Municipalities of North Macedonia

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The municipalities are the first-order administrative divisions of North Macedonia.


In February 2013, North Macedonia was reorganised into 80 municipalities (Macedonian : општини, opštini; singular: општина, opština); 10 of the municipalities constitute the City of Skopje (or Greater Skopje), a distinct unit of local self-government and the country's capital.

Most of the current municipalities were unaltered or merely amalgamated from the previous 123 municipalities established in September 1996; others were consolidated and their borders changed. Prior to this, local government was organised into 34 administrative districts, communes, or counties (also opštini).

In 2004 they were reduced to 84, and in 2013, the following municipalities were merged into Kičevo Municipality:

In turn, North Macedonia is subdivided into eight statistical regions (регион, regioni), based on the prior municipal/county framework;


Map of the municipalities of North Macedonia, with the city of Skopje indicated on the map as 1. The map shows the rural and the urban municipalities. The numbers of the map correspond with the numbers of the municipalities indicated to the left of the municipality name in the table below the maps, the second one is a map of the City of Skopje municipalities, the numbers of this municipalities are shown as 1, x, where "x" is the number of the appropriate municipality.

Rural/Urban municipalities Map of urban and rural municipalities of Macedonia en.svg
Rural/Urban municipalities

Municipalities (2013–present)

MunicipalityMunicipality centreArea
Eastern Statistical Region
(Источен регион - Istočen region)
39 Berovo (Берово) Berovo (Берово)59713,941
28 Češinovo-Obleševo (Чешиново-Облешево) Obleševo (Облешево)1337,490
26 Delčevo (Делчево) Delčevo (Делчево)42317,505
29 Karbinci (Карбинци) Karbinci (Карбинци)2314,012
24 Kočani (Кочани) Kočani (Кочани)35738,092
25 Makedonska Kamenica (Македонска Каменица) Makedonska Kamenica (Македонска Каменица)1898,110
38 Pehčevo (Пехчево) Pehčevo (Пехчево)2085,517
23 Probištip (Пробиштип) Probištip (Пробиштип)32616,193
31 Štip (Штип) Štip (Штип)58347,796
27 Vinica (Виница) Vinica (Виница)43219,938
30 Zrnovci (Зрновци) Zrnovci (Зрновци)523,264
(Североисточен регион - Severoistočen region)
21 Kratovo (Кратово) Kratovo (Кратово)37510,441
20 Kriva Palanka (Крива Паланка) Kriva Palanka (Крива Паланка)48220,820
17 Kumanovo (Куманово) Kumanovo (Куманово)432105,484
7 Lipkovo (Липково) Lipkovo (Липково)27027,058
19 Rankovce (Ранковце) Rankovce (Ранковце)2404,144
18 Staro Nagoričane (Старо Нагоричане) Staro Nagoričane (Старо Нагоричане)5154,840
Pelagonia Statistical Region
(Пелагониски регион - Pelagoniski region)
71 Bitola (Битола) Bitola (Битола)79095,385
70 Demir Hisar (Демир Хисар) Demir Hisar (Демир Хисар)4809,497
51 Dolneni (Долнени) Dolneni (Долнени)41813,568
72 Krivogaštani (Кривогаштани) Krivogaštani (Кривогаштани)886,150
52 Kruševo (Крушево) Kruševo (Крушево)1909,684
73 Mogila (Могила) Mogila, North Macedonia (Могила)2556,710
74 Novaci (Новаци) Novaci (Новаци)7553,549
50 Prilep (Прилеп) Prilep (Прилеп)1,19876,768
69 Resen (Ресен) Resen (Ресен)54916,825
Polog Statistical Region
(Полошки регион - Pološki region)
59 Bogovinje (Боговиње) Bogovinje (Боговиње)14128,997
12 Brvenica (Брвеница) Brvenica (Брвеница)16415,855
60 Gostivar (Гостивар) Gostivar (Гостивар)37581,042
9 Jegunovce (Јегуновце) Jegunovce (Јегуновце)17410,790
61 Mavrovo and Rostuša (Маврово и Ростуша) Rostuša (Ростуша)8568,618
10 Tearce (Теарце) Tearce (Теарце)13722,454
11 Tetovo (Тетово) Tetovo (Тетово)26286,580
58 Vrapčište (Врапчиште) Vrapčište (Врапчиште)15725,399
2 Želino (Желино) Želino (Желино)20124,390
Skopje Statistical Region
(Скопски регион - Skopski region)
1.3 Aerodrom (Аеродром) Aerodrom (Аеродром) 72,009
75 Aračinovo (Арачиново) Aračinovo (Арачиново)3811,597
1.6 Butel (Бутел) Butel (Бутел) 36,154
1.4 Čair (Чаир) Čair (Чаир)5364,773
1.1 Centar (Центар) Centar (Центар)945,412
8 Čučer-Sandevo (Чучер Сандево) Čučer-Sandevo (Чучер Сандево)2158,493
1.2 Gazi Baba (Гази Баба) Gazi Baba (Гази Баба)9272,617
1.9 Gjorče Petrov (Ѓорче Петров) Gjorče Petrov (Ѓорче Петров)6341,634
6 Ilinden (Илинден) Ilinden (Илинден)9715,894
1.8 Karpoš (Карпош) Karpoš (Карпош)2159,666
1.5 Kisela Voda (Кисела Вода) Kisela Voda (Кисела Вода)4357,236
16 Petrovec (Петровец) Petrovec (Петровец)2228,255
1.10 Saraj (Сарај) Saraj (Сарај)23035,408
3 Sopište (Сопиште) Sopište (Сопиште)2235,656
4 Studeničani (Студеничани) Studeničani (Студеничани)27617,246
1.7 Šuto Orizari (Шуто Оризари) Šuto Orizari (Шуто Оризари)622,017
5 Zelenikovo (Зелениково) Zelenikovo (Зелениково)1774,077
Southeastern Statistical Region
(Југоисточен регион - Jugoistočen region)
46 Bogdanci (Богданци) Bogdanci (Богданци)1148,707
41 Bosilovo (Босилово) Bosilovo (Босилово)14314,260
47 Gevgelija (Гевгелија) Gevgelija (Гевгелија)48422,988
45 Dojran (Дојран) Star Dojran (Стар Дојран)1293,426
36 Konče (Конче) Konče (Конче)2333,536
42 Novo Selo (Ново Село) Novo Selo (Ново Село)25711,567
37 Radoviš (Радовиш) Radoviš (Радовиш)50228,244
43 Strumica (Струмица) Strumica (Струмица)31154,676
44 Valandovo (Валандово) Valandovo (Валандово)33111,890
40 Vasilevo (Василево) Vasilevo (Василево)23112,122
Southwestern Statistical Region
(Југозападен регион - Jugozapaden region)
63 Centar Župa (Центар Жупа) Centar Župa (Центар Жупа)1076,519
62 Debar (Дебар) Debar (Дебар)8519,542
67 Debarca (Дебарца) Belčišta (Белчишта)4235,507
55 Kičevo (Кичево) Kičevo (Кичево)83856,734
13 Makedonski Brod (Македонски Брод) Makedonski Brod (Македонски Брод)8757,141
68 Ohrid (Охрид) Ohrid (Охрид)39255,749
53 Plasnica (Пласница) Plasnica (Пласница)544,545
65 Struga (Струга) Struga (Струга)46963,376
66 Vevčani (Вевчани) Vevčani (Вевчани)352,433
Vardar Statistical Region
(Вардарски регион - Vardarski region)
14 Čaška (Чашка) Čaška (Чашка)7277,673
48 Demir Kapija (Демир Капија) Demir Kapija (Демир Капија)3124,545
33 Gradsko (Градско) Gradsko (Градско)2913,760
49 Kavadarci (Кавадарци) Kavadarci (Кавадарци)99838,741
35 Negotino (Неготино) Negotino (Неготино)41419,212
34 Rosoman (Росоман) Rosoman (Росоман)1334,141
22 Sveti Nikole (Свети Николе) Sveti Nikole (Свети Николе)48318,497
32 Lozovo (Лозово) Lozovo (Лозово)1662,858
15 Veles (Велес) Veles (Велес)51855,108
Total 25,7132,022,547

In March 2013, the following municipalities merged with Kičevo:

Municipality Center
(Центар на Општината)
64 Drugovo (Другово) Drugovo (Другово)3833,249
56 Oslomej (Осломеј) Oslomej (Осломеј)13710,420
54 Vraneštica (Вранештица) Vraneštica (Вранештица)1091,322
57 Zajas (Зајас) Zajas (Зајас)16111,605
Map of the municipalities of North Macedonia before 2013

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^ Municipal areas are summations of component areas. As of the 2002 census, area figures for Aerodrom and Butel municipalities are unavailable and included in those of other municipalities in Skopje region
^ Municipalities, 10 in total, forming the City of Skopje (Град Скопје)
^ Hierarchical Administrative Subdivision Codes (HASC)
^ The boundaries for Debar municipality in the Southwestern region were revised in 2004 to include some territory of Rostuša municipality, the predecessor of Mavrovo and Rostuša municipality, in Polog region
^ Total area includes 577 km2 (223 sq mi) of inland water not distributed by municipality/region

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ISO 3166-2:MK is the entry for North Macedonia in ISO 3166-2, part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which defines codes for the names of the principal subdivisions of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1.

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As a candidate country of the European Union, North Macedonia (MK) is included in the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS). The three NUTS levels are:

Postal codes in Macedonia are 4 digits in length. They are divided according to post offices at particular regional centers. Postal codes of biggest cities are: (in numeric order)

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