Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

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Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Missouri Department of Revenue building in Jefferson City, MO.jpg
The Department of Elementary in Jefferson City
State education agency overview
Jurisdiction Missouri
Headquarters205 Jefferson Street , Jefferson City
State education agency executives
  • Dr. Margie Vandeven, Commissioner of Education
  • Roger Dorson, Deputy Commissioner
Parent department Missouri State Board of Education
Child State education agency
Website dese.mo.gov

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education or DESE, was reorganized and established in its present form by the Omnibus State Reorganization Act of 1974. The department is primarily a service agency that works with school officials, legislators, government agencies, community leaders and citizens to maintain a strong public education system. Through its statewide school-improvement initiatives and its regulatory functions, the department strives to ensure all citizens have access to high-quality public education. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is the administrative arm of the State Board of Education. In addition to the commissioner of education, the department organization reflects functions under two divisions; Financial and Administrative Services and Learning Services. The department is headquartered in the Jefferson State Office Building in downtown Jefferson City, Missouri.

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Education in Missouri is provided by both public and private schools, colleges, and universities, and a variety of public library systems. All public education in the state is governed by the Missouri State Board of Education, which is made up of eight citizens appointed by the Governor of Missouri and confirmed by the Missouri Senate.

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The Geyer Act of 1839 was an act of the Missouri State Legislature which established the public school system of Missouri as well as the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. The act was introduced by congressman James S. Rollins from Boone County and named after its author, Henry Geyer. Rollins became known as the "Father of the University of Missouri" in part because of his support in the bills passaged. The act was designed after Thomas Jefferson's plan for public education in Virginia. Most of the act was revoked by 1841 out of practicality, but still the foundations of public education in Missouri can be traced to the passage of the Geyer Act.

The Leopold R-3 School District is a small, rural public school district located in the unincorporated area of Leopold in Bollinger County in Southeast Missouri. With an average yearly enrollment of approximately 200 students in grades K-12, it is one of the smallest school districts in the state of Missouri.

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Missouri State Board of Education (MSBE) is Missouri's board of education, headquartered in Jefferson City. The board of education is established in Article IX, Section 2a of the Missouri Constitution. The eight members of the Board of Education are elected to staggered eight-year terms. The Board serves as the state-level governing body for career and technical education programs provided by local school districts, community colleges and four-year institutions and helps determine educational policy for the state's primary and secondary schools.

Fox Valley Community School District was a school district serving Cantril and Milton in Iowa. For a period it had its headquarters in Cantril and operated Cantril Elementary School in Cantril and Fox Valley Jr./Sr. High School in Milton. It later got into a grade-sharing arrangement with Van Buren Community School District in which it sent secondary students to Van Buren Junior/Senior High School in Keosauqua. The former high school closed, and the elementary and district headquarters were in Milton. In November 2003 voters in the Van Buren and Fox Valley districts approved a consolidation. The combined school board was to begin meeting in December 2003 and consolidation was to be effective July 1, 2004.