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St Paul's Cathedral, London

The dean of St Paul's is a member of, and chair of the Chapter of St Paul's Cathedral in London in the Church of England. The dean of St Paul's is also ex officio dean of the Order of the British Empire.


The current dean is Andrew Tremlett, who was installed on 25 September 2022.

List of deans


NamePortraitTerm of office
Alexander Nowell British - Alexander Nowell - Google Art Project.jpg 15601602 [†]
John Overall Joverall.jpg 16021614
Valentine Cary ValentineCary BishopOfExeter Died1626 ExeterCathedral.PNG 16141621
John Donne John Donne by Isaac Oliver.jpg 16211631 [†]
Thomas Winniffe No image.svg 16311642
Richard Steward
(not installed)
Richard Steward by Adriaen Hanneman.jpg 16421651 [†]
Vacancy (English Interregnum)16511660
Matthew Nicholas No image.svg 16601661 [†]
John Barwick John Barwick Dean of St Paul's.jpg 16611664 [†]
William Sancroft AbpWilliamSancroft.jpg 16641678
Edward Stillingfleet Edward Stillingfleet by Mary Beale.jpg 16781689
John Tillotson John Tillotson by Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt.jpg 16891691
William Sherlock William Sherlock Dean of St Paul's.jpg 16911707 [†]
Henry Godolphin Henry Godolphin Eton portrait.jpg 17071726
Francis Hare
(in commendam as Bishop of St Asaph 1727–31,
as Bishop of Chichester from 1731)
No image.svg 17261740 [†]
Joseph Butler
(in commendam as Bishop of Bristol)
Joseph Butler, Bp of Bristol.jpg 17401750
Thomas Secker
(in commendam as Bishop of Oxford)
Thomas Secker by Sir Joshua Reynolds.jpg 17501758
John Hume
(in commendam as Bishop of Oxford)
John Hume Bp of Oxford.jpg 17581766
Frederick Cornwallis
(in commendam as Bishop of Lichfield)
AbpFrederickCornwallis.jpg 17661768
Thomas Newton
(in commendam as Bishop of Bristol)
Thomas Newton Bp Bristol.jpg 17681782 [†]
Thomas Thurlow
(in commendam as Bishop of Lincoln)
Thomas Thurlow British Museum.jpg 17821787
George Pretyman Tomline
(Pretyman until 1803)
(in commendam as Bishop of Lincoln)
SirGeorgePretymanTomline.jpg 17871820
William Van Mildert
(in commendam as Bishop of Llandaff)
William Van Mildert by Thomas Lawrence.jpg 18201826
Charles Sumner
(in commendam as Bishop of Llandaff)
CharlesRichardSumner.jpg 18261827
Edward Copleston
(in commendam as Bishop of Llandaff)
Edward Copleston (1776-1849) Bishop of Llandaff.jpg 18271849 [†]
Henry Hart Milman Portrait of Henry Hart Milman.jpg 18491868 [†]
Henry Longueville Mansel Henry Longueville Mansel J&C Watkins.jpg 18681871 [†]
Richard William Church Portrait of Richard William Church.jpg 18711890 [†]
Robert Gregory Robert Gregory Lock & Whitfield.jpg 18911911 [†]
William Inge Deaninge.jpg 19111934
Walter Matthews Walter Matthews.jpg 19341967
Martin Sullivan No image.svg 19671978
Alan Webster No image.svg 19781988
Eric Evans No image.svg 19881996 [†]
John Moses No image.svg 19962006
Graeme Knowles A brace of Deans (3645268046) (Graeme Knowles cropped).jpg 20072011
David Ison No image.svg 20122022
Andrew Tremlett No image.svg 2022incumbent

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The Dean of York is the member of the clergy who is responsible for the running of the York Minster cathedral. As well as being the head of the cathedral church of the diocese and the metropolitical church of the province, the Dean of York holds preeminence as the Province of York vicar.

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Robert de Stretton was Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield following the death of Roger Northburgh in 1358. A client of Edward, the Black Prince, he became a "notorious figure" because it was alleged that he was illiterate, although this is now largely discounted as unlikely, as he was a relatively efficient administrator.

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