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Pandalam Thekkekkara Panchayath

പന്തളം തെക്കേക്കര പഞ്ചായത്ത്
Village Panchayath
Rajendra Prasad, CPIM
Leader Of Opposition
AK Suresh, BJP
Political groups
Bharathiya Janata Party (4)
Left Democratic Front (8)
Others (02)
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Pandalam Thekkekara is a panchayath and also a cultural-spiritual village town in Pandalam in Pathanamthitta district in the state of Kerala, India. [1] Thattayil Orippurathu Bhagavathi Temple, Vrindavanam Venugopala Temple, Thattayil Ayyappa Temple, Thirumangalam Mahadeva Temple, Varikolil Vishnu Temple, Kandalanthara Shiva Temple, Anakuzhi Malanada Temple, Mynagappallil Anapoorneshwari Temple, Gurunadankkavu Temple are the main religious centres located here. Orippuram Meenabharani, Meenakarthika and Meena Thiruvathira festivals are the major festivals in Pandalam Thekkekkara Panchayath. Also, there are some important festivals happens in panchayath including Parappetty Pettathullal.

NSS Polytechnic College Pandalam and NSS Higher Secondary School, Thattayil are situated in the panchayath.St.John's School (CBSE) is also situated near to Keerukuzhy ward of Pandalam Thekkekkara. Mannath Padmanabhan started Nair Service Society Karayogam reform from here. The No.1 and No.2 NSS Karayogams are situated in Pandalam Thekkekkara.Mannath Padmanabhan also quoted about the Nairs of Thatta in his autobiography book "Ente Jeevitham Smaranakal".Mohanlal starred famous Malayalam feature film Appu (1990 film) shot in Pandalam Thekkekkara. There are currently 14 Wards in Pandalam Thekkekkara Panchayath.

Major political parties are BJP, CPM, CPI & INC.[ clarification needed ]

Agriculture is the main occupation in the Panchayath.

Pandalam Thekkekkara Panchayath is bordered by 2 Municipalities (Pandalam and Adoor) and other 3 panchayaths (Kodumon, Vallicode and Thumpamon). Kulanada grama panchayath is also near to Pandalam Thekkekkara Panchayath. Pandalam Thekkekkara comes under Pathanamthitta Loksabha Constituency and Adoor Legislative Assembly Constituency. National Highway NH 183A and NH 183 passes through Pandalam Thekkekkara Panchayath.

Reading Room & Library: Many libraries are in Pandalam Thekkekara, however few are not functioning well.

The first library was in the old Panchayath building and its first librarian was T.K. Gopala Kurup.


As of 2011 India census, Pandalam Thekkekara had a population of 24069 with 11098 males and 12971 females. [1] Hinduism is the major religion covers population with 86%, Christianity with 13%, others below 1%. In Caste wise Pandalam Thekkekkara is a Nairs dominant area.

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National Highway 183A, also known as NH 183A, is a National Highway in the Indian state of Kerala that runs from Chavara Titanium JunctionKollam, to Mundakkayam via Adoor and Pathanamthitta. It is the 4th National Highway passing through the Kollam district.

The Pathanamthitta district has four types of administrative hierarchies:

Pandalam Municipality

The Municipality of Pandalam also known as Pandalam Municipality (PM) is the civic body that governs Pandalam, the world famous pilgrim town known as the live place of Lord Ayyappa & and it's connection with famous Sabarimala Temple. Pandalam is known as the pilgrim capital of Ayyappa devotees.In every year lakhs of Ayyappa devotees come here to visit Pandalam Ayyappa Temple & Pandalam Palace where Ayyappa lived.Famous Sabarimala Ayyappa Thiruvabharana Procession starts from here,.Pandalam Town is situated in Pathanamthitta, Kerala.It is surrounded by other local bodies including Kulanada panchayath, Thumpamon panchayath, Pandalam Thekkekara panchayath (Thattayil) and Alappuzha district on one side. This is the first ever municipality in Southern Kerala where BJP got power.


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