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The United States National Professional Road Race Championships began in 1985. They are run by the governing body, USA Cycling. Until 2006 the race was open to all nationalities, the first American to finish being named the winner and given a distinctive jersey. Since the championship in Greenville, South Carolina, in 2006, all riders have had to be American.


Before 1985, only the amateur champions were named. From 1921 to 1964, the Amateur Bicycle League of America (ABLA) National Championships were held as an omnium of track-style events for Men, Women, and Juniors, rather than as a road race. In 1964 the American Cycling Newsletter (later Bicycling) reported the results of a Flemington, NJ race as the national road racing championships, but these results do not appear in the USA Cycling list of winners.



1964 [1] Bob Parsons Bill EnnisHarry Morton
1965 [2] Michael Hiltner Stuart Baillie John Allis
1966 Bob Tetzlaff
1967 Bob Parsons Daniel Butler John Aschen
1968 John Howard
1969 [3] Alan DeFever Bill KundDennis Deppe
1970 [4] Mike Carnahan Mike Levonas Doug Dale
1971 [5] Steve Dayton Alan Scholz Bob Tetzlaff
1972 John Howard Wayne Stetina Bob Schneider
1973 John Howard Bob Schneider Rick Ball
1974 John Allis Thomas Officer Dave Chauner
1975 John Howard Thomas Officer Marc Thompson
1976 [6] Wayne Stetina Dave Boll Tom Schuler
1977 [7] Wayne Stetina Mark Pringle David Ware
1978 [8] Dale Stetina Thomas Prehn Rudolph Sroka
1979 [9] Steve Wood Tom Doughty Dave Ware
1980 [10] Dale Stetina Wayne Stetina Jeff Bradley
1981 [11] Tom Broznowski Larry Shields Jeff Bradley
1982 Greg Demgen Larry Shields Tom Schuler
1983 [12] Ron Keifel Alexi Grewal Doug Shapiro
1984 Matt Eaton Thomas Prehn Tom Broznowski
1985 Wayne Stetina Gerry Fornes


1985 Eric Heiden Tom Broznowski Tom Schuler
1986 Thomas Prehn Douglas Shapiro Thurlow Thomas Rogers
1987 Tom Schuler Roy Knickman Gary Fornes
1988 Ron Kiefel Douglas Shapiro Karl Maxon
1989 Greg Oravetz Michael Engleman Alexi Grewal
1990 Kurt Stockton Andy Bishop Taylor Centauri
1991 Davis Phinney Kurt Stockton Greg Oravetz
1992 Bart Bowen Andy Bishop Jamie Paolinetti
1993 Lance Armstrong Scott McKinley Jamie Paolinetti
1994 Steve Hegg Scott Fortner Michael Engleman
1995 Norman Alvis Clark Sheehan Lance Armstrong
1996 Eddy Gragus Fred Rodriguez Chris Horner
1997 Bart Bowen Frank McCormack Jonathan Vaughters
1998 George Hincapie Frank McCormack Mark McCormack
1999 Marty Jemison Fred Rodriguez Flag of Guatemala.svg Anton Villatoro
2000 Fred Rodriguez George Hincapie John Lieswyn
2001 Fred Rodriguez Trent Klasna George Hincapie
2002 Chann McRae Danny Pate George Hincapie
2003 Mark McCormack Kevin Monahan David Clinger
2004 Fred Rodriguez Kirk O'Bee Russell Hamby
2005 Chris Wherry Danny Pate Chris Horner
2006 George Hincapie Levi Leipheimer Danny Pate
2007 Levi Leipheimer George Hincapie Neil Shirley
2008 Tyler Hamilton Blake Caldwell Danny Pate
2009 George Hincapie Andrew Bajadali Jeff Louder
2010 Ben King Alex Candelario Kiel Reijnen
2011 Matthew Busche George Hincapie Ted King
2012 Timmy Duggan Frank Pipp Kiel Reijnen
2013 Fred Rodriguez Brent Bookwalter Kiel Reijnen
2014 Eric Marcotte Travis McCabe Alex Howes
2015 Matthew Busche Joe Dombrowski Kiel Reijnen
2016 Gregory Daniel Alex Howes Travis McCabe
2017 Larry Warbasse Neilson Powless Alexey Vermeulen
2018 Jonathan Brown Robin Carpenter Jacob Rathe
2019 Alex Howes Stephen Bassett Neilson Powless


2003 Jonathan Erdelyi Darby Thomas Michael Voigt
2004 Ian MacGregor Blake Caldwell Timmy Duggan
2005 Ian MacGregor Tyler Farrar Michael Lange
2006 Craig Lewis Brent Bookwalter
2007 Max Jenkins
2008 Kirk Carlsen Peter Stetina Tom Peterson
2009 Alex Howes Scott Stewart Ben King
2010 Ben King Alex Howes Andrew Dahlheim
2011 Rob Squire Jacob Rathe Evan Huffman
2012 Robert Bush Tanner Putt Gavin Mannion
2013 Tanner Putt Nathan Brown Tyler Magner
2014 Tanner Putt Keegan Swirbul Taylor Eisenhart
2015 Jonathon Tebbe Gregory Daniel Colin Joyce
2016 Geoffrey Curran Neilson Powless Tyler Williams
2017 Neilson Powless Gage Hecht Brendan Rhim
2018 Alex Hoehn Noah Granigan Zeke Mostov
2019 Lance Haidet Cooper Willsey Cameron Beard


1967Jim VanBoven
1969Tracy Wakefield
1969Don WestfallTracy Wakefield [13]
1970Henry Whitney
1971Ralph Therrio
1972 Ted Waterbury Dave Spohn Keith Vierra
1973 Pat Nielsen Scott Damuth Dale Stetina
1974 David Mayer Pat Nielsen Tom Schuler
1975 Larry Shields John Chamberlain Tom Dineen
1976 Larry Shields
1978 Jeff Bradley Greg LeMond Steve Wood
1979 Greg LeMond Robert Comeau Mark Frise
1980 Sterling McBride Peter Hanson Shawn Storm
1981 Mike Jensen Jeff Slack Marshall Hirsch
1982 Roy Knickman Albert Ranieri Gordon Holterman
1984 Freddy Booz Dan Vogt Frankie Andreu
1986 Mike McCarthy Taylor Centauri Hugh McCann
1987 Chann McRae Tim Johnson Lance Armstrong



1966 Audrey McElmury
1967 Nancy Burghart Jeanette Hawley Kathy Fitzpatrick
1968 Nancy Burghart
1969 Donna Tobias (cyclist) Jeanne Omelenchuk [14] Judith Hess
1970 [15] Audrey McElmury Donna Tobias (cyclist) Kathy Ecroth
1971 Mary Jane Reoch
1972 Debbie Bradley Jeanne Omelenchuk Eileen Brennan
1973 Eileen Brennan Carole Brennan Linda Stein
1974 Jane Robinson Margy Saunders Kim Mumford
1975 Linda Stein Mary Jane Reoch Carole Brennan
1976 Connie Carpenter Mary Jane Reoch Susan Gurney
1977 Connie Carpenter Jane Buyny Barbara Hintzen
1978 [16] Barbara Hintzen Betsy Davis Connie Carpenter
1979 Connie Carpenter Beth Heiden Mary Jane Reoch
1980 Beth Heiden Heidi Hopkins Mary Jane Reoch
1981 [17] Connie Carpenter Cindy Olavarri Madelyn Roese
1982 Sue Novara Jacque Bradley Rebecca Twigg
1983 Rebecca Twigg Janelle Parks Cindy Olavarri
1984 Rebecca Daughton
1985 Rebecca Daughton
1986 Katrin Tobin
1987 Janelle Parks
1988 Inga Thompson
1989 Juli Furtado
1990 Ruthie Matthes Marion Clignet Karen Livingston-Bliss
1991 Inga Thompson Maureen Manley Ruthie Matthes
1992 Jeanne Golay Inga Thompson Linda Brenneman
1993 Inga Thompson Karen Kurreck Alison Dunlap
1994 Jeanne Golay Deirdre Demet-Barry Carmen Richardson
1995 Jeanne Golay Laura Charameda Julie Young
1996 Deirdre Demet-Barry Heather Albert-Hall Alison Dunlap
1997 Louisa Jenkins Mari Holden Deirdre Demet-Barry
1998 Pamela Schuster Kendra Wenzel Deirdre Demet-Barry
1999 Mari Holden Julie Young Kendra Wenzel
2000 Nicole Freedman Pamela Schuster Mina Pizzini
2001 Kimberly Bruckner Baldwin Amber Neben Suzanne Sonye
2002 Jessica Phillips Amber Neben Tina Pic
2004 Kristin Armstrong Christine Thorburn Tina Pic
2005 Katheryn Curi Mattis Lynn Gaggioli Tina Pic
2006 Kristin Armstrong Christine Thorburn Amber Neben
2007 Mara Abbott Kristin Armstrong Amber Neben
2008 Brooke Miller Tina Pic Katharine Carroll
2009 Meredith Miller Chrissy Ruiter Kristin LaSasso
2010 Mara Abbott Shelley Evans Carmen Small
2011 Robin Farina Andrea Dvorak Amanda Miller
2012 Megan Guarnier Lauren Hall Carmen Small
2013 Jade Wilcoxson Lauren Hall Alison Powers
2014 Alison Powers Megan Guarnier Evelyn Stevens
2015 Megan Guarnier Coryn Rivera Tayler Wiles
2016 [18] Megan Guarnier Coryn Rivera Mandy Heintz
2017 [19] Amber Neben Coryn Rivera Ruth Winder
2018 [20] Coryn Rivera Megan Guarnier Emma White
2019 [21] Ruth Winder Coryn Rivera Emma White

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