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This list includes localities that are in Israel that the Israeli Ministry of Interior has designated as a city council. Jerusalem includes occupied East Jerusalem. The list is based on the current index of the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Within Israel's system of local government, an urban municipality can be granted a city council by the Interior Ministry when its population exceeds 20,000. [1] The term "city" does not generally refer to local councils or urban agglomerations, even though a defined city often contains only a small portion of an urban area or metropolitan area's population.



Israel has 16 cities with populations over 100,000, including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Yafo. [2] In all, there are 77 Israeli localities granted "municipalities" (or "city") status by the Ministry of the Interior, including four Israeli settlements in the West Bank. [3] Two more cities are planned: Kasif, a planned city to be built in the Negev, and Harish, originally a small town currently being built into a large city. The area and population of Jerusalem includes that of East Jerusalem which has been de facto annexed by Israel and incorporated within Jerusalem's municipal borders under the Jerusalem Law. This, however, is not recognized by the international community who regard East Jerusalem as part of the Occupied Palestinian Territory. [4] [5] If East Jerusalem is considered part of Israel, Tel Aviv is the country's second most populous city with 452,000 residents after Jerusalem with 919,000; if not, Tel Aviv is the most populous city before West Jerusalem with around 350,000.

The following table lists all Israeli cities by name, district, population, and area, according to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics:

NamePhoto District First
2019 [6]
2008 [7]
per km2
index [10]
Acre [cbs 1] Aerial view of Acre 1.jpg North Bronze Age 49,38046,100+7.11%13.53,362.0−0.395
Afula WikiAir Flight IL-13-09 022.jpg North Bronze Age 54,25040,200+34.95%26.91,611.7−0.028
Arad WikiAir IL-13-06 015 - Arad.JPG South 196226,75623,400+14.34%93.1195.90.287
Arraba [cbs 2] Arabenorth.JPG North N/A25,83320,600+25.40%8.253,097.1−0.945
Ashdod Ashdod 2005, rooftop view p2.JPG South Bronze Age 225,939204,300+10.59%47.24,783.9−0.109
Ashkelon [cbs 3] Ashkelonskyline.jpg South Neolithic 144,073110,600+30.26%47.82,964.8-0.032
Baqa al-Gharbiyye Baqa el gharbiya 2007 04 14.jpg Haifa Middle Ages 29,950N/AN/A16.43,152.1−0.736
Bat Yam Bat Yam view.jpg Tel Aviv 1926129,013130,300−0.99%8.215,758.4−0.025
Beersheba [cbs 4] PikiWiki Israel 36687 Beersheba birds eye view.JPG South 1900 [note 1] 209,687193,400+8.42%117.51,751.70.035
Beit She'an [cbs 5] PikiWiki Israel 11343 Round Center.jpg North Neolithic 18,46416,900+9.25%7.32,379.9−0.277
Beit Shemesh [cbs 6] PikiWiki Israel 11209 Landscape view.jpg Jerusalem 1950124,95772,700+71.88%34.32,866.6−1.149
Bnei Brak [cbs 7] PBeneBerak002.jpg Tel Aviv 1924204,639151,800+34.81%7.125,709.4−1.304
Dimona PikiWiki Israel 4562 Dimona renewal.JPG South 195534,50032,400+6.48%29.9193.7−0.235
Eilat [cbs 8] North Beach Eilat.jpg South Neolithic 52,29947,300+10.57%84.8509.60.247
El'ad Elad03.JPG Center 199848,76333,900+43.84%2.813,138.6−1.493
Giv'at Shmuel [cbs 9] PikiWiki Israel 8994 Cities in Israel.jpg Center 194426,57821,000+26.56%2.69,978.11.124
Givatayim [cbs 10] Tel Aviv - tl Abyb (15845688503).jpg Tel Aviv 192260,64452,100+16.40%3.318,058.21.417
Hadera WikiAir Flight IL-13-09 077.jpg Haifa 189197,33579,400+22.59%49.41,809.20.255
Haifa Haifa Shrine and Port.jpg Haifa Antiquity 285,316264,300+7.95%63.74,331.40.652
Herzliya [cbs 11] Herzliyya skyline.jpg Tel Aviv 192497,47086,300+12.94%21.64,291.01.373
Hod HaSharon hvd hSHrvn 5.JPG Center 192463,17546,300+36.45%21.63,058.91.485
Holon HOLON.png Tel Aviv 1935196,282176,300+11.33%18.910,017.70.509
Jerusalem Israel-2013(2)-Aerial-Jerusalem-Temple Mount-Temple Mount (south exposure).jpg Jerusalem Neolithic 936,425759,700+23.26%125.27,014.1−0.802
Kafr Qasim [cbs 12] Kafr Quasim Memorial, Israel.jpg Center 19th century23,82318,400+29.47%8.72,391.5−0.841
Karmiel [cbs 13] Karmiel Ramat-Rabin district September 2006.jpg North 196446,25244,200+4.64%19.22,056.30.309
Kfar Saba [cbs 14] Kfar Saba new district.JPG Center 1903101,43282,800+22.50%14.26,831.01.191
Kfar Yona [cbs 15] "kl hkpr" - kpr yvnh mmbt hrKHpn.jpg Center 193224,77816,500+50.17%11.01,962.40.786
Kiryat Ata [cbs 16] Kiryat ata3.jpg Haifa 192559,03050,400+17.12%16.73,253.00.249
Kiryat Bialik [cbs 17] Krayon.jpg Haifa 193440,23137,200+8.15%8.24,650.10.567
Kiryat Gat [cbs 18] PikiWiki Israel 16194 kiryat gat.jpg South 195457,10547,500+20.22%16.33,328.2−0.378
Kiryat Malakhi [cbs 19] Kiryat Mal'achi town hall plaza.jpg South 195023,81920,500+16.19%4.64,741.2−0.594
Kiryat Motzkin [cbs 20] Kiryat Motzkin Aerial View.jpg Haifa 193443,30338,100+13.66%3.810,612.00.590
Kiryat Ono [cbs 21] Qiryatono2.jpg Tel Aviv 193940,40930,000+34.70%4.18,557.81.513
Kiryat Shmona [cbs 22] Qiryat Shemona 2007.JPG North 194922,51223,200−2.97%14.21,595.8−0.014
Kiryat Yam [cbs 23] Kiryat Yam.jpg Haifa 194139,89737,700+5.83%4.38,568.60.018
Lod Downtown area of Lod, Israel 00262.JPG Center Neolithic 77,22369,400+11.27%12.26,078.3−0.448
Ma'alot-Tarshiha PikiWiki Israel 14587 Maalot.JPG North 196321,83620,600+6.00%6.82,303.00.024
Migdal HaEmek [cbs 24] PikiWiki Israel 11196 Cities in Israel.JPG North 195325,67523,900+7.43%7.62,876.6−0.273
[cbs 25]
Modi'in 02003.JPG Center 198593,27769,300+34.60%50.21,862.51.351
Nahariya [cbs 26] Naharia IMG 1324.jpg North 193558,09651,300+13.25%10.24,941.80.436
Nazareth Habsora from selezian.jpg North Bronze Age 77,44571,700+8.01%14.15,357.9−0.558
Nesher Nesher, Givat Nesher, Tel Hanan 008.JPG Haifa 192324,14823,300+3.64%12.81,828.90.783
Ness Ziona [cbs 27] Ness Ziona pic08.jpg Center 188350,35136,100+39.48%15.63,071.51.265
Netanya Poleg interchange.jpg Center 1929221,353180,100+22.91%29.06,807.70.240
Netivot PikiWiki Israel 10886 Philadelphia Jewry Square (the Bell Square).jpg South 195637,54226,100+43.84%5.62,874.7−0.760
Nof HaGalil Nazareth Illit view.jpg North 195741,73441,400+0.81%32.51,224.40.055
Ofakim [cbs 28] Ofaqim 4.jpg South 195530,66224,000+27.76%10.32,565.0−0.757
Or Akiva [cbs 29] Israel by Jim Greenhill 100526-A-3715G-0961 (4643198024).jpg Haifa 195118,97216,000+18.58%3.53,165.3−0.097
Or Yehuda IsraelOrYehuda FromAir.JPG Tel Aviv 195536,81333,900+8.59%5.15,477.70.133
Petah Tikva [cbs 30] Em HaMoshavot, Petah Tikva, 2008.jpg Center 1878247,956200,300+23.79%35.96,626.50.655
Qalansawe Qalansuwa-498.jpg Center Middle Ages 23,14318,200+27.16%8.42,603.2−1.011
Ra'anana [cbs 31] Raanana city.JPG Center 192275,42168,300+10.43%14.94,833.81.462
Rahat PikiWiki Israel 43465 RAHAT.jpg South 197271,43750,000+42.87%19.63,283.9−1.848
Ramat Gan View Of Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange District.jpg Tel Aviv 1921163,480143,600+13.84%13.29,376.11.041
Ramat HaSharon PikiWiki Israel 7457 Ramat Hasharon from the top of tops.JPG Tel Aviv 192347,24539,000+21.14%16.82,708.31.796
Ramla Ramla 6780a.jpg Center 8th century76,24665,700+16.05%11.96,252.2−0.333
Rehovot PikiWiki Israel 13823 Rehovot Mall and Municipality.JPG Center 1890143,904111,100+29.53%23.05,712.40.629
Rishon LeZion [cbs 32] Rishon LeZion West Aerial View.jpg Center 1882254,384226,800+12.16%58.74,212.60.886
Rosh HaAyin Rosh HaAyin.jpg Center 194961,80137,900+63.06%24.42,868.00.578
Safed [cbs 33] Safed1.jpg North Bronze Age 36,09429,600+21.94%29.21,123.5−1.011
Sakhnin PikiWiki Israel 17718 Cities in Israel.JPG North Bronze Age 31,70225,100+26.30%9.83,062.2−0.740
Sderot [cbs 34] SHdrvt, rKHvb hrb bn-nvn , hvA rKHvb nyr-`m, hvA rKHvb hgdvd hSHny. - panoramio.jpg South 195127,63520,700+33.50%4.53,788.0−0.223
Shefa-'Amr [cbs 35] PikiWiki Israel 11070 Photo fortress.JPG North Bronze Age 42,13735,700+18.03%19.82,065.0−0.784
Tamra Tamra3.jpg North N/A34,39228,100+22.39%29.31,118.1−0.983
Tayibe PikiWiki Israel 16384 Taybe at sunset.jpg Center N/A43,95735,700+23.13%18.72,198.7−0.878
Tel Aviv-Yafo Skyline of Tel Aviv (34324506705).jpg Tel Aviv Bronze Age

(Neve Tzedek)

Tiberias TIBERIAS - GALILEE (7723477802).jpg North 2044,77941,600+7.64%10.92,663.5−0.379
Tira [cbs 36] Potsdam-9 (15757509164).jpg Center N/A26,55222,200+19.60%11.92,128.7−0.469
Tirat Carmel [cbs 37] PikiWiki Israel - Tirat Carmel.jpg Haifa N/A23,11218,600+24.26%5.63,425.4−0.138
Umm al-Fahm Ummalfahm.jpg Haifa N/A56,10945,000+24.69%22.32,053.4−1.294
Yavne Yavne panoramic view2.JPG Center Bronze Age 47,58532,800+45.08%10.72,690.90.455
Yehud-Monosson Jahud023.jpg Center N/A29,92826,200+14.23%5.05,862.31.034
Yokneam Illit [cbs 38] 12 6 2008 .1597864 25 43 11 PROTOCOL 800 1 park.jpg North 195023,79619,000+25.24%7.42,649.10.800

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  1. Tel Be'er Sheva, remains of the ancient town, lies east of the modern city.
Official spellings
  1. Akko
  2. Arrabe
  3. Ashqelon
  4. Be'er Sheva
  5. Bet She'an
  6. Bet Shemesh
  7. Bene Beraq
  8. Elat
  9. Giv'at Shemu'el
  10. Giv'atayim
  11. Herzliyya
  12. Kafar Qasem
  13. Karmi'el
  14. Kefar Sava
  15. Kefar Yona
  16. Qiryat Atta
  17. Qiryat Bialik
  18. Qiryat Gat
  19. Qiryat Mal'akhi
  20. Qiryat Motzkin
  21. Qiryat Ono
  22. Qiryat Shemona
  23. Qiryat Yam
  24. Migdal HaEmeq
  25. Modi'in-Makkabbim-Re'ut
  26. Nahariyya
  27. Nes Ziyyona
  28. Ofaqim
  29. Or Aqiva
  30. Petah Tiqwa
  31. Ra'annana
  32. Rishon LeZiyyon
  33. Zefat
  34. Sederot
  35. Shefar'am
  36. Tire
  37. Tirat Karmel
  38. Yoqne'am Illit

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