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Treasurer of South Australia
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Stephen Mullighan
since 21 March 2022
Department of Treasury and Finance
Style The Honourable
Member of
Reports to Premier of South Australia
Seat State Administration Centre,
200 Victoria Square, Adelaide
NominatorPremier of South Australia
Appointer Governor of South Australia
on the advice of the premier
Term length At the Governor's pleasure
Formation24 October 1856
First holder Robert Torrens

The Treasurer of South Australia is the Cabinet minister in the Government of South Australia who is responsible for the financial management of that state's budget sector. The Urban Renewal Authority, trading as Renewal SA, lies within the Treasurer's portfolio.


The current Treasurer is The Hon. Stephen Mullighan MHA , a member of the Australian Labor Party (South Australian Branch).


The Treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the state of South Australia.

Renewal SA

Since 28 July 2020 and as of 2021 [1] the Urban Renewal Authority, trading as Renewal SA, has been within the Treasurer's portfolio. [2] Renewal SA is responsible for undertaking, supporting and promoting urban development and urban renewal that aligns to the government's strategic plan, in particular the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (2017). [3]

List of South Australian treasurers

The following is a list of treasurers of South Australia, from 1839 to present. As self-government and the Parliament of South Australia began in 1857, no official parliament record was kept and no definite evidence of the official holder of the office could be found prior to that year. [4] [5] [6]

Before self-government

TreasurerStart of termEnd of term
Osmond Gilles c. 1836
John Alexander Jackson 1 Oct 183916 Oct 1841
Robert Gouger 18411844
James William MacDonald 18441845
Charles Sturt [ citation needed ]18451847
Boyle Travers Finniss 28 April 1847May 1849 [7]
William Maturin May 1849 [7] 1849[ citation needed ]
Boyle Travers Finniss1849[ citation needed ]
Robert Richard Torrens 1852

With self-government

OrdinalNameParty affiliationTerm startTerm endTime in office
1 Robert Torrens 24 October 185621 August 1857
2 John Hart 21 Aug 18571 Sep 1857
3 John Bristow Hughes 1 Sep 185730 Sep 1857
John Hart30 Sep 185712 Jun 1858
4 B. T. Finniss 12 Jun 18589 May 1860
5 Thomas Reynolds 9 May 18608 Oct 1861
6 Arthur Blyth 8 Oct 186117 Oct 1861
Thomas Reynolds17 Oct 186119 Feb 1862
Arthur Blyth19 Feb 18624 Jul 1863
7 Lavington Glyde 4 Jul 186315 Jul 1863
John Hart15 Jul 186322 Mar 1865
Thomas Reynolds22 Mar 186520 Sep 1865
Arthur Blyth20 Sep 186523 Oct 1865
8 Walter Duffield 23 Oct 18653 May 1867
Thomas Reynolds3 May 186724 Sep 1868
9 Neville Blyth 24 Sep 186813 Oct 1868
Thomas Reynolds13 Oct 18683 Nov 1868
10 Henry Kent Hughes 3 Nov 186812 May 1870
11 Edward Hamilton 12 May 187030 May 1870
John Hart30 May 187010 Nov 1871
Arthur Blyth10 Nov 187122 Jan 1872
Henry Kent Hughes22 Jan 18724 Mar 1872
12 John Henry Barrow 4 Mar 187222 Jul 1873
Lavington Glyde 22 Jul 187325 May 1875
13 George Charles Hawker 25 May 18753 Jun 1875
14 John Colton 3 Jun 187525 Mar 1876
Arthur Blyth 25 Mar 18766 Jun 1876
15 Robert Dalrymple Ross 6 Jun 187626 Oct 1877
16 James Boucaut 26 Oct 187727 Sep 1878
17 Charles Mann 27 Sep 187810 Mar 1881
18 George Fowler 10 Mar 188110 May 1881
William Benjamin Rounsevell 10 May 188124 Jun 1881
Lavington Glyde 24 Jun 188123 Apr 1884
19 John Cox Bray 23 Apr 188416 Jun 1884
William Benjamin Rounsevell 16 Jun 188416 Jun 1885
20 Simpson Newland 16 Jun 18858 Jun 1886
John Cox Bray8 Jun 188611 Jun 1887
21 Thomas Playford II 11 Jun 188727 Jun 1889
22 Frederick Holder 27 Jun 188919 Aug 1890
Thomas Playford II19 Aug 18906 Jan 1892
23 William Benjamin Rounsevell 6 Jan 189221 Jun 1892
Frederick Holder21 Jun 189215 Oct 1892
William Benjamin Rounsevell15 Oct 189212 May 1893
24 John Downer 12 May 189316 Jun 1893
Thomas Playford II16 Jun 189317 Apr 1894
Frederick Holder liberalism 17 Apr 18941 Dec 1899
25 Vaiben Louis Solomon conservatism 1 Dec 18998 Dec 1899
Frederick Holderliberalism8 Dec 189915 May 1901
26 Richard Butler conservatism15 May 190126 Jul 1905
27 Archibald Peake liberalism/Liberal and Democratic Union 26 Jul 190522 Dec 1909
Richard Butlerconservatism22 Dec 19093 Jun 1910
28 Crawford Vaughan United Labor Party 3 Jun 191017 Feb 1912
Archibald Peake Liberal Union 17 Feb 19123 Apr 1915
Crawford VaughanUnited Labor Party/
National Party
3 Apr 191514 Jul 1917
Richard ButlerLiberal Union14 Jul 19177 May 1919
Archibald Peake Liberal Union15 May 19196 Apr 1920
29 George Ritchie Liberal Union8 Apr 19203 Nov 1922
30 William Hague Liberal Union/
Liberal Federation
3 Nov 192216 Apr 1924
31 John Gunn Labor SA 16 Apr 192428 Aug 1926
32 Lionel Hill Labor SA28 Aug 19268 Apr 1927
33 Richard Layton Butler Liberal Federation8 Apr 192717 Apr 1930
Lionel HillLabor SA/
Parliamentary Labor Party
17 Apr 193013 Feb 1933
34 Robert Richards Parliamentary Labor Party13 Feb 193318 Apr 1933
Richard Layton Butler Liberal and Country League 18 Apr 19335 Nov 1938
35 Thomas Playford IV Liberal and Country League5 Nov 193810 Mar 1965
36 Frank Walsh Labor SA10 Mar 19651 Jun 1967
37 Don Dunstan Labor SA1 Jun 196716 Apr 1968
38 Glen Pearson Liberal and Country League17 Apr 19682 Mar 1970
39 Steele Hall Liberal and Country League2 Mar 19702 Jun 1970
Don DunstanLabor SA2 Jun 197015 Feb 1979
40 Des Corcoran Labor SA15 Feb 197918 Sep 1979
41 David Tonkin Liberals SA 18 Sep 197910 Nov 1982
42 John Bannon Labor SA10 Nov 19824 Sep 1992
43 Frank Blevins Labor SA4 Sep 199214 Dec 1993
44 Stephen Baker Liberals SA14 Dec 199310 Oct 1997
45 Rob Lucas Liberals SA20 Oct 19975 Mar 2002
46 Kevin Foley Labor SA6 Mar 20028 Feb 2011
47 Jack Snelling Labor SA8 Feb 201121 Jan 2013
48 Jay Weatherill Labor SA21 Jan 201326 Mar 2014
49 Tom Koutsantonis Labor SA26 Mar 201419 Mar 2018
Rob LucasLiberals SA19 Mar 201821 Mar 2022
50 Stephen Mullighan Labor SA21 Mar 2022incumbent

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