Mercedes-Benz B-Class

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Mercedes-Benz B-Class
Mercedes-Benz W247 IMG 0398.jpg
Manufacturer DaimlerChrysler (2006–2007)
Daimler AG (2007–present)
Body and chassis
Class Subcompact executive MPV (M)
Body style 5-door MPV

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class is a subcompact executive MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) manufactured and marketed by Mercedes-Benz since 2005, and now in its third generation.


Similar to the A-Class, though larger, and with larger engines, the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) still classifies it as a hatchback. [1]

As of December 20, 2013, delivery of B-Class vehicles reached 1 million since its launch in 2005. [2]

First generation (W245; 2005)

First generation (W245)
Mercedes Benz B 170 silver vl.jpg
Before facelift
AssemblyGermany: Rastatt
Body and chassis
Platform Mercedes-Benz W245
Related A-Class (W169)
Transmission 5-speed manual
6-speed manual
Wheelbase 2006–08: 2,786 mm (109.7 in)
2009-11: 2,779 mm (109.4 in)
Length4,270 mm (168.1 in)
Width1,778 mm (70.0 in)
Height2006–08: 1,613 mm (63.5 in)
2009–11: 1,603 mm (63.1 in)

The first generation B-Class was introduced in Europe in spring 2005, and introduced in Canada in autumn 2005. The B-Class uses front-wheel drive with sandwich floor construction, parabolic rear suspension, [3] and a two-box design one for the drivetrain and another the shared passenger/luggage compartment. The B-Class maximizes its interior volume via its height. Having derived from the smaller A-Class, it retained that car's sandwich floor concept. [4]

All models included passive automobile safety systems including ESP, ABS, traction control, cornering lights, active lighting system, and headlamp assist. [5] In the event of a frontal impact the engine and transmission slide beneath the passenger compartment.

In 2008 it was updated with a start-stop system and a BlueEFFICIENCY option. [6] A new NGT variant was added, which could burn either gasoline or natural gas. [7]

In 2011 Mercedes-Benz did a world tour with three of its Mercedes-Benz F-Cell vehicles, one of which was the B-Class. The hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle was driven more than 30,000 kilometres in a circumnavigation of the globe, starting and ending in Stuttgart. [8]


The B160 and B180 conform to Euro V emission standards. The rest of the engines conform to Euro IV emission standards. A diesel particulate filter is available as an option for the diesel units (this reduces about 99% of the particle emissions, without the need for additives).

ModelTypePowerTorqueTransmissionTop Speed0–100 km/h
(0–62 mph)
Economy (MPG)
[ clarification needed ]
B1601.5 L I495 PS (70 kW; 94 hp)140 N⋅m (103 lb⋅ft)5-speed Manual174 km/h (108 mph)13.2 secs44.1 mpg149 g/km
1.7 L I4116 PS (85 kW; 114 hp)155 N⋅m (114 lb⋅ft)5-speed Manual CVT184 km/h (114 mph)11.3 secs44.8 mpg146 g/km2005–2009
B2002.0 L I4136 PS (100 kW; 134 hp)185 N⋅m (136 lb⋅ft)5-Speed Manual196 km/h (122 mph)10.1 secs39.2 mpg173 g/km
B200 Turbo2.0 L I4 turbo193 PS (142 kW; 190 hp)280 N⋅m (207 lb⋅ft)6-Speed Manual225 km/h (139 mph)7.6 secs35.8 mpg190 g/km
B180 CDI2.0 L I4109 PS (80 kW; 108 hp)250 N⋅m (184 lb⋅ft)6-Speed Manual
183 km/h (114 mph)11.3 secs54.3 mpg136 g/km
B200 CDI140 PS (103 kW; 138 hp)300 N⋅m (221 lb⋅ft)6-Speed Manual
200 km/h (124 mph)9.6 secs54.3 mpg136 g/km
Natural Gas
B170 NGT2.0 L I4116 PS (85 kW; 114 hp)165 N⋅m (122 lb⋅ft)5-Speed Manual184 km/h (114 mph)12.4 secs38.7 mpg135 g/km


SpecificationB180 CDIB200 CDIB150B170/B180B200B200 TurboB170 NGT FuelEfficiency
length4,270 mm (168.1 in)
width1,777 mm (70.0 in)
height1,603 mm (63.1 in)
wheelbase 2,778 mm (109.4 in)
Kerb weight 1,435 kg (3,164 lb)1,435 kg (3,164 lb)1,300 kg (2,866 lb)1,310 kg (2,888 lb)1,345 kg (2,965 lb)1,370 kg (3,020 lb)1,445 kg (3,186 lb)
tank capacity54 L (14 US gal; 12 imp gal)
tank reserve6 L (2 US gal; 1 imp gal)Unknown
Cylinders inline-four
Output hp/rpm109 hp (81 kW; 111 PS) /4200140 hp (104 kW; 142 PS) /4200106 hp (79 kW; 107 PS) /5800116 hp (87 kW; 118 PS) /5500136 hp (101 kW; 138 PS) /5750193 hp (144 kW; 196 PS) /5000116 hp (87 kW; 118 PS)
Torque Nm/rpm250 N⋅m (184 lb⋅ft) /1600-2600300 N⋅m (221 lb⋅ft) /1600-3000160 N⋅m (118 lb⋅ft) /4000-4500155 N⋅m (114 lb⋅ft) /3500-4000185 N⋅m (136 lb⋅ft) /3500-4000280 N⋅m (207 lb⋅ft) /1800-4850165 N⋅m (122 lb⋅ft) /1800-
Top Speed183 km/h (114 mph)200 km/h (124 mph)185 km/h (115 mph)183 km/h (114 mph)196 km/h (122 mph)225 km/h (140 mph)184 km/h (114 mph)
Tires205/55 R 16205/55 R 16195/65 R 15195/65 R 15205/55 R 16215/40 R 18195/65 R 15

Second generation (W246; 2011)

Second generation (W246)
Mercedes-Benz B 180 BlueEFFICIENCY (W 246) - Frontansicht, 10. Marz 2012, Dusseldorf.jpg
Body and chassis
Platform MFA
Related A-Class (W176)
GLA-Class (X156)
CLA-Class (C117)
Engine 1.6L I4
2.0L I4
1.8L Diesel I4
Electric motor Synchronous Electric Motor [9]
Transmission 6-speed manual
7-speed Dual-clutch
single speed fixed ratio
Wheelbase 2,699 mm (106.3 in)
Length4,359 mm (171.6 in)
Width1,786 mm (70.3 in)
Height1,557 mm (61.3 in)

The second generation B-Class was introduced at the 2011 International Motor Show Germany. [10] European models went on sale in November 2011. Japan models went on sale in April 2012. They are assembled at Rastatt, Germany, [11] and from 2011 at Kecskemet, Hungary. [12] By summer 2013, over 230,000 second generation B-Class cars had been delivered. [13]

It included new gasoline and diesel engines, mated to either a six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. [14] Drag coefficient was lowered, despite growing in overall dimensions to the benefit of interior space. A new four-cylinder engine was introduced with the model, the M270. [15]

Safety systems included adaptive cruise control, blind spot assist and, a collision prevention adaptive brake system. [16]

The vehicle received a facelift in 2015. [17]

Variants and nomenclature

The last part of the model name indicates how the vehicle is powered: [18]


BlueEFFICIENCY is a term used by Mercedes-Benz for a series of measures which reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. These include: [19]

  • Start/stop function switches off the engine temporarily when the vehicle is stationary.
  • Alternator management for regenerative braking.
  • Tyres optimised for rolling resistance have low energy requirements while driving and also help to reduce fuel consumption.

The B 180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Edition was available from September 2011. [20]

B 200 Natural Gas Drive

Production version includes a choice of manual and 7G-DCT dual clutch transmission, and was available from early 2013. [21] European model was set to go on sale in February 2014. [2]

B-Class Electric Drive

2018 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Electric Art Premium Front.jpg
2018 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Electric Art Premium Rear.jpg
Production Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive
The Mercedes-Benz Concept B-Class Electric Drive was unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive (front quarter).JPG
The Mercedes-Benz Concept B-Class Electric Drive was unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show
Production Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive charging ECarTec Munich 2013 Mercedes-Benz B-class Electric Drive (10475181286).jpg
Production Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive charging

Initial concept versions of the B-Class Electric Drive were developed under the Mercedes-Benz BlueZERO project using batteries from Li-tec and a drivetrain from Tesla, but Mercedes switched to using a drivetrain developed by Mercedes itself soon after. [22] [23] The Electric Drive was previewed at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, [24] the 2013 New York International Auto Show, [25] and the 2013 IAA International Motor Show 2013. [13] Production for retail customers began in April 2014 at Mercedes-Benz Rastatt factory. [26] In May 2014, Mercedes announced the B-Class Electric Drive will be available in Germany and the UK in the first quarter of 2015. [27] In November, Mercedes-Benz announced pricing for Germany and started accepting orders.

The concept has an electric motor rated 136 PS (100 kW; 134 hp) and 310 N⋅m (229 lb⋅ft), 36 kWh lithium-ion battery from Tesla Motors. The vehicle has a driving range of 200 km (124 mi) with a top speed of 150 km/h (93 mph). [24] The battery can be charged at any standard domestic 230 V power outlet or 400 V rapid charging terminal.

Pricing in the U.S. starts at US$41,450 before any applicable tax credits and other government incentives. [28] In 2015, over 1900 electric B-class were sold in the US. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under its five-cycle testing, rated the 2014 B-Class Electric Drive with an all-electric range of 87 mi (140 km). The energy consumption was rated at 40  kWh/100 miles for combined city/highway driving, corresponding to a fuel economy of 84 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent - MPGe - (2.8 L/100 km; 101 mpg imp). The rating for city driving is 85 mpg-e (2.8 L/100 km; 102 mpg imp), and 83 mpg-e (2.8 L/100 km; 100 mpg imp) for highway. [29]


Petrol engines [30] [31]
ModelYearsTypePower, torque at rpm
B 180 BlueEFFICIENCY2011-1,595 cc (97 cu in) 16V I4 turbo (M 270 DE 16 AL red.)122 PS (90 kW; 120 hp) at 5,000, 200 N⋅m (148 lb⋅ft) at 1,250–4,000
B 200 BlueEFFICIENCY2011-1,595 cc (97 cu in) 16V I4 turbo (M 270 DE 16 AL)156 PS (115 kW; 154 hp) at 5,300, 250 N⋅m (184 lb⋅ft) at 1,250–4,000
B 200 Natural Gas Drive2013-1,991 cc (121 cu in) 16V I4 turbo (M 270 DE 20 AL)156 PS (115 kW; 154 hp) at 5,000, 270 N⋅m (199 lb⋅ft) at 1,250–4,000
B 220 4MATIC2013-1,991 cc (121 cu in) 16V I4 turbo (M 270 DE 20 AL)184 PS (135 kW; 181 hp) at 5,500, 300 N⋅m (221 lb⋅ft) at 1,200–4,000
B 220 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY2013-1,991 cc (121 cu in) 16V I4 turbo (M 270 DE 20 AL)184 PS (135 kW; 181 hp) at 5,000, 300 N⋅m (221 lb⋅ft) at 1,250–4,000
B 250 BlueEFFICIENCY2012-1,991 cc (121 cu in) 16V I4 turbo (M 270 DE 20 AL)211 PS (155 kW; 208 hp) at 5,500, 350 N⋅m (258 lb⋅ft) at 1,250–4,000
Diesel engines [30] [31]
ModelYearsTypePower, torque at rpm
B 160 CDI2013-1,461 cc (89 cu in) I4 turbo (OM 607 DE 15 LA)90 PS (66 kW; 89 hp) at 4,000, 220 N⋅m (162 lb⋅ft) at 1,750-2,750
B 180 CDI (OM 607)2013-1,461 cc (89 cu in) I4 turbo (OM 607 DE 15 LA)109 PS (80 kW; 108 hp) at 4,000, 260 N⋅m (192 lb⋅ft) at 1,750-2,500
B 180 CDI (OM 651)2013-1,796 cc (110 cu in) I4 turbo (OM 651 DE 18 LA red.)109 PS (80 kW; 108 hp) at 3,200-4,600, 250 N⋅m (184 lb⋅ft) at 1,400-2,800
B 180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY2011-1,796 cc (110 cu in) I4 turbo (OM 651 DE 18 LA red.)109 PS (80 kW; 108 hp) at 3,200-4,600, 250 N⋅m (184 lb⋅ft) at 1,400-2,800
B 180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Edition2013-1,461 cc (89 cu in) I4 turbo (OM 607 DE 15 LA)109 PS (80 kW; 108 hp) at 4,000, 260 N⋅m (192 lb⋅ft) at 1,750-2,500
B 200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY2011-1,796 cc (110 cu in) I4 turbo (OM 651 DE 18 LA)136 PS (100 kW; 134 hp) at 3,600-4,400, 300 N⋅m (221 lb⋅ft) at 1,600-3,000
B 220 CDI2014-2,143 cc (131 cu in) I4 turbo (OM 651 DE 22 LA)170 PS (125 kW; 168 hp) at 3,400-4,000, 350 N⋅m (258 lb⋅ft) at 1,400-3,400
B 220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY2012-2,143 cc (131 cu in) I4 turbo (OM 651 DE 22 LA)170 PS (125 kW; 168 hp) at 3,400-4,400, 350 N⋅m (258 lb⋅ft) at 1,400-3,400
Electric motors [30] [31]
ModelYearsTypePower, torque at rpm
B-Class Electric Drive2014 AC induction motor 179 PS (132 kW; 177 hp) at ?, 340 N⋅m (251 lb⋅ft) at 0

Third generation (W247; 2018)

Third generation (W247)
Mercedes-Benz W247 IMG 0380.jpg
Body and chassis
Platform MFA2
Related A-Class (W177)
GLA-Class (H247)
CLA-Class (C118)
GLB-Class (X247)
  • 6-speed manual
  • 7-speed dct 7G-Dct (B 180, B 180 d, B 200, B 220, B 220 4MATIC, B 250 and B 250 4MATIC)
  • 8-speed DCT 8G-Dct (B 200 d and B 220 d)
Wheelbase 2,729 mm (107.4 in)
Length4,419 mm (174.0 in)
Width1,796 mm (70.7 in)
Height1,562 mm (61.5 in)

The third generation B-Class was launched at the Paris Motor Show on 2 October 2018. At launch, the vehicle was claimed to feature the Intelligent Drive semi-automated driving system borrowed from the S-Class. [32]

The design was improved with a much shorter front overhang. The controversial sculpting on the side part of the vehicle was not carried over to the W247 B-Class. Three infotainment system options is available, with entry-level models getting dual seven-inch displays. A seven-inch display with the larger 10.25-inch display is available, with top-tier models getting a pair of the large displays. It is powered by a full MBUX infotainment system, giving B-Class buyers access to its functions through a standard touchscreen. Features such as intelligent voice control, augmented reality, and a head-up display are optional. [32]

Rear view Mercedes-Benz W247 IMG 0379.jpg
Rear view
Interior 2019 Mercedes-Benz B 200 Progressive Line (50).jpg

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