Municipalities of Nicaragua

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The 15 departments and 2 autonomous regions of Nicaragua are divided into 153 municipalities. [1] The formation and dissolution of municipalities is governed by the Law of Municipalities (in Spanish: Ley No.40 - Ley de Municipalidades), drafted and approved by the National Assembly on July 2. 1988.

The municipalities are responsible for planning and urban development, collection of municipal taxes, maintenance of public utilities and other services, such as parks, sewerage and public cemeteries. Whilst municipal governments may not be responsible for large highways, small roads and tracks usually come under their control. Additionally, municipal governments may issue permits for the operation of urban and intermunicipal bus services.

Other functions of municipal governments include the establishment of libraries, museums, municipal bands, zoos, the promotion of traditional and folklore festivals and various activities promoting education, culture, sports and tourism in the municipality. [2]

List of municipalities


Department Municipality [1] Municipality SeatPopulation (2005) [3] Area (km2)Year
Costa Caribe Norte Bilwi Bilwi66,1695,984.811929
Costa Caribe Norte Bonanza Bonanza18,6332,0391985
Costa Caribe Norte Mulukukú Mulukukú29,8381,904.532004
Costa Caribe Norte Prinzapolka Prinzapolka16,1057,020.481971
Costa Caribe Norte Rosita Rosita22,7234,4181989
Costa Caribe Norte Siuna Siuna64,0925,039.811969
Costa Caribe Norte Waslala Waslala49,3391,329.511989
Costa Caribe Norte Waspán Waspán47,2319,341.711956
Costa Caribe Sur Bluefields Bluefields45,5474,774.751894
Costa Caribe Sur Corn Island Corn Island6,62612.91971
Costa Caribe Sur Desembocadura de la Cruz de Río Grande Karawala3,5851,9781996
Costa Caribe Sur El Ayote El Ayote12,4178312000
Costa Caribe Sur El Tortugero El Tortugero22,3242,4711996
Costa Caribe Sur Kukra Hill Kukra Hill8,7891,2621989
Costa Caribe Sur La Cruz de Río Grande La Cruz de Río Grande23,2843,3601982
Costa Caribe Sur Laguna de Perlas Laguna de Perlas10,6763,876
Costa Caribe Sur Muelle de los Bueyes Muelle de los Bueyes22,0821,3911942
Costa Caribe Sur Nueva Guinea Nueva Guinea66,9362,7741981
Costa Caribe Sur Bocana de Paiwas Bocana de Paiwas31,7622,3751974
Costa Caribe Sur El Rama El Rama52,4825,6181910
Boaco Boaco Boaco49,8391,086.81
Boaco Camoapa Camoapa34,9621,483.291858
Boaco San Lorenzo San Lorenzo23,666559.611858
Boaco San José de los Remates San José de Los Remates7,650280.461848
Boaco Santa Lucía Santa Lucía8,254120.781904
Boaco Teustepe Teustepe26,265645.731970
Carazo Diriamba Diriamba57,542348.881894
Carazo Dolores Dolores6,7612.621895
Carazo El Rosario El Rosario5,317111848
Carazo Jinotepe Jinotepe42,1092921883
Carazo La Conquista La Conquista3,777911899
Carazo La Paz de Carazo La Paz de Carazo4,65715.511858
Carazo San Marcos San Marcos29,019118.111905
Carazo Santa Teresa Santa Teresa16,8911941860
Chinandega Chichigalpa Chichigalpa44,769222.541894
Chinandega Chinandega Chinandega121,793686.611839
Chinandega San Juan de Cinco Pinos Cinco Pinos6,78160.381870
Chinandega Corinto Corinto16,62470.671858
Chinandega El Realejo El Realejo8,838104.541532
Chinandega El Viejo El Viejo76,7751,274.911673
Chinandega Posoltega Posoltega16,7711241862
Chinandega San Francisco del Norte San Francisco del Norte6,758120.311889
Chinandega San Pedro del Norte San Pedro del Norte4,71971.51889
Chinandega Santo Tomás del Norte Santo Tomás del Norte7,124501889
Chinandega Somotillo Somotillo29,0301,0891873
Chinandega Puerto Morazán Santa Rita de Tonalá13,3285171946
Chinandega Villanueva Villanueva25,660779.881900
Chontales Acoyapa Acoyapa16,9461,381.791862
Chontales Comalapa Comalapa11,785643.861752
Chontales San Francisco de Cuapa San Francisco de Cuapa5,5072771997
Chontales El Coral El Coral7,0393061997
Chontales Juigalpa Juigalpa51,838726.751668
Chontales La Libertad La Libertad11,429774.551852
Chontales San Pedro de Lóvago San Pedro de Lóvago7,650466.501864
Chontales Santo Domingo Santo Domingo12,182681.711951
Chontales Santo Tomás Santo Tomás16,404546.61861
Chontales Villa Sandino Villa Sandino13,152676.511942
Estelí Condega Condega28,4813981962
Estelí Estelí Estelí112,084795.71685
Estelí La Trinidad La Trinidad20,1402611967
Estelí Pueblo Nuevo Pueblo Nuevo20,620222
Estelí San Juan de Limay San Juan de Limay13,455530.91891
Estelí San Nicolás San Nicolás6,7681631892
Granada Diriá Diriá6,37526
Granada Diriomo Diriomo22,35250.08
Granada Granada Granada105,1715311524
Granada Nandaime Nandaime34,288372.011890
Jinotega El Cuá El Cuá43,3056372002
Jinotega Jinotega Jinotega99,3821,1191891
Jinotega La Concordia La Concordia6,4861221851
Jinotega San José de Bocay San José de Bocay42,0293,9902002
Jinotega San Rafael del Norte San Rafael del Norte17,7896061848
Jinotega San Sebastián de Yalí San Sebastián de Yalí26,9793111908
Jinotega Santa María de Pantasma Santa María de Pantasma37,8805631989
Jinotega Wiwilí de Jinotega Wiwilí de Jinotega57,4852,444.71989
León Achuapa Achuapa13,797416.241870
León El Jicaral El Jicaral10,3264341834
León El Sauce El Sauce27,900629.971858
León La Paz Centro La Paz Centro28,1186061610
León Larreynaga Malpaisillo27,8988821936
León León León174,051820.191524
León Nagarote Nagarote32,303598.381548
León Quezalguaque Quezalguaque8,591861865
León Santa Rosa del Peñón Santa Rosa del Peñón9,529227.61858
León Telica Telica23,2664001858
Madriz Las Sabanas Las Sabanas4,136691942
Madriz Palacagüina Palacagüina12,825192
Madriz San José de Cusmapa San José de Cusmapa7,072130
Madriz San Juan de Río Coco San Juan de Río Coco21,1141821964
Madriz San Lucas San Lucas12,9751391913
Madriz Somoto Somoto33,7884661867
Madriz Telpaneca Telpaneca19,0253001626
Madriz Totogalpa Totogalpa11,9271371911
Madriz Yalagüina Yalagüina9,597531725
Managua Ciudad Sandino Ciudad Sandino75,08351.112000
Managua El Crucero El Crucero13,656975.32000
Managua Managua Managua937,4892891819
Managua Mateare Mateare28,775297.41898
Managua San Francisco Libre San Francisco Libre9,4167561961
Managua San Rafael del Sur San Rafael del Sur42,417357.31956
Managua Ticuantepe Ticuantepe27,00860.791974
Managua Tipitapa Tipitapa101,685975.171755
Managua Villa El Carmen Villa El Carmen27,449562.011907
Masaya Catarina Catarina7,52411.49
Masaya La Concepción La Concepción31,950731889
Masaya Masatepe Masatepe31,58362
Masaya Masaya Masaya139,5821411819
Masaya Nandasmo Nandasmo10,732131976
Masaya Nindirí Nindirí38,355142.911500
Masaya Niquinohomo Niquinohomo14,84731.691870
Masaya San Juan de Oriente San Juan de Oriente4,73413.81585
Masaya Tisma Tisma10,6811081883
Matagalpa Ciudad Darío Ciudad Darío41,0144321920
Matagalpa El Tuma-La Dalia La Dalia56,6814621989
Matagalpa Esquipulas Esquipulas15,8772161944
Matagalpa Matagalpa Matagalpa133,416619.361538
Matagalpa Matiguás Matiguas41,1271,7101920
Matagalpa Muy Muy Muy Muy14,7213751751
Matagalpa Rancho Grande Rancho Grande26,2236481989
Matagalpa Río Blanco Río Blanco30,7857001974
Matagalpa San Dionisio San Dionisio16,2731521830
Matagalpa San Isidro San Isidro17,412282.711862
Matagalpa San Ramón San Ramón30,6824241905
Matagalpa Sébaco Sébaco32,221289.811989
Matagalpa Terrabona Terrabona12,740248.891715
Nueva Segovia Ciudad Antigua Ciudad Antigua4,8681541611
Nueva Segovia Dipilto Dipilto5,2071081942
Nueva Segovia El Jícaro El Jícaro25,9012781874
Nueva Segovia Wiwilí de Nueva Segovia Wiwilí de Nueva Segovia16,3443981970
Nueva Segovia Jalapa Jalapa54,4916291891
Nueva Segovia Macuelizo Macuelizo6,0762501815
Nueva Segovia Mozonte Mozonte6,795242
Nueva Segovia Murra Murra14,8474791872
Nueva Segovia Ocotal Ocotal34,58085.641780
Nueva Segovia Quilalí Quilalí26,4613391920
Nueva Segovia San Fernando San Fernando8,5492691897
Nueva Segovia Santa María Santa María4,4041681850
Río San Juan El Almendro El Almendro13,3639931974
Río San Juan El Castillo Boca de Sábalos19,8641,656
Río San Juan Morrito Morrito6,5706771989
Río San Juan San Carlos San Carlos37,4611,4621949
Río San Juan San Juan de Nicaragua San Juan de Nicaragua1,3071,462
Río San Juan San Miguelito San Miguelito17,0319231850
Rivas Altagracia Altagracia19,955211.21
Rivas Belén Belén16,428246.261892
Rivas Buenos Aires Buenos Aires5,42075.221717
Rivas Cárdenas Cárdenas6,990226.63
Rivas Moyogalpa Moyogalpa9,72963
Rivas Potosí Potosí11,904146
Rivas Rivas Rivas41,080280.541835
Rivas San Jorge San Jorge8,024221852
Rivas San Juan del Sur San Juan del Sur14,741411.051851
Rivas Tola Tola22,0124741750

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Drinking water and sanitation in Nicaragua are provided by a national public utility in urban areas and water committees in rural areas. Despite relatively high levels of investment, access to drinking water in urban areas has barely kept up with population growth, access to urban sanitation has actually declined and service quality remains poor. However, a substantial increase in access to water supply and sanitation has been reached in rural areas.

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