Tongwe people

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The Tongwe are an ethnic and linguistic group based in Kigoma District, on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania. In 2000 the Tongwe population was estimated to number 31,551 .

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Muheza District District in Northern, Tanzania

Muheza is one of the ten districts of Tanga Region in Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by Mkinga District, to the east by the Tanga and the Indian Ocean, to the south by the Pangani District and Handeni District, and to the west by the Korogwe District. The administrative capital of the district is Muheza town.

Mtetengwe River river in Zimbabwe

The Mtetengwe River is a tributary of the Mzingwane River in Beitbridge District, Zimbabwe. There are two dams on its tributaries: Tongwe Dam on the Tongwe River, which provides water for an irrigation scheme, and Giraffe Dam which supplies water for cattle.

<i>Vernonia amygdalina</i> species of plant

Vernonia amygdalina, a member of the daisy family, is a small shrub that grows in tropical Africa. V. amygdalina typically grows to a height of 2–5 m (6.6–16.4 ft). The leaves are elliptical and up to 20 cm (7.9 in) long. Its bark is rough. V. amygdalina is commonly called Congo Bololo in D. R. Congo, bitter leaf in English because of its bitter taste. African common names include grawa (Amharic), ewuro (Yoruba), etidot (Efik), onugbu (Igbo), ityuna (Tiv), oriwo (Edo), Awɔnwono (Akan), chusar-doki (Hausa), mululuza (Luganda), labwori (Acholi), olusia (Luo), ndoleh (Cameroon) and olubirizi (Lusoga).

Bende can refer to:

Lutumba is a village in Beitbridge District in the province of Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe. This is a small rural growth point along the Masvingo–Harare route. The inhabitants are dominantly Venda speaking and some Tsonga speaking people, too. It is now abuzz with lots of shops and has developed into a Business centre. Near by villages are Juta, Tshapfutshe, Tshigomele, Tshamunanga, Tshitumbelele, Tshantswilikiti, Tshibvumelani, Hamugwazhuli, Jatsha and a borehole from Juta area has been the main water supply to the area in the '80s. It is now a resort where most people from Beitbridge town come to relax during weekends and there was a local soccer team called Stone Breakers that is in Division One according to the Zimbabwe football association rankings. Some great players locally to come from the club are the likes of Edmore 'Dembare' Muleya, Kuda 'Diouf', Freedom 'MaFreeza' Ndou, Prince 'Mrex' Mpofu and Brighton 'Mutsau' Mudau. These have since grown up to become famous locally and in different careers.A lot of people with leprosy leave there

Wildlife of Tanzania native fauna of Tanzania

Tanzania contains some 20 percent of the species of Africa’s large mammal population, found across its reserves, conservation areas, marine parks, and 17 national parks, spread over an area of more than 42,000 square kilometres (16,000 sq mi) and forming approximately 38 percent of the country's territory. Wildlife resources of Tanzania are described as "without parallel in Africa" and "the prime game viewing country". Serengeti National Park, the country's second largest national park area at 14,763 square kilometres (5,700 sq mi), is located in northern Tanzania and is famous for its extensive migratory herds of wildebeests and zebra while also having the reputation as one of the great natural wonders of the world.Robox. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area, established in 1959, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and inhabited by the Maasai people. Its Ngorongoro Crater is the largest intact caldera in the world.

Tongwe (Sitongwe) and Bende (Sibende) constitute a clade of Bantu languages coded Zone F.10 in Guthrie's classification. According to Nurse & Philippson (2003), they form a valid node. Indeed, at 90% lexical similarity they may be dialects of a single language.

Kimweri ye Nyumbai Simbe Mwene (Lion King) of the Shambaa kingdom

Kimweri ye Nyumbai was the ruler of the Shambaa people of the Usambara Mountains in what is now Tanzania between around 1815 and 1862. Under his rule the kingdom reached its greatest extent. However, disruptions caused by the introduction of firearms and the slave trade caused the kingdom to fall apart after his death.

Kwekwe-Gokwe Highway or the R84-7 Highway is an all-weather bitumen macadam highway in Zimbabwe running from Kwekwe to Gokwe passing through Zhombe. as a trunk road it is officially the P11 Highway