Kuttoor (Thiruvalla)

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Coordinates: 9°23′06″N76°34′30″E / 9.385°N 76.575°E / 9.385; 76.575 Coordinates: 9°23′06″N76°34′30″E / 9.385°N 76.575°E / 9.385; 76.575
State Kerala
  Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code91-469
Vehicle registration KL-27 (Thiruvalla)
Nearest cityThiruvalla
Lok Sabha constituencyPathanamthitta
Nearest Airport Cochin International Airport Limited
Website lsgkerala.in/Kuttoorpanchayat/

Kuttoor is a village in Thiruvalla Taluk, Pathanamthitta district in the Indian state of Kerala.Kuttoor panchayathu which is under Thiruvalla assembly constituency and Pulikkizhu block panchayathu.



This village has 12.16 square kilometer consist of 14 wards. Boundaries are Eraviperoor Panchayathu, Kadalimangalam River, Manimalayar and Varattar.Early years Kuttoor was in Kollam district and later Alappuzha District and now it under Pathanamthitta.

Thondra Kadavu Bridge is an entrance to Kuttoor grama panchayathu from Tiruvalla Municipality. Thondra Kadavu Bridge, Kuttoor.jpg
Thondra Kadavu Bridge is an entrance to Kuttoor grama panchayathu from Tiruvalla Municipality.


Total area is 1203 hectors and total population 18433 as per 2001 census. [1]


Kuttoor was a capital of Thekkumkoor Kingdom. Dritharashramala (known as Pottanmala ), Kottappuram, Bhoothakkuzhi, Chakrashalanakkadavu are the historically relevant places which were in Kuttoor. The name Kuttoor came from Kottayoor-Kottoor.


Kerala State Road Transport Corporation has a depot at Tiruvalla (station code: TVLA) which is one among the 29 major depots in the state. Its 4 km from Kuttoor. KSRTC operates long distance and interstate bus services from the Tiruvalla depot. KSRTC operates daily Interstate Airbus service to Bangalore from Tiruvalla. Tiruvalla railway station (station code: TRVL) and Chenagannur (station code: CGNR) railway station are near to Kuttoor. Thiruvalla railway station is the sole railway station in Pathanamthitta district. Both stations are only 4 km from Kuttoor. Most trains stop here. Another major railway station is Kottayam railway station which is 25 km from Kuttoor. The nearest airports are Cochin International Airport (105 km) and Trivandrum airport (126 km).

Kuttoor Panchayath Office Kuttoor Panchayathu Office, Kuttoor Junction.jpg
Kuttoor Panchayath Office


The topography of Kuttoor comprises plains, paddy fields, and small ranges. There are paddy fields in Ottam Etukadavu and Kothavithiruthi. Main crops are paddy, coconut, cassava, sugarcane, banana, and pepper. The main water source of the village is Manamalayar. There are smaller sources of water like Varattar, Madhurampuzha, Kadhalimangalathar and Ettukadavu stream.


The current Panchayathu is under governed by Left Democratic Front, LDF. Out of 14 wards, 8 seat won by LDF, BJP 3, UDF 3.

Current MLA is Adv.Mathew T Thomas. He is currently the minister for water resources in Government of Kerala, State President and Legislature Party Leader of the Janata Dal (Secular). Current MP Pathanamthitta (Lok Sabha constituency) is Anto Antony

K E Mamman, Venpala Ramachandran, Kandathil, Varghese Mapillai K E Mamman, Venpala Ramachandran, Kandathil, Varghese Mapillai.jpg
K E Mamman, Venpala Ramachandran, Kandathil, Varghese Mapillai

Notable personalities

Vanchimoottil Devi Temple Vanchimoottil Devi Temple,.jpg
Vanchimoottil Devi Temple


St'Mary's Knanaya Church, Kuttoor. St'Mary's Knanaya Church, Kuttoor.jpg
St'Mary's Knanaya Church, Kuttoor.



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Tiruvalla Taluk Taluk is a Tehsil in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, India. The headquarters of the Taluk is at Tiruvalla town itself, which lies almost in the centre of the Taluk. The borders are Maramon on east, Idinjillam on North, Chakkulathukavu & Parumala (Thiruvalla) on the west, and Kuttoor Arattukadavu Bridge To Pravinkoodu in the South.Thiruvalla Is Also An Educational District.,The Thiruvalla Educational District.All Three Major rivers in Central Travancore Pamba and Manimala & Achenkovil River flow through this Taluk.It is Also Called The Land Of Rivers as All Three Major Rivers Flow Through Thiruvalla to Reach Vembanad Lake Via Kuttanad.

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Most of the schools and colleges in Pathanamthitta district are in Adoor, Thiruvalla, Ranni, and Pathanamthitta.Catholicate College is the first college in Pathanamthitta which was started in 1951 by Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The college contributed much to the social and cultural fabric of Pathanamthitta. The college was an upgradation of Catholicate High School which was founded before that.

Vennikulam (വെണ്ണിക്കുളം)is a small town situated in the bank of Manimala River in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, South India. Town is located midway between Pullad and Mallapally towns.

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