Karate Combat

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Karate Combat
Industry Karate promotion
FoundersMichael Depietro
Robert Bryan
Area served
Key people
Robert Bryan (CEO/Director)
Adam S. Kovacs (COO/President)
Bas Rutten (League Ambassador)
Website http://www.karate.com/

Karate Combat is a brand which promotes the first professional, full-contact karate league, hosting worldwide events since April 2018. The private company [1] is headquartered in New York and was founded by Michael DePietro and Robert Bryan. The business also encompasses sports equipment, a worldwide Dojo network and mobile apps for viewers. Karate Combat was founded in order to promote karate as a sport and martial art. [2] Former UFC heavyweight champion Bas Rutten hosts Karate Combat venues alongside special guests. [3]


Contestants compete in a seasonal championship in which the winner is awarded a golden belt. [4] They consist of karateka from various styles of karate like Shotokan, Shito Ryu, Wado Ryu and American Karate, [5] who are expected to abide by karate-do etiquette and specific tournament rules. [6]

The organisation puts emphasis on innovation and technology with the use of video game-style analytics of fighter's biometrics, nutrition and DNA-based data in real-time. Fights regularly feature Mixed Reality environments created with the Unreal Engine as reported by NBC Sports. [7] Marketing and promotion include appearances of Danny Trejo, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, former UFC two-division champion Georges St-Pierre and former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida. [8] [9]

In 2020 rights to Karate Combat have been acquired by beIN SPORTS. The media group broadcasts the Karate Combat seasons in 37 countries. [3]


Fighting takes place in a 6,5m x 6,5m (21'4" x 21'4") square combat pit surrounded by 45° angled walls. A match consists of 3 rounds each lasting 3 minutes with the possibility of 2 additional rounds for championship fights.

Scoring uses a 10-point must system and is based on aggression and effectivity of attacks. Three judges evaluate each fight from a position around the combat pit. Scoring cards are omitted in case of a knock-out.

Equipment consists of 4oz gloves, mouthpieces, groin protectors for male contestants, karate belts and officially designed long karate trousers with national emblems or flags.

Wrestling, submissions, knees, elbows are not permitted. A grounded opponent may use upkicks while the standing opponent may use ground punches. After 5 seconds any grounded opponent will be brought back to a standing position by the referee. [6]


Karate Combat events feature male and female karateka from a roster of over 100 professional fighters. The first five events were held in front of an invite-only audience. Later events incorporate CGI effects and original music in order to achieve a modern appearance and appeal to a younger demographic. [10] Event locations favor optimal camera angles and cinematic scenery over a big live-audience. Thus locations like the 102nd floor of the One World Trade Center were chosen hosting a selected audience with black-tie dress code. [11] The events attracted the notice of American television [12] and newspaper. [13] Recordings of all events can be accessed for free via the company's website. Past events have also been streamed via UFC Fight Pass. [14] [15]

Season Overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally released
1 62019 (2019)
2 122020 (2020)
3 TBA2021 (2021)

Season 1

#EventDateVenueLocationFight CardVOD
0Karate Combat: GenesisFebruary 3, 2018Secret Warehouse Budapest, Hungary Rafael Aghayev - Dionicio Gustavo
Achraf Ouchen - Elhadji G Ndour
Luiz Victor Rocha - Reda Messaoudi
Lahad Cisse - Aykit Usda
Muslum Basturk - Joshua Quayhagen
Deivis Ferreras - Saeid Ahmadikaryani
Randy Cura - Alexandre Bouderbane
1Karate Combat: InceptionApril 26, 2018 Miami Beach Miami, U.S. Elhadji Ndour - Andras Virag
Alexandre Bouderbane - Dionicio Gustavo
Abdalla Ibrahim - Joshua Quayhagen
Spyros Margaritopoulos - Mohamed Salem Mohamed
Lahad Cisse - Adham Sabry
Pedro Roman Roig - Jerome Brown
2Karate Combat: OlympusJuly 28, 2018 Zappeion Courtyard Athens, Greece Jerome Brown - Davy Dona
Deivis Ferreras - Myrza-bek Tebuev
Achraf Ouchen - Franklin Mina
Fabiola Esquivel González - Sarah Ait Ibrahim
Fioravante Valentino - Igor De Castañeda
Wellington Barbosa - Yaser Sahintekin
Reda Messaoudi - Nikos Kosmas
3Karate Combat: One WorldSeptember 27, 2018 One World Trade Center New York City, U.S. Abdalla Ibrahim - Dionicio Gustavo
Dimitrios Triantafyllis - Luiz Victor Rocha
Elhadji G Ndour - Adilet Shadykanov
Spyros Margaritopoulos - Jorge Perez
Joshua Quayhagen - Vitalie Certan
Adham Sabry - András Virág
Pedro Roman Roig - Jesus Paucarcaja Lopez
Gabriele Cera - Fernando Moreno Paz
Teeik Silva - Edgars Skrivers
4Karate Combat: HollywoodJanuary 24, 2019 Avalon Los Angeles, U.S. Luiz Victor Rocha - Myrza-bek Tebuev
Elhadji G Ndour - Calum Robb
Igor De Castañeda - Milos Vukovic
Abdalla Ibrahim - Kevin Walker
Daniel Viveros - Ilies Mardhi
Alexandre Bouderbane - Willians Quirino
Nadege Ait Ibrahim - Ana Luiza Ferreira Da Silva
Teeik Silva - Kevin Kowalczik
Luis Diogo - Jonas Correia
5Karate Combat: EvolutionSeptember 21, 2019KC-1UnknownLuiz Victor Rocha - Edgars Skrivers
Dionicio Gustavo - Joshua Quayhagen
Abdalla Ibrahim - Davy Dona
Jorge Perez - Shahin Atamov
Igor De Castañeda - Zsolt Habda

Season 2

#EventDateVenueLocationFight CardVOD
1Karate Combat: Anger Wat I2020Mixed RealityUnknownAbdalla Ibrahim - Jerome Brown
Maximilian Mathes - Stefanos Roupakas
Deivis Ferreras - Jesús López
2Karate Combat: Anger Wat II2020Mixed RealityUnknownIlies Mardhi - Pedro Roig Roman
Reda Messaoudi - Joshua Quayhagen
Craig Ryan - Rida Boutadout
3Karate Combat: Anger Wat III2020Mixed RealityUnknownMyrza-Bek Tebuev - Daniel Viveros
Calum Robb - Franklin Mina
Vitalie Certan - Gabriele Cera
4Karate Combat: Scrap Punk I2020Mixed RealityUnknownLuiz Victor Rocha - Ilies Mardhi
Stefanos Roupakas - Daniel Viveros
Bruno Assis - Gergő Horváth
5Karate Combat: Scrap Punk II2020Mixed RealityUnknownJerome Brown - Joshua Quayhagen
Bryan van Waesberghe - Lahad Cisse
6Karate Combat: Scrap Punk III2020Mixed RealityUnknownShahin Atamov - Franklin Mina
Dionicio Gustavo - Reda Messaoudi
Gilmarcos de Bastos Jr. - András Virág
7Karate Combat: Neo Tokyo I2020Mixed RealityUnknownEdgars Skrivers - Myrza-bek Tebuev
Willians Quirino - Nikos Gikados
8Karate Combat: Neo Tokyo II2020Mixed RealityUnknownChristina Kavakopoulou - Fabiola Esquivel
Andrei Grinevich - Achraf Ouchen
9Karate Combat: Neo Tokyo III2020Mixed RealityUnknownBruno Assis - Teeik Silva
Melinda Fabian - Ana Luiza Ferreira Da Silva
10Karate Combat: Valhalla I2020Mixed RealityUnknownDavy Dona - Nikos Gidakos
Igor de Castañeda - Shahin Atamov
Franklin Mina - Bryan Van Waesberghe
11Karate Combat: Valhalla II2020Mixed RealityUnknownVitalie Certan - Nikita Yanchuk
Anna Laura Prezzoti - Omaira Molina
12Karate Combat: Valhalla III2020Mixed RealityUnknownBruno Assis - Jesus Lopez
Teeik Silva - Pedro Roman Roig
Willians Quirino - Vasilii Antokhii

Season 3

#EventDateVenueLocationFight CardVOD
1Karate Combat: Okinawa I2021Mixed RealityUnknownMyrza-Bet Tebuev - Teeik Silva
Nikolasz Lukacs - Abdessalam Ameknassi
Edghan Chelmiah - Kevin Azouz

Current championships

ChampionshipCurrent Champion(s)ReignDate wonDays heldEventVenueLocationPrevious Champion(s)
Karate Combat Middleweight championshipShahin Atamov12 September 20211+Karate CombatUnknownUnknown
Karate Combat Welterweight championship Flag of the United States.svg Josh Quayhagen 19 November 2019666+Karate CombatUnknownUnknown
Karate Combat Lightweight championshipEdgars Skrivers221 September 2019550+Karate CombatUnknownUnknown

Divisions and Classification

DivisionUpper weight limit
Heavyweightno limit
Light Heavyweight93 kg (205 lb)
Middleweight84 kg (185 lb)
Welterweight75 kg (165 lb)
Lightweight68 kg (150 lb)
Bantamweight61 kg (135 lb)
Women's Bantamweightno limit
Women's Flyweight55 kg (121 lb)


Honoring the japanese heritage of karate, combat techniques in Karate Combat are often referenced with original japanese terminology.

JodanUpper-Section (Head)
ChudanMid-Section (Body)
MawashiRoundhouse (Spin)
Oss / OsuAcknowledgement

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