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Current Opinion is a collection of review journals on various disciplines of the life sciences. They were acquired by Elsevier in 1997. [1] Each issue of each journal, which all are published bimonthly, contains one or more themed sections edited by scientists who specialise in the field and invite authors to contribute reviews aimed at experts and non-specialists. Each journal aims to cover all the major recent advances in its topic area, and to direct readers to the most important original research.



Title ISSN Established
Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 2352-1546 2014
Current Opinion in Biotechnology 0958-1669 1990
Current Opinion in Cell Biology 0955-0674 1989
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 1367-5931 1997
Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering 2211-3398 2011
Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science 1359-0294 1996
Current Opinion in Development 0959-437X 1991
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 2451-9103 2017
Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health 2468-5844 2018
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 1877-3435 2009
Current Opinion in Food Science 2214-7993 2015
Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 0959-437X 1991
Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry 2452-2236 2016
Current Opinion in Immunology 0952-7915 1988
Current Opinion in Insect Science 2214-5745 2014
Current Opinion in Microbiology 1369-5274 1998
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 0959-4388 1991
Current Opinion in Pharmacology 1471-4892 2001
Current Opinion in Physiology 2468-8673 2018
Current Opinion in Plant Biology 1369-5266 1998
Current Opinion in Psychology 2352-250X 2015
Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science 1359-0286 1996
Current Opinion in Structural Biology 0959-440X 1991
Current Opinion in Systems Biology 2452-3100 2017
Current Opinion in Toxicology 2468-2020 2016
Current Opinion in Virology 1879-6257 2011

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Current Opinion is a series of medical journals published by Wolters Kluwer imprint Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Wolters Kluwer acquired the journals from the Thomson Organisation in 1997. Each of these journals publishes editorials and reviews within one of a number of medical disciplines.

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Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences is a bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal covering all aspects of the behavioral sciences. It was established in 2015 and is published by Elsevier as part of their Current Opinion series of journals. The editors-in-chief are Cindy Lustig and Trevor Robbins. Each issue covers a specific theme and is edited by one or more guest editors.


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