List of counties of Poland

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Division of Poland into powiats (counties) POLSKA mapa powiaty2.png
Division of Poland into powiats (counties)

The following is an alphabetical list of all 380 county-level entities in Poland .

A county or powiat (pronounced povyat) is the second level of Polish administrative division, between the voivodeship (provinces) and the gmina (municipalities or communes; plural "gminy"). The list includes the 314 "land counties" (powiaty ziemskie) and the 66 "city counties" (miasta na prawach powiatu or powiaty grodzkie). For general information about these entities, see the article on powiats.

The following information is given in the list:

For tables of counties by voivodeship, see the articles on the particular voivodeships (Greater Poland Voivodeship etc.).

Table of counties

CountyPolish nameCounty seatVoivodeshipAreaGminyPopulationDensity (per km2)
Aleksandrów County powiat aleksandrowski Aleksandrów Kujawski Kuyavian-Pomeranian 475.61 km2955,195116
Augustów County powiat augustowski Augustów Podlaskie 1658.27 km2758,96636
Bartoszyce County powiat bartoszycki Bartoszyce Warmian-Masurian 1308.54 km2661,35447
Będzin County powiat będziński Będzin Silesian 368.02 km28151,122411
Bełchatów County powiat bełchatowski Bełchatów Łódź 969.21 km28112,640116
Biała Podlaska city county Lublin 49,40 km258,0101,174
Biała Podlaska County powiat bialski Biała Podlaska Lublin 2753.67 km219113,76441
Białobrzegi County powiat białobrzeski Białobrzegi Masovian 639.28 km2633,54552
Białogard County powiat białogardzki Białogard West Pomeranian 845.36 km2448,24157
Białystok city county Podlaskie 102,12 km2295,2102,891
Białystok County powiat białostocki Białystok Podlaskie 2984.64 km215136,79746
Bielsk County powiat bielski Bielsk Podlaski Podlaskie 1385,2 km2860,04743
Bielsko County powiat bielski Bielsko-Biała Silesian 457,23 km210150,764330
Bielsko-Biała city county Silesian 124,51 km2176,6781,419
Bieruń-Lędziny County powiat bieruńsko-lędziński Bieruń Silesian 156,68 km2555,868357
Bieszczady County powiat bieszczadzki Ustrzyki Dolne Subcarpathian 1138,17 km2322,21320
Biłgoraj County powiat biłgorajski Biłgoraj Lublin 1677,79 km214104,26762
Bochnia County powiat bocheński Bochnia Lesser Poland 649,28 km29100,382155
Bolesławiec County powiat bolesławiecki Bolesławiec Lower Silesian 1303,26 km2688,34368
Braniewo County powiat braniewski Braniewo Warmian-Masurian 1204,54 km2743,78136
Brodnica County powiat brodnicki Brodnica Kuyavian-Pomeranian 1038,79 km21075,05472
Brzeg County powiat brzeski Brzeg Opole 876,52 km2692,361105
Brzesko County powiat brzeski Brzesko Lesser Poland 590 km2790,214153
Brzeziny County powiat brzeziński Brzeziny Łódź 358,51 km2530,60085
Brzozów County powiat brzozowski Brzozów Subcarpathian 540,39 km2665,254121
Busko County powiat buski Busko-Zdrój Świętokrzyskie 967.39 km2873,94076
Bydgoszcz city county Kuyavian-Pomeranian 175 km2364,9532,085
Bydgoszcz County powiat bydgoski Bydgoszcz Kuyavian-Pomeranian 1394,8 km2895,77367
Bytom city county Silesian 69,43 km2187,2052,696
Bytów County powiat bytowski Bytów Pomeranian 2192,81 km21075,31334
Chełm city county Lublin 35,28 km267,9891,927
Chełm County powiat chełmski Chełm Lublin 1779,64 km21579,99145
Chełmno County powiat chełmiński Chełmno Kuyavian-Pomeranian 527,62 km2751,42597
Chodzież County powiat chodzieski Chodzież Greater Poland 680,58 km2546,96769
Chojnice County powiat chojnicki Chojnice Pomeranian 1364,25 km2591,58567
Chorzów city county Silesian 33,5 km2114,4343,415
Choszczno County powiat choszczeński Choszczno West Pomeranian 1327,95 km2650,06637
Chrzanów County powiat chrzanowski Chrzanów Lesser Poland 371,49 km25128,103345
Ciechanów County powiat ciechanowski Ciechanów Masovian 1062,62 km2991,05086
Cieszyn County powiat cieszyński Cieszyn Silesian 730,2 km212171,029234
Czarnków-Trzcianka County powiat czarnkowsko-trzcianecki Czarnków Greater Poland 1808,19 km2886,13447
Częstochowa city county Silesian 160 km2246,1291,538
Częstochowa County powiat częstochowski Częstochowa Silesian 1519,49 km216133,55388
Człuchów County powiat człuchowski Człuchów Pomeranian 1574,41 km2756,79736
Dąbrowa County powiat dąbrowski Dąbrowa Tarnowska Lesser Poland 530,0 km2758,572111
Dąbrowa Górnicza city county Silesian 188 km2129,753690
Dębica County powiat dębicki Dębica Subcarpathian 776,36 km27132,473171
Drawsko County powiat drawski Drawsko Pomorskie West Pomeranian 1764,21 km2658,07333
Działdowo County powiat działdowski Działdowo Warmian-Masurian 953,18 km2665,11068
Dzierżoniów County powiat dzierżoniowski Dzierżoniów Lower Silesian 478,34 km27104,852219
Elbląg city county Warmian-Masurian 80 km2127,0551,588
Elbląg County powiat elbląski Elbląg Warmian-Masurian 1430,55 km2956,41239
Ełk County powiat ełcki Ełk Warmian-Masurian 1111,87 km2584,76076
Garwolin County powiat garwoliński Garwolin Masovian 1284,29 km214106,22783
Gdańsk city county Pomeranian 262 km2457,6301,747
Gdańsk County powiat gdański Pruszcz Gdański Pomeranian 793,17 km2885,566108
Gdynia city county Pomeranian 136 km2252,4431,856
Giżycko County powiat giżycki Giżycko Warmian-Masurian 1118,74 km2656,86351
Gliwice city county Silesian 134,20 km2199,0991,486
Gliwice County powiat gliwicki Gliwice Silesian 663,35 km28114,963173
Głogów County powiat głogowski Głogów Lower Silesian 443,06 km2687,651198
Głubczyce County powiat głubczycki Głubczyce Opole 673,1 km2450,32675
Gniezno County powiat gnieźnieński Gniezno Greater Poland 1254,34 km210140,333112
Gołdap County powiat gołdapski Gołdap Warmian-Masurian 771,93 km2326,98935
Goleniów County powiat goleniowski Goleniów West Pomeranian 1616,99 km2678,73849
Golub-Dobrzyń County powiat golubsko-dobrzyński Golub-Dobrzyń Kuyavian-Pomeranian 612,98 km2645,06074
Góra County powiat górowski Góra Lower Silesian 738,11 km2436,55650
Gorlice County powiat gorlicki Gorlice Lesser Poland 967,36 km210106,540110
Gorzów County powiat gorzowski Gorzów Wielkopolski Lubusz 1213,32 km2765,54654
Gorzów Wielkopolski city county Lubusz 86 km2125,2041,456
Gostyń County powiat gostyński Gostyń Greater Poland 810,34 km2775,68393
Gostynin County powiat gostyniński Gostynin Masovian 615,56 km2547,03476
Grajewo County powiat grajewski Grajewo Podlaskie 967,24 km2650,12052
Grodzisk Mazowiecki County powiat grodziski Grodzisk Mazowiecki Masovian 366,87 km2678,208213
Grodzisk Wielkopolski County powiat grodziski Grodzisk Wielkopolski Greater Poland 643,72 km2549,44477
Grójec County powiat grójecki Grójec Masovian 1268,82 km21096,48976
Grudziądz city county Kuyavian-Pomeranian 57,76 km299,2991,712
Grudziądz County powiat grudziądzki Grudziądz Kuyavian-Pomeranian 728,39 km2638,42453
Gryfice County powiat gryficki Gryfice West Pomeranian 1018,19 km2660,77360
Gryfino County powiat gryfiński Gryfino West Pomeranian 1869,54 km2982,81344
Hajnówka County powiat hajnowski Hajnówka Podlaskie 1623,65 km2948,13030
Hrubieszów County powiat hrubieszowski Hrubieszów Lublin 1269,45 km2868,82254
Iława County powiat iławski Iława Warmian-Masurian 1385 km2789,96065
Inowrocław County powiat inowrocławski Inowrocław Kuyavian-Pomeranian 1224,94 km29165,237135
Janów Lubelski County powiat janowski Janów Lubelski Lublin 875,34 km2747,87555
Jarocin County powiat jarociński Jarocin Greater Poland 587,7 km2470,390120
Jarosław County powiat jarosławski Jarosław Subcarpathian 1029,15 km211122,368119
Jasło County powiat jasielski Jasło Subcarpathian 830,41 km210115,128139
Jastrzębie-Zdrój city county Silesian 85,44 km295,1491,119
Jawor County powiat jaworski Jawor Lower Silesian 581,25 km2652,05890
Jaworzno city county Silesian 152,2 km296,051632
Jędrzejów County powiat jędrzejowski Jędrzejów Świętokrzyskie 1257,17 km2989,30471
Jelenia Góra city county Lower Silesian 109,22 km286,663795
Jelenia Góra County powiat jeleniogórski Jelenia Góra Lower Silesian 628,21 km2963,817102
Kalisz city county Greater Poland 70 km2108,5751,552
Kalisz County powiat kaliski Kalisz Greater Poland 1160,02 km21180,36969
Kamień County powiat kamieński Kamień Pomorski West Pomeranian 1006,65 km2647,60447
Kamienna Góra County powiat kamiennogórski Kamienna Góra Lower Silesian 396,13 km2446,470117
Kartuzy County powiat kartuski Kartuzy Pomeranian 1120,04 km28109,31198
Katowice city county Silesian 164,67 km2315,9961,915
Kazimierza County powiat kazimierski Kazimierza Wielka Świętokrzyskie 422,48 km2535,77085
Kędzierzyn-Koźle County powiat kędzierzyńsko-kozielski Kędzierzyn-Koźle Opole 625,28 km26102,118163
Kępno County powiat kępiński Kępno Greater Poland 608,39 km2755,33591
Kętrzyn County powiat kętrzyński Kętrzyn Warmian-Masurian 1212,97 km2666,16555
Kielce city county Świętokrzyskie 109,65 km2207,7181,888
Kielce County powiat kielecki Kielce Świętokrzyskie 2247,45 km219198,58188
Kłobuck County powiat kłobucki Kłobuck Silesian 889,15 km2984,73095
Kłodzko County powiat kłodzki Kłodzko Lower Silesian 1643,37 km214166,447101
Kluczbork County powiat kluczborski Kluczbork Opole 851,59 km2470,08282
Kolbuszowa County powiat kolbuszowski Kolbuszowa Subcarpathian 773,93 km2661,39979
Kolno County powiat kolneński Kolno Podlaskie 939,73 km2639,67642
Koło County powiat kolski Koło Greater Poland 1011,03 km21188,60188
Kołobrzeg County powiat kołobrzeski Kołobrzeg West Pomeranian 725,86 km2776,089105
Konin city county Greater Poland 82 km280,618983
Konin County powiat koniński Konin Greater Poland 1578,71 km214123,64678
Końskie County powiat konecki Końskie Świętokrzyskie 1139,90 km2884,23974
Kościan County powiat kościański Kościan Greater Poland 722,53 km2577,760108
Kościerzyna County powiat kościerski Kościerzyna Pomeranian 1165,85 km2866,77857
Koszalin city county West Pomeranian 84 km2107,7831,283
Koszalin County powiat koszaliński Koszalin West Pomeranian 1669,09 km2864,08738
Kozienice County powiat kozienicki Kozienice Masovian 916,96 km2761,61467
Kraków city county Lesser Poland 327 km2756,7572,314
Kraków County powiat krakowski Kraków Lesser Poland 1229,62 km217244,970199
Krapkowice County powiat krapkowicki Krapkowice Opole 442,35 km2567,926154
Kraśnik County powiat kraśnicki Kraśnik Lublin 1005,34 km21099,77099
Krasnystaw County powiat krasnostawski Krasnystaw Lublin 1067,18 km21069,27465
Krosno city county Subcarpathian 43,48 km247,6931,109
Krosno County powiat krośnieński Krosno Subcarpathian 923,79 km29109,715118
Krosno Odrzańskie County powiat krośnieński Krosno Odrzańskie Lubusz 1390 km2756,46341
Krotoszyn County powiat krotoszyński Krotoszyn Greater Poland 714,23 km2677,092108
Kutno County powiat kutnowski Kutno Łódź 886,29 km211104,124118
Kwidzyn County powiat kwidzyński Kwidzyn Pomeranian 834,64 km2680,70497
Łańcut County powiat łańcucki Łańcut Subcarpathian 451,95 km2777,710172
Łask County powiat łaski Łask Łódź 617,38 km2550,87482
Lębork County powiat lęborski Lębork Pomeranian 706,99 km2563,65990
Łęczna County powiat łęczyński Łęczna Lublin 633,75 km2657,31491
Łęczyca County powiat łęczycki Łęczyca Łódź 774 km2853,43569
Legionowo County powiat legionowski Legionowo Masovian 389,86 km2596,497247
Legnica city county Lower Silesian 56,29 km2105,4851,884
Legnica County powiat legnicki Legnica Lower Silesian 744,6 km2852,99571
Lesko County powiat leski Lesko Subcarpathian 834,86 km2526,61332
Leszno city county Greater Poland 31,9 km264,0792,002
Leszno County powiat leszczyński Leszno Greater Poland 804,65 km2750,02462
Leżajsk County powiat leżajski Leżajsk Subcarpathian 583,01 km2569,235119
Lidzbark County powiat lidzbarski Lidzbark Warmiński Warmian-Masurian 924,42 km2543,00647
Limanowa County powiat limanowski Limanowa Lesser Poland 951,96 km212121,658128
Lipno County powiat lipnowski Lipno Kuyavian-Pomeranian 1015,6 km2966,21665
Lipsko County powiat lipski Lipsko Masovian 747,58 km2636,66949
Łobez County powiat łobeski Łobez West Pomeranian 1065,61 km2538,23236
Łódź city county Łódź 293,25 km2764,1682,608
Łódź East County powiat łódzki wschodni Łódź Łódź 499,32 km2664,574129
Łomża city county Podlaskie 32,72 km263,5721,926
Łomża County powiat łomżyński Łomża Podlaskie 1353,93 km2950,88738
Łosice County powiat łosicki Łosice Masovian 771,77 km2632,76942
Łowicz County powiat łowicki Łowicz Łódź 987,13 km21082,33883
Lubaczów County powiat lubaczowski Lubaczów Subcarpathian 1308,37 km2857,12044
Lubań County powiat lubański Lubań Lower Silesian 428,19 km2757,061133
Lubartów County powiat lubartowski Lubartów Lublin 1290,35 km21390,48470
Lubin County powiat lubiński Lubin Lower Silesian 711,99 km24105,582148
Lublin city county Lublin 147 km2354,2722,410
Lublin County powiat lubelski Lublin Lublin 1679,42 km216140,56284
Lubliniec County powiat lubliniecki Lubliniec Silesian 822,13 km2876,62893
Łuków County powiat łukowski Łuków Lublin 1394,09 km211108,39378
Lwówek Śląski County powiat lwówecki Lwówek Śląski Lower Silesian 709,94 km2548,14468
Maków County powiat makowski Maków Mazowiecki Masovian 1064.56 km21046,47444
Malbork County powiat malborski Malbork Pomeranian 494.63 km2662,960127
Miechów County powiat miechowski Miechów Lesser Poland 676.73 km2750,76975
Międzychód County powiat międzychodzki Międzychód Greater Poland 736.66 km2436,32949
Międzyrzecz County powiat międzyrzecki Międzyrzecz Lubusz 1387.83 km2658,33542
Mielec County powiat mielecki Mielec Subcarpathian 880.21 km210133,148151
Mikołów County powiat mikołowski Mikołów Silesian 231.53 km2591,022392
Milicz County powiat milicki Milicz Lower Silesian 715.01 km2336,84551
Mińsk County powiat miński Mińsk Mazowiecki Masovian 1164.35 km213141,048121
Mława County powiat mławski Mława Masovian 1182.3 km21073,35562
Mogilno County powiat mogileński Mogilno Kuyavian-Pomeranian 675.86 km2446,87569
Mońki County powiat moniecki Mońki Podlaskie 1382.39 km2742,96031
Mrągowo County powiat mrągowski Mrągowo Warmian-Masurian 1065.23 km2550,08747
Myślenice County powiat myślenicki Myślenice Lesser Poland 673.3 km29116,793174
Myślibórz County powiat myśliborski Myślibórz West Pomeranian 1181.95 km2567,41257
Mysłowice city county Silesian 65.57 km274,9881,136
Myszków County powiat myszkowski Myszków Silesian 478.62 km2571,619150
Nakło County powiat nakielski Nakło nad Notecią Kuyavian-Pomeranian 1120.48 km2584,78676
Namysłów County powiat namysłowski Namysłów Opole 747.67 km2543,95759
Nidzica County powiat nidzicki Nidzica Warmian-Masurian 960.7 km2433,95535
Nisko County powiat niżański Nisko Subcarpathian 785.58 km2767,04285
Nowa Sól County powiat nowosolski Nowa Sól Lubusz 770.58 km2886,773113
Nowe Miasto County powiat nowomiejski Nowe Miasto Lubawskie Warmian-Masurian 695.01 km2543,38862
Nowy Dwór Gdański County powiat nowodworski Nowy Dwór Gdański Pomeranian 652.75 km2535,49854
Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki County powiat nowodworski Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki Masovian 691.65 km2675,736109
Nowy Sącz city county Lesser Poland 57 km284,5941,484
Nowy Sącz County powiat nowosądecki Nowy Sącz Lesser Poland 1550.24 km216197,718128
Nowy Targ County powiat nowotarski Nowy Targ Lesser Poland 1474.66 km214181,878123
Nowy Tomyśl County powiat nowotomyski Nowy Tomyśl Greater Poland 1011.67 km2671,81771
Nysa County powiat nyski Nysa Opole 1223.87 km29145,640119
Oborniki County powiat obornicki Oborniki Greater Poland 712.65 km2355,97679
Oława County powiat oławski Oława Lower Silesian 523.73 km2471,118136
Olecko County powiat olecki Olecko Warmian-Masurian 873.83 km2434,21539
Oleśnica County powiat oleśnicki Oleśnica Lower Silesian 1049.74 km28103,36698
Olesno County powiat oleski Olesno Opole 973.62 km2768,26970
Olkusz County powiat olkuski Olkusz Lesser Poland 622.19 km26114,286184
Olsztyn city county Warmian-Masurian 88.328 km2174,6931,985
Olsztyn County powiat olsztyński Olsztyn Warmian-Masurian 2840.29 km212113,52940
Opatów County powiat opatowski Opatów Świętokrzyskie 911.51 km2856,64562
Opoczno County powiat opoczyński Opoczno Łódź 1038.77 km2878,65976
Opole city county Opole 96.2 km2128,0341,334
Opole County powiat opolski Opole Opole 1586.82 km213134,87485
Opole Lubelskie County powiat opolski Opole Lubelskie Lublin 804.14 km2763,02678
Ostróda County powiat ostródzki Ostróda Warmian-Masurian 1764.89 km29105,28660
Ostrołęka city county Masovian 29.00 km253,7581,854
Ostrołęka County powiat ostrołęcki Ostrołęka Masovian 2099.32 km21184,34440
Ostrów Mazowiecka County powiat ostrowski Ostrów Mazowiecka Masovian 1218.06 km21175,07362
Ostrów Wielkopolski County powiat ostrowski Ostrów Wielkopolski Greater Poland 1160.65 km28158,407136
Ostrowiec County powiat ostrowiecki Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski Świętokrzyskie 616.33 km26116,179189
Ostrzeszów County powiat ostrzeszowski Ostrzeszów Greater Poland 772.37 km2754,49071
Oświęcim County powiat oświęcimski Oświęcim Lesser Poland 406.03 km29153,390378
Otwock County powiat otwocki Otwock Masovian 615.09 km28116,086189
Pabianice County powiat pabianicki Pabianice Łódź 490.77 km27119,008242
Pajęczno County powiat pajęczański Pajęczno Łódź 804.14 km2853,39566
Parczew County powiat parczewski Parczew Lublin 952.62 km2736,51238
Piaseczno County powiat piaseczyński Piaseczno Masovian 621.04 km26145,276234
Piekary Śląskie city county Silesian 40 km259,4941,487
Piła County powiat pilski Piła Greater Poland 1267.1 km29137,099108
Pińczów County powiat pińczowski Pińczów Świętokrzyskie 611.03 km2542,12769
Piotrków County powiat piotrkowski Piotrków Trybunalski Łódź 1429.12 km21190,22763
Piotrków Trybunalski city county Łódź 67.27 km279,3671,185
Pisz County powiat piski Pisz Warmian-Masurian 1776.17 km2457,55332
Pleszew County powiat pleszewski Pleszew Greater Poland 711.91 km2661,95187
Płock city county Masovian 88.06 km2127,3071,447
Płock County powiat płocki Płock Masovian 1798.71 km215106,45559
Płońsk County powiat płoński Płońsk Masovian 1383.67 km21287,43063
Poddębice County powiat poddębicki Poddębice Łódź 880.91 km2642,19548
Police County powiat policki Police West Pomeranian 664.16 km2464,14797
Polkowice County powiat polkowicki Polkowice Lower Silesian 779.93 km2661,13878
Poznań city county Greater Poland 261.85 km2566,5462,162
Poznań County powiat poznański Poznań Greater Poland 1899.61 km217291,562153
Proszowice County powiat proszowicki Proszowice Lesser Poland 414.57 km2643,441105
Prudnik County powiat prudnicki Prudnik Opole 571.16 km2459,931105
Pruszków County powiat pruszkowski Pruszków Masovian 246.31 km26145,870593
Przasnysz County powiat przasnyski Przasnysz Masovian 1217.82 km2752,94843
Przemyśl city county Subcarpathian 44 km266,7151,516
Przemyśl County powiat przemyski Przemyśl Subcarpathian 1213.73 km21070,88258
Przeworsk County powiat przeworski Przeworsk Subcarpathian 698.35 km2978,691113
Przysucha County powiat przysuski Przysucha Masovian 800.68 km2843,82255
Pszczyna County powiat pszczyński Pszczyna Silesian 473.46 km26104,638221
Puck County powiat pucki Puck Pomeranian 577.85 km2774,196128
Puławy County powiat puławski Puławy Lublin 933 km211116,829125
Pułtusk County powiat pułtuski Pułtusk Masovian 828.63 km2751,03362
Pyrzyce County powiat pyrzycki Pyrzyce West Pomeranian 725.71 km2639,93155
Racibórz County powiat raciborski Racibórz Silesian 543.98 km28111,505205
Radom city county Masovian 111.71 km2226,3722,021
Radom County powiat radomski Radom Masovian 1529.75 km213145,23295
Radomsko County powiat radomszczański Radomsko Łódź 1442.78 km214118,85682
Radziejów County powiat radziejowski Radziejów Kuyavian-Pomeranian 607 km2742,28970
Radzyń Podlaski County powiat radzyński Radzyń Podlaski Lublin 965.21 km2861,44564
Rawa County powiat rawski Rawa Mazowiecka Łódź 646.6 km2649,44376
Rawicz County powiat rawicki Rawicz Greater Poland 553.23 km2559,375107
Ropczyce-Sędziszów County powiat ropczycko-sędziszowski Ropczyce Subcarpathian 548.89 km2571,220130
Ruda Śląska city county Silesian 77.7 km2145,9291,878
Rybnik city county Silesian 148 km2141,382955
Rybnik County powiat rybnicki Rybnik Silesian 224.63 km2573,527327
Ryki County powiat rycki Ryki Lublin 615.54 km2659,12996
Rypin County powiat rypiński Rypin Kuyavian-Pomeranian 587.08 km2644,30675
Rzeszów city county Subcarpathian 77.31 km2163,1552,118
Rzeszów County powiat rzeszowski Rzeszów Subcarpathian 1,218.8 km214169,586139
Sandomierz County powiat sandomierski Sandomierz Świętokrzyskie 675.89 km2981,733121
Sanok County powiat sanocki Sanok Subcarpathian 1225.12 km2894,74077
Sejny County powiat sejneński Sejny Podlaskie 856.07 km2521,33125
Sępólno County powiat sępoleński Sępólno Krajeńskie Kuyavian-Pomeranian 790.86 km2440,88052
Siedlce city county Masovian 32 km277,0472,408
Siedlce County powiat siedlecki Siedlce Masovian 1,603.22 km21380,56050
Siemianowice Śląskie city county Silesian 25.5 km272,4512,841
Siemiatycze County powiat siemiatycki Siemiatycze Podlaskie 1,459.58 km2948,60333
Sieradz County powiat sieradzki Sieradz Łódź 1,491.04 km211121,01381
Sierpc County powiat sierpecki Sierpc Masovian 852.89 km2753,81163
Skarżysko County powiat skarżyski Skarżysko-Kamienna Świętokrzyskie 395.30 km2580,024203
Skierniewice city county Łódź 32.6 km248,7611,478
Skierniewice County powiat skierniewicki Skierniewice Łódź 756.12 km2937,77950
Sławno County powiat sławieński Sławno West Pomeranian 1,043.62 km2657,64355
Słubice County powiat słubicki Słubice Lubusz 999.77 km2546,77747
Słupca County powiat słupecki Słupca Greater Poland 837.91 km2858,72570
Słupsk city county Pomeranian 43.15 km298,4022,288
Słupsk County powiat słupski Słupsk Pomeranian 2304 km21092,17240
Sochaczew County powiat sochaczewski Sochaczew Masovian 731.02 km2883,318114
Sokółka County powiat sokólski Sokółka Podlaskie 2054.42 km21072,42435
Sokołów County powiat sokołowski Sokołów Podlaski Masovian 1131.42 km2956,82350
Sopot city county Pomeranian 17.31 km239,8362,343
Sosnowiec city county Silesian 91.26 km2225,2022,474
Śrem County powiat śremski Śrem Greater Poland 574.41 km2458,646102
Środa Śląska County powiat średzki Środa Śląska Lower Silesian 703.68 km2549,20870
Środa Wielkopolska County powiat średzki Środa Wielkopolska Greater Poland 623.18 km2554,56888
Stalowa Wola County powiat stalowowolski Stalowa Wola Subcarpathian 832.92 km26109,170131
Starachowice County powiat starachowicki Starachowice Świętokrzyskie 523.27 km2594,395180
Stargard County powiat stargardzki Stargard West Pomeranian 1519.59 km210119,40279
Starogard County powiat starogardzki Starogard Gdański Pomeranian 1345.28 km213121,96391
Staszów County powiat staszowski Staszów Świętokrzyskie 924.84 km2874,00480
Strzelce County powiat strzelecki Strzelce Opolskie Opole 744.28 km2780,828109
Strzelce-Drezdenko County powiat strzelecko-drezdenecki Strzelce Krajeńskie Lubusz 1248.32 km2550,15140
Strzelin County powiat strzeliński Strzelin Lower Silesian 622.27 km2544,14671
Strzyżów County powiat strzyżowski Strzyżów Subcarpathian 503.36 km2561,938123
Sucha County powiat suski Sucha Beskidzka Lesser Poland 685.75 km2982,045120
Sulęcin County powiat sulęciński Sulęcin Lubusz 1177.43 km2535,32930
Suwałki city county Podlaskie 65.24 km269,2341,065
Suwałki County powiat suwalski Suwałki Podlaskie 1,307.31 km2935,13627
Świdnica County powiat świdnicki Świdnica Lower Silesian 742.89 km28160,337216
Świdnik County powiat świdnicki Świdnik Lublin 468.97 km2572,290154
Świdwin County powiat świdwiński Świdwin West Pomeranian 1093.1 km2648,92045
Świebodzin County powiat świebodziński Świebodzin Lubusz 937.45 km2655,98960
Świecie County powiat świecki Świecie Kuyavian-Pomeranian 1,472.78 km21196,94166
Świętochłowice city county Silesian 13.22 km255,1724,244
Świnoujście city county West Pomeranian 197.23 km240,899208
Szamotuły County powiat szamotulski Szamotuły Greater Poland 1119.55 km2885,84977
Szczecin city county West Pomeranian 301 km2410,8091,365
Szczecinek County powiat szczecinecki Szczecinek West Pomeranian 1765.22 km2677,23244
Szczytno County powiat szczycieński Szczytno Warmian-Masurian 1933.1 km2869,28936
Sztum County powiat sztumski Sztum Pomeranian 730.85 km2541,80857
Szydłowiec County powiat szydłowiecki Szydłowiec Masovian 452.22 km2540,08389
Tarnobrzeg city county Subcarpathian 85.6 km250,033585
Tarnobrzeg County powiat tarnobrzeski Tarnobrzeg Subcarpathian 520.02 km2453,730103
Tarnów city county Lesser Poland 72.4 km2117,1091,618
Tarnów County powiat tarnowski Tarnów Lesser Poland 1413.44 km216193,549137
Tarnowskie Góry County powiat tarnogórski Tarnowskie Góry Silesian 642.63 km29137,979215
Tatra County powiat tatrzański Zakopane Lesser Poland 471.62 km2565,393139
Tczew County powiat tczewski Tczew Pomeranian 697.54 km26112,614161
Tomaszów Lubelski County powiat tomaszowski Tomaszów Lubelski Lublin 1487.1 km21388,34359
Tomaszów Mazowiecki County powiat tomaszowski Tomaszów Mazowiecki Łódź 1025.7 km211120,973118
Toruń city county Kuyavian-Pomeranian 115.72 km2207,3811,792
Toruń County powiat toruński Toruń Kuyavian-Pomeranian 1229.71 km2989,50573
Trzebnica County powiat trzebnicki Trzebnica Lower Silesian 1025.55 km2677,28575
Tuchola County powiat tucholski Tuchola Kuyavian-Pomeranian 1075.27 km2647,23044
Turek County powiat turecki Turek Greater Poland 929.4 km2983,63590
Tychy city county Silesian 81.72 km2130,8421,596
Wąbrzeźno County powiat wąbrzeski Wąbrzeźno Kuyavian-Pomeranian 501.31 km2534,88670
Wadowice County powiat wadowicki Wadowice Lesser Poland 645.74 km210154,304239
Wągrowiec County powiat wągrowiecki Wągrowiec Greater Poland 1040.8 km2767,60665
Wałbrzych County powiat wałbrzyski Wałbrzych Lower Silesian 514.18 km29184,594359
Wałcz County powiat wałecki Wałcz West Pomeranian 1414.79 km2554,63937
Warsaw Warszawacity county Masovian 517 km21,700,5363,289
Warsaw West County powiat warszawski zachodni Ożarów Mazowiecki Masovian 532.99 km27100,965189
Węgorzewo County powiat węgorzewski Węgorzewo Warmian-Masurian 693.43 km2323,64134
Węgrów County powiat węgrowski Węgrów Masovian 1219.18 km2967,82356
Wejherowo County powiat wejherowski Wejherowo Pomeranian 1279.84 km210181,834142
Wieliczka County powiat wielicki Wieliczka Lesser Poland 427.8 km25105,266246
Wieluń County powiat wieluński Wieluń Łódź 927.69 km21078,26084
Wieruszów County powiat wieruszowski Wieruszów Łódź 576.22 km2742,33674
Włocławek city county Kuyavian-Pomeranian 84.32 km2119,6081,424
Włocławek County powiat włocławski Włocławek Kuyavian-Pomeranian 1472.34 km21385,33958
Włodawa County powiat włodawski Włodawa Lublin 1256.27 km2840,05232
Włoszczowa County powiat włoszczowski Włoszczowa Świętokrzyskie 906.38 km2647,13752
Wodzisław County powiat wodzisławski Wodzisław Śląski Silesian 286.92 km29155,228541
Wołomin County powiat wołomiński Wołomin Masovian 955.37 km212202,444212
Wołów County powiat wołowski Wołów Lower Silesian 675 km2347,44570
Wolsztyn County powiat wolsztyński Wolsztyn Greater Poland 680.03 km2354,71880
Wrocław city county Lower Silesian 293 km2635,2802,168
Wrocław County powiat wrocławski Wrocław Lower Silesian 1116.15 km29101,91391
Września County powiat wrzesiński Września Greater Poland 704.19 km2573,778105
Wschowa County powiat wschowski Wschowa Lubusz 624.82 km2338,95862
Wysokie Mazowieckie County powiat wysokomazowiecki Wysokie Mazowieckie Podlaskie 1288.49 km21059,71946
Wyszków County powiat wyszkowski Wyszków Masovian 876.49 km2671,55882
Ząbkowice Śląskie County powiat ząbkowicki Ząbkowice Śląskie Lower Silesian 801.75 km2769,29786
Zabrze city county Silesian 80.47 km2190,6102,369
Żagań County powiat żagański Żagań Lubusz 1131.29 km2982,22673
Zambrów County powiat zambrowski Zambrów Podlaskie 733.11 km2544,79861
Zamość city county Lublin 30.34 km266,6132,196
Zamość County powiat zamojski Zamość Lublin 1872.27 km215110,22559
Żary County powiat żarski Żary Lubusz 1393.49 km21098,92971
Zawiercie County powiat zawierciański Zawiercie Silesian 1003.27 km210124,127124
Zduńska Wola County powiat zduńskowolski Zduńska Wola Łódź 369.19 km2467,704184
Zgierz County powiat zgierski Zgierz Łódź 853.71 km29160,805188
Zgorzelec County powiat zgorzelecki Zgorzelec Lower Silesian 838.11 km2794,408113
Zielona Góra city county Lubusz 58 km2118,2012,038
Zielona Góra County powiat zielonogórski Zielona Góra Lubusz 1570.64 km21089,54357
Złotoryja County powiat złotoryjski Złotoryja Lower Silesian 575.45 km2645,74479
Złotów County powiat złotowski Złotów Greater Poland 1660.91 km2868,52641
Żnin County powiat żniński Żnin Kuyavian-Pomeranian 984.55 km2669,76371
Żory city county Silesian 64.64 km262,625969
Żuromin County powiat żuromiński Żuromin Masovian 805.01 km2640,07850
Zwoleń County powiat zwoleński Zwoleń Masovian 571.24 km2537,18365
Żyrardów County powiat żyrardowski Żyrardów Masovian 532.63 km2574,662140
Żywiec County powiat żywiecki Żywiec Silesian 1039.96 km215149,492144

Related Research Articles

Voivodeships of Poland Highest-level administrative divisions of Poland

A voivodeship is the highest-level administrative division of Poland, corresponding to a "province" in many other countries. The term has been in use since the 14th century, and is commonly translated in English as "province" or "state".


A powiat is the second-level unit of local government and administration in Poland, equivalent to a county, district or prefecture in other countries. The term "powiat" is most often translated into English as "county" or "district".

Red Ruthenia Historic Region in Central and Eastern Europe

Red Ruthenia or Red Rus' (Latin: Ruthenia Rubra; Russia Rubra; Ukrainian: Червона Русь, romanized: Chervona Rus'; Polish: Ruś Czerwona, Ruś Halicka; Russian: Червонная Русь, romanized: Chervonnaya Rus'; Romanian: Rutenia Roșie) is a term used since the Middle Ages for the south-western principalities of the Kievan Rus', namely the Principality of Peremyshl and the Principality of Belz. Nowadays the region comprises parts of western Ukraine and adjoining parts of south-eastern Poland. It has also sometimes included parts of Lesser Poland, Podolia, "Right-bank Ukraine" and Volhynia. Centred on Przemyśl (Peremyshl) and Belz, it has included major cities such as: Chełm, Zamość, Rzeszów, Krosno and Sanok, as well as Lviv and Ternopil.

Złotów County County in Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland

Złotów County is a unit of territorial administration and local government (powiat) in Greater Poland Voivodeship, west-central Poland. Its administrative seat and largest town is Złotów, which lies 107 kilometres (66 mi) north of the regional capital Poznań. The county contains three other towns: Jastrowie, 17 km (11 mi) northwest of Złotów, Okonek, 23 km (14 mi) northwest of Złotów, and Krajenka, 7 km (4 mi) southwest of Złotów.

Stanisławów Voivodeship

Stanisławów Voivodeship was an administrative district of the interwar Poland (1920–1939). It was established in December 1920 with an administrative center in Stanisławów. The voivodeship had an area of 16,900 km² and comprised twelve counties (powiaty). Following World War II, at the insistence of Joseph Stalin during Tehran Conference of 1943, Poland's borders were redrawn, Polish population forcibly resettled and Stanisławów Voivodeship was incorporated into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic as Stanislav Oblast.

Gmina Municipal-level administrative division of Poland

The gmina is the principal unit of the administrative division of Poland, similar to a municipality. As of January 1, 2019, there were 2477 communes throughout the country, encompassing 940 cities and over 43,000 villages.

Silesian Autonomy Movement

The Silesian Autonomy Movement, abbreviated as RAŚ, is a movement officially declaring its support for the autonomy of Silesia as part of a unified Europe. The association was founded in January 1990 by Rudolf Kołodziejczyk and is based in the Polish part of Upper Silesia. RAŚ sees the Silesians as a "separate nation" rather than primarily as Poles, Germans or Czechs.

Nowy Sącz County County in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland

Nowy Sącz County is a unit of territorial administration and local government (powiat) in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, southern Poland, on the Slovak border. It came into being on January 1, 1999, as a result of the Polish local government reforms passed in 1998. Its administrative seat is the city of Nowy Sącz, although the city is not part of the county. The county contains five towns: Krynica-Zdrój, 31 km (19 mi) south-east of Nowy Sącz, Stary Sącz, 9 km (6 mi) south-west of Nowy Sącz, Grybów, 19 km (12 mi) east of Nowy Sącz, Piwniczna-Zdrój, 21 km (13 mi) south of Nowy Sącz, and Muszyna, 33 km (21 mi) south-east of Nowy Sącz.

Administrative divisions of Poland

The administrative division of Poland since 1999 has been based on three levels of subdivision. The territory of Poland is divided into voivodeships (provinces); these are further divided into powiats, and these in turn are divided into gminas. Major cities normally have the status of both gmina and powiat. Poland currently has 16 voivodeships, 380 powiats, and 2,478 gminas.

Proszowice County County in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland

Proszowice County is a unit of territorial administration and local government (powiat) in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, southern Poland. It came into being on January 1, 1999, as a result of the Polish local government reforms passed in 1998. Its administrative seat is Proszowice, which lies 31 kilometres (19 mi) north-east of the regional capital Kraków. Its only other town is Nowe Brzesko.

Rybnik County County in Silesian Voivodeship, Poland

Rybnik County is a suburban county in Silesian Voivodeship, southern Poland, created in 1999 as a result of Polish local government reforms. Its administrative seat is the city of Rybnik, although the city is not part of the county. The county consists of three disjoint parts, separated by the city of Rybnik. In the past decade, Rybnik country experienced significant population growth, due to urban sprawl of adjacent cities.

Subdivisions of the Second Polish Republic

Subdivisions of the Second Polish Republic became an issue immediately after the creation of the Second Polish Republic in 1918. The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth had been partitioned in the late 18th century. Various parts of new Polish territory had belonged to different administrative structures of Austrian Empire, Imperial Germany and Russian Empire.

Kąty, Staszów County Village in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland

Kąty is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Osiek, within Staszów County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, in south-central Poland. It lies approximately 3 kilometres (2 mi) south-east of Osiek, 23 km (14 mi) east of Staszów, and 74 km (46 mi) south-east of the regional capital Kielce.

Łęg, Gmina Osiek Village in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland

Łęg is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Osiek, within Staszów County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, in south-central Poland. It lies approximately 4 kilometres (2 mi) south of Osiek, 21 km (13 mi) east of Staszów, and 73 km (45 mi) south-east of the regional capital Kielce.

Lipnik, Staszów County Village in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland

Lipnik is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Osiek, within Staszów County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, in south-central Poland. It lies approximately 4 kilometres (2 mi) south-east of Osiek, 23 km (14 mi) east of Staszów, and 75 km (47 mi) south-east of the regional capital Kielce.

Nakol Village in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland

Nakol is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Osiek, within Staszów County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, in south-central Poland. It lies approximately 5 kilometres (3 mi) south of Osiek, 21 km (13 mi) south-east of Staszów, and 73 km (45 mi) south-east of the regional capital Kielce.

Niekurza Village in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland

Niekurza is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Osiek, within Staszów County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, in south-central Poland. It lies approximately 10 kilometres (6 mi) south-west of Osiek, 21 km (13 mi) south-east of Staszów, and 74 km (46 mi) south-east of the regional capital Kielce.

Sworoń Village in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland

Sworoń is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Osiek, within Staszów County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, in south-central Poland. It lies approximately 5 kilometres (3 mi) south of Osiek, 21 km (13 mi) south-east of Staszów, and 73 km (45 mi) south-east of the regional capital Kielce.

LGBT-free zone Region declared to be free of "LGBT ideology"

LGBT-free zones or LGBT ideology-free zones are municipalities and regions of Poland that have declared themselves unwelcoming of an alleged "LGBT ideology", in order to ban equality marches and other LGBT events. As of June 2020, some 100 municipalities, encompassing about a third of the country, have adopted resolutions which have led to them being called "LGBT-free zones".