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Masson was a French publisher specialised in medical and scientific collections. In 1987, Masson purchased Armand Colin. In turn, it became part of the City Group (Groupe de la Cité) in 1994. In 2000, Groupe de la Cité became part of Vivendi Universal Publishing (VUP). VUP sold its medical and trade publishing to a group led by Cinven in 2002, who formed MediMedia. [1] In 2005, MediMedia sold its European and U.S. Netter professional medical publishing businesses to Reed Elsevier. [2] Masson merged with Elsevier France, creating Elsevier Masson. [3]


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Dalloz is a French publisher that specializes in legal matters and is France's main legal publisher. It was founded by Désiré Dalloz and his brother Armand in 1845. Dalloz was acquired by Groupe de La Cite in 1989. CEP acquired almost complete control of Groupe de La Cite in 1995. Havas acquired full ownership of CEP in 1997 and In 1998, Havas was acquired by the company that became Vivendi. Presses de la Cité became part of Vivendi Universal Publishing (VUP), which in 2002 was sold to Hachette Group.

Chambers is a reference publisher formerly based in Edinburgh, Scotland, which held the property rights of the venerable W. R. Chambers Publishers.

Groupe Flammarion is the fourth-largest publishing group in France, comprising many units, including its namesake, founded in 1876 by Ernest Flammarion, as well as units in distribution, sales, printing and bookshops. Flammarion became part of the Italian media conglomerate RCS MediaGroup in 2000. Éditions Gallimard acquired Flammarion from RCS MediaGroup in 2012. Subsidiaries include Casterman.

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Presses de la Cité is a French publishing company founded in 1943 by Sven Nielsen, the son and grandson of booksellers, who came to Paris in 1924. Before becoming a publisher, Nielsen specialised in exporting French books.

Plon is a French book publishing company, founded in 1852 by Henri Plon and his two brothers. The Plon family were Walloons coming from Nivelles, Belgium. One of their ancestors is probably the Danish typographer Jehan Plon who lived at the end of the 16th century.

Alex Berger

Alex Berger is a producer, creator, consultant and entrepreneur in the media field. During his professional life, he created or participated in numerous, films Astérix: Mission Cléopâtre, TV shows, digital and founded or accelerated the growth of several companies by holding various key positions such as senior Vice President and head of strategy to Pierre Lescure at Canal+, CEO of CanalNumedia, co-CEO at VivendiNet, President of MM&I (consulting) as co-founder, President and CEO of TOG-The Oligarchs Group and TOP-The Oligarchs Productions.

<i>LUsine nouvelle</i>

L'Usine nouvelle is a weekly French business magazine that covers business and technology. It is based in Antony, Hauts-de-Seine near Paris.

Medicine Publishing

Medicine Publishing was an academic publishing company established in 1972. Since 2005, it is an imprint of Elsevier.

Fabrice Fries

Fabrice Fries is a French business executive, currently Chairman and Chief executive officer of Agence France-Presse.


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