Denmark national rugby union team

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Nickname(s)Danish Lions
UnionDansk Rugby Union
Head coachIvan Andersen
CaptainJesper G. Jensen
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First colours
World Rugby ranking
Current71 (as of 23 November 2020)
First international
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark 0 – 6 Sweden Flag of Sweden.svg
Biggest win
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark 100 – 0 Finland Flag of Finland.svg
Biggest defeat
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark 7 – 104 Russia Flag of Russia.svg

The Denmark national rugby union team is governed by Dansk Rugby Union and has been playing international rugby since 1949.


DRU now has nearly 2,500 members in more than 30 clubs. [1]

The DRU Superliga is the highest tier of the national rugby union competition in Denmark. Most of the national team's players play in the local league, however a handful of them play in amateur clubs in England and France. There are no professional players that play for Denmark.

The national side is ranked 71st in the world (as of 22 March 2021). [2]


Rugby Union had been played in Denmark since 1931, but the Danish Rugby Union wasn't formed till 1950. DRU joined the Sports Confederation of Denmark in 1971 and later that year the FIRA-AER (European rugby union). In 1974 DRU co-founded the Nordic Rugby Union (now Scandinavian Rugby Union) and in 1988 DRU joined the IRB (International Rugby Board). [3]

The Danish 1st XV (known as Drusse) participates every year in the European nation tournament (EM). In Europe below the premier rugby nations, the remaining countries are divided into six divisions, where Denmark is located in the second division.

Championship tournaments determines seeding for World Cup qualifying pools. Denmark debuted in World Cup competition in Andorra, October 1992 (1995 classification). The Danish national team reached the second round of the most recent World Cup qualifiers having never qualified fully.

According to the IRB World rankings they are currently rated 60 out of 93 affiliated nations, well above neighbouring rivals Finland in 93rd position. [4]

In 2014, Denmark National Rugby Union Team signed a lucrative 3-year deal with Impact Prowear who provide all kit to the men's senior national team.

Overall Record

AgainstPlayedWonLostDrawnWin percentage
Flag of Andorra.svg  Andorra 10110%
Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia 20200%
Flag of Austria.svg  Austria 651083.33%
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium 513120%
Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria 10100%
Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia 50410%
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic 20200%
Flag of Finland.svg  Finland 2200100%
Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia 10100%
Flag of Germany.svg  Germany 615016.67%
Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary 431075%
Flag of Israel.svg  Israel 321075%
Flag of Latvia.svg  Latvia 321075%
Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania 1100100%
Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg 2200100%
Flag of Malta.svg  Malta 211050%
Flag of Moldova.svg  Moldova 10100%
Flag of Morocco.svg  Morocco 10100%
Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 100910%
Flag of Norway.svg  Norway 13111184.62%
Flag of Poland.svg  Poland 30300%
Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal 20200%
Flag of Russia.svg  Russia 30300%
Flag of Serbia and Montenegro (1992-2006).svg  Serbia and Montenegro 20200%
Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia 00000%
Flag of Spain.svg  Spain 10100%
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden 491036320.41%
Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland 943244.44%
Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine 312033.33%
Flag of Germany.svg  West Germany 30300%

Current squad

Denmark's Elite Player Squad. [5]

Head Coach: Ivan Andersen

Note: Flags indicate national union for the club/province as defined by World Rugby.

Player Position Date of birth (age)CapsClub/province
Kasper Vad Pedersen Hooker 43 Flag of Denmark.svg Aarhus RK
Niels Bjerg Jensen Prop 4 Flag of Denmark.svg CSR-Nanok
Michael friis Larsen Prop Flag of Denmark.svg Aalborg RK
Daniel Pilgaard Prop 2 Flag of Denmark.svg Aarhus RK
Kristian Rieberholt Andersen Lock 3 Flag of Denmark.svg Holstebro RK
Johannes Mackeprang Lock * Flag of Denmark.svg RK Speed
Gaspard Nau Valbak Flanker * Flag of France.svg VGA Saint Maur
Nico Vermaak Flanker 3 Flag of Denmark.svg Lindø RSC
Johannes Soussan Number 8 * Flag of Denmark.svg CSR-Nanok
Mikkel S. Jensen Scrum-half 3 Flag of Denmark.svg Aarhus RK
Sylvester Michaelsen Fly-half 2 Flag of Denmark.svg CSR-Nanok
Andreas Robertson Centre 10 Flag of England.svg Nottingham Trent University
Jesper G. Jensen (c) Centre 19 Flag of Denmark.svg Lindø RSC
Oliver Le Roux Wing 4 Flag of Denmark.svg RK Speed
Christian Melgaard Wing 3 Flag of Denmark.svg Erritsø GIF Rugby
Joshua Jensen Fullback 1 Flag of England.svg Hereford Rugby Club
Rasmus Dufke Hooker 1 Flag of Denmark.svg CSR-Nanok
Niels B. W. Gotfredsen Lock 5 Flag of Denmark.svg Aarhus RK
Jannick Larsen Flanker 1 Flag of Denmark.svg Lindø RSC
Andrew Grantham Fullback 10 Flag of Denmark.svg Aarhus RK
James B Rosenfeldt Scrum-half Flag of Denmark.svg CSR-Nanok
Thomas Grågaard Wing Flag of Denmark.svg Holstebro RK
Emad Libis Flanker * Flag of Denmark.svg CSR-Nanok

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