.


a autonomous areas
b blocks
can cantons
ci cities
com communes
count counties
dep departments
dis districts
div divisions
g governorates
m municipalities
pa parishes
pre prefectures
pro provinces
pts parts
r regions
s states
sd subdistricts
sp subprefectures
t townships
v villages
w wards

Related Research Articles

Municipality Local government area

A municipality is usually a single administrative division having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and regional laws to which it is subordinate.

Administrative division Territorial entity for administration purposes

Administrative division, administrative unit, country subdivision, administrative region, subnational entity, as well as many similar terms, are generic names for geographical areas into which a particular, independent sovereign state (country) is divided. Such a unit usually has an administrative authority with the power to take administrative or policy decisions for its area.

County Geographical and administrative region in some countries

A county is a geographic region of a country used for administrative or other purposes in certain modern nations. The term is derived from the Old French comté denoting a jurisdiction under the sovereignty of a count (earl) or a viscount. Literal equivalents in other languages, derived from the equivalent of "count", are now seldom used officially, including comté, contea, contado, comtat, condado, Grafschaft, graafschap, and zhupa in Slavic languages; terms equivalent to commune/community are now often instead used.

Departments of France Administrative subdivision in France

In the administrative divisions of France, the department is one of the three levels of government under the national level, between the administrative regions and the communes. Ninety-six departments are in metropolitan France, and five are overseas departments, which are also classified as overseas regions. Departments are further subdivided into 332 arrondissements, and these are divided into cantons. The last two levels of government have no autonomy; they are the basis of local organisation of police, fire departments and, sometimes, administration of elections.

Local government Lowest tier of administration within a sovereign state

Local government is a generic term for the lowest tiers of public administration within a particular sovereign state. This particular usage of the word government refers specifically to a level of administration that is both geographically-localised and has limited powers. While in some countries, "government" is normally reserved purely for a national administration (government), the term local government is always used specifically in contrast to national government – as well as, in many cases, the activities of sub-national, first-level administrative divisions. Local governments generally act only within powers specifically delegated to them by law and/or directives of a higher level of government. In federal states, local government generally comprises a third or fourth tier of government, whereas in unitary states, local government usually occupies the second or third tier of government.

A unitary authority is a local authority responsible for all local government functions within its area or performing additional functions that elsewhere are usually performed by a higher level of sub-national government or the national government.

An arrondissement is any of various administrative divisions of France, Belgium, Haiti, certain other Francophone countries, as well as the Netherlands.

A prefecture is an administrative jurisdiction traditionally governed by an appointed prefect. This can be a regional or local government subdivision in various countries, or a subdivision in certain international church structures, as well as in antiquity a Roman district.

Township Designation for types of settlement as administrative territorial entities

A township is a kind of human settlement or administrative subdivision, with its meaning varying in different countries.

The administrative divisions of China have consisted of several levels since ancient times, due to China's large population and geographical area. The constitution of China provides for three levels of government. However in practice, there are five levels of local government; the provincial, prefecture, county, township, and village.

District Administrative division, in some countries, managed by local government

A district is a type of administrative division that, in some countries, is managed by the local government. Across the world, areas known as "districts" vary greatly in size, spanning regions or counties, several municipalities, subdivisions of municipalities, school district, or political district.

Unincorporated area Region of land not governed by own local government

An unincorporated area is a region that is not governed by a local municipal corporation. Widespread unincorporated communities and areas are a distinguishing feature of the United States and Canada. Most other countries of the world have either no unincorporated areas at all or these are very rare; typically remote, outlying, sparsely populated or uninhabited areas.

Communes of France France territorial subdivision for municipalities

The commune is a level of administrative division in the French Republic. French communes are analogous to civil townships and incorporated municipalities in the United States and Canada, Gemeinden in Germany, comuni in Italy or municipios in Spain. The United Kingdom's equivalent are civil parishes, although some areas, particularly urban areas, are unparished. Communes are based on historical geographic communities or villages and are vested with significant powers to manage the populations and land of the geographic area covered. The communes are the fourth-level administrative divisions of France.

Provinces of Madagascar Historical administrative divisions of Madagascar

Madagascar was divided into six "autonomous provinces" :

  1. Antananarivo Province
  2. Antsiranana Province
  3. Fianarantsoa Province
  4. Mahajanga Province
  5. Toamasina Province
  6. Toliara Province
Administrative centre Seat of regional administration or local government

An administrative center is a seat of regional administration or local government, or a county town, or the place where the central administration of a commune is located.

Administrative divisions of Romania

Romania's administration is relatively centralized and administrative subdivisions are therefore fairly simplified.

The administrative divisions of India are subnational administrative units of India; they are composed of a nested hierarchy of administrative divisions.

Administrative divisions of Cambodia have several levels. Cambodia is divided into 24 provinces and the special administrative unit Phnom Penh. Though a different administrative unit, Phnom Penh is at province level, so de facto Cambodia has 25 provinces and municipalities.


  1. Including 2 departments of disputed sovereignty in Tierra del Fuego Province: Antártida Argentina (in the Antarctica), and Islas del Atlántico Sur (which includes the Falkland Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands)
  2. Separate from Buenos Aires Province.
  3. Not counting the Australian Antarctic Territory.
  4. Not counting the Australian Antarctic Territory.
  5. Jervis Bay Territory and all 6 of Australia's external territories (not counting the Australian Antarctic Territory), are not divided into second-level administrative subdivisions. The suburbs of Canberra are not considered to be administrative subdivisions of any level.
  6. Being a state, a district and a statutory city
  7. Not counting vienna
  8. The districts of Vienna are not considered to be administrative subdivisions of any level.
  9. Not counting statutory cities
  10. Including 8 districts (Jabrayil, Kalbajar, Lachin, Qubadli, Shusha, Khojaly, Khojavend, and Zangilan) and 2 cities (Shusha and Khankendi) under complete control of the de facto independent state of Artsakh.
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  14. Dutch: Arrondissementen; French: Arrondissements or German: Arrondissements.
  15. Dutch: Gemeenten; French: Communes or German: Gemeinden.
  16. Chobe District and all six of Botswana's urban districts are not divided into second-level administrative subdivisions.
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  18. Consisting of urban and rural communes.
  19. Improvement districts are almost always coterminous with a national or provincial park.
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  21. With the exceptions of Riding Mountain National Park, and Duck Mountain Provincial Park and Forest, the vast majority of unincorporated areas in the province are within Northern Manitoba.
  22. Statistics Canada divides the province into census divisions that do cover Northern Manitoba, however, these serve no provincial or local governmental functions whatsoever.
  23. 1 2 The New Brunswick Equal Opportunity program abolished county and parish governments in 1966. Counties and parishes are now only used by locals as geographic identifiers, and for statistical purposes; there is no meaningful government between the provincial and municipal level.
  24. Statistics Canada divides the province into census divisions, however, these serve no provincial or local governmental functions whatsoever; the province has no meaningful government between the provincial and municipal level.
  25. Note that only 11 single-tier municipalities are located in an independent census division. The remaining 162 single-tier municipalities are known as separated municipalities and are counted as part of the statistical area of a neighbouring regional municipality, county, or district by Statistics Canada despite their separated government structures.
  26. In Ontario, districts are only used in some instances to streamline services delivered by the provincial government, and for statistical purposes, and have no elected government of their own. Areas of districts that are not part of a single-tier municipality or First Nations indian reserves are either administered directly by the government of Ontario or a local services board.
  27. 1 2 3 In Prince Edward Island, governments at the county, parish, and township level have been abolished. Counties, parishes, and townships are now only used by locals as geographic identifiers, and for statistical purposes; there is no meaningful government between the provincial and municipal level.
  28. In the Northwest Territories, regions are used to streamline services delivered by the territorial government, and have no elected government of their own.
  29. In Nunavut, regions are used to streamline services delivered by the territorial government, and have no elected government of their own.
  30. The districts of N'Djamena are not considered to be administrative subdivisions of any level.
  31. According to article 118 parr. 7 of Chilean Constitution, their establishment is a voluntary faculty for the municipalities.
  32. either zìráncūnjí ("natural" villages) or xíngzhèngcūnjí (bureaucratic villages, i.e. created for administrative convenience).
  33. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 towns.
  34. Democratic Republic of the Congo, also known as Congo-Kinshasa.
  35. also known as Congo-Brazzaville.
  36. or Danish:syssel.
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  38. Due to be replaced by [communes]
  39. Timor-Leste.
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  41. Estonia's linnad (towns) and vallad (parishes) are known collectively as omavalitsused (municipalities).
  42. 1 2 3 quarters.
  43. 1 2 3 boroughs.
  44. Small boroughs
  45. constituencies
  46. Chiefdoms
  47. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 neighbourhoods.
  48. 1 2 3 wards.
  49. consisting of kaupungit (urban communes) and kunnat (communes).
  50. The département (department) and commune (municipality) of Paris are unified into a single territorial collectivity.
  51. The 3 communes (municipalities) of Paris, Lyon and Marseilles are further subdivided into municipal arrondissements (arrondissements municipaux), not to be confused with the arrondissements (districts) subdividing each department.
  52. also known as a pays d'outre-mer (overseas country).
  53. or, informally, Bundesländer (federal states).
  54. Region Hannover, Regionalverband Saarbrücken and Städteregion Aachen
  55. usually in rural areas and known by various names in different states, e.g. Amt, Samtgemeinde, Verbandsgemeinde and Verwaltungsgemeinschaft
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  83. or munisipalidad; regular municipalities under provincial supervision.
  84. or barrios .
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  119. City of Pattaya is a Special local government
  120. Muban is a village
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  130. Includes two counties (Oglala Lakota and Todd) in South Dakota that do not have their own governments, and administrative functions at the county level are done in a neighboring county.
  131. Includes the counties of Rhode Island, which are only used for statistical purposes, and there is no meaningful government between the state and minor civil division level.
  132. Includes the counties of Massachusetts; eight of the fourteen county governments in Massachusetts were abolished between 1997 and 2000, and there is no meaningful government between the state and minor civil division level in the affected areas.
  133. Includes the counties of Connecticut, which have no government of their own. In 2017, the state of Connecticut recommended that nine councils of governments replace the historical eight counties for statistical purposes in the United States Census Bureau; the Census Bureau intends to implement this change in 2023.
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