Australian Labor Party (Western Australian Branch)

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Australian Labor Party
(Western Australian Branch)
General SecretaryTim Picton
Leader Mark McGowan
Deputy Leader Roger Cook
Deputy SecretaryEllie Whiteaker
PresidentCarolyn Smith
Founded1899;122 years ago (1899)
HeadquartersLevel 1, 22 Eastbrook Terrace, East Perth, WA 6004
Youth wing WA Young Labor
National affiliation Australian Labor Party
Legislative Assembly
53 / 59
Legislative Council
22 / 36
House of Representatives
5 / 16
(WA seats)
4 / 12
(WA seats)

The Australian Labor Party (Western Australian Branch), commonly known as WA Labor, is the Western Australian branch of the Australian Labor Party. It is the current governing party of Western Australia since winning the 2017 election under Mark McGowan.



The Western Australian state division of the Australian Labor Party was formed at a Trade Union Congress in Coolgardie in 1899. [1] Shortly afterwards the federal Labor Party was formalised in time for Australian federation in 1901. The WA Labor Party achieved representation in the Western Australian Parliament in 1900 with six members, and four years later the party entered into minority government with Henry Daglish becoming the first Labor Premier of Western Australia. [1]


The current leaders of the party are: [2]

Election results for Legislative Assembly

ElectionLeaderSeats±Votes %±%Position
1897 No official leader
1 / 44
6 / 50
1904 Robert Hastie
22 / 50
Minority government (from 10 Aug 1904 - 25 Aug 1905)
1905 William Johnson
14 / 50
1908 Thomas Bath
22 / 50
1911 John Scaddan
34 / 50
Increase2.svg1247,55852.64%Increase2.svg14.73Majority government
26 / 50
Decrease2.svg840,20542.12%Decrease2.svg10.42Majority government
Minority government (from 18 Dec 1915 - 27 Jul 1917)
1917 Philip Collier
15 / 50
17 / 50
27 / 50
Increase2.svg1039,67940.39%Increase2.svg3.58Majority government
27 / 50
Steady2.svg063,68745.33%Increase2.svg4.94Majority government
23 / 50
30 / 50
Increase2.svg782,70245.48%Increase2.svg7.04Majority government
26 / 50
Decrease2.svg457,05542.33%Decrease2.svg3.15Majority government
1939 John Willcock
27 / 50
Increase2.svg192,58545.02%Increase2.svg2.63Majority government
30 / 50
Increase2.svg377,56743.28%Increase2.svg4.00Majority government
1947 Frank Wise
23 / 50
23 / 50
1953 Albert Hawke
26 / 50
Increase2.svg393,15749.76%Increase2.svg7.92Majority government
29 / 50
Increase2.svg3116,79349.70%Decrease2.svg0.07Majority government
23 / 50
24 / 50
21 / 50
1968 John Tonkin
23 / 51
26 / 51
Increase2.svg3230,65348.91%Increase2.svg3.56Majority government
22 / 51
1977 Colin Jamieson
22 / 55
1980 Ron Davies
23 / 55
1983 Brian Burke
32 / 57
Increase2.svg9342,53653.16%Increase2.svg7.21Majority government
32 / 57
Steady2.svg0416,80553.00%Decrease2.svg0.16Majority government
1989 Peter Dowding
31 / 57
Decrease2.svg1341,93142.46%Decrease2.svg10.54Majority government
1993 Carmen Lawrence
24 / 57
1996 Geoff Gallop
19 / 57
32 / 57
Increase2.svg13382,30837.24%Increase2.svg1.42Majority government
32 / 57
Steady2.svg0448,95641.88%Increase2.svg4.65Majority government
2008 Alan Carpenter
28 / 59
2013 Mark McGowan
21 / 59
41 / 59
Increase2.svg20557,79442.20%Increase2.svg9.07Majority government
53 / 59
Increase2.svg12846,11659.92%Increase2.svg17.72Majority government

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Premier of Western Australia Head of the executive branch of the state government of Western Australia

The Premier of Western Australia is the head of the executive branch of government in the Australian state of Western Australia. The Premier has similar functions in Western Australia to those performed by the Prime Minister of Australia at the national level, subject to the different Constitutions.

Colin Barnett former Western Australian politician

Colin James Barnett is a former Australian politician who was the 29th Premier of Western Australia. He had previously served as the state's Treasurer, as well as holding various other portfolios in Western Australia's Cabinet.

Leader of the Opposition (Western Australia)

In the Australian state of Western Australia, the Leader of the Opposition is the leader of the largest minority political party or coalition of parties in the Legislative Assembly of the Parliament of Western Australia. By convention, the leader is generally a member of the Legislative Assembly.

The Australian Labor Party National Executive is an internal body of the Australian Labor Party, one of the major political parties in Australia. Twenty members of the National Executive are elected by the party's National Conference, which is the highest representative body of the party's state and territory branches. The other eight members are party ex-officio members. Members on the Executive may be officials of trade unions affiliated to the party or members of federal or state Parliaments. The ex-officio members are the National President, the National Secretary and two National Vice-Presidents, and the Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party, but of these only the party Leader has a vote.

Eric Ripper

Eric Stephen Ripper is a retired Australian politician. From 2008 to 2012 he was Leader of the Opposition and leader of the Labor Party in Western Australia.

Benjamin Sana Wyatt is an Australian politician who was the Labor Party member for the seat of Victoria Park in the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia from 2006 to 2021.

Mark McGowan Australian politician

Mark McGowan is an Australian Labor Party politician who has been Premier of Western Australia since 17 March 2017.

Sue Ellery Australian politician

Suzanne Mary Ellery is an Australian politician who has been a Labor Party member of the Legislative Council of Western Australia since 2001, representing South Metropolitan Region. She is the current Minister for Education and Training in the McGowan government, having previously served as a minister in the government of Alan Carpenter from 2007 to 2008.

Fran Logan

Francis Michael Logan is a former politician in Western Australia, who was the Minister for Emergency Services and Corrective Services in the McGowan Labor Government from 2017 to 2021,.

Roger Cook (politician) Australian politician

Roger Hugh Cook is an Australian politician who is the current Deputy Premier of Western Australia, under Mark McGowan. He has been a member of the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia since 2008, representing the seat of Kwinana. He was elected deputy leader of the Labor Party ten days after first being elected to parliament, and continues to hold the position. Before entering politics, Cook worked as a public relations consultant. He had earlier been involved in student politics, serving as the first president of the National Union of Students.

Mia Jane Davies is an Australian politician who is the current Leader of the Opposition and leader of the National Party in Western Australia. She has been a member of the state Legislative Assembly since 2013, having previously served in the Legislative Council from 2009 to 2013. Davies was elected deputy leader of the Nationals in November 2013, and replaced Brendon Grylls as leader in March 2017 following his defeat at the 2017 state election. As a result of the Liberal Party's electoral wipeout at the 2021 state election, she became leader of the opposition after Premier Mark McGowan gave her party the official opposition party funding, the first member of her party to hold the role since Arthur Watts in 1947.

William Joseph Johnston is an Australian politician. He has been a Labor Party member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly since the 2008 state election, representing Cannington.

2017 Western Australian state election

The 2017 Western Australian state election was held on Saturday 11 March 2017 to elect members to the Parliament of Western Australia, including all 59 seats in the Legislative Assembly and all 36 seats in the Legislative Council. The eight-and-a-half-year two-term incumbent Liberal–WA National government, led by Premier Colin Barnett, was defeated in a landslide by the Labor opposition, led by Opposition Leader Mark McGowan.

Simone McGurk Australian politician

Simone Frances McGurk is an Australian politician. She is the member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly for the seat of Fremantle, and Minister for Community Services, Children's Interests and Women's Interests.

Dave Kelly (politician) Australian politician

David Joseph Kelly is an Australian politician who has been a member of the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia since 2013, representing the seat of Bassendean. In the McGowan Ministry, he is Minister for Water, Minister for Fisheries, Minister for Forestry, Minister for Innovation and ICT, and Minister for Science.

Alanna Therese Clohesy is an Australian politician. She was elected to the Western Australian Legislative Council as a Labor Party member for East Metropolitan region at the 2013 state election. She is the currently Parliamentary Secretary to the Deputy Premier; Minister for Health and Mental Health in the McGowan Labor Government. Prior to being elected to the Legislative Council, Clohesy had an extensive career in social policy, service delivery and advocacy, culminating in her appointment as Deputy Director of People with Disability Australia. She was the Deputy Chair of Committees from 22 May 2013 to 21 May 2017.

LGBT rights in Western Australia Rights of LGBT people in Western Australia

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in Western Australia have seen significant progress since the beginning of the 21st century, with male sex acts legal since 1990 and the Parliament of Western Australia passing comprehensive law reforms in 2002. The Australian state decriminalised male homosexual acts in 1990 and was the first to grant full adoption rights to LGBT couples in 2002. However, the Surrogacy Act 2008 bans single people and same-sex couples from altruistic surrogacy agreements, making Western Australia the only jurisdiction within Australia to maintain such a prohibition. A surrogacy bill was introduced in WA to fix the same-sex discrimination in 2018, but progress stalled after changes were recommended by a parliamentary committee.

Reece Raymond Whitby is an Australian politician. He has been a Labor member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly since the 2017 state election, representing Baldivis. Shortly after the 2017 election, Whitby was appointed by Premier of Western Australia Mark McGowan as Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer and Minister for Energy and Finance, and as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Environment and Disability Services. Whitby was successfully re-elected to the seat of Baldivis in the 2021 state election, and he was appointed to the Second McGowan Ministry, becoming the Minister of Emergency Services; Racing and Gaming, Small Business and Volunteering.

Zak Richard Francis Kirkup is an Australian former politician. He was a Liberal member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly from the 2017 state election to the 2021 state election, representing Dawesville.

2021 Western Australian state election State general election for Western Australia, held on 13 March 2021

The 2021 Western Australian state election was conducted on Saturday 13 March 2021 to elect members to the Parliament of Western Australia, where all 59 seats in the Legislative Assembly and all 36 seats in the Legislative Council were up for election.


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