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Thottamon is a village in Ranni, India. The place is home to people of all religious community and well known for its religious harmony and tolerance. Thottamon is an important part of Ranni due to the presence of a large number of Government institution and with the opening of the Ranni Civil Station, more and more Government offices will be shifted to this place.

The Famous Devi Temple Thottamon Kavu Devi temple is its famous landmark. It is a small village which lies in the banks of holy river Pamba. Thottamonkavu devi is believed the daughter of Paramashiva so the song "Mukkannan Thirumakale is famous" where Mukkannan is Shivan. It is a part of Ranni Taluk which lies in the valley of the Western Ghats.

Thottamon kavu Devi Temple is a resting place for pilgrims to sabarimala. Although the village is small its proximity to major government organisations like village office, police station, banks, schools, colleges, sub registrar office, temples, churches etc. etc. make the place a real hot spot for real estate.

Thottamon Kavu Devi temple belonged to some of the famous nair families in Ranni. The families who administered the temple (ഊരാഴ്മക്കാർ) were known as 'Nâluvîdanmar' (നാലുവീടന്മാർ), the Four Nobles. The four 'Panicker families' who held the title were Kerukattu (Padiyarakalayil), Meempallil, Pangattu, and Cheruthalethu. The main attractive festival is called appindi ulsavam a unique festival which differs from the other all festivals because of the elegant aappindi which is a model of the sreecovil of the temple and is made of plantain stem and decorated with coconut leaves which are ignited by a lamp. Tti

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