European Karate Championships

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European Karate Championships
Competition details
Discipline Karate
Type kumite and kata, Annual
Organiser European Karate Federation (EKF)
First edition1966 in Paris, France

The European Karate Championships are organised by the European Karate Federation each year. [1]



Events from 1966 to 1996 were organized by the European Karate Union. In 1961, Jacques Delcourt was appointed President of French Karate, which was at that stage, an associated member of the Judo Federation. In 1963, he invited six other known European federations (Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Spain) to come to France for the first-ever international karate event. Great Britain and Belgium accepted the invitation. [2]

By 1965, the European Karate Union was created with Jacques Delcourt voted in as President. [3] The following year the first European Karate Championships were held in Paris. The event drew roughly three hundred spectators and was shown live on television. It drew criticism for being too violent as there were many facial injuries. The EKU council had differing opinions about the cause(s) of the injuries. With opinions ranging from excessive violations of rules to lack of conditioning and blocking skill, this problem was addressed in some part, at the first referee course held in Rome. At that time, the refereeing rules were harmonised using the JKA rules as a basis. [4]


EKU Championships (1966–1992) and EKF Championships (since 1993). [5] Para Karate was added to championships since 2018. [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

EditionYearHost CityHost CountryEvents
Organized by European Karate Union (EKU)
1 1966 Paris Flag of France.svg  France 2
2 1967 London Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom 2
3 1968 Paris Flag of France.svg  France 2
4 1969 London Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom 2
5 1970 Hamburg Flag of Germany.svg  Germany 2
6 1971 Paris Flag of France.svg  France 2
7 1972 Brussels Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium 5
8 1973 Valencia Flag of Spain (1945-1977).svg  Spain 5
9 1974 London Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom 5
10 1975 Ostend Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium 5
11 1976 Tehran State Flag of Iran (1964).svg  Iran 7
12 1977 Paris Flag of France.svg  France 7
13 1978 Geneva Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland 7
14 1979 Helsinki Flag of Finland.svg  Finland 9
15 1980 Barcelona Flag of Spain (1977-1981).svg  Spain 12
16 1981 Venice Flag of Italy.svg  Italy 12
17 1982 Gothenburg Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden 15
18 1983 Madrid Flag of Spain.svg  Spain 15
19 1984 Paris Flag of France.svg  France 16
20 1985 Oslo Flag of Norway.svg  Norway 16
21 1986 Madrid Flag of Spain.svg  Spain 16
22 1987 Glasgow Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom 16
23 1988 Genoa Flag of Italy.svg  Italy 17
24 1989 Titograd Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg  Yugoslavia 17
25 1990 Vienna Flag of Austria.svg  Austria 17
26 1991 Hannover Flag of Germany.svg  Germany 18
27 1992 Den Bosch Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 17
Organized by European Karate Federation (EKF)
28 1993 Prague Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic 17
29 1994 Birmingham Flag of England.svg  England 17
30 1995 Helsinki Flag of Finland.svg  Finland 17
31 1996 Paris Flag of France.svg  France 17
32 1997 Tenerife Flag of Spain.svg  Spain 17
33 1998 Belgrade Flag of Serbia and Montenegro (1992-2006).svg Yugoslavia 17
34 1999 Euboea Flag of Greece.svg  Greece 17
35 2000 Istanbul Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey 16
EditionYearHost CityHost CountryEvents
36 2001 Sofia Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria 17
37 2002 Tallinn Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia 17
38 2003 Bremen Flag of Germany.svg  Germany 17
39 2004 Moscow Flag of Russia.svg  Russia 17
40 2005 Tenerife Flag of Spain.svg  Spain 17
41 2006 Stavanger Flag of Norway.svg  Norway 17
42 2007 Bratislava Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia 17
43 2008 Tallinn Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia 17
44 2009 Zagreb Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia 16
45 2010 Athens Flag of Greece.svg  Greece 16
46 2011 Zurich Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland 16
47 2012 Tenerife Flag of Spain.svg  Spain 16
48 2013 Budapest Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary 16
49 2014 Tampere Flag of Finland.svg  Finland 16
50 2015 Istanbul Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey 16
51 2016 Montpellier Flag of France.svg  France 16
52 2017 Kocaeli Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey 16
53 2018 Novi Sad Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia 16+6
54 2019 Guadalajara Flag of Spain.svg  Spain 16+6
552020 Baku Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan Cancelled
56 2021 Poreč Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia 16+8
57 2022 Gaziantep Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey
58 2023 Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
59 2024 Split Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia
60 2025 Baku Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan


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The World Karate Federation (WKF) is the largest international governing body of sport karate with 198 member countries. It was formed in 1990, is the only karate organization recognised by the International Olympic Committee and has more than ten million members. The WKF organizes the Junior and Senior Karate World Championships, which are each held every other year. The President of the WKF is Antonio Espinos, and the headquarters are located in Madrid, Spain. All the styles are officially recognised by the WKF.

The Commonwealth Karate Championships is an event that is organised by the Commonwealth Karate Federation, which aims to demonstrate that competition karate is suitable for inclusion in the Commonwealth Games. The karate federations of Commonwealth countries are invited to send their national squads to participate in the elite competition, provided that they are members of the World Karate Federation.

The European Karate Federation (EKF) is the governing body of competitive karate in more than 50 countries across Europe. The EKF's stated goal is to promote, organize, regulate, and popularize the sport of karate. It is one of the five continental federations recognized by the World Karate Federation. Since 1966, it has organized the European Karate Championships. Additionally, it now organizes Junior, Cadet, and Under-21 Championships(European Juniors Karate Championships).

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The 1976 European Karate Championships were held in Tehran from 5 - 7 May 1976 and were the 11th championship in the series. The event was organized by the European Karate Union.

Junior Lefevre is a Belgian-Croatian karateka. He has a 6th Dan black belt in karate and is the winner of multiple World Karate Championships and European Karate Championships medals representing both Croatia and Belgium at tournaments. He is also chairman of C.I.K.A world.

Tania Weekes is a British karateka. She is the winner of multiple European Karate Championships and World Karate Championships Karate medals.

Supriya Jatav, born on 20 October 1991. in Dahod, Gujarat, India. Her mother Meena Jatav and father Amar Singh Jatav is a retired army officer. She is presently coached under the guidance of Coach Jaidev Sharma. From 2002 to 2006 Coached and played under the banner of Sports Authority of India. She presently represents and works with the Department of Sports and Youth Welfare, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Stanislav Horuna Ukrainian karateka

Stanislav Horuna is a Ukrainian athlete (karate) in the category of kumite (75 kg). He was born on March 1, 1989 in Lviv. A bronze medalist of European Championship 2018 in an individual and team category. Silver medalist of European Championship 2014, silver medalist of European Championship 2017 in individual category and bronze medalist in team category in kumite, bronze medalist of World Championship 2014, three-time winner of series of tournaments K1 Premier League, six-time champion of Ukraine in karate.Champion of European Games 2019 and Worlsd Games 2019. Qualified for Olimpic Games in Tokio (2020) Honoured master of sport of international class. A captain of Ukrainian national team. 2nd on voting Athlete of the year 2019 according to IWGA.

2018 European Karate Championships Karate competition

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Cherupalli Vivek Teja is an Indian martial artist. He has been a martial arts fighter for 19 years. Cherupalli is the founder of the Human Weapon International, a self-defense training organization. Vivek Teja Cherupalli claims that he has trained more than 19,000 women in the art of self-defense. The 27-year-old Cherupalli, who has Judd Reid as his coach, is also training to be a light heavyweight (75kg) category boxer.

The 2019 European Karate Championships were the 54th edition of the European Karate Championships, and were held in Guadalajara, Spain from 28 to 31 May 2019.

Ali Fadakar Iranian karateka (born 1991)

Ali Fadakar, is an Iranian karateka. He began karate Training at age 10, and after several champions of National karate championships, became member of Iran's karate national team in 2008. He has won 3 Gold medals of 2009, 2012 and 2016 Junior and Senior World karate championships.

Melika Ahadi Iranian karateka

Melika Ahadi is an Iranian female karateka. She won silver medal of 2018 World University Karate Championships in Japan, bronze medal of Asian Junior Championships in 2014.

The 46th 2019 European Junior Karate Championships were the edition of the European Karate Championships, and were held in Aalborg, Denmark from 8 to 10 February 2019 along with the Karate Junior & U21 Championships and it was organized by Dansk Karate Forbund.

Pooja Shri Shetty Indian karateka

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2021 European Karate Championships

The 2021 European Karate Championships was the 56th edition of the European Karate Championships and 3rd European Para Karate Championships, and was held in Poreč, Croatia from 19 to 23 May 2021.


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